Doctor Who

    Staffel 1: Erster Doktor

    11.01Das Kind von den SternenAn Unearthly Childunaired23.11.1963An Unearthly Child23.11.1963
    21.02Die SchädelhöhleThe Cave Of Skullsunaired30.11.1963The Cave Of Skulls30.11.1963
    31.03Der Wald der AngstThe Forest Of Fearunaired07.12.1963The Forest Of Fear07.12.1963
    41.04Der FeuermacherThe Firemakerunaired14.12.1963The Firemaker14.12.1963
    51.05Der tote PlanetThe Dead Planetunaired21.12.1963The Dead Planet21.12.1963
    61.06Die ÜberlebendenThe Survivorsunaired28.12.1963The Survivors28.12.1963
    71.07Die FluchtThe Escapeunaired04.01.1964The Escape04.01.1964
    81.08Der HinterhaltThe Ambushunaired11.01.1964The Ambush11.01.1964
    91.09Die ExpeditionThe Expeditionunaired18.01.1964The Expedition18.01.1964
    101.10Die FeuerprobeThe Ordealunaired25.01.1964The Ordeal25.01.1964
    111.11Die RettungThe Rescueunaired01.02.1964The Rescue01.02.1964
    121.12Am Rande der Vernichtung (1)The Edge Of Destructionunaired08.02.1964The Edge Of Destruction08.02.1964
    131.13Am Rande der Vernichtung (2)The Brink Of Disasterunaired15.02.1964The Brink Of Disaster15.02.1964
    141.14The Roof Of The World 22.02.1964The Roof Of The World22.02.1964
    151.15The Singing Sands 29.02.1964The Singing Sands29.02.1964
    161.16Five Hundred Eyes 07.03.1964Five Hundred Eyes07.03.1964
    171.17The Wall Of Lies 14.03.1964The Wall Of Lies14.03.1964
    181.18Rider From Shang-Tu 21.03.1964Rider From Shang-Tu21.03.1964
    191.19Mighty Kublai Khan 28.03.1964Mighty Kublai Khan28.03.1964
    201.20Assassin At Peking 04.04.1964Assassin At Peking04.04.1964
    211.21The Sea Of Death 11.04.1964The Sea Of Death11.04.1964
    221.22The Velvet Web 18.04.1964The Velvet Web18.04.1964
    231.23The Screaming Jungle 25.04.1964The Screaming Jungle25.04.1964
    241.24The Snows Of Terror 02.05.1964The Snows Of Terror02.05.1964
    251.25Sentence Of Death 09.05.1964Sentence Of Death09.05.1964
    261.26The Keys Of Marinus 16.05.1964The Keys Of Marinus16.05.1964
    271.27The Temple Of Evil 23.05.1964The Temple Of Evil23.05.1964
    281.28The Warriors Of Death 30.05.1964The Warriors Of Death30.05.1964
    291.29The Bride Of Sacrifice 06.06.1964The Bride Of Sacrifice06.06.1964
    301.30The Day Of Darkness 13.06.1964The Day Of Darkness13.06.1964
    311.31Strangers In Space 20.06.1964Strangers In Space20.06.1964
    321.32The Unwilling Warriors 27.06.1964The Unwilling Warriors27.06.1964
    331.33Hidden Danger 11.07.1964Hidden Danger11.07.1964
    341.34A Race Against Death 18.07.1964A Race Against Death18.07.1964
    351.35Kidnap 25.07.1964Kidnap25.07.1964
    361.36A Desperate Venture 01.08.1964A Desperate Venture01.08.1964
    371.37A Land Of Fear 08.08.1964A Land Of Fear08.08.1964
    381.38Guests Of Madame Guillotine 15.08.1964Guests Of Madame Guillotine15.08.1964
    391.39A Change Of Identity 22.08.1964A Change Of Identity22.08.1964
    401.40The Tyrant Of France 29.08.1964The Tyrant Of France29.08.1964
    411.41A Bargain Of Necessity 05.09.1964A Bargain Of Necessity05.09.1964
    421.42Prisoners Of Conciergerie 12.09.1964Prisoners Of Conciergerie12.09.1964

    Staffel 2: Erster Doktor

    432.01Planet Of Giants 31.10.1964Planet Of Giants31.10.1964
    442.02Dangerous Journey 07.11.1964Dangerous Journey07.11.1964
    452.03Crisis 14.11.1964Crisis14.11.1964
    462.04World’s End 21.11.1964World’s End21.11.1964
    472.05The Daleks 28.11.1964The Daleks28.11.1964
    482.06Day Of Reckoning 05.12.1964Day Of Reckoning05.12.1964
    492.07The End Of Tomorrow 12.12.1964The End Of Tomorrow12.12.1964
    502.08The Waking Ally 19.12.1964The Waking Ally19.12.1964
    512.09Flashpoint 26.12.1964Flashpoint26.12.1964
    522.10The Powerful Enemy 02.01.1965The Powerful Enemy02.01.1965
    532.11Desperate Measures 09.01.1965Desperate Measures09.01.1965
    542.12The Slave Traders 16.01.1965The Slave Traders16.01.1965
    552.13All Roads Lead To Rome 23.01.1965All Roads Lead To Rome23.01.1965
    562.14Conspiracy 30.01.1965Conspiracy30.01.1965
    572.15Inferno 06.02.1965Inferno06.02.1965
    582.16The Web Planet 13.02.1965The Web Planet13.02.1965
    592.17The Zarbi 20.02.1965The Zarbi20.02.1965
    602.18Escape To Danger 27.02.1965Escape To Danger27.02.1965
    612.19Crater Of Needles 06.03.1965Crater Of Needles06.03.1965
    622.20Invasion 13.03.1965Invasion13.03.1965
    632.21The Centre 20.03.1965The Centre20.03.1965
    642.22The Lion 27.03.1965The Lion27.03.1965
    652.23The Knight Of Jaffa 03.04.1965The Knight Of Jaffa03.04.1965
    662.24The Wheel Of Fortune 10.04.1965The Wheel Of Fortune10.04.1965
    672.25The Warlords 17.04.1965The Warlords17.04.1965
    682.26The Space Museum 24.04.1965The Space Museum24.04.1965
    692.27The Dimensions Of Time 01.05.1965The Dimensions Of Time01.05.1965
    702.28The Search 08.05.1965The Search08.05.1965
    712.29The Final Phase 15.05.1965The Final Phase15.05.1965
    722.30The Executioners 22.05.1965The Executioners22.05.1965
    732.31The Death Of Time 29.05.1965The Death Of Time29.05.1965
    742.32Flight Through Eternity 05.06.1965Flight Through Eternity05.06.1965
    752.33Journey Into Terror 12.06.1965Journey Into Terror12.06.1965
    762.34The Death Of Doctor Who 19.06.1965The Death Of Doctor Who19.06.1965
    772.35The Planet Of Decision 26.06.1965The Planet Of Decision26.06.1965
    782.36The Watcher 03.07.1965The Watcher03.07.1965
    792.37The Meddling Monk 10.07.1965The Meddling Monk10.07.1965
    802.38A Battle Of Wits 17.07.1965A Battle Of Wits17.07.1965
    812.39Checkmate 24.07.1965Checkmate24.07.1965

