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    • MAN VS. MOUNTAIN - RISK AND REWARD. Deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, rugged men make their living doing one of the deadliest jobs in the world... logging. Meet four companies trying to survive each day. Pihl Logging a rag-tag group of loggers based in Vernonia, Oregon. Gustafson Logging a …
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    • The Ax is back for another season of heart-stopping excitement as rival logging companies’ race against time and nature to bring timber to market using skills passed down from their fathers and grandfathers. As AX Men enters its third season, it’s the dead heat of summer and the stakes are …
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    • Risking life and limb every day the ax men are back for their most challenging season yet. From the remote islands of Alaska to Louisiana s gator-filled swamps, nine Ax Men teams once again face death-defying challenges in the series fifth season. History showcases America s loggers ranging from …
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    • SHIVER ME TIMBERS THE AX MEN ARE BACK! Timber markets have reached new heights and logging companies are pushing harder than ever to cash in. Falling trees, bonecrushing equipment, razor-sharp lines, lack of attention and sometimes just freak accidents can kill a logger in an instant. Every day …
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    • Forget about hatchets, handsaws, and flannel-wearing lumberjacks. In year one and two of A&E’s AX MEN, the loggers wield massive cutting-machines, and even helicopters, in their race to take down the most timber. Three new companies join the fray in the shows second season (including one team of …
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