Alfred Hitchcock präsentiert

    1.01 (Revenge)  Revenge
    1.02 (Premonition)  Premonition
    1.03 (Triggers in Leash)  Triggers in Leash
    1.04 (Don’t Come Back Alive)  Don’t Come Back Alive
    1.05Ohne jede Spur (Into Thin Air)  Into Thin Air
    1.06 (Salvage)  Salvage
    1.07 (Breakdown)  Breakdown
    1.08 (Our Cook’s a Treasure)  Our Cook’s a Treasure
    1.09 (The Long Shot)  The Long Shot
    1.10Der Doppelgänger (The Case of Mr. Pelham)  The Case of Mr. Pelham
    1.11 (Guilty Witness)  Guilty Witness
    1.12 (Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid)  Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid
    1.13 (The Cheney Vase)  The Cheney Vase
    1.14 (A Bullet for Baldwin)  A Bullet for Baldwin
    1.15 (The Big Switch)  The Big Switch
    1.16 (You Got to Have Luck)  You Got to Have Luck
    1.17 (The Older Sister)  The Older Sister
    1.18 (Shopping for Death)  Shopping for Death
    1.19 (The Derelicts)  The Derelicts
    1.20 … und so starb Riabouchinska (And So Died Ria Bouchinska)  And So Died Ria Bouchinska
    1.21 (Safe Conduct)  Safe Conduct
    1.22 (Place of Shadows)  Place of Shadows
    1.23 (Back for Christmas)  Back for Christmas
    1.24Tödliches Rezept (The Perfect Murder)  The Perfect Murder
    1.25 (There Was an Old Woman)  There Was an Old Woman
    1.26 (Whodunit?)  Whodunit?
    1.27 (Help Wanted)  Help Wanted
    1.28Ein Porträt von Jacqueline (Portrait of Jocelyn)  Portrait of Jocelyn
    1.29 (The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby)  The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby
    1.30 (Never Again)  Never Again
    1.31 (The Gentleman from America)  The Gentleman from America
    1.32 (The Babysitter)  The Babysitter
    1.33 (The Belfry)  The Belfry
    1.34 (The Hidden Thing)  The Hidden Thing
    1.35 (The Legacy)  The Legacy
    1.36 (Mink)  Mink
    1.37 (The Decoy)  The Decoy
    1.38 (The Creeper)  The Creeper
    1.39 (Momentum)  Momentum

    2.01 (Wet Saturday)  Wet Saturday
    2.02 (Fog Closing In)  Fog Closing In
    2.03 (De Mortuis)  De Mortuis
    2.04 (Kill With Kindness)  Kill With Kindness
    2.05 (None Are So Blind)  None Are So Blind
    2.06 (Toby)  Toby
    2.07 (Alibi Me)  Alibi Me
    2.08 (Conversation Over a Corpse)  Conversation Over a Corpse
    2.09 (Crack of Doom)  Crack of Doom
    2.10 (Jonathan)  Jonathan
    2.11 (A Better Bargain)  A Better Bargain
    2.12 (The Rose Garden)  The Rose Garden
    2.13 (Mr. Blanchard’s Secret)  Mr. Blanchard’s Secret
    2.14 (John Brown’s Body)  John Brown’s Body
    2.15 (Crackpot)  Crackpot
    2.16 (Nightmare in 4-D)  Nightmare in 4-D
    2.17 (My Brother Richard)  My Brother Richard
    2.18 (Manacled)  Manacled
    2.19 (Bottle of Wine)  Bottle of Wine
    2.20 (Malice Domestic)  Malice Domestic
    2.21 (Number 22)  Number 22
    2.22 (The End of Indian Summer)  The End of Indian Summer
    2.23 (One for the Road)  One for the Road
    2.24 (The Cream of the Jest)  The Cream of the Jest
    2.25 (I Killed the Count, Part 1)  I Killed the Count, Part 1
    2.26 (I Killed the Count, Part 2)  I Killed the Count, Part 2
    2.27 (I Killed the Count, Part 3)  I Killed the Count, Part 3
    2.28Die Leiche im Kofferraum (One More Mile to Go)  One More Mile to Go