    Staffel 3: Erster Doktor

    823.01Four Hundred Dawns 11.09.1965Four Hundred Dawns11.09.1965
    833.02Trap Of Steel 18.09.1965Trap Of Steel18.09.1965
    843.03Airlock 25.09.1965Airlock25.09.1965
    853.04The Exploding Planet 02.10.1965The Exploding Planet02.10.1965
    863.05Mission To The Unknown 09.10.1965Mission To The Unknown09.10.1965
    873.06Temple Of Secrets 16.10.1965Temple Of Secrets16.10.1965
    883.07Small Prophet, Quick Return 23.10.1965Small Prophet, Quick Return23.10.1965
    893.08Death Of A Spy 30.10.1965Death Of A Spy30.10.1965
    903.09Horse Of Destruction 06.11.1965Horse Of Destruction06.11.1965
    913.10The Nightmare Begins 13.11.1965The Nightmare Begins13.11.1965
    923.11Day Of Armageddon 20.11.1965Day Of Armageddon20.11.1965
    933.12Devil’s Planet 27.11.1965Devil’s Planet27.11.1965
    943.13The Traitors 04.12.1965The Traitors04.12.1965
    953.14Counter Plot 11.12.1965Counter Plot11.12.1965
    963.15Coronas Of The Sun 18.12.1965Coronas Of The Sun18.12.1965
    973.16The Feast Of Steven 25.12.1965The Feast Of Steven25.12.1965
    983.17Volcano 01.01.1966Volcano01.01.1966
    993.18Golden Death 08.01.1966Golden Death08.01.1966
    1003.19Escape Switch 15.01.1966Escape Switch15.01.1966
    1013.20The Abandoned Planet 22.01.1966The Abandoned Planet22.01.1966
    1023.21Destruction Of Time 29.01.1966Destruction Of Time29.01.1966
    1033.22War Of God 05.02.1966War Of God05.02.1966
    1043.23The Sea Beggar 12.02.1966The Sea Beggar12.02.1966
    1053.24Priest Of Death 19.02.1966Priest Of Death19.02.1966
    1063.25Bell Of Doom 26.02.1966Bell Of Doom26.02.1966
    1073.26The Steel Sky 05.03.1966The Steel Sky05.03.1966
    1083.27The Plague 12.03.1966The Plague12.03.1966
    1093.28The Return 19.03.1966The Return19.03.1966
    1103.29The Bomb 26.03.1966The Bomb26.03.1966
    1113.30The Celestial Toyroom 02.04.1966The Celestial Toyroom02.04.1966
    1123.31The Hall Of Dolls 09.04.1966The Hall Of Dolls09.04.1966
    1133.32The Dancing Floor 16.04.1966The Dancing Floor16.04.1966
    1143.33The Final Test 23.04.1966The Final Test23.04.1966
    1153.34A Holiday For The Doctor 30.04.1966A Holiday For The Doctor30.04.1966
    1163.35Don’t Shoot The Pianist 07.05.1966Don’t Shoot The Pianist07.05.1966
    1173.36Johnny Ringo 14.05.1966Johnny Ringo14.05.1966
    1183.37The O.K. Corral 21.05.1966The O.K. Corral21.05.1966
    1193.38The Savages, Episode One 28.05.1966The Savages, Episode One28.05.1966
    1203.39The Savages, Episode Two 04.06.1966The Savages, Episode Two04.06.1966
    1213.40The Savages, Episode Three 11.06.1966The Savages, Episode Three11.06.1966
    1223.41The Savages, Episode Four 18.06.1966The Savages, Episode Four18.06.1966
    1233.42The War Machines, Episode One 25.06.1966The War Machines, Episode One25.06.1966
    1243.43The War Machines, Episode Two 02.07.1966The War Machines, Episode Two02.07.1966
    1253.44The War Machines, Episode Three 09.07.1966The War Machines, Episode Three09.07.1966
    1263.45The War Machines, Episode Four 16.07.1966The War Machines, Episode Four16.07.1966

    Staffel 4: Erster / Zweiter Doktor

    1274.01The Smugglers, Episode One 10.09.1966The Smugglers, Episode One10.09.1966
    1284.02The Smugglers, Episode Two 17.09.1966The Smugglers, Episode Two17.09.1966
    1294.03The Smugglers, Episode Three 24.09.1966The Smugglers, Episode Three24.09.1966
    1304.04The Smugglers, Episode Four 01.10.1966The Smugglers, Episode Four01.10.1966
    1314.05The Tenth Planet, Episode One 08.10.1966The Tenth Planet, Episode One08.10.1966
    1324.06The Tenth Planet, Episode Two 15.10.1966The Tenth Planet, Episode Two15.10.1966
    1334.07The Tenth Planet, Episode Three 22.10.1966The Tenth Planet, Episode Three22.10.1966
    1344.08The Tenth Planet, Episode Four 29.10.1966The Tenth Planet, Episode Four29.10.1966
    1354.09The Power Of The Daleks, Episode One 05.11.1966The Power Of The Daleks, Episode One05.11.1966
    1364.10The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Two 12.11.1966The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Two12.11.1966
    1374.11The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Three 19.11.1966The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Three19.11.1966
    1384.12The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Four 26.11.1966The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Four26.11.1966
    1394.13The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Five 03.12.1966The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Five03.12.1966
    1404.14The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Six 10.12.1966The Power Of The Daleks, Episode Six10.12.1966
    1414.15The Highlanders, Episode One 17.12.1966The Highlanders, Episode One17.12.1966
    1424.16The Highlanders, Episode Two 24.12.1966The Highlanders, Episode Two24.12.1966
    1434.17The Highlanders, Episode Three 31.12.1966The Highlanders, Episode Three31.12.1966
    1444.18The Highlanders, Episode Four 07.01.1967The Highlanders, Episode Four07.01.1967
    1454.19The Underwater Menace, Episode One 14.01.1967The Underwater Menace, Episode One14.01.1967
    1464.20The Underwater Menace, Episode Two 21.01.1967The Underwater Menace, Episode Two21.01.1967
    1474.21The Underwater Menace, Episode Three 28.01.1967The Underwater Menace, Episode Three28.01.1967
    1484.22The Underwater Menace, Part Four 04.02.1967The Underwater Menace, Part Four04.02.1967
    1494.23The Moonbase, Episode One 11.02.1967The Moonbase, Episode One11.02.1967
    1504.24The Moonbase, Episode Two 18.02.1967The Moonbase, Episode Two18.02.1967
    1514.25The Moonbase, Episode Three 25.02.1967The Moonbase, Episode Three25.02.1967
    1524.26The Moonbase, Episode Four 04.03.1967The Moonbase, Episode Four04.03.1967
    1534.27The Macra Terror, Episode One 11.03.1967The Macra Terror, Episode One11.03.1967
    1544.28The Macra Terror, Episode Two 18.03.1967The Macra Terror, Episode Two18.03.1967
    1554.29The Macra Terror, Episode Three 25.03.1967The Macra Terror, Episode Three25.03.1967
    1564.30The Macra Terror, Episode Four 01.04.1967The Macra Terror, Episode Four01.04.1967
    1574.31The Faceless Ones, Episode One 08.04.1967The Faceless Ones, Episode One08.04.1967
    1584.32The Faceless Ones, Episode Two 15.04.1967The Faceless Ones, Episode Two15.04.1967
    1594.33The Faceless Ones, Episode Three 22.04.1967The Faceless Ones, Episode Three22.04.1967
    1604.34The Faceless Ones, Episode Four 29.04.1967The Faceless Ones, Episode Four29.04.1967
    1614.35The Faceless Ones, Episode Five 06.05.1967The Faceless Ones, Episode Five06.05.1967
    1624.36The Faceless Ones, Episode Six 13.05.1967The Faceless Ones, Episode Six13.05.1967
    1634.37The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode One 20.05.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode One20.05.1967
    1644.38The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Two 27.05.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Two27.05.1967
    1654.39The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Three 03.06.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Three03.06.1967
    1664.40The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Four 10.06.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Four10.06.1967
    1674.41The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Five 17.06.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Five17.06.1967
    1684.42The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Six 24.06.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Six24.06.1967
    1694.43The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Seven 01.07.1967The Evil Of The Daleks, Episode Seven01.07.1967

