1.01 (Dream Child)  (23.07.1991)Dream Child23.07.1991
    1.02 (Splinters of Privacy)  (30.07.1991)Splinters of Privacy30.07.1991
    1.03 (Wasting Away)  (06.08.1991)Wasting Away06.08.1991
    1.04 (Spirit Cabinet)  (13.08.1991)Spirit Cabinet13.08.1991
    1.05 (To the Orchards)  (20.08.1991)To the Orchards20.08.1991
    1.06 (A Friend in Need)  (27.08.1991)A Friend in Need27.08.1991
    1.07 (Let Death Do Us Part)  (03.09.1991)Let Death Do Us Part03.09.1991
    1.08 (Taking Back the Night)  (10.09.1991)Taking Back the Night10.09.1991
    1.09 (Little Nightmares, Little Dreams)  (17.09.1991)Little Nightmares, Little Dreams17.09.1991
    1.10 (A Type of Love Story)  (24.09.1991)A Type of Love Story24.09.1991
    1.11 (Dream of the Wolf)  (01.10.1991)Dream of the Wolf01.10.1991
    1.12 (Death of the Right Fielder)  (08.10.1991)Death of the Right Fielder08.10.1991
    1.13 (Rogue in the Bathroom)  (15.10.1991)Rogue in the Bathroom15.10.1991

    2.01 (Dangerous Dreams)  (12.06.1993)Dangerous Dreams12.06.1993
    2.02 (Love Crimes)  (19.06.1993)Love Crimes19.06.1993
    2.03 (While She Was Out)  (26.06.1993)While She Was Out26.06.1993
    2.04 (Hungry Girls)  (03.07.1993)Hungry Girls03.07.1993
    2.05 (Transfigured Night)  (10.07.1993)Transfigured Night10.07.1993
    2.06 (Jillie)  (17.07.1993)Jillie17.07.1993
    2.07 (After the Crash)  (24.07.1993)After the Crash24.07.1993
    2.08 (The Faithful Follower)  (31.07.1993)The Faithful Follower31.07.1993
    2.09 (Dreams About Water)  (07.08.1993)Dreams About Water07.08.1993
    2.10 (Stark in Love)  (14.08.1993)Stark in Love14.08.1993
    2.11 (Happily Ever After)  (21.08.1993)Happily Ever After21.08.1993
    2.12 (The First Battle)  (28.08.1993)The First Battle28.08.1993
    2.13 (Her Life As a Dog)  (04.09.1993)Her Life As a Dog04.09.1993
    2.14 (Passages)  (11.09.1993)Passages11.09.1993
    2.15 (My Sister’s Keeper)  (18.09.1993)My Sister’s Keeper18.09.1993
    2.16 (No Word For Mercy)  (25.09.1993)No Word For Mercy25.09.1993
    2.17 (Refuge)  (02.10.1993)Refuge02.10.1993
    2.18 (Best Intentions)  (09.10.1993)Best Intentions09.10.1993
    2.19 (The Third Option)  (23.10.1993)The Third Option23.10.1993
    2.20 (Marion & Jean)  (06.11.1993)Marion & Jean06.11.1993

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