1.01 (The Thin Rope)  (18.03.1957)The Thin Rope18.03.1957
    1.02 (The Hasty Gun)  (25.03.1957)The Hasty Gun25.03.1957
    1.03 (Alder Gulch)  (08.04.1957)Alder Gulch08.04.1957
    1.04 (The Bounty)  (15.04.1957)The Bounty15.04.1957
    1.05 (A Time to Kill)  (22.04.1957)A Time to Kill22.04.1957
    1.06 (Shotgun Messenger)  (07.05.1957)Shotgun Messenger07.05.1957
    1.07 (The Lynching)  (13.05.1957)The Lynching13.05.1957
    1.08 (Renegade Raiders)  (20.05.1957)Renegade Raiders20.05.1957
    1.09 (Rio Grande)  (03.06.1957)Rio Grande03.06.1957
    1.10 (Sam Bass)  (10.06.1957)Sam Bass10.06.1957
    1.11 (The Hijackers)  (17.06.1957)The Hijackers17.06.1957
    1.12 (Stage to Nowhere)  (24.06.1957)Stage to Nowhere24.06.1957
    1.13 (Jesse James)  (01.07.1957)Jesse James01.07.1957
    1.14 (The Silver Bullets)  (08.07.1957)The Silver Bullets08.07.1957

    2.01 (Belle Star)  (09.09.1957)Belle Star09.09.1957
    2.02 (Two Cartridges)  (16.09.1957)Two Cartridges16.09.1957
    2.03 (Apache Gold)  (23.09.1957)Apache Gold23.09.1957
    2.04 (John Wesley Hardin)  (30.09.1957)John Wesley Hardin30.09.1957
    2.05 (The Target)  (07.10.1957)The Target07.10.1957
    2.06 (The Feud)  (14.10.1957)The Feud14.10.1957
    2.07 (Billy the Kid)  (21.10.1957)Billy the Kid21.10.1957
    2.08 (The Auction)  (28.10.1957)The Auction28.10.1957
    2.09 (Hank (Chips))  (04.11.1957)Hank (Chips)04.11.1957
    2.10 (Man in the Box)  (11.11.1957)Man in the Box11.11.1957
    2.11 (The Kid)  (18.11.1957)The Kid18.11.1957
    2.12 (The Barbary Coast)  (25.11.1957)The Barbary Coast25.11.1957
    2.13 (Ride with a Killer)  (02.12.1957)Ride with a Killer02.12.1957
    2.14 (The Inscrutable Man)  (09.12.1957)The Inscrutable Man09.12.1957
    2.15 (The General)  (16.12.1957)The General16.12.1957
    2.16 (Laredo)  (23.12.1957)Laredo23.12.1957
    2.17 (The Witness)  (30.12.1957)The Witness30.12.1957
    2.18 (Doc Bell)  (07.01.1958)Doc Bell07.01.1958
    2.19 (Stage West)  (13.01.1958)Stage West13.01.1958
    2.20 (Hoss Tamer)  (20.01.1958)Hoss Tamer20.01.1958
    2.21 (Hide Jumpers)  (27.01.1958)Hide Jumpers27.01.1958
    2.22 (The Walking Mountain)  (03.02.1958)The Walking Mountain03.02.1958
    2.23 (Bill Longley)  (10.02.1958)Bill Longley10.02.1958
    2.24 (The Prisoner)  (17.02.1958)The Prisoner17.02.1958
    2.25 (Dr. Alice)  (23.02.1958)Dr. Alice23.02.1958
    2.26 (The Sooners)  (03.03.1958)The Sooners03.03.1958
    2.27 (Alias Jim Hardie)  (10.03.1958)Alias Jim Hardie10.03.1958
    2.28 (The Johnny Ringo Story)  (17.03.1958)The Johnny Ringo Story17.03.1958
    2.29 (The Newspaper)  (24.03.1958)The Newspaper24.03.1958
    2.30 (Special Delivery)  (31.03.1958)Special Delivery31.03.1958
    2.31 (Deadwood)  (07.04.1958)Deadwood07.04.1958
    2.32 (The Gun)  (14.04.1958)The Gun14.04.1958
    2.33 (The Reward)  (21.04.1958)The Reward21.04.1958
    2.34 (The Pickpocket)  (28.04.1958)The Pickpocket28.04.1958
    2.35 (Scapegoat)  (05.05.1958)Scapegoat05.05.1958
    2.36 (The Renegade)  (12.05.1958)The Renegade12.05.1958
    2.37 (The Break)  (19.05.1958)The Break19.05.1958
    2.38 (The Sniper)  (26.05.1958)The Sniper26.05.1958

    3.01 (The Gambler)  (08.09.1958)The Gambler08.09.1958
    3.02 (The Manuscript)  (15.09.1958)The Manuscript15.09.1958