    Staffel 5: Zweiter Doktor

    1705.01The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode One 02.09.1967The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode One02.09.1967
    1715.02The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode Two 09.09.1967The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode Two09.09.1967
    1725.03The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode Three 16.09.1967The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode Three16.09.1967
    1735.04The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode Four 23.09.1967The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episode Four23.09.1967
    1745.05The Abominable Snowmen, Episode One 30.09.1967The Abominable Snowmen, Episode One30.09.1967
    1755.06The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Two 07.10.1967The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Two07.10.1967
    1765.07The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Three 14.10.1967The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Three14.10.1967
    1775.08The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Four 21.10.1967The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Four21.10.1967
    1785.09The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Five 28.10.1967The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Five28.10.1967
    1795.10The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Six 04.11.1967The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Six04.11.1967
    1805.11The Ice Warriors, Episode One 11.11.1967The Ice Warriors, Episode One11.11.1967
    1815.12The Ice Warriors, Episode Two 18.11.1967The Ice Warriors, Episode Two18.11.1967
    1825.13The Ice Warriors, Episode Three 25.11.1967The Ice Warriors, Episode Three25.11.1967
    1835.14The Ice Warriors, Episode Four 02.12.1967The Ice Warriors, Episode Four02.12.1967
    1845.15The Ice Warriors, Episode Five 09.12.1967The Ice Warriors, Episode Five09.12.1967
    1855.16The Ice Warriors, Episode Six 16.12.1967The Ice Warriors, Episode Six16.12.1967
    1865.17The Enemy Of The World, Episode One 23.12.1967The Enemy Of The World, Episode One23.12.1967
    1875.18The Enemy Of The World, Episode Two 30.12.1967The Enemy Of The World, Episode Two30.12.1967
    1885.19The Enemy Of The World, Episode Three 06.01.1968The Enemy Of The World, Episode Three06.01.1968
    1895.20The Enemy Of The World, Episode Four 13.01.1968The Enemy Of The World, Episode Four13.01.1968
    1905.21The Enemy Of The World, Episode Five 20.01.1968The Enemy Of The World, Episode Five20.01.1968
    1915.22The Enemy Of The World, Episode Six 27.01.1968The Enemy Of The World, Episode Six27.01.1968
    1925.23The Web Of Fear, Episode One 03.02.1968The Web Of Fear, Episode One03.02.1968
    1935.24The Web Of Fear, Episode Two 10.02.1968The Web Of Fear, Episode Two10.02.1968
    1945.25The Web Of Fear, Episode Three 17.02.1968The Web Of Fear, Episode Three17.02.1968
    1955.26The Web Of Fear, Episode Four 24.02.1968The Web Of Fear, Episode Four24.02.1968
    1965.27The Web Of Fear, Episode Five 02.03.1968The Web Of Fear, Episode Five02.03.1968
    1975.28The Web Of Fear, Episode Six 09.03.1968The Web Of Fear, Episode Six09.03.1968
    1985.29Fury From The Deep, Episode One 16.03.1968Fury From The Deep, Episode One16.03.1968
    1995.30Fury From The Deep, Episode Two 23.03.1968Fury From The Deep, Episode Two23.03.1968
    2005.31Fury From The Deep, Episode Three 30.03.1968Fury From The Deep, Episode Three30.03.1968
    2015.32Fury From The Deep, Episode Four 06.04.1968Fury From The Deep, Episode Four06.04.1968
    2025.33Fury From The Deep, Episode Five 13.04.1968Fury From The Deep, Episode Five13.04.1968
    2035.34Fury From The Deep, Episode Six 20.04.1968Fury From The Deep, Episode Six20.04.1968
    2045.35The Wheel In Space, Episode One 27.04.1968The Wheel In Space, Episode One27.04.1968
    2055.36The Wheel In Space, Episode Two 04.05.1968The Wheel In Space, Episode Two04.05.1968
    2065.37The Wheel In Space, Episode Three 11.05.1968The Wheel In Space, Episode Three11.05.1968
    2075.38The Wheel In Space, Episode Four 18.05.1968The Wheel In Space, Episode Four18.05.1968
    2085.39The Wheel In Space, Episode Five 25.05.1968The Wheel In Space, Episode Five25.05.1968
    2095.40The Wheel In Space, Episode Six 01.06.1968The Wheel In Space, Episode Six01.06.1968

