Call Me Fitz

    Staffel 1

    11.01Pilot(The Pilot)10.12.2010(19.09.2010)The Pilot19.09.2010
    41.04Long Dong Schwindel(Long Con Silver)31.12.2010(03.10.2010)Long Con Silver03.10.2010
    51.05Sag’s mit Porno(The Back End)07.01.2011(10.10.2010)The Back End10.10.2010
    61.06Date-Nacht(Going Down Syndrome)14.01.2011(17.10.2010)Going Down Syndrome17.10.2010
    71.07Barbara und Taucherglocke(The Diving Bell And The Barbara)21.01.2011(24.10.2010)The Diving Bell And The Barbara24.10.2010
    81.08Ödipus Sex(Married To The Mom)28.01.2011(31.10.2010)Married To The Mom31.10.2010
    91.09Muttermord, positiv betrachtet(The Upside Of Matricide)04.02.2011(07.11.2010)The Upside Of Matricide07.11.2010
    101.10Der perfekte Behinderte(The Kidney Stays In The Picture)11.02.2011(14.11.2010)The Kidney Stays In The Picture14.11.2010
    111.11Scheiß aufs Karma!(This Business Has Been Homicide Free For … Days)18.02.2011(21.11.2010)This Business Has Been Homicide Free For … Days21.11.2010
    121.12Kilometerstand auf Abrechnung (1)(Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage (1))25.02.2011(28.11.2010)Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage (1)28.11.2010
    131.13Kilometerstand auf Abrechnung (2)(Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage (2))25.02.2011(05.12.2010)Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage (2)05.12.2010

    Staffel 2

    142.01(Ass Hickey) (25.09.2011)Ass Hickey25.09.2011
    152.02(Fucking Memories) (25.09.2011)Fucking Memories25.09.2011
    162.03(Don Of The Differently Abled) (02.10.2011)Don Of The Differently Abled02.10.2011
    172.04(My Own Private Oka) (09.10.2011)My Own Private Oka09.10.2011
    182.05(Public Disturbance) (16.10.2011)Public Disturbance16.10.2011
    192.06(Bring Me The Feet Of Dexter Laine) (23.10.2011)Bring Me The Feet Of Dexter Laine23.10.2011
    202.07(Dysfunctional Family Circus) (30.10.2011)Dysfunctional Family Circus30.10.2011
    212.08(Heir Of The Dog) (06.11.2011)Heir Of The Dog06.11.2011
    222.09(Repo Wedding) (13.11.2011)Repo Wedding13.11.2011
    232.10(How Do You Say ‘Blow Job’ In Pennsylvania Dutch?) (20.11.2011)How Do You Say ‘Blow Job’ In Pennsylvania Dutch?20.11.2011
    242.11(Revel Without Applause) (27.11.2011)Revel Without Applause27.11.2011
    252.12(Hell Hath No Drink Limit) (04.12.2011)Hell Hath No Drink Limit04.12.2011
    262.13(What The Fuck Is A Beaver Moon?) (11.12.2011)What The Fuck Is A Beaver Moon?11.12.2011

    Staffel 3

    273.01(Fuck City Hall) (23.09.2012)Fuck City Hall23.09.2012
    283.02(Thirty Percent Less Pulp Fiction) (23.09.2012)Thirty Percent Less Pulp Fiction23.09.2012
    293.03(The Virgin Homo-Cide) (30.09.2012)The Virgin Homo-Cide30.09.2012
    303.04(The Rise And Fall Of Ethnic Man) (07.10.2012)The Rise And Fall Of Ethnic Man07.10.2012
    313.05(Fuck The Vote) (14.10.2012)Fuck The Vote14.10.2012
    323.06(Semen-Gate) (21.10.2012)Semen-Gate21.10.2012
    333.07(The Totally Legitimate Death Of Meghan Fitzpatrick) (28.10.2012)The Totally Legitimate Death Of Meghan Fitzpatrick28.10.2012
    343.08(Are You There God? I Need To Speak To Frank) (04.11.2012)Are You There God? I Need To Speak To Frank04.11.2012
    353.09(Teetotal Recall) (11.11.2012)Teetotal Recall11.11.2012
    363.10(Apoca’ Smokes Now) (18.11.2012)Apoca’ Smokes Now18.11.2012
    373.11(And Baby Makes … Fuck! (1)) (25.11.2012)And Baby Makes … Fuck! (1)25.11.2012
    383.12(And Baby Makes … Fuck! (2)) (02.12.2012)And Baby Makes … Fuck! (2)02.12.2012

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