    3.03 (White Indian)  (22.09.1958)White Indian22.09.1958
    3.04 (The Golden Owl)  (29.09.1958)The Golden Owl29.09.1958
    3.05 (Faster Gun)  (06.10.1958)Faster Gun06.10.1958
    3.06 (Butch Cassidy)  (13.10.1958)Butch Cassidy13.10.1958
    3.07 (End of the Trail)  (20.10.1958)End of the Trail20.10.1958
    3.08 (A Matter of Honor)  (03.11.1958)A Matter of Honor03.11.1958
    3.09 (The Most Dangerous Man Alive)  (10.11.1958)The Most Dangerous Man Alive10.11.1958
    3.10 (The Gunfighter)  (17.11.1958)The Gunfighter17.11.1958
    3.11 (The Deserter)  (24.11.1958)The Deserter24.11.1958
    3.12 (The Killer)  (01.12.1958)The Killer01.12.1958
    3.13 (The Counterfeiters)  (08.12.1958)The Counterfeiters08.12.1958
    3.14 (Cow Town)  (15.12.1958)Cow Town15.12.1958
    3.15 (The Happy Tree)  (22.12.1958)The Happy Tree22.12.1958
    3.16 (The Dealer)  (29.12.1958)The Dealer29.12.1958
    3.17 (Showdown Trail)  (05.01.1959)Showdown Trail05.01.1959
    3.18 (Wild Cargo)  (19.01.1959)Wild Cargo19.01.1959
    3.19 (The Cleanup)  (26.01.1959)The Cleanup26.01.1959
    3.20 (Fort Massacre)  (02.02.1959)Fort Massacre02.02.1959
    3.21 (The Town That Wouldn’t Talk)  (09.02.1959)The Town That Wouldn’t Talk09.02.1959
    3.22 (Lola Montez)  (16.02.1959)Lola Montez16.02.1959
    3.23 (The Branding Iron)  (23.02.1959)The Branding Iron23.02.1959
    3.24 (The House I Enter)  (02.03.1959)The House I Enter02.03.1959
    3.25 (The Legacy)  (09.03.1959)The Legacy09.03.1959
    3.26 (The Rawhide Kid)  (16.03.1959)The Rawhide Kid16.03.1959
    3.27 (Toll Road)  (23.03.1959)Toll Road23.03.1959
    3.28 (The Tired Gun)  (30.03.1959)The Tired Gun30.03.1959
    3.29 (Terry)  (06.04.1959)Terry06.04.1959
    3.30 (The Last Stand)  (13.04.1959)The Last Stand13.04.1959
    3.31 (Bob Dawson)  (20.04.1959)Bob Dawson20.04.1959
    3.32 (The Tall Texan)  (27.04.1959)The Tall Texan27.04.1959
    3.33 (Doc Holliday)  (04.05.1959)Doc Holliday04.05.1959
    3.34 ( Kid Curry)  (11.05.1959) Kid Curry11.05.1959
    3.35 (The Little Man)  (18.05.1959)The Little Man18.05.1959
    3.36 (The Daltons)  (25.05.1959)The Daltons25.05.1959
    3.37 (The Bounty Hunter)  (01.06.1959)The Bounty Hunter01.06.1959
    3.38 (Clay Allison)  (15.06.1959)Clay Allison15.06.1959

    4.01 (Young Jim Hardie)  (07.09.1959)Young Jim Hardie07.09.1959
    4.02 (Desert Showdown)  (14.09.1959)Desert Showdown14.09.1959
    4.03 (The Warrior’s Return)  (21.09.1959)The Warrior’s Return21.09.1959
    4.04 (The Jackass)  (28.09.1959)The Jackass28.09.1959
    4.05 (The Stage Line)  (05.10.1959)The Stage Line05.10.1959
    4.06 (The Train Robbery)  (12.10.1959)The Train Robbery12.10.1959
    4.07 ( Double Reverse)  (19.10.1959) Double Reverse19.10.1959
    4.08 (Tom Horn)  (26.10.1959)Tom Horn26.10.1959
    4.09 (The Quiet Village)  (02.11.1959)The Quiet Village02.11.1959
    4.10 (Home Town)  (16.11.1959)Home Town16.11.1959
    4.11 (End of a Legend)  (23.11.1959)End of a Legend23.11.1959
    4.12 (Return of Doc Bell)  (30.11.1959)Return of Doc Bell30.11.1959
    4.13 (Woman with a Gun)  (07.12.1959)Woman with a Gun07.12.1959
    4.14 (Long Odds)  (14.12.1959)Long Odds14.12.1959
    4.15 (Wanted: Jim Hardie)  (21.12.1959)Wanted: Jim Hardie21.12.1959
    4.16 (Relay Station)  (28.12.1959)Relay Station28.12.1959