    Staffel 6: Zweiter Doktor

    2106.01The Dominators, Episode One 10.08.1968The Dominators, Episode One10.08.1968
    2116.02The Dominators, Episode Two 17.08.1968The Dominators, Episode Two17.08.1968
    2126.03The Dominators, Episode Three 24.08.1968The Dominators, Episode Three24.08.1968
    2136.04The Dominators, Episode Four 31.08.1968The Dominators, Episode Four31.08.1968
    2146.05The Dominators, Episode Five 07.09.1968The Dominators, Episode Five07.09.1968
    2156.06The Mind Robber, Episode One 14.09.1968The Mind Robber, Episode One14.09.1968
    2166.07The Mind Robber, Episode Two 21.09.1968The Mind Robber, Episode Two21.09.1968
    2176.08The Mind Robber, Episode Three 28.09.1968The Mind Robber, Episode Three28.09.1968
    2186.09The Mind Robber, Episode Four 05.10.1968The Mind Robber, Episode Four05.10.1968
    2196.10The Mind Robber, Episode Five 12.10.1968The Mind Robber, Episode Five12.10.1968
    2206.11The Invasion, Episode One 02.11.1968The Invasion, Episode One02.11.1968
    2216.12The Invasion, Episode Two 09.11.1968The Invasion, Episode Two09.11.1968
    2226.13The Invasion, Episode Three 16.11.1968The Invasion, Episode Three16.11.1968
    2236.14The Invasion, Episode Four 23.11.1968The Invasion, Episode Four23.11.1968
    2246.15The Invasion, Episode Five 30.11.1968The Invasion, Episode Five30.11.1968
    2256.16The Invasion, Episode Six 07.12.1968The Invasion, Episode Six07.12.1968
    2266.17The Invasion, Episode Seven 14.12.1968The Invasion, Episode Seven14.12.1968
    2276.18The Invasion, Episode Eight 21.12.1968The Invasion, Episode Eight21.12.1968
    2286.19The Krotons, Episode One 28.12.1968The Krotons, Episode One28.12.1968
    2296.20The Krotons, Episode Two 04.01.1969The Krotons, Episode Two04.01.1969
    2306.21The Krotons, Episode Three 11.01.1969The Krotons, Episode Three11.01.1969
    2316.22The Krotons, Episode Four 18.01.1969The Krotons, Episode Four18.01.1969
    2326.23The Seeds Of Death, Episode One 25.01.1969The Seeds Of Death, Episode One25.01.1969
    2336.24The Seeds Of Death, Episode Two 01.02.1969The Seeds Of Death, Episode Two01.02.1969
    2346.25The Seeds Of Death, Episode Three 08.02.1969The Seeds Of Death, Episode Three08.02.1969
    2356.26The Seeds Of Death, Episode Four 15.02.1969The Seeds Of Death, Episode Four15.02.1969
    2366.27The Seeds Of Death, Episode Five 22.02.1969The Seeds Of Death, Episode Five22.02.1969
    2376.28The Seeds Of Death, Episode Six 01.03.1969The Seeds Of Death, Episode Six01.03.1969
    2386.29The Space Pirates, Episode One 08.03.1969The Space Pirates, Episode One08.03.1969
    2396.30The Space Pirates, Episode Two 15.03.1969The Space Pirates, Episode Two15.03.1969
    2406.31The Space Pirates, Episode Three 22.03.1969The Space Pirates, Episode Three22.03.1969
    2416.32The Space Pirates, Episode Four 29.03.1969The Space Pirates, Episode Four29.03.1969
    2426.33The Space Pirates, Episode Five 05.04.1969The Space Pirates, Episode Five05.04.1969
    2436.34The Space Pirates, Episode Six 12.04.1969The Space Pirates, Episode Six12.04.1969
    2446.35The War Games, Episode One 19.04.1969The War Games, Episode One19.04.1969
    2456.36The War Games, Episode Two 26.04.1969The War Games, Episode Two26.04.1969
    2466.37The War Games, Episode Three 03.05.1969The War Games, Episode Three03.05.1969
    2476.38The War Games, Episode Four 10.05.1969The War Games, Episode Four10.05.1969
    2486.39The War Games, Episode Five 17.05.1969The War Games, Episode Five17.05.1969
    2496.40The War Games, Episode Six 24.05.1969The War Games, Episode Six24.05.1969
    2506.41The War Games, Episode Seven 31.05.1969The War Games, Episode Seven31.05.1969
    2516.42The War Games, Episode Eight 07.06.1969The War Games, Episode Eight07.06.1969
    2526.43The War Games, Episode Nine 14.06.1969The War Games, Episode Nine14.06.1969
    2536.44The War Games, Episode Ten 21.06.1969The War Games, Episode Ten21.06.1969

    Staffel 7: Dritter Doktor

    2547.01Spearhead From Space, Episode One 03.01.1970Spearhead From Space, Episode One03.01.1970
    2557.02Spearhead From Space, Episode Two 10.01.1970Spearhead From Space, Episode Two10.01.1970
    2567.03Spearhead From Space, Episode Three 17.01.1970Spearhead From Space, Episode Three17.01.1970
    2577.04Spearhead From Space, Episode Four 24.01.1970Spearhead From Space, Episode Four24.01.1970
    2587.05Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode One 31.01.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode One31.01.1970
    2597.06Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Two 07.02.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Two07.02.1970
    2607.07Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Three 14.02.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Three14.02.1970
    2617.08Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Four 21.02.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Four21.02.1970
    2627.09Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Five 28.02.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Five28.02.1970
    2637.10Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Six 07.03.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Six07.03.1970
    2647.11Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Seven 14.03.1970Doctor Who And The Silurians, Episode Seven14.03.1970
    2657.12The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode One 21.03.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode One21.03.1970
    2667.13The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Two 28.03.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Two28.03.1970
    2677.14The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Three 04.04.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Three04.04.1970
    2687.15The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Four 11.04.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Four11.04.1970
    2697.16The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Five 18.04.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Five18.04.1970
    2707.17The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Six 25.04.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Six25.04.1970
    2717.18The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Seven 02.05.1970The Ambassadors Of Death, Episode Seven02.05.1970
    2727.19Inferno, Episode One 09.05.1970Inferno, Episode One09.05.1970
    2737.20Inferno, Episode Two 16.05.1970Inferno, Episode Two16.05.1970
    2747.21Inferno, Episode Three 23.05.1970Inferno, Episode Three23.05.1970
    2757.22Inferno, Episode Four 30.05.1970Inferno, Episode Four30.05.1970
    2767.23Inferno, Episode Five 06.06.1970Inferno, Episode Five06.06.1970
    2777.24Inferno, Episode Six 13.06.1970Inferno, Episode Six13.06.1970
    2787.25Inferno, Episode Seven 20.06.1970Inferno, Episode Seven20.06.1970

    Staffel 8: Dritter Doktor

    2798.01Terror Of The Autons, Episode One 02.01.1971Terror Of The Autons, Episode One02.01.1971
    2808.02Terror Of The Autons, Episode Two 09.01.1971Terror Of The Autons, Episode Two09.01.1971
    2818.03Terror Of The Autons, Episode Three 16.01.1971Terror Of The Autons, Episode Three16.01.1971
    2828.04Terror Of The Autons, Episode Four 23.01.1971Terror Of The Autons, Episode Four23.01.1971
    2838.05The Mind Of Evil, Episode One 30.01.1971The Mind Of Evil, Episode One30.01.1971
    2848.06The Mind Of Evil, Episode Two 06.02.1971The Mind Of Evil, Episode Two06.02.1971
    2858.07The Mind Of Evil, Episode Three 13.02.1971The Mind Of Evil, Episode Three13.02.1971
    2868.08The Mind Of Evil, Episode Four 20.02.1971The Mind Of Evil, Episode Four20.02.1971
    2878.09The Mind Of Evil, Episode Five 27.02.1971The Mind Of Evil, Episode Five27.02.1971
    2888.10The Mind Of Evil, Episode Six 06.03.1971The Mind Of Evil, Episode Six06.03.1971
    2898.11The Claws Of Axos, Episode One 13.03.1971The Claws Of Axos, Episode One13.03.1971
    2908.12The Claws Of Axos, Episode Two 20.03.1971The Claws Of Axos, Episode Two20.03.1971
    2918.13The Claws Of Axos, Episode Three 27.03.1971The Claws Of Axos, Episode Three27.03.1971
    2928.14The Claws Of Axos, Episode Four 03.04.1971The Claws Of Axos, Episode Four03.04.1971
    2938.15Colony In Space, Episode One 10.04.1971Colony In Space, Episode One10.04.1971
    2948.16Colony In Space, Episode Two 17.04.1971Colony In Space, Episode Two17.04.1971
    2958.17Colony In Space, Episode Three 24.04.1971Colony In Space, Episode Three24.04.1971
    2968.18Colony In Space, Episode Four 01.05.1971Colony In Space, Episode Four01.05.1971
    2978.19Colony In Space, Episode Five 08.05.1971Colony In Space, Episode Five08.05.1971
    2988.20Colony In Space, Episode Six 15.05.1971Colony In Space, Episode Six15.05.1971
    2998.21The Dæmons, Episode One 22.05.1971The Dæmons, Episode One22.05.1971
    3008.22The Dæmons, Episode Two 29.05.1971The Dæmons, Episode Two29.05.1971
    3018.23The Dæmons, Episode Three 05.06.1971The Dæmons, Episode Three05.06.1971
    3028.24The Dæmons, Episode Four 12.06.1971The Dæmons, Episode Four12.06.1971
    3038.25The Dæmons, Episode Five 19.06.1971The Dæmons, Episode Five19.06.1971

