New York Life – Endlich im Leben!

    Staffel 1

    11.01New York sehen und bleiben(The Time She Came To New York)09.09.2000(25.10.1999)The Time She Came To New York25.10.1999
    21.02Gewissensbisse(The Time Sarah Got Her Shih-Tzu Together)16.09.2000(01.11.1999)The Time Sarah Got Her Shih-Tzu Together01.11.1999
    31.03Die Single-Party(The Time They Threw That Party)23.09.2000(08.11.1999)The Time They Threw That Party08.11.1999
    41.04Hallo Chance und Goodbye(The Time She Got Mobbed)30.09.2000(15.11.1999)The Time She Got Mobbed15.11.1999
    51.05Vier Männer und ein Truthahn(The Time They All Came Over For Thanksgiving)07.10.2000(22.11.1999)The Time They All Came Over For Thanksgiving22.11.1999
    61.06Die Stunde der Wahrheit(The Time The Truth Was Told)14.10.2000(29.11.1999)The Time The Truth Was Told29.11.1999
    71.07Eine schöne Bescherung(The Time They Had Not)21.10.2000(13.12.1999)The Time They Had Not13.12.1999
    81.08Krieg und Frieden(The Time The Millenium Approached)04.11.2000(20.12.1999)The Time The Millenium Approached20.12.1999
    91.09Männer, Macken und Miseren(The Time They Decide To Date)11.11.2000(10.01.2000)The Time They Decide To Date10.01.2000
    101.10Geburtstags-Panik(The Time She Turned 21)18.11.2000(24.01.2000)The Time She Turned 2124.01.2000
    111.11E-Mail für dich(The Time They Got E-Rotic)25.11.2000(14.06.2000)The Time They Got E-Rotic14.06.2000
    121.12Tage der Veränderung(The Time Everything Changed)02.12.2000(21.06.2000)The Time Everything Changed21.06.2000
    131.13Ablenkung ist alles(The Time They Were Scared Of The City)09.12.2000(unaired)The Time They Were Scared Of The Cityunaired
    141.14Ärger und Entdeckungen(The Time They Cheated)16.12.2000(unaired)The Time They Cheatedunaired
    151.15Geplatzte und andere Geschäfte(The Time She Made A Temporary Decision)23.12.2000(unaired)The Time She Made A Temporary Decisionunaired
    161.16Schuld und Gefühle(The Time They Found A Solution)30.12.2000(unaired)The Time They Found A Solutionunaired
    171.17Heiße und sonstige Romanzen(The Time They Got Busy)06.01.2001(unaired)The Time They Got Busyunaired
    181.18Das Auge des Gesetzes(The Time They Broke The Law)13.01.2001(unaired)The Time They Broke The Lawunaired
    191.19Jedem sein Neubeginn(The Time He Saved The Day)20.01.2001(unaired)The Time He Saved The Dayunaired

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