    4.17 (Cole Younger)  (04.01.1960)Cole Younger04.01.1960
    4.18 (The Easterner)  (11.01.1960)The Easterner11.01.1960
    4.19 (The Governor’s Visit)  (18.01.1960)The Governor’s Visit18.01.1960
    4.20 (The Journey)  (25.01.1960)The Journey25.01.1960
    4.21 (The Canyon)  (01.02.1960)The Canyon01.02.1960
    4.22 (Red Ransom)  (08.02.1960)Red Ransom08.02.1960
    4.23 (The English Woman)  (15.02.1960)The English Woman15.02.1960
    4.24 (Forty-Four Forty)  (29.02.1960)Forty-Four Forty29.02.1960
    4.25 (The Late Mayor Brown)  (07.03.1960)The Late Mayor Brown07.03.1960
    4.26 (Black Trail)  (14.03.1960)Black Trail14.03.1960
    4.27 (The Great Bullion Robbery)  (21.03.1960)The Great Bullion Robbery21.03.1960
    4.28 (The Outlaw’s Wife)  (28.03.1960)The Outlaw’s Wife28.03.1960
    4.29 (The Town)  (04.04.1960)The Town04.04.1960
    4.30 (The Trading Post)  (11.04.1960)The Trading Post11.04.1960
    4.31 (Dead Man’s Street)  (18.04.1960)Dead Man’s Street18.04.1960
    4.32 (Threat of Death)  (25.04.1960)Threat of Death25.04.1960
    4.33 (Dealer’s Choice)  (02.05.1960)Dealer’s Choice02.05.1960
    4.34 (Pearl Hart)  (09.05.1960)Pearl Hart09.05.1960
    4.35 (Vasquez)  (16.05.1960)Vasquez16.05.1960
    4.36 (Kid Brother)  (23.05.1960)Kid Brother23.05.1960
    4.37 (Man for the Job)  (30.05.1960)Man for the Job30.05.1960

    5.01 (Day of Judgment)  (05.09.1960)Day of Judgment05.09.1960
    5.02 (Angry Town)  (12.09.1960)Angry Town12.09.1960
    5.03 (Doc Dawson)  (19.09.1960)Doc Dawson19.09.1960
    5.04 (The Kinfolk)  (26.09.1960)The Kinfolk26.09.1960
    5.05 (A Study in Petticoats)  (17.10.1960)A Study in Petticoats17.10.1960
    5.06 (All That Glitters)  (24.10.1960)All That Glitters24.10.1960
    5.07 (Run for the River)  (07.11.1960)Run for the River07.11.1960
    5.08 (Leading Citizen)  (14.11.1960)Leading Citizen14.11.1960
    5.09 (The Killing of Johnny Lash)  (21.11.1960)The Killing of Johnny Lash21.11.1960
    5.10 (The Wade Place)  (28.11.1960)The Wade Place28.11.1960
    5.11 (Jeff Davis’ Treasure)  (05.12.1960)Jeff Davis’ Treasure05.12.1960
    5.12 (The Bride and the Bandit)  (12.12.1960)The Bride and the Bandit12.12.1960
    5.13 (Escort to Santa Fe)  (19.12.1960)Escort to Santa Fe19.12.1960
    5.14 (Frightened Witness)  (26.12.1960)Frightened Witness26.12.1960
    5.15 (The Border Renegade)  (02.01.1961)The Border Renegade02.01.1961
    5.16 (Captain Scoville)  (09.01.1961)Captain Scoville09.01.1961
    5.17 (The Has-Been)  (16.01.1961)The Has-Been16.01.1961
    5.18 (Town Against a Man)  (23.01.1961)Town Against a Man23.01.1961
    5.19 (The Barefoot Bandit)  (30.01.1961)The Barefoot Bandit30.01.1961
    5.20 (The Hand That Shook the Hand)  (06.02.1961)The Hand That Shook the Hand06.02.1961
    5.21 (That Washburn Girl)  (13.02.1961)That Washburn Girl13.02.1961
    5.22 (The Diamond Dude)  (27.02.1961)The Diamond Dude27.02.1961
    5.23 (A Show from Silver Lode)  (06.03.1961)A Show from Silver Lode06.03.1961
    5.24 (Fraud)  (13.03.1961)Fraud13.03.1961
    5.25 (Stage from Yuma)  (20.03.1961)Stage from Yuma20.03.1961
    5.26 (Prince Jim)  (27.03.1961)Prince Jim27.03.1961
    5.27 (The Remittance Man)  (03.04.1961)The Remittance Man03.04.1961
    5.28 (The Jealous Man)  (10.04.1961)The Jealous Man10.04.1961