    Staffel 9: Dritter Doktor

    3049.01Day Of The Daleks, Episode One 01.01.1972Day Of The Daleks, Episode One01.01.1972
    3059.02Day Of The Daleks, Episode Two 08.01.1972Day Of The Daleks, Episode Two08.01.1972
    3069.03Day Of The Daleks, Episode Three 15.01.1972Day Of The Daleks, Episode Three15.01.1972
    3079.04Day Of The Daleks, Episode Four 22.01.1972Day Of The Daleks, Episode Four22.01.1972
    3089.05The Curse Of Peladon, Episode One 29.01.1972The Curse Of Peladon, Episode One29.01.1972
    3099.06The Curse Of Peladon, Episode Two 05.02.1972The Curse Of Peladon, Episode Two05.02.1972
    3109.07The Curse Of Peladon, Episode Three 12.02.1972The Curse Of Peladon, Episode Three12.02.1972
    3119.08The Curse Of Peladon, Episode Four 19.02.1972The Curse Of Peladon, Episode Four19.02.1972
    3129.09The Sea Devils, Episode One 26.02.1972The Sea Devils, Episode One26.02.1972
    3139.10The Sea Devils, Episode Two 04.03.1972The Sea Devils, Episode Two04.03.1972
    3149.11The Sea Devils, Episode Three 11.03.1972The Sea Devils, Episode Three11.03.1972
    3159.12The Sea Devils, Episode Four 18.03.1972The Sea Devils, Episode Four18.03.1972
    3169.13The Sea Devils, Episode Five 25.03.1972The Sea Devils, Episode Five25.03.1972
    3179.14The Sea Devils, Episode Six 01.04.1972The Sea Devils, Episode Six01.04.1972
    3189.15The Mutants, Episode One 08.04.1972The Mutants, Episode One08.04.1972
    3199.16The Mutants, Episode Two 15.04.1972The Mutants, Episode Two15.04.1972
    3209.17The Mutants, Episode Three 22.04.1972The Mutants, Episode Three22.04.1972
    3219.18The Mutants, Episode Four 29.04.1972The Mutants, Episode Four29.04.1972
    3229.19The Mutants, Episode Five 06.05.1972The Mutants, Episode Five06.05.1972
    3239.20The Mutants, Episode Six 13.05.1972The Mutants, Episode Six13.05.1972
    3249.21The Time Monster, Episode One 20.05.1972The Time Monster, Episode One20.05.1972
    3259.22The Time Monster, Episode Two 27.05.1972The Time Monster, Episode Two27.05.1972
    3269.23The Time Monster, Episode Three 03.06.1972The Time Monster, Episode Three03.06.1972
    3279.24The Time Monster, Episode Four 10.06.1972The Time Monster, Episode Four10.06.1972
    3289.25The Time Monster, Episode Five 17.06.1972The Time Monster, Episode Five17.06.1972
    3299.26The Time Monster, Episode Six 24.06.1972The Time Monster, Episode Six24.06.1972

    Staffel 10: Dritter Doktor

    33010.01The Three Doctors, Episode One 30.12.1972The Three Doctors, Episode One30.12.1972
    33110.02The Three Doctors, Episode Two 06.01.1973The Three Doctors, Episode Two06.01.1973
    33210.03The Three Doctors, Episode Three 13.01.1973The Three Doctors, Episode Three13.01.1973
    33310.04The Three Doctors, Episode Four 20.01.1973The Three Doctors, Episode Four20.01.1973
    33410.05Carnival Of Monsters, Episode One 27.01.1973Carnival Of Monsters, Episode One27.01.1973
    33510.06Carnival Of Monsters, Episode Two 03.02.1973Carnival Of Monsters, Episode Two03.02.1973
    33610.07Carnival Of Monsters, Episode Three 10.02.1973Carnival Of Monsters, Episode Three10.02.1973
    33710.08Carnival Of Monsters, Episode Four 17.02.1973Carnival Of Monsters, Episode Four17.02.1973
    33810.09Frontier In Space, Episode One 24.02.1973Frontier In Space, Episode One24.02.1973
    33910.10Frontier In Space, Episode Two 03.03.1973Frontier In Space, Episode Two03.03.1973
    34010.11Frontier In Space, Episode Three 10.03.1973Frontier In Space, Episode Three10.03.1973
    34110.12Frontier In Space, Episode Four 17.03.1973Frontier In Space, Episode Four17.03.1973
    34210.13Frontier In Space, Episode Five 24.03.1973Frontier In Space, Episode Five24.03.1973
    34310.14Frontier In Space, Episode Six 31.03.1973Frontier In Space, Episode Six31.03.1973
    34410.15Planet Of The Daleks, Episode One 07.04.1973Planet Of The Daleks, Episode One07.04.1973
    34510.16Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Two 14.04.1973Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Two14.04.1973
    34610.17Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Three 21.04.1973Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Three21.04.1973
    34710.18Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Four 28.04.1973Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Four28.04.1973
    34810.19Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Five 05.05.1973Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Five05.05.1973
    34910.20Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Six 12.05.1973Planet Of The Daleks, Episode Six12.05.1973
    35010.21The Green Death, Episode One 19.05.1973The Green Death, Episode One19.05.1973
    35110.22The Green Death, Episode Two 26.05.1973The Green Death, Episode Two26.05.1973
    35210.23The Green Death, Episode Three 02.06.1973The Green Death, Episode Three02.06.1973
    35310.24The Green Death, Episode Four 09.06.1973The Green Death, Episode Four09.06.1973
    35410.25The Green Death, Episode Five 16.06.1973The Green Death, Episode Five16.06.1973
    35510.26The Green Death, Episode Six 23.06.1973The Green Death, Episode Six23.06.1973

