Staffel 1: New in Cologne

    11.01New in Cologne05.03.2007
    21.02First Date05.03.2007
    31.03Meeting up05.03.2007
    41.04Sausages with Pudding05.03.2007
    51.05Welcome to My World05.03.2007
    61.06A Day out05.03.2007
    71.07Getting a Job06.03.2007
    81.08On the Team06.03.2007
    91.09Falling Out06.03.2007
    101.10Making up06.03.2007
    111.11Bollywood Birthday06.03.2007
    121.12Good bye06.03.2007

    Staffel 2: Welcome to Brighton

    132.01Welcome to Brighton14.09.2012
    142.02Pancakes & Karate14.09.2012
    152.03Fitness & Flirting14.09.2012
    162.04Tantrums & Time-outs14.09.2012
    172.05Vintage Future14.09.2012
    182.06Fireworks & Farewells14.09.2012

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