Staffel 1

    11.01Schicksal (The Date Lottery)  (11.09.1993)The Date Lottery11.09.1993
    21.02Liebesrausch (The Slumber Party)  (18.09.1993)The Slumber Party18.09.1993
    31.03Killer-Weasel (A Kicking Weasel)  (25.09.1993)A Kicking Weasel25.09.1993
    41.04Home-Shopping (Home Shopping)  (02.10.1993)Home Shopping02.10.1993
    51.05Dr. Love (Love Is on the Air)  (09.10.1993)Love Is on the Air09.10.1993
    61.06Drama (George Washington Kissed Here)  (16.10.1993)George Washington Kissed Here16.10.1993
    71.07Königinnen-Ball (Homecoming King)  (23.10.1993)Homecoming King23.10.1993
    81.08Wonneproppen (Belding’s Baby)  (30.10.1993)Belding’s Baby30.10.1993
    91.09Jodel-Belding (Good-bye Megan)  (06.11.1993)Good-bye Megan06.11.1993
    101.10Comic (Swap Meet)  (13.11.1993)Swap Meet13.11.1993
    111.11Cool (Weasel Love)  (20.11.1993)Weasel Love20.11.1993
    121.12Zahnspangen-Express (Tommy A)  (27.11.1993)Tommy A27.11.1993
    131.13Arbeitswoche (Running the Max)  (04.12.1993)Running the Max04.12.1993

    Staffel 2

    142.01Jackett-Party (The Return of Screech)  (10.09.1994)The Return of Screech10.09.1994
    152.02Ferien (1) (All Play and No Work)  (10.09.1994)All Play and No Work10.09.1994
    162.03Herzblut (Let the Games Begin)  (17.09.1994)Let the Games Begin17.09.1994
    172.04Ferien (2) (Bloody Money)  (17.09.1994)Bloody Money17.09.1994
    182.05Gegner (Squash It)  (24.09.1994)Squash It24.09.1994
    192.06Ferien (3) (Brian’s Girlfriend)  (24.09.1994)Brian’s Girlfriend24.09.1994
    202.07Chauvis (The People’s Choice)  (01.10.1994)The People’s Choice01.10.1994
    212.08Entscheidung (Rachel’s Choice)  (01.10.1994)Rachel’s Choice01.10.1994
    222.09Reingefallen (Belding’s Prank)  (08.10.1994)Belding’s Prank08.10.1994
    232.10Froschkönig (A Matter of Trust)  (08.10.1994)A Matter of Trust08.10.1994
    242.11Playback (Tommy the Tenor)  (15.10.1994)Tommy the Tenor15.10.1994
    252.12Sommer-Weihnacht (Christmas in July)  (15.10.1994)Christmas in July15.10.1994
    262.13Liebesspiel (Bayside Story)  (22.10.1994)Bayside Story22.10.1994
    272.14Abschlussfest (Farewell Dance)  (22.10.1994)Farewell Dance22.10.1994
    282.15Diätwahn (A Perfect Lindsay)  (29.10.1994)A Perfect Lindsay29.10.1994
    292.16Wildwest (Back at the Ranch)  (29.10.1994)Back at the Ranch29.10.1994
    302.17Pokerspiel (Wanna Bet?)  (05.11.1994)Wanna Bet?05.11.1994
    312.18Liebeskummer (Breaking Up)  (12.11.1994)Breaking Up12.11.1994
    322.19Jahr 2020 (The Class of 2020)  (19.11.1994)The Class of 202019.11.1994
    332.20Saufgelage (Drinking 101)  (19.11.1994)Drinking 10119.11.1994
    342.21Plänkeleien (Feuding Friends)  (26.11.1994)Feuding Friends26.11.1994
    352.22Geschichtsprüfung (To Cheat or Not to Cheat)  (03.12.1994)To Cheat or Not to Cheat03.12.1994
    362.23Entscheidung (The D Stands for Dropout)  (10.12.1994)The D Stands for Dropout10.12.1994
    372.24Abriss (Goodbye Bayside (1))  (24.12.1994)Goodbye Bayside (1)24.12.1994
    382.25Max-Burger (Belding’s Prize)  (31.12.1994)Belding’s Prize31.12.1994
    392.26Rettung (Goodbye Bayside (2))  (31.12.1994)Goodbye Bayside (2)31.12.1994

