1.01 (The Sword of Omens)  (29.07.2011)The Sword of Omens29.07.2011
    1.02 (Ancient Spirits of Evil)  (29.07.2011)Ancient Spirits of Evil29.07.2011
    1.03 (Ramlak Rising)  (05.08.2011)Ramlak Rising05.08.2011
    1.04 (Song of the Petalars)  (12.08.2011)Song of the Petalars12.08.2011
    1.05 (Old Friends)  (19.08.2011)Old Friends19.08.2011
    1.06 (Journey to the Tower of Omens)  (26.08.2011)Journey to the Tower of Omens26.08.2011
    1.07 (Legacy)  (02.09.2011)Legacy02.09.2011
    1.08 (The Duelist and the Drifter)  (09.09.2011)The Duelist and the Drifter09.09.2011
    1.09 (Berbils)  (28.10.2011)Berbils28.10.2011
    1.10 (Sight Beyond Sight)  (04.11.2011)Sight Beyond Sight04.11.2011
    1.11 (The Forest of Magi Oar)  (11.11.2011)The Forest of Magi Oar11.11.2011
    1.12 (Into the Astral Plane)  (18.11.2011)Into the Astral Plane18.11.2011
    1.13 (Between Brothers)  (25.11.2011)Between Brothers25.11.2011
    1.14 (New Alliances)  (24.03.2012)New Alliances24.03.2012
    1.15 (Trials of Lion-O, Part 1)  (31.03.2012)Trials of Lion-O, Part 131.03.2012
    1.16 (Trials of Lion-O, Part 2)  (07.04.2012)Trials of Lion-O, Part 207.04.2012
    1.17 (Native Son)  (14.04.2012)Native Son14.04.2012
    1.18 (Survival of the Fittest)  (21.04.2012)Survival of the Fittest21.04.2012
    1.19 (The Pit)  (28.04.2012)The Pit28.04.2012
    1.20 (Curse of Ratilla)  (05.05.2012)Curse of Ratilla05.05.2012
    1.21 (Birth of the Blades)  (12.05.2012)Birth of the Blades12.05.2012
    1.22 (The Forever Bag)  (19.05.2012)The Forever Bag19.05.2012
    1.23 (Recipe for Disaster)  (26.05.2012)Recipe for Disaster26.05.2012
    1.24 (The Soul Sever)  (02.06.2012)The Soul Sever02.06.2012
    1.25 (What Lies Above, Part 1)  (09.06.2012)What Lies Above, Part 109.06.2012
    1.26 (What Lies Above, Part 2)  (16.06.2012)What Lies Above, Part 216.06.2012

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