Staffel 1

    11.01Gesichter im Wald(Faces In The Forest)06.07.2008 Faces In The Forest
    21.02(Where The Devils Run Wild)  Where The Devils Run Wild
    31.03In der Höhle der Klapperschlangen(America’s Deadliest Snakes)  America’s Deadliest Snakes
    41.04(Wild In The USA)  Wild In The USA
    51.05(Dangerous Animals)  Dangerous Animals
    61.06Steve und die Drachen(Steve And The Dragon)04.04.2009 Steve And The Dragon
    71.07(Outlaws Of The Outback)  Outlaws Of The Outback
    81.08(Traveling The Dingo Fence)  Traveling The Dingo Fence
    91.09(Suburban Killers)  Suburban Killers
    101.10(Hidden River)  Hidden River

    Staffel 2

    112.01(Outlaws Of The Outback II)  Outlaws Of The Outback II
    122.02(Elephants And Orange People)  Elephants And Orange People
    132.03(Return To The Wild)  Return To The Wild
    142.04Jäger der Tiefe(Reptiles Of The Sea: Sea Snakes)  Reptiles Of The Sea: Sea Snakes
    152.05Kriechtiere auf Tauchgang(Reptiles Of The Deep: Saurians)  Reptiles Of The Deep: Saurians
    162.06(Reptiles Of The Deep: Turtles)  Reptiles Of The Deep: Turtles
    172.07(Sleeping With Crocodiles)  Sleeping With Crocodiles
    182.08(The Crocodile Hunter Goes West)  The Crocodile Hunter Goes West
    192.09(Freshwater Crocs)  Freshwater Crocs

    Staffel 3

    203.01Eine Hand voll Elefanten(A Handful Of Elephants)13.07.2008 A Handful Of Elephants
    213.02(Sharks: Outside The Cage)  Sharks: Outside The Cage
    223.03Steves größter Fang(Steve’s Most Dangerous Adventures)  Steve’s Most Dangerous Adventures
    233.04Die Schwarze Mamba(Africa’s Deadliest Snakes)28.02.2009 Africa’s Deadliest Snakes
    243.05Abenteuer in Sambia(Wild River Of Africa)14.03.2009 Wild River Of Africa
    253.06Dschungel in den Wolken(Jungle In The Clouds)25.07.2008 Jungle In The Clouds
    263.07Im Kampf mit der Natur(Forces Of Nature – Eglin, Part 1)21.03.2009 Forces Of Nature – Eglin, Part 1
    273.08Die Schlangen der Air Force(Wildlife In Combat – Eglin, Part 2)28.03.2009 Wildlife In Combat – Eglin, Part 2
    283.09Kleine Wilde(Wildest Baby Animal Videos)22.08.2008 Wildest Baby Animal Videos
    293.10(Dangerous Americans)  Dangerous Americans
    303.11(Greatest Crocodile Captures)  Greatest Crocodile Captures
    313.12Meine Geschichte(Steve’s Story)27.07.2008 Steve’s Story

    Staffel 4

    324.01Geschichten aus Galapagos(Legends Of Galapagos)  Legends Of Galapagos
    334.02Gift speiende Kobras(Spitting Cobras Of The World)  Spitting Cobras Of The World
    344.03Panzerechsen in Not(Crocodiles Of The Revolution)  Crocodiles Of The Revolution
    354.04Gefährliches Afrika(Dangerous Africans)  Dangerous Africans
    364.05Tiere am Ayers Rock(Journey To The Red Center)  Journey To The Red Center
    374.06Klapperschlangen Arizonas(Sidewinders Of Arizona: Luke Air Force/Arizona USA)  Sidewinders Of Arizona: Luke Air Force/Arizona USA
    384.07(Wildest Home Videos II)  Wildest Home Videos II
    394.08Ein Leben mit wilden Tieren(Steve’s Story Uncut)  Steve’s Story Uncut
    404.09Operation Bunya-Park(Operation: Bunya Rescue)  Operation: Bunya Rescue
    414.10Die Waldgeister von Madagaskar(Last Primates Of Madagascar)  Last Primates Of Madagascar
    424.11Madagaskar – Land der bunten Drachen(Reptiles Of The Lost Continent)  Reptiles Of The Lost Continent

    Staffel 5

    435.01Der mit dem Alligator schwimmt(Swimming With Alligators)  Swimming With Alligators
    445.02Die Rache des Krokodils(Graham’s Revenge)  Graham’s Revenge
    455.03Tempel, Schlangen, hohe Wellen(Wild Surf Of Indonesia)  Wild Surf Of Indonesia
    465.04(Surfing Snakes)  Surfing Snakes
    475.05Mein Tagebuch(Big Croc Diaries: Special Edition)  Big Croc Diaries: Special Edition
    485.06Operation Steve(Operation: Steve)  Operation: Steve
    495.07Szenen mit Biss(Captured On Camera)  Captured On Camera
    505.08(Ten Deadliest Snakes In The World)  Ten Deadliest Snakes In The World

    Staffel 6

    516.01Quer durch Namibia(Africa’s Final Frontier)15.02.2009 Africa’s Final Frontier
    526.02Live dabei mit Steve(Lights! Croc! Action!)01.03.2009 Lights! Croc! Action!
    536.03(Ghosts Of War: Part 1)  Ghosts Of War: Part 1
    546.04(Ghosts Of War: Part 2)  Ghosts Of War: Part 2
    556.05(Up Over Down Under)  Up Over Down Under

    Staffel 7

    567.01(Steve’s Dream)  Steve’s Dream
    577.02(Croc Hunter Live)  Croc Hunter Live
    587.03Caspar, das weiße Krokodil(Casper – The White Crocodile)25.01.2009 Casper – The White Crocodile
    597.04Steve und die Walhaie(Whale Sharks Of The Wild West)08.02.2009 Whale Sharks Of The Wild West
    607.05Die Küste der Krokodile(Crocodile Coast)08.02.2009 Crocodile Coast
    617.06Macal, Fluss der tausend Tiere(River Of The Dammed)15.03.2009 River Of The Dammed
    627.07Abstecher nach Cape York(Australia’s Wild Frontier)07.03.2009 Australia’s Wild Frontier
    637.08(Croc Live)  Croc Live

    Staffel 8

    648.01Meister der Tarnung(Search For A Super Croc)  Search For A Super Croc
    658.02Ein Tigerhai in der Tüte(Tigers Of Shark Bay)  Tigers Of Shark Bay
    668.03Ein cooler Job(Ice Breaker)  Ice Breaker
    678.04Großstadtkrokodile(Crocs In The City)  Crocs In The City
    688.05Die Schlangeninsel(Island Of Snakes)  Island Of Snakes
    698.06Ganz privat(Confessions Of The Crocodile Hunter)  Confessions Of The Crocodile Hunter
    708.07Achtung, Kamera läuft!(They Shoot Crocodiles, Don’t They)12.04.2009 They Shoot Crocodiles, Don’t They


    Auf Crash-Kurs(Collision Course)  Collision Course


    1Steve Irwin: Sein letzter Film(Steve Irwin: His Last Film)  Steve Irwin: His Last Film
    2The Tribute(The Tribute)  The Tribute
    3Das Erbe des Steve Irwin

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