    Staffel 3

    403.01Wie Hund und Katze (Welcome to Bayside)  (09.09.1995)Welcome to Bayside09.09.1995
    413.02Wenn zwei sich streiten (The Love Bugs)  (09.09.1995)The Love Bugs09.09.1995
    423.03Fahrschule (Driving School)  (16.09.1995)Driving School16.09.1995
    433.04Was ist das Problem? (What’s the Problem)  (16.09.1995)What’s the Problem16.09.1995
    443.05Nebenverdienst (Air Screech)  (30.09.1995)Air Screech30.09.1995
    453.06Für Screech tun wir alles (Big Screech on Campus)  (30.09.1995)Big Screech on Campus30.09.1995
    463.07Der Filmstar (Maria’s Movie Star)  (07.10.1995)Maria’s Movie Star07.10.1995
    473.08Eifersucht (Acting Jealous)  (07.10.1995)Acting Jealous07.10.1995
    483.09Echt lästig! (Boundaries)  (14.10.1995)Boundaries14.10.1995
    493.10Bayside Live (Hollywood, Here He Is)  (14.10.1995)Hollywood, Here He Is14.10.1995
    503.11Killertest (Ryan’s Worst Nightmare)  (21.10.1995)Ryan’s Worst Nightmare21.10.1995
    513.12Schulfest (Prom Dates)  (21.10.1995)Prom Dates21.10.1995
    523.13Der Kulturfreund (Thomas D.)  (28.10.1995)Thomas D.28.10.1995
    533.14Der Wettkampf (Fear of Falling)  (28.10.1995)Fear of Falling28.10.1995
    543.15Rollentausch (The Principal’s Principles)  (04.11.1995)The Principal’s Principles04.11.1995
    553.16Screechs Millionen (Screech’s Millions)  (04.11.1995)Screech’s Millions04.11.1995
    563.17Der Einkaufswettbewerb (My Best Friends)  (11.11.1995)My Best Friends11.11.1995
    573.18Hotelabenteuer (1) (Lindsay’s Dilemma)  (11.11.1995)Lindsay’s Dilemma11.11.1995
    583.19Traumhaft (Screech’s Dream)  (18.11.1995)Screech’s Dream18.11.1995
    593.20Das Semester auf See (R.J.’s Handicap)  (18.11.1995)R.J.’s Handicap18.11.1995
    603.21Die Casinonacht (Casino ID’s)  (25.11.1995)Casino ID’s25.11.1995
    613.22Die Schatzsuche (Green Card)  (25.11.1995)Green Card25.11.1995
    623.23No Smoking (No Smoking)  (02.12.1995)No Smoking02.12.1995
    633.24Hotelabenteuer (2) (The Fallout)  (02.12.1995)The Fallout02.12.1995
    643.25Schöne Überraschung (The Christmas Gift)  (09.12.1995)The Christmas Gift09.12.1995
    653.26Gute Vorsätze (New Year’s Resolution)  (09.12.1995)New Year’s Resolution09.12.1995

    Staffel 4

    664.01 (Oh, Brother)  (07.09.1996)Oh, Brother07.09.1996
    674.02 (Unequal Opportunity)  (07.09.1996)Unequal Opportunity07.09.1996
    684.03 (Backstage Pass)  (14.09.1996)Backstage Pass14.09.1996
    694.04 (Baby Care)  (14.09.1996)Baby Care14.09.1996
    704.05 (The Tall and the Short of It)  (21.09.1996)The Tall and the Short of It21.09.1996
    714.06 (Little Hero)  (21.09.1996)Little Hero21.09.1996
    724.07 (Student Court)  (28.09.1996)Student Court28.09.1996
    734.08 (Fall Formal)  (28.09.1996)Fall Formal28.09.1996
    744.09 (Wrestling with Failure)  (05.10.1996)Wrestling with Failure05.10.1996
    754.10 (To Tell the Truth)  (05.10.1996)To Tell the Truth05.10.1996
    764.11 (Renaissance Faire)  (12.10.1996)Renaissance Faire12.10.1996
    774.12 (The Last to Know)  (12.10.1996)The Last to Know12.10.1996
    784.13 (The Final Curtain)  (19.10.1996)The Final Curtain19.10.1996
    794.14 (Hospital Blues)  (19.10.1996)Hospital Blues19.10.1996
    804.15 (Trash TV)  (26.10.1996)Trash TV26.10.1996
    814.16 (Karate Kids)  (26.10.1996)Karate Kids26.10.1996
    824.17 (Vote Screech)  (02.11.1996)Vote Screech02.11.1996
    834.18 (Campaign Fever)  (02.11.1996)Campaign Fever02.11.1996
    844.19 (The Wrong Stuff)  (09.11.1996)The Wrong Stuff09.11.1996
    854.20 (Science Fair)  (09.11.1996)Science Fair09.11.1996
    864.21 (The Fifth Wheel)  (16.11.1996)The Fifth Wheel16.11.1996
    874.22 (The Kiss)  (16.11.1996)The Kiss16.11.1996
    884.23 (Balancing Act)  (23.11.1996)Balancing Act23.11.1996
    894.24 (Stealing Screech)  (23.11.1996)Stealing Screech23.11.1996
    904.25 (Fire at the Max (1))  (14.12.1996)Fire at the Max (1)14.12.1996
    914.26 (Fire at the Max (2))  (14.12.1996)Fire at the Max (2)14.12.1996

