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    • (geb. 1965) am

      Hello Paula

          I am I am leaving a comment here on your website because everytime I switch programs and and get to programme sixx, and Paula show is on I have to always switch the channel... I wonder sometimes do you know anything about sex or are you just talking.... going to college and studying and becoming a degree  does not make you expert in sex, have you experience half of  the things you are talking about? Or are you just talking because you are getting paid for it, or are you just talking to hear yourself talk? because I find it disgusting the way you are putting the belief in the Young people's mind.. about being very open with your sexuality that's ok to be open with your sexuality but with a partner someone you know and trust... nowadays is hard to trust anyone to tell you the truth, But you also so say it's ok to have more than one partner yeah good you tell them also that they should use protection a condom... But honey how many young people out there you think that use a condom when they're horny... Do you know how many venereal diseases are out there nowadays and the problem... it's getting higher and not lower.... instead of you trying to teach  the young generation that it's maybe better to have  just one person in a relationship it is safer, ... Well hell now I know why the venereal diseases are on the High and continue Rising... and believe me I know exactly what I'm talking about.... sex was my business before I had a couple of bardills and I was also a prostitute I did that  job for over 35 years.... and I have seen many young people come and go and I'm not talking about the prostitutes... I'm talking about the ones  you would call normal Everyday People.... And  the Internet doesn't make anything better it makes somethings even worse.... check out these websites Badoo, levoo, planet Romeo, Grindr... I can go on and on....And you will see how many of the Young people are in there looking for unprotected sex.... I hope that you're not angry and that you can understand me I am not writing this this comment I have anger in might sound like it but it's not it out of concern... 
      I hope I hope that you you read this and take it too heart and think about it what I'm saying... and if not it's ok because it's only my opinion and like my mother always taught me a opinion is like an asshole everyone has one..... LOL
      Love you I wish you health love fame and happiness.... 

      B.. Kaminski
      • (geb. 1982) am

        Hallo , ich hab ein problem mit Sex und der leidenschaft. Wen. Ich Speed(Drogen) zu mir nehme könnte ich drei vier mal am Tag Sex machen jetzt habe ich zum wiederholten Male einen Entzug gemacht und die Lust Sex zu machen ist wie weg geblasen 😋 was mich zum  einen total nervt und zum anderen meine Beziehung zum wiederholten Male kaputt gemacht hat. Habe es auch schon versucht mit Potenzmitteln aus dem Beate Uhse Geschäft hat nur leider nicht geholfen. Was soll ich tun oder kann ich noch machen? Bitte dringend um Hilfe!!! 
        • am

          hallo EviB
          Da bist du bei paula verkehrt
          die geilt sich mit der Sendung doch nur selbst auf
          anders klappt es nicht mehr mit sex bei der dicken tante
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          Paula leidet an sexuellem Voyeurismus
          wenn sie das auch noch so in den Medien AUSLEBT ist das schon pervers

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