    2.29 (Vicious Circle)  Vicious Circle
    2.30 (The Three Demons of Mr. Findlater)  The Three Demons of Mr. Findlater
    2.31 (The Night the World Ended)  The Night the World Ended
    2.32 (The Hands of Mr. Ottermole)  The Hands of Mr. Ottermole
    2.33 (A Man Greatly Beloved)  A Man Greatly Beloved
    2.34 (Martha Mason, Movie Star)  Martha Mason, Movie Star
    2.35 (The West Warlock Time Capsule)  The West Warlock Time Capsule
    2.36 (Father and Son)  Father and Son
    2.37 (The Indestructible Mr. Weems)  The Indestructible Mr. Weems
    2.38 (A Little Sleep)  A Little Sleep
    2.39 (The Dangerous People)  The Dangerous People

    3.01Das Glasauge (The Glass Eye)  The Glass Eye
    3.02 (The Mail Order Prophet)  The Mail Order Prophet
    3.03 (The Perfect Crime)  The Perfect Crime
    3.04 (Heart of Gold)  Heart of Gold
    3.05 (The Silent Witness)  The Silent Witness
    3.06Das zweite Inserat (Reward to Finder)  Reward to Finder
    3.07 (Enough Rope for Two)  Enough Rope for Two
    3.08 (The Last Request)  The Last Request
    3.09Die ganz Zarte (The Young One)  The Young One
    3.10 (The Diplomatic Corpse)  The Diplomatic Corpse
    3.11Der Unwiderstehliche (The Deadly)  The Deadly
    3.12 (Miss Paisley’s Cat)  Miss Paisley’s Cat
    3.13 (Night of the Execution)  Night of the Execution
    3.14 (The Percentage)  The Percentage
    3.15 (Together)  Together
    3.16 (Sylvia)  Sylvia
    3.17 (The Motive)  The Motive
    3.18 (Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty)  Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty
    3.19 (The Equalizer)  The Equalizer
    3.20 (On the Nose)  On the Nose
    3.21 (Guest for Breakfast)  Guest for Breakfast
    3.22 (Return of the Hero)  Return of the Hero
    3.23Das ideale Haus (The Right Kind of House)  The Right Kind of House
    3.24 (Foghorn)  Foghorn
    3.25 (Flight to the East)  Flight to the East
    3.26Das gute Geschirr (Bull in a China Shop)  Bull in a China Shop
    3.27Vorteil Rückschläger (The Disappearing Trick)  The Disappearing Trick
    3.28Mordwaffe: Lammkeule (Lamb to the Slaughter)  Lamb to the Slaughter
    3.29 (Fatal Figures)  Fatal Figures
    3.30 (Death Sentence)  Death Sentence
    3.31 (Festive Season)  Festive Season
    3.32 (Listen! Listen!)  Listen! Listen!
    3.33Post Mortem (Post Mortem)  Post Mortem
    3.34 (The Crocodile Case)  The Crocodile Case
    3.35 (A Dip in the Pool)  A Dip in the Pool
    3.36 (The Safe Place)  The Safe Place
    3.37 (The Canary Sedan)  The Canary Sedan
    3.38 (Impromptu Murder)  Impromptu Murder
    3.39Wohl dem, der lügt (Little White Frock)  Little White Frock

    4.01Die Schlange im Bett (Poison)  Poison
    4.02Schweigen ist Silber (Don’t Interrupt)  Don’t Interrupt
    4.03 (The Jokester)  The Jokester
    4.04 (The Crooked Road)  The Crooked Road
    4.05 (The Two Million Dollar Defense)  The Two Million Dollar Defense
    4.06Eine Marionettenbescherung (Design for Loving)  Design for Loving
    4.07 (A Man with a Problem)  A Man with a Problem
    4.08Sicherheit für den Zeugen (Safety for the Witness)  Safety for the Witness
    4.09 (Murder Me Twice)  Murder Me Twice
    4.10 (Tea Time)  Tea Time
    4.11 (And the Desert Shall Blossom)  And the Desert Shall Blossom