    Staffel 11: Dritter Doktor

    35611.01The Time Warrior, Part One 15.12.1973The Time Warrior, Part One15.12.1973
    35711.02The Time Warrior, Part Two 22.12.1973The Time Warrior, Part Two22.12.1973
    35811.03The Time Warrior, Part Three 29.12.1973The Time Warrior, Part Three29.12.1973
    35911.04The Time Warrior, Part Four 05.01.1974The Time Warrior, Part Four05.01.1974
    36011.05Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part One 12.01.1974Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part One12.01.1974
    36111.06Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Two 19.01.1974Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Two19.01.1974
    36211.07Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Three 26.01.1974Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Three26.01.1974
    36311.08Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Four 02.02.1974Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Four02.02.1974
    36411.09Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Five 09.02.1974Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Five09.02.1974
    36511.10Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Six 16.02.1974Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, Part Six16.02.1974
    36611.11Death To The Daleks, Part One 23.02.1974Death To The Daleks, Part One23.02.1974
    36711.12Death To The Daleks, Part Two 02.03.1974Death To The Daleks, Part Two02.03.1974
    36811.13Death To The Daleks, Part Three 09.03.1974Death To The Daleks, Part Three09.03.1974
    36911.14Death To The Daleks, Part Four 16.03.1974Death To The Daleks, Part Four16.03.1974
    37011.15The Monster Of Peladon, Part One 23.03.1974The Monster Of Peladon, Part One23.03.1974
    37111.16The Monster Of Peladon, Part Two 30.03.1974The Monster Of Peladon, Part Two30.03.1974
    37211.17The Monster Of Peladon, Part Three 06.04.1974The Monster Of Peladon, Part Three06.04.1974
    37311.18The Monster Of Peladon, Part Four 13.04.1974The Monster Of Peladon, Part Four13.04.1974
    37411.19The Monster Of Peladon, Part Five 20.04.1974The Monster Of Peladon, Part Five20.04.1974
    37511.20The Monster Of Peladon, Part Six 27.04.1974The Monster Of Peladon, Part Six27.04.1974
    37611.21Planet Of The Spiders, Part One 04.05.1974Planet Of The Spiders, Part One04.05.1974
    37711.22Planet Of The Spiders, Part Two 11.05.1974Planet Of The Spiders, Part Two11.05.1974
    37811.23Planet Of The Spiders, Part Three 18.05.1974Planet Of The Spiders, Part Three18.05.1974
    37911.24Planet Of The Spiders, Part Four 25.05.1974Planet Of The Spiders, Part Four25.05.1974
    38011.25Planet Of The Spiders, Part Five 01.06.1974Planet Of The Spiders, Part Five01.06.1974
    38111.26Planet Of The Spiders, Part Six 08.06.1974Planet Of The Spiders, Part Six08.06.1974

    Staffel 12: Vierter Doktor

    38212.01Robot, Part One 28.12.1974Robot, Part One28.12.1974
    38312.02Robot, Part Two 04.01.1975Robot, Part Two04.01.1975
    38412.03Robot, Part Three 11.01.1975Robot, Part Three11.01.1975
    38512.04Robot, Part Four 18.01.1975Robot, Part Four18.01.1975
    38612.05The Ark In Space, Part One 25.01.1975The Ark In Space, Part One25.01.1975
    38712.06The Ark In Space, Part Two 01.02.1975The Ark In Space, Part Two01.02.1975
    38812.07The Ark In Space, Part Three 08.02.1975The Ark In Space, Part Three08.02.1975
    38912.08The Ark In Space, Part Four 15.02.1975The Ark In Space, Part Four15.02.1975
    39012.09The Sontaran Experiment, Part One 22.02.1975The Sontaran Experiment, Part One22.02.1975
    39112.10The Sontaran Experiment, Part Two 01.03.1975The Sontaran Experiment, Part Two01.03.1975
    39212.11Genesis Of The Daleks, Part One 08.03.1975Genesis Of The Daleks, Part One08.03.1975
    39312.12Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Two 15.03.1975Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Two15.03.1975
    39412.13Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Three 22.03.1975Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Three22.03.1975
    39512.14Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Four 29.03.1975Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Four29.03.1975
    39612.15Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Five 05.04.1975Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Five05.04.1975
    39712.16Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Six 12.04.1975Genesis Of The Daleks, Part Six12.04.1975
    39812.17Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part One 19.04.1975Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part One19.04.1975
    39912.18Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part Two 26.04.1975Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part Two26.04.1975
    40012.19Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part Three 03.05.1975Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part Three03.05.1975
    40112.20Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part Four 10.05.1975Revenge Of The Cybermen, Part Four10.05.1975

    Staffel 13: Vierter Doktor

    40213.01Terror Of The Zygons, Part One 30.08.1975Terror Of The Zygons, Part One30.08.1975
    40313.02Terror Of The Zygons, Part Two 06.09.1975Terror Of The Zygons, Part Two06.09.1975
    40413.03Terror Of The Zygons, Part Three 13.09.1975Terror Of The Zygons, Part Three13.09.1975
    40513.04Terror Of The Zygons, Part Four 20.09.1975Terror Of The Zygons, Part Four20.09.1975
    40613.05Planet Of Evil, Part One 27.09.1975Planet Of Evil, Part One27.09.1975
    40713.06Planet Of Evil, Part Two 04.10.1975Planet Of Evil, Part Two04.10.1975
    40813.07Planet Of Evil, Part Three 11.10.1975Planet Of Evil, Part Three11.10.1975
    40913.08Planet Of Evil, Part Four 18.10.1975Planet Of Evil, Part Four18.10.1975
    41013.09Pyramids Of Mars, Part One 25.10.1975Pyramids Of Mars, Part One25.10.1975
    41113.10Pyramids Of Mars, Part Two 01.11.1975Pyramids Of Mars, Part Two01.11.1975
    41213.11Pyramids Of Mars, Part Three 08.11.1975Pyramids Of Mars, Part Three08.11.1975
    41313.12Pyramids Of Mars, Part Four 15.11.1975Pyramids Of Mars, Part Four15.11.1975
    41413.13The Android Invasion, Part One 22.11.1975The Android Invasion, Part One22.11.1975
    41513.14The Android Invasion, Part Two 29.11.1975The Android Invasion, Part Two29.11.1975
    41613.15The Android Invasion, Part Three 06.12.1975The Android Invasion, Part Three06.12.1975
    41713.16The Android Invasion, Part Four 13.12.1975The Android Invasion, Part Four13.12.1975
    41813.17The Brain Of Morbius, Part One 03.01.1976The Brain Of Morbius, Part One03.01.1976
    41913.18The Brain Of Morbius, Part Two 10.01.1976The Brain Of Morbius, Part Two10.01.1976
    42013.19The Brain Of Morbius, Part Three 17.01.1976The Brain Of Morbius, Part Three17.01.1976
    42113.20The Brain Of Morbius, Part Four 24.01.1976The Brain Of Morbius, Part Four24.01.1976
    42213.21The Seeds Of Doom, Part One 31.01.1976The Seeds Of Doom, Part One31.01.1976
    42313.22The Seeds Of Doom, Part Two 07.02.1976The Seeds Of Doom, Part Two07.02.1976
    42413.23The Seeds Of Doom, Part Three 14.02.1976The Seeds Of Doom, Part Three14.02.1976
    42513.24The Seeds Of Doom, Part Four 21.02.1976The Seeds Of Doom, Part Four21.02.1976
    42613.25The Seeds Of Doom, Part Five 28.02.1976The Seeds Of Doom, Part Five28.02.1976
    42713.26The Seeds Of Doom, Part Six 06.03.1976The Seeds Of Doom, Part Six06.03.1976