    Staffel 5

    925.01 (Desperately Seeking Work)  (13.09.1997)Desperately Seeking Work13.09.1997
    935.02 (Suddenly Ryan)  (13.09.1997)Suddenly Ryan13.09.1997
    945.03 (It’s Not About Winning)  (20.09.1997)It’s Not About Winning20.09.1997
    955.04 (Football & Physics)  (20.09.1997)Football & Physics20.09.1997
    965.05 (Highs and Lows)  (27.09.1997)Highs and Lows27.09.1997
    975.06 (Letting Go)  (27.09.1997)Letting Go27.09.1997
    985.07 (The Great Stain Robbery)  (04.10.1997)The Great Stain Robbery04.10.1997
    995.08 (Boy II Man)  (04.10.1997)Boy II Man04.10.1997
    1005.09 (Big Sister Blues)  (11.10.1997)Big Sister Blues11.10.1997
    1015.10 (Her Brother’s Keeper)  (11.10.1997)Her Brother’s Keeper11.10.1997
    1025.11 (Friends Behaving Badly)  (18.10.1997)Friends Behaving Badly18.10.1997
    1035.12 (Secrets & Liz)  (18.10.1997)Secrets & Liz18.10.1997
    1045.13 (A Tale of Two Siblings)  (25.10.1997)A Tale of Two Siblings25.10.1997
    1055.14 (Liz’s Choice)  (25.10.1997)Liz’s Choice25.10.1997
    1065.15 (State Champs)  (01.11.1997)State Champs01.11.1997
    1075.16 (Screech and the Substitute)  (01.11.1997)Screech and the Substitute01.11.1997
    1085.17 (Love, Bayside Style)  (08.11.1997)Love, Bayside Style08.11.1997
    1095.18 (Foreign Behavior)  (08.11.1997)Foreign Behavior08.11.1997
    1105.19 (Thanks for Giving)  (15.11.1997)Thanks for Giving15.11.1997
    1115.20 (Foreign Affairs)  (15.11.1997)Foreign Affairs15.11.1997
    1125.21 (Putting up Walls)  (22.11.1997)Putting up Walls22.11.1997
    1135.22 (Goodbye Paris)  (22.11.1997)Goodbye Paris22.11.1997
    1145.23 (Private Peterson)  (29.11.1997)Private Peterson29.11.1997
    1155.24 (Into the Woods)  (29.11.1997)Into the Woods29.11.1997
    1165.25 (Mission: Control)  (06.12.1997)Mission: Control06.12.1997
    1175.26 (Forget and Forgive)  (06.12.1997)Forget and Forgive06.12.1997

    Staffel 6

    1186.01 (Maria’s Revenge)  (12.09.1998)Maria’s Revenge12.09.1998
    1196.02 (Do the Write Thing)  (19.09.1998)Do the Write Thing19.09.1998
    1206.03 (The Lyin’ King)  (26.09.1998)The Lyin’ King26.09.1998
    1216.04 (The Young and the Sleepless)  (03.10.1998)The Young and the Sleepless03.10.1998
    1226.05 (Cigar Wars)  (10.10.1998)Cigar Wars10.10.1998
    1236.06 (Win, Lose or Cheat)  (17.10.1998)Win, Lose or Cheat17.10.1998
    1246.07 (Hands Off)  (24.10.1998)Hands Off24.10.1998
    1256.08 (Guess Who’s Running the Max)  (31.10.1998)Guess Who’s Running the Max31.10.1998
    1266.09 (Mind Games)  (07.11.1998)Mind Games07.11.1998
    1276.10 (Free for All)  (14.11.1998)Free for All14.11.1998
    1286.11 (Loser)  (21.11.1998)Loser21.11.1998
    1296.12 (Bye-Bye Tony)  (28.11.1998)Bye-Bye Tony28.11.1998
    1306.13 (Seasons Greed-ings)  (05.12.1998)Seasons Greed-ings05.12.1998

    Staffel 7

    1317.01 (Show Me the Money)  (11.09.1999)Show Me the Money11.09.1999
    1327.02 (Prescription for Trouble)  (18.09.1999)Prescription for Trouble18.09.1999
    1337.03 (ME TV)  (02.10.1999)ME TV02.10.1999
    1347.04 (The Captain and Maria)  (09.10.1999)The Captain and Maria09.10.1999
    1357.05 (Liz Burns Eric)  (16.10.1999)Liz Burns Eric16.10.1999
    1367.06 (The X-Friends Files)  (23.10.1999)The X-Friends Files23.10.1999
    1377.07 (Don’t Follow the Leader)  (30.10.1999)Don’t Follow the Leader30.10.1999
    1387.08 (A Mall Shook Up)  (07.11.1999)A Mall Shook Up07.11.1999
    1397.09 (Party Animals)  (13.11.1999)Party Animals13.11.1999
    1407.10 (The Last Prom)  (20.11.1999)The Last Prom20.11.1999
    1417.11 (Mr. B. Goes to College)  (27.11.1999)Mr. B. Goes to College27.11.1999
    1427.12 (The Bell Tolls)  (04.12.1999)The Bell Tolls04.12.1999
    1437.13 (A Repair to Remember)  (08.01.2000)A Repair to Remember08.01.2000

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