    4.12 (Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fennimore)  Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fennimore
    4.13 (Six People, No Music)  Six People, No Music
    4.14 (The Morning After)  The Morning After
    4.15Galgenfrist (A Personal Matter)  A Personal Matter
    4.16 (Out There – Darkness)  Out There – Darkness
    4.17 (Total Loss)  Total Loss
    4.18 (The Last Dark Step)  The Last Dark Step
    4.19 (The Morning of the Bride)  The Morning of the Bride
    4.20 (The Diamond Necklace)  The Diamond Necklace
    4.21 (Relative Value)  Relative Value
    4.22 (The Right Price)  The Right Price
    4.23 (I’ll Take Care of You)  I’ll Take Care of You
    4.24 (The Avon Emeralds)  The Avon Emeralds
    4.25 (The Kind Waitress)  The Kind Waitress
    4.26Wer soll das bezahlen? (Cheap Is Cheap)  Cheap Is Cheap
    4.27 (The Waxwork)  The Waxwork
    4.28 (The Impossible Dream)  The Impossible Dream
    4.29Das Geständnis (Banquo’s Chair)  Banquo’s Chair
    4.30 (A Night With the Boys)  A Night With the Boys
    4.31 (Your Witness)  Your Witness
    4.32 (The Human Interest Story)  The Human Interest Story
    4.33 (The Dusty Drawer)  The Dusty Drawer
    4.34 (Curtains for Me)  Curtains for Me
    4.35 (Touche)  Touche
    4.36 (Invitation to an Accident)  Invitation to an Accident

    5.01Ein Fressen für die Hühner (Arthur)  Arthur
    5.02 (The Crystal Trench)  The Crystal Trench
    5.03 (Appointment at Eleven)  Appointment at Eleven
    5.04 (Coyote Moon)  Coyote Moon
    5.05 (No Pain)  No Pain
    5.06 (Anniversary Gift)  Anniversary Gift
    5.07 (Dry Run)  Dry Run
    5.08 (The Blessington Method)  The Blessington Method
    5.09 (Dead Weight)  Dead Weight
    5.10 (Special Delivery)  Special Delivery
    5.11 (Road Hog)  Road Hog
    5.12 (Specialty of the House)  Specialty of the House
    5.13 (An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge)  An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
    5.14 (Graduating Class)  Graduating Class
    5.15 (Man from the South)  Man from the South
    5.16 (The Ikon of Elijah)  The Ikon of Elijah
    5.17 (The Cure)  The Cure
    5.18 (Backward, Turn Backward)  Backward, Turn Backward
    5.19 (Not the Running Type)  Not the Running Type
    5.20 (The Day of the Bullet)  The Day of the Bullet
    5.21 (Hitch Hike)  Hitch Hike
    5.22 (Across the Threshold)  Across the Threshold
    5.23 (Craig’s Will)  Craig’s Will
    5.24 (Madame Mystery)  Madame Mystery
    5.25 (The Little Man Who Was There)  The Little Man Who Was There
    5.26 (Mother, May I Go out to Swim?)  Mother, May I Go out to Swim?
    5.27 (The Cuckoo Clock)  The Cuckoo Clock
    5.28 (Forty Detectives Later)  Forty Detectives Later
    5.29 (The Hero)  The Hero
    5.30 (Insomnia)  Insomnia
    5.31 (I Can Take Care of Myself)  I Can Take Care of Myself
    5.32 (One Grave Too Many)  One Grave Too Many
    5.33 (Party Line)  Party Line
    5.34 (Cell 227)  Cell 227
    5.35 (The Schwartz-Metterklume Method)  The Schwartz-Metterklume Method
    5.36 (Letter of Credit)  Letter of Credit
    5.37 (Escape to Sonoita)  Escape to Sonoita
    5.38 (Hooked)  Hooked

    6.01Treue um Treue (Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat)  Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat
    6.02 (The Doubtful Doctor)  The Doubtful Doctor
    6.03 (Very Moral Theft)  Very Moral Theft
    6.04 (The Contest for Aaron Gold)  The Contest for Aaron Gold
    6.05 (The Five Forty-eight)  The Five Forty-eight
    6.06 (Pen Pal)  Pen Pal
    6.07 (Outlaw in Town)  Outlaw in Town
    6.08 (Oh, Youth and Beauty)  Oh, Youth and Beauty
    6.09 (The Money)  The Money
    6.10 (Sybilla)  Sybilla
    6.11 (The Man With Two Faces)  The Man With Two Faces
    6.12 (The Baby Blue Expression)  The Baby Blue Expression
    6.13 (The Man Who Found the Money)  The Man Who Found the Money
    6.14 (The Changing Heart)  The Changing Heart
    6.15 (Summer Shade)  Summer Shade
    6.16 (A Crime for Mothers)  A Crime for Mothers
    6.17 (The Last Escape)  The Last Escape
    6.18 (The Greatest Monster of Them All)  The Greatest Monster of Them All
    6.19 (The Landlady)  The Landlady
    6.20 (The Throwback)  The Throwback
    6.21 (The Kiss Off)  The Kiss Off
    6.22 (The Horse Player)  The Horse Player
    6.23 (Incident in a Small Jail)  Incident in a Small Jail
    6.24 (A Woman’s Help)  A Woman’s Help
    6.25 (Museum Piece)  Museum Piece
    6.26 (Coming, Mama)  Coming, Mama
    6.27 (Deathmate)  Deathmate
    6.28 (Gratitude)  Gratitude
    6.29 (A Pearl Necklace)  A Pearl Necklace
    6.30Mrs. Christal, das ist keine Lösung (You Can’t Trust a Man)  You Can’t Trust a Man
    6.31 (The Gloating Place)  The Gloating Place
    6.32 (Self Defense)  Self Defense
    6.33 (A Secret Life)  A Secret Life
    6.34 (Servant Problem)  Servant Problem
    6.35 (Coming Home)  Coming Home
    6.36Scheidung auf Amerikanisch (Final Arrangements)  Final Arrangements
    6.37 (Make My Death Bed)  Make My Death Bed
    6.38 (Ambition)  Ambition

    7.01 (The Hat Box)  The Hat Box
    7.02Peng! Du bist tot! (Bang! You’re Dead)  Bang! You’re Dead
    7.03 (Maria)  Maria
    7.04Davie hat keine Nerven (Cop for a Day)  Cop for a Day
    7.05 (Keep Me Company)  Keep Me Company
    7.06 (Beta Delta Gamma)  Beta Delta Gamma
    7.07 (You Can’t Be a Little Girl All Your Life)  You Can’t Be a Little Girl All Your Life
    7.08 (The Old Pro)  The Old Pro
    7.09 (I Spy)  I Spy
    7.10 (Services Rendered)  Services Rendered
    7.11Die richtige Medizin (The Right Kind of Medicine)  The Right Kind of Medicine
    7.12 (A Jury of Her Peers)  A Jury of Her Peers
    7.13 (The Silk Petticoat)  The Silk Petticoat
    7.14 (Bad Actor)  Bad Actor
    7.15 (The Door Without a Key)  The Door Without a Key
    7.16 (The Case of M.J.H.)  The Case of M.J.H.
    7.17 (The Faith of Aaron Menefee)  The Faith of Aaron Menefee
    7.18 (The Woman Who Wanted to Live)  The Woman Who Wanted to Live
    7.19 (Strange Miracle)  Strange Miracle
    7.20 (The Test)  The Test
    7.21Einbruchsicher (Burglar Proof)  Burglar Proof
    7.22 (The Big Score)  The Big Score
    7.23 (Profit Sharing Plan)  Profit Sharing Plan
    7.24 (Apex)  Apex
    7.25 (The Last Remains)  The Last Remains
    7.26 (Ten O’Clock Tiger)  Ten O’Clock Tiger
    7.27 (Act of Faith)  Act of Faith
    7.28 (The Kerry Blue)  The Kerry Blue
    7.29Perlen-Perlen (The Matched Pearl)  The Matched Pearl
    7.30 (What Frightened You, Fred?)  What Frightened You, Fred?