    Staffel 14: Vierter Doktor

    42814.01The Masque Of Mandragora, Part One 04.09.1976The Masque Of Mandragora, Part One04.09.1976
    42914.02The Masque Of Mandragora, Part Two 11.09.1976The Masque Of Mandragora, Part Two11.09.1976
    43014.03The Masque Of Mandragora, Part Three 18.09.1976The Masque Of Mandragora, Part Three18.09.1976
    43114.04The Masque Of Mandragora, Part Four 25.09.1976The Masque Of Mandragora, Part Four25.09.1976
    43214.05The Hand Of Fear, Part One 02.10.1976The Hand Of Fear, Part One02.10.1976
    43314.06The Hand Of Fear, Part Two 09.10.1976The Hand Of Fear, Part Two09.10.1976
    43414.07The Hand Of Fear, Part Three 16.10.1976The Hand Of Fear, Part Three16.10.1976
    43514.08The Hand Of Fear, Part Four 23.10.1976The Hand Of Fear, Part Four23.10.1976
    43614.09The Deadly Assassin, Part One 30.10.1976The Deadly Assassin, Part One30.10.1976
    43714.10The Deadly Assassin, Part Two 06.11.1976The Deadly Assassin, Part Two06.11.1976
    43814.11The Deadly Assassin, Part Three 13.11.1976The Deadly Assassin, Part Three13.11.1976
    43914.12The Deadly Assassin, Part Four 20.11.1976The Deadly Assassin, Part Four20.11.1976
    44014.13The Face Of Evil, Part One 01.01.1977The Face Of Evil, Part One01.01.1977
    44114.14The Face Of Evil, Part Two 08.01.1977The Face Of Evil, Part Two08.01.1977
    44214.15The Face Of Evil, Part Three 15.01.1977The Face Of Evil, Part Three15.01.1977
    44314.16The Face Of Evil, Part Four 22.01.1977The Face Of Evil, Part Four22.01.1977
    44414.17The Robots Of Death, Part One 29.01.1977The Robots Of Death, Part One29.01.1977
    44514.18The Robots Of Death, Part Two 05.02.1977The Robots Of Death, Part Two05.02.1977
    44614.19The Robots Of Death, Part Three 12.02.1977The Robots Of Death, Part Three12.02.1977
    44714.20The Robots Of Death, Part Four 19.02.1977The Robots Of Death, Part Four19.02.1977
    44814.21The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part One 26.02.1977The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part One26.02.1977
    44914.22The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Two 05.03.1977The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Two05.03.1977
    45014.23The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Three 12.03.1977The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Three12.03.1977
    45114.24The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Four 19.03.1977The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Four19.03.1977
    45214.25The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Five 26.03.1977The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Five26.03.1977
    45314.26The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Six 02.04.1977The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Part Six02.04.1977

    Staffel 15: Vierter Doktor

    45415.01Horror Of Fang Rock, Part One 03.09.1977Horror Of Fang Rock, Part One03.09.1977
    45515.02Horror Of Fang Rock, Part Two 10.09.1977Horror Of Fang Rock, Part Two10.09.1977
    45615.03Horror Of Fang Rock, Part Three 17.09.1977Horror Of Fang Rock, Part Three17.09.1977
    45715.04Horror Of Fang Rock, Part Four 24.09.1977Horror Of Fang Rock, Part Four24.09.1977
    45815.05The Invisible Enemy, Part One 01.10.1977The Invisible Enemy, Part One01.10.1977
    45915.06The Invisible Enemy, Part Two 08.10.1977The Invisible Enemy, Part Two08.10.1977
    46015.07The Invisible Enemy, Part Three 15.10.1977The Invisible Enemy, Part Three15.10.1977
    46115.08The Invisible Enemy, Part Four 22.10.1977The Invisible Enemy, Part Four22.10.1977
    46215.09Image Of The Fendahl, Part One 29.10.1977Image Of The Fendahl, Part One29.10.1977
    46315.10Image Of The Fendahl, Part Two 05.11.1977Image Of The Fendahl, Part Two05.11.1977
    46415.11Image Of The Fendahl, Part Three 12.11.1977Image Of The Fendahl, Part Three12.11.1977
    46515.12Image Of The Fendahl, Part Four 19.11.1977Image Of The Fendahl, Part Four19.11.1977
    46615.13The Sun Makers, Part One 26.11.1977The Sun Makers, Part One26.11.1977
    46715.14The Sun Makers, Part Two 03.12.1977The Sun Makers, Part Two03.12.1977
    46815.15The Sun Makers, Part Three 10.12.1977The Sun Makers, Part Three10.12.1977
    46915.16The Sun Makers, Part Four 17.12.1977The Sun Makers, Part Four17.12.1977
    47015.17Underworld, Part One 07.01.1978Underworld, Part One07.01.1978
    47115.18Underworld, Part Two 14.01.1978Underworld, Part Two14.01.1978
    47215.19Underworld, Part Three 21.01.1978Underworld, Part Three21.01.1978
    47315.20Underworld, Part Four 28.01.1978Underworld, Part Four28.01.1978
    47415.21The Invasion Of Time, Part One 04.02.1978The Invasion Of Time, Part One04.02.1978
    47515.22The Invasion Of Time, Part Two 11.02.1978The Invasion Of Time, Part Two11.02.1978
    47615.23The Invasion Of Time, Part Three 18.02.1978The Invasion Of Time, Part Three18.02.1978
    47715.24The Invasion Of Time, Part Four 25.02.1978The Invasion Of Time, Part Four25.02.1978
    47815.25The Invasion Of Time, Part Five 04.03.1978The Invasion Of Time, Part Five04.03.1978
    47915.26The Invasion Of Time, Part Six 11.03.1978The Invasion Of Time, Part Six11.03.1978

    Staffel 16: Vierter Doktor

    48016.01The Ribos Operation, Part One 02.09.1978The Ribos Operation, Part One02.09.1978
    48116.02The Ribos Operation, Part Two 09.09.1978The Ribos Operation, Part Two09.09.1978
    48216.03The Ribos Operation, Part Three 16.09.1978The Ribos Operation, Part Three16.09.1978
    48316.04The Ribos Operation, Part Four 23.09.1978The Ribos Operation, Part Four23.09.1978
    48416.05The Pirate Planet, Part One 30.09.1978The Pirate Planet, Part One30.09.1978
    48516.06The Pirate Planet, Part Two 07.10.1978The Pirate Planet, Part Two07.10.1978
    48616.07The Pirate Planet, Part Three 14.10.1978The Pirate Planet, Part Three14.10.1978
    48716.08The Pirate Planet, Part Four 21.10.1978The Pirate Planet, Part Four21.10.1978
    48816.09The Stones Of Blood, Part One 28.10.1978The Stones Of Blood, Part One28.10.1978
    48916.10The Stones Of Blood, Part Two 04.11.1978The Stones Of Blood, Part Two04.11.1978
    49016.11The Stones Of Blood, Part Three 11.11.1978The Stones Of Blood, Part Three11.11.1978
    49116.12The Stones Of Blood, Part Four 18.11.1978The Stones Of Blood, Part Four18.11.1978
    49216.13The Androids Of Tara, Part One 25.11.1978The Androids Of Tara, Part One25.11.1978
    49316.14The Androids Of Tara, Part Two 02.12.1978The Androids Of Tara, Part Two02.12.1978
    49416.15The Androids Of Tara, Part Three 09.12.1978The Androids Of Tara, Part Three09.12.1978
    49516.16The Androids Of Tara, Part Four 16.12.1978The Androids Of Tara, Part Four16.12.1978
    49616.17The Power Of Kroll, Part One 23.12.1978The Power Of Kroll, Part One23.12.1978
    49716.18The Power Of Kroll, Part Two 30.12.1978The Power Of Kroll, Part Two30.12.1978
    49816.19The Power Of Kroll, Part Three 06.01.1979The Power Of Kroll, Part Three06.01.1979
    49916.20The Power Of Kroll, Part Four 13.01.1979The Power Of Kroll, Part Four13.01.1979
    50016.21The Armageddon Factor, Part One 20.01.1979The Armageddon Factor, Part One20.01.1979
    50116.22The Armageddon Factor, Part Two 27.01.1979The Armageddon Factor, Part Two27.01.1979
    50216.23The Armageddon Factor, Part Three 03.02.1979The Armageddon Factor, Part Three03.02.1979
    50316.24The Armageddon Factor, Part Four 10.02.1979The Armageddon Factor, Part Four10.02.1979
    50416.25The Armageddon Factor, Part Five 17.02.1979The Armageddon Factor, Part Five17.02.1979
    50516.26The Armageddon Factor, Part Six 24.02.1979The Armageddon Factor, Part Six24.02.1979