    5.29 (Something Pretty)  (17.04.1961)Something Pretty17.04.1961
    5.30 (Lady Trouble)  (24.04.1961)Lady Trouble24.04.1961
    5.31 (Moment of Glory)  (01.05.1961)Moment of Glory01.05.1961
    5.32 (The Lobo)  (08.05.1961)The Lobo08.05.1961
    5.33 (Rifles for Red Hand)  (15.05.1961)Rifles for Red Hand15.05.1961
    5.34 (Gunman’s Revenge)  (22.05.1961)Gunman’s Revenge22.05.1961
    5.35 (The Repentant Outlaw)  (29.05.1961)The Repentant Outlaw29.05.1961
    5.36 (A Quiet Little Town)  (05.06.1961)A Quiet Little Town05.06.1961
    5.37 (Bitter Vengeance)  (12.06.1961)Bitter Vengeance12.06.1961
    5.38 (John Jones)  (19.06.1961)John Jones19.06.1961
    5.39 (The Dowry)  (10.07.1961)The Dowry10.07.1961

    6.01Geheimauftrag 7,5 (Casket 7.3)  (30.09.1961)Casket 7.330.09.1961
    6.02Der schwarze Hengst (The Dodger)  (07.10.1961)The Dodger07.10.1961
    6.03 (Treasure Coach)  (14.10.1961)Treasure Coach14.10.1961
    6.04 (Death Raffle)  (21.10.1961)Death Raffle21.10.1961
    6.05Tanoa (Tanoa)  (28.10.1961)Tanoa28.10.1961
    6.06Ein Clown in Gloribee (Mr. Mute)  (04.11.1961)Mr. Mute04.11.1961
    6.07 (Jeremiah)  (11.11.1961)Jeremiah11.11.1961
    6.08Der letzte Kampf (A Fistful of Pride)  (18.11.1961)A Fistful of Pride18.11.1961
    6.09 (Defiant at the Gate)  (25.11.1961)Defiant at the Gate25.11.1961
    6.10 (Man of Another Breed)  (02.12.1961)Man of Another Breed02.12.1961
    6.11 (Kelly’s Clover Girls)  (09.12.1961)Kelly’s Clover Girls09.12.1961
    6.12 (A Killing in Calico)  (16.12.1961)A Killing in Calico16.12.1961
    6.13 (New Orleans Trackdown)  (23.12.1961)New Orleans Trackdown23.12.1961
    6.14Jeffs 60. Geburtstag (Trackback)  (30.12.1961)Trackback30.12.1961
    6.15Flucht aus Mexiko ( Moneyrun)  (06.01.1962) Moneyrun06.01.1962
    6.16Die Juwelen der Primadonna (Return to Yesterday)  (13.01.1962)Return to Yesterday13.01.1962
    6.17Der Überfall (Reward for Gaine)  (20.01.1962)Reward for Gaine20.01.1962
    6.18Katherines Erlebnisse in Gloribee (Assignment in Gloribee)  (27.01.1962)Assignment in Gloribee27.01.1962
    6.19Eine alte Schuld (Incident at Crossbow)  (03.02.1962)Incident at Crossbow03.02.1962
    6.20 (Portrait of Teresa)  (10.02.1962)Portrait of Teresa10.02.1962
    6.21Verseuchte Herde (Hometown Doctor)  (17.02.1962)Hometown Doctor17.02.1962
    6.22Ein neuer Lehrer in Gloribee (The Traveler)  (24.02.1962)The Traveler24.02.1962
    6.23 (Winter Storm)  (03.03.1962)Winter Storm03.03.1962
    6.24 (Chauncey)  (17.03.1962)Chauncey17.03.1962
    6.25Eine Mutter kämpft um ihren Sohn (Who Lives by the Gun)  (24.03.1962)Who Lives by the Gun24.03.1962
    6.26 (To Kill a Town)  (31.03.1962)To Kill a Town31.03.1962
    6.27 (End of a Minor God)  (07.04.1962)End of a Minor God07.04.1962
    6.28Die Bewährungsprobe (Remember the Yazoo)  (14.04.1962)Remember the Yazoo14.04.1962
    6.29Wertvolle Ladung (The Angry Sky)  (21.04.1962)The Angry Sky21.04.1962
    6.30 (Royal Maroon)  (28.04.1962)Royal Maroon28.04.1962
    6.31 (The Gold Witch)  (05.05.1962)The Gold Witch05.05.1962
    6.32 (Don’t Wake a Tiger)  (12.05.1962)Don’t Wake a Tiger12.05.1962
    6.33 (The Wayfarers)  (19.05.1962)The Wayfarers19.05.1962
    6.34 (Vignette of a Sinner)  (02.06.1962)Vignette of a Sinner02.06.1962

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