45 Episoden

    Episodenführer von Carsten Menkhoff, erstellt anhand von US-Material.
    1Scary Prairie
    2Bad Guys Disguise
    3Scat, Scout, Scat
    4Choo-Choo Chumps
    5Masking For Trouble
    6Lamb Chopped
    7Double Barrel Double
    8Riverboat Shuffled
    9Dizzy Desperado
    10Sagebrush Brush
    11Bow Wow Bandit
    12Six Gun Spook
    13Slick City Slicker
    14Cattle Battle Rattled
    15Doggone Prairie Dog
    16El Kabong
    17Gun Gone Goons
    18El Kabong Strikes Again
    19Treasure Of El Kabong
    20Locomotive Loco
    21Bronco Busting Boobs
    22The Lyin’ Lion
    23Chopping Spree
    24Elephant Boy Oh Boy
    25Bull Leave Me
    26Kabong Kabong’s Kabong
    27El Kabong Meets El Kazing
    28Bullet Proof Gallot
    29Two Too Much
    30Twin Troubles
    31Ali Baba Looey
    32Shooting Room Only
    33Yippe Coyote
    34Gun Shy Gal
    35Who Is El Kabong?
    36Scooter Rabbit
    37Talky Hawky
    38Extra Special Extra!
    39El Kabong Jr
    40El Kabong Was Wrong
    41Dynamite Fright
    42Baba Bait
    43Big Town El Kabong
    44Mine Your Manners
    45The Mark Of El Kabong

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