    Staffel 17: Vierter Doktor

    50617.01Destiny Of The Daleks, Part One 01.09.1979Destiny Of The Daleks, Part One01.09.1979
    50717.02Destiny Of The Daleks, Part Two 08.09.1979Destiny Of The Daleks, Part Two08.09.1979
    50817.03Destiny Of The Daleks, Part Three 15.09.1979Destiny Of The Daleks, Part Three15.09.1979
    50917.04Destiny Of The Daleks, Part Four 22.09.1979Destiny Of The Daleks, Part Four22.09.1979
    51017.05City Of Death, Part One 29.09.1979City Of Death, Part One29.09.1979
    51117.06City Of Death, Part Two 06.10.1979City Of Death, Part Two06.10.1979
    51217.07City Of Death, Part Three 13.10.1979City Of Death, Part Three13.10.1979
    51317.08City Of Death, Part Four 20.10.1979City Of Death, Part Four20.10.1979
    51417.09The Creature From The Pit, Part One 27.10.1979The Creature From The Pit, Part One27.10.1979
    51517.10The Creature From The Pit, Part Two 03.11.1979The Creature From The Pit, Part Two03.11.1979
    51617.11The Creature From The Pit, Part Three 10.11.1979The Creature From The Pit, Part Three10.11.1979
    51717.12The Creature From The Pit, Part Four 17.11.1979The Creature From The Pit, Part Four17.11.1979
    51817.13Nightmare Of Eden, Part One 24.11.1979Nightmare Of Eden, Part One24.11.1979
    51917.14Nightmare Of Eden, Part Two 01.12.1979Nightmare Of Eden, Part Two01.12.1979
    52017.15Nightmare Of Eden, Part Three 08.12.1979Nightmare Of Eden, Part Three08.12.1979
    52117.16Nightmare Of Eden, Part Four 15.12.1979Nightmare Of Eden, Part Four15.12.1979
    52217.17The Horns Of Nimon, Part One 22.12.1979The Horns Of Nimon, Part One22.12.1979
    52317.18The Horns Of Nimon, Part Two 29.12.1979The Horns Of Nimon, Part Two29.12.1979
    52417.19The Horns Of Nimon, Part Three 05.01.1980The Horns Of Nimon, Part Three05.01.1980
    52517.20The Horns Of Nimon, Part Four 12.01.1980The Horns Of Nimon, Part Four12.01.1980

    Staffel 18: Vierter Doktor

    52618.01The Leisure Hive, Part One 30.08.1980The Leisure Hive, Part One30.08.1980
    52718.02The Leisure Hive, Part Two 06.09.1980The Leisure Hive, Part Two06.09.1980
    52818.03The Leisure Hive, Part Three 13.09.1980The Leisure Hive, Part Three13.09.1980
    52918.04The Leisure Hive, Part Four 20.09.1980The Leisure Hive, Part Four20.09.1980
    53018.05Meglos, Part One 27.09.1980Meglos, Part One27.09.1980
    53118.06Meglos, Part Two 04.10.1980Meglos, Part Two04.10.1980
    53218.07Meglos, Part Three 11.10.1980Meglos, Part Three11.10.1980
    53318.08Meglos, Part Four 18.10.1980Meglos, Part Four18.10.1980
    53418.09Full Circle, Part One 25.10.1980Full Circle, Part One25.10.1980
    53518.10Full Circle, Part Two 01.11.1980Full Circle, Part Two01.11.1980
    53618.11Full Circle, Part Three 08.11.1980Full Circle, Part Three08.11.1980
    53718.12Full Circle, Part Four 15.11.1980Full Circle, Part Four15.11.1980
    53818.13State Of Decay, Part One 22.11.1980State Of Decay, Part One22.11.1980
    53918.14State Of Decay, Part Two 29.11.1980State Of Decay, Part Two29.11.1980
    54018.15State Of Decay, Part Three 06.12.1980State Of Decay, Part Three06.12.1980
    54118.16State Of Decay, Part Four 13.12.1980State Of Decay, Part Four13.12.1980
    54218.17Warriors’ Gate, Part One 03.01.1981Warriors’ Gate, Part One03.01.1981
    54318.18Warriors’ Gate, Part Two 10.01.1981Warriors’ Gate, Part Two10.01.1981
    54418.19Warriors’ Gate, Part Three 17.01.1981Warriors’ Gate, Part Three17.01.1981
    54518.20Warriors’ Gate, Part Four 24.01.1981Warriors’ Gate, Part Four24.01.1981
    54618.21The Keeper Of Traken, Part One 31.01.1981The Keeper Of Traken, Part One31.01.1981
    54718.22The Keeper Of Traken, Part Two 07.02.1981The Keeper Of Traken, Part Two07.02.1981
    54818.23The Keeper Of Traken, Part Three 14.02.1981The Keeper Of Traken, Part Three14.02.1981
    54918.24The Keeper Of Traken, Part Four 21.02.1981The Keeper Of Traken, Part Four21.02.1981
    55018.25Logopolis, Part One 28.02.1981Logopolis, Part One28.02.1981
    55118.26Logopolis, Part Two 07.03.1981Logopolis, Part Two07.03.1981
    55218.27Logopolis, Part Three 14.03.1981Logopolis, Part Three14.03.1981
    55318.28Logopolis, Part Four 21.03.1981Logopolis, Part Four21.03.1981

    Staffel 19: Fünfter Doktor

    55419.01Castrovalva – Teil 1Castrovalva, Part Oneunaired04.01.1982Castrovalva, Part One04.01.1982
    55519.02Castrovalva – Teil 2Castrovalva, Part Twounaired05.01.1982Castrovalva, Part Two05.01.1982
    55619.03Castrovalva – Teil 3Castrovalva, Part Threeunaired11.01.1982Castrovalva, Part Three11.01.1982
    55719.04Castrovalva – Teil 4Castrovalva, Part Fourunaired12.01.1982Castrovalva, Part Four12.01.1982
    55819.05Four To Doomsday, Part One 18.01.1982Four To Doomsday, Part One18.01.1982
    55919.06Four To Doomsday, Part Two 19.01.1982Four To Doomsday, Part Two19.01.1982
    56019.07Four To Doomsday, Part Three 25.01.1982Four To Doomsday, Part Three25.01.1982
    56119.08Four To Doomsday, Part Four 26.01.1982Four To Doomsday, Part Four26.01.1982