    7.31 (Most Likely to Succeed)  Most Likely to Succeed
    7.32 (Victim Four)  Victim Four
    7.33 (The Golden Opportunity)  The Golden Opportunity
    7.34 (The Twelve Hour Caper)  The Twelve Hour Caper
    7.35 (The Children of Alda Nouva)  The Children of Alda Nouva
    7.36 (First Class Honeymoon)  First Class Honeymoon
    7.37 (The Big Kick)  The Big Kick
    7.38 (Where Beauty Lies)  Where Beauty Lies
    7.39 (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)  The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    8.01 (A Piece of the Action)  (20.09.1962)A Piece of the Action20.09.1962
    8.02 (Don’t Look Behind You)  (27.09.1962)Don’t Look Behind You27.09.1962
    8.03 (Night of the Owl)  (04.10.1962)Night of the Owl04.10.1962
    8.04Der letzte Zeuge (I Saw the Whole Thing)23.09.1966 (11.10.1962)I Saw the Whole Thing11.10.1962
    8.05Ein Mord wie er im Buche steht (Captive Audience)22.07.1966 (18.10.1962)Captive Audience18.10.1962
    8.06 (Final Vow)  (25.10.1962)Final Vow25.10.1962
    8.07 (Annabelle)  (01.11.1962)Annabelle01.11.1962
    8.08 (House Guest)  (08.11.1962)House Guest08.11.1962
    8.09 (The Black Curtain)  (11.11.1962)The Black Curtain11.11.1962
    8.10 (Day of Reckoning)  (22.11.1962)Day of Reckoning22.11.1962
    8.11Die Rechnung ist fällig (Ride the Nightmare Train)27.05.1966 (29.11.1962)Ride the Nightmare Train29.11.1962
    8.12 (Hangover)  (06.12.1962)Hangover06.12.1962
    8.13 (Bonfire)  (13.12.1962)Bonfire13.12.1962
    8.14 (The Tender Poisoner)  (20.12.1962)The Tender Poisoner20.12.1962
    8.15 (The Thirty First of February)  (04.01.1963)The Thirty First of February04.01.1963
    8.16 (What Really Happened)  (11.01.1963)What Really Happened11.01.1963
    8.17 (Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog)  (18.01.1963)Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog18.01.1963
    8.18 (A Tangled Web)  (25.01.1963)A Tangled Web25.01.1963
    8.19 (To Catch a Butterfly)  (02.02.1963)To Catch a Butterfly02.02.1963
    8.20 (The Paragon)  (08.02.1963)The Paragon08.02.1963
    8.21 (I’ll Be the Judge, I’ll Be the Jury)  (15.02.1963)I’ll Be the Judge, I’ll Be the Jury15.02.1963
    8.22 (Diagnosis: Danger)  (01.03.1963)Diagnosis: Danger01.03.1963
    8.23 (The Lonely Hours)  (08.03.1963)The Lonely Hours08.03.1963
    8.24Einer weiss mehr (The Star Juror)21.07.1969 (15.03.1963)The Star Juror15.03.1963
    8.25 (The Long Silence)  (22.03.1963)The Long Silence22.03.1963
    8.26 (An Out for Oscar)  (05.04.1963)An Out for Oscar05.04.1963
    8.27 (Death and the Joyful Woman)  (12.04.1963)Death and the Joyful Woman12.04.1963
    8.28Die Strasse führt nach Dos Cucharos (Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans)26.08.1966 (19.04.1963)Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans19.04.1963
    8.29 (The Dark Pool)  (03.05.1963)The Dark Pool03.05.1963
    8.30 (Dear Uncle George)  (10.05.1963)Dear Uncle George10.05.1963
    8.31 (Run for Doom)  (17.05.1963)Run for Doom17.05.1963
    8.32 (Death of a Cop)  (24.05.1963)Death of a Cop24.05.1963

    9.01 (A Home Away from Home)  (27.09.1963)A Home Away from Home27.09.1963
    9.02 (A Nice Touch)  (04.10.1963)A Nice Touch04.10.1963
    9.03 (Terror in Northfield)  (11.10.1963)Terror in Northfield11.10.1963
    9.04 (You’ll Be the Death of Me)  (18.10.1963)You’ll Be the Death of Me18.10.1963
    9.05 (Blood Bargain)  (25.10.1963)Blood Bargain25.10.1963
    9.06Der Mann von nebenan (Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale)05.10.1966 (08.11.1963)Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale08.11.1963
    9.07 (Starring the Defense)  (15.11.1963)Starring the Defense15.11.1963
    9.08 (The Cadaver)  (29.11.1963)The Cadaver29.11.1963
    9.09Kobalt 60 (The Dividing Wall)21.04.1967 (06.12.1963)The Dividing Wall06.12.1963
    9.10 (Goodbye, George)  (13.12.1963)Goodbye, George13.12.1963
    9.11 (How to Get Rid of Your Wife)  (20.12.1963)How to Get Rid of Your Wife20.12.1963
    9.12 (Three Wives Too Many)  (03.01.1964)Three Wives Too Many03.01.1964
    9.13 (The Magic Shop)  (10.01.1964)The Magic Shop10.01.1964
    9.14 (Beyond the Sea of Death)  (24.01.1964)Beyond the Sea of Death24.01.1964
    9.15Der letzte Anruf (Night Caller)24.05.1968 (31.01.1964)Night Caller31.01.1964
    9.16 (The Evil of Adelaide Winters)  (07.02.1964)The Evil of Adelaide Winters07.02.1964
    9.17 (The Jar)  (14.02.1964)The Jar14.02.1964
    9.18 (Final Escape)  (21.02.1964)Final Escape21.02.1964
    9.19Alte Liebe rostet nicht (Murder Case)20.01.1967 (06.03.1964)Murder Case06.03.1964
    9.20 (Anyone for Murder?)  (13.03.1964)Anyone for Murder?13.03.1964
    9.21 (Beast in View)  (20.03.1964)Beast in View20.03.1964
    9.22 (Behind the Locked Door)  (27.03.1964)Behind the Locked Door27.03.1964
    9.23 (A Matter of Murder)  (03.04.1964)A Matter of Murder03.04.1964
    9.24 (The Gentleman Caller)  (10.04.1964)The Gentleman Caller10.04.1964
    9.25 (The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow)  (17.04.1964)The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow17.04.1964
    9.26 (Ten Minutes from Now)  (01.05.1964)Ten Minutes from Now01.05.1964
    9.27 (The Sign of Satan)  (08.05.1964)The Sign of Satan08.05.1964
    9.28 (Who Needs an Enemy?)  (15.05.1964)Who Needs an Enemy?15.05.1964
    9.29 (Bed of Roses)  (22.05.1964)Bed of Roses22.05.1964
    9.30 (Second Verdict)  (29.05.1964)Second Verdict29.05.1964
    9.31 (Isabel)  (05.06.1964)Isabel05.06.1964
    9.32Wer anderen eine Grube gräbt (Body in the Barn)28.10.1966 (03.07.1964)Body in the Barn03.07.1964

    10.01 (The Return of Verge Likens)  (05.10.1964)The Return of Verge Likens05.10.1964
    10.02 (Change of Address)  (12.10.1964)Change of Address12.10.1964
    10.03 (Water’s Edge)  (19.10.1964)Water’s Edge19.10.1964
    10.04 (The Life and Work of Juan Diaz)  (26.10.1964)The Life and Work of Juan Diaz26.10.1964
    10.05 (See the Monkey Dance)  (09.11.1964)See the Monkey Dance09.11.1964
    10.06 (Lonely Place)  (16.11.1964)Lonely Place16.11.1964
    10.07 (The McGregor Affair)  (23.11.1964)The McGregor Affair23.11.1964
    10.08 (Misadventure)  (07.12.1964)Misadventure07.12.1964
    10.09 (Triumph)  (14.12.1964)Triumph14.12.1964
    10.10 (Memo from Purgatory)  (21.12.1964)Memo from Purgatory21.12.1964
    10.11 (Consider Her Ways)  (28.12.1964)Consider Her Ways28.12.1964
    10.12 (The Crimson Witness)  (04.01.1965)The Crimson Witness04.01.1965
    10.13 (Where the Woodbine Twineth)  (11.01.1965)Where the Woodbine Twineth11.01.1965
    10.14 (The Final Performance)  (18.01.1965)The Final Performance18.01.1965
    10.15 (Thantos Place Hotel)  (01.02.1965)Thantos Place Hotel01.02.1965
    10.16 (One of the Family)  (08.02.1965)One of the Family08.02.1965
    10.17 (An Unlocked Window)  (15.02.1965)An Unlocked Window15.02.1965
    10.18Die Falle (The Trap)28.07.1967 (22.02.1965)The Trap22.02.1965
    10.19 (Wally the Beard)  (01.03.1965)Wally the Beard01.03.1965
    10.20 (Death Scene)  (08.03.1965)Death Scene08.03.1965
    10.21 (The Photographer and the Undertaker)  (15.03.1965)The Photographer and the Undertaker15.03.1965
    10.22 (Thou Still Unravished Bride)  (22.03.1965)Thou Still Unravished Bride22.03.1965
    10.23 (Completely Foolproof)  (29.03.1965)Completely Foolproof29.03.1965
    10.24Generalvollmacht (Power of Attorney)30.12.1969 (05.04.1965)Power of Attorney05.04.1965
    10.25 (The World’s Oldest Motive)  (12.04.1965)The World’s Oldest Motive12.04.1965
    10.26 (The Monkey’s Paw – A Retelling)  (19.04.1965)The Monkey’s Paw – A Retelling19.04.1965
    10.27 (The Second Wife)  (26.04.1965)The Second Wife26.04.1965
    10.28 (Night Fever)  (03.05.1965)Night Fever03.05.1965
    10.29 (Off Season)  (10.05.1965)Off Season10.05.1965

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