(Operation Heartbeat a.k.a. U.M.C.)  (17.04.1969)Operation Heartbeat a.k.a. U.M.C.17.04.1969

    1.01 (The Last Ten Yards)  (24.09.1969)The Last Ten Yards24.09.1969
    1.02 (Victim)  (01.10.1969)Victim01.10.1969
    1.03 (Emergency in Ward E)  (08.10.1969)Emergency in Ward E08.10.1969
    1.04 (A Life Is Waiting)  (15.10.1969)A Life Is Waiting15.10.1969
    1.05 (The Battle of Lily Wu)  (22.10.1969)The Battle of Lily Wu22.10.1969
    1.06 (The Crooked Circle)  (29.10.1969)The Crooked Circle29.10.1969
    1.07 (Thousands and Thousands of Miles)  (12.11.1969)Thousands and Thousands of Miles12.11.1969
    1.08 (The Sharpest Edge)  (19.11.1969)The Sharpest Edge19.11.1969
    1.09 (Jeopardy)  (26.11.1969)Jeopardy26.11.1969
    1.10 (The Fallen Image)  (03.12.1969)The Fallen Image03.12.1969
    1.11 (The Loner)  (10.12.1969)The Loner10.12.1969
    1.12 (24 Hours)  (17.12.1969)24 Hours17.12.1969
    1.13 (The Adversaries)  (31.12.1969)The Adversaries31.12.1969
    1.14 (The Deceived)  (07.01.1970)The Deceived07.01.1970
    1.15 (Moment of Decision)  (14.01.1970)Moment of Decision14.01.1970
    1.16 (Runaway)  (21.01.1970)Runaway21.01.1970
    1.17 (Fright and Flight)  (04.02.1970)Fright and Flight04.02.1970
    1.18 (A Duel with Doom)  (11.02.1970)A Duel with Doom11.02.1970
    1.19 (A Matter of Tomorrow)  (25.02.1970)A Matter of Tomorrow25.02.1970
    1.20 (Care Is No Cure)  (04.03.1970)Care Is No Cure04.03.1970
    1.21 (The Professional)  (11.03.1970)The Professional11.03.1970
    1.22 (The Combatants)  (18.03.1970)The Combatants18.03.1970
    1.23 (The V.D. Story)  (25.03.1970)The V.D. Story25.03.1970
    1.24 (His Brother’s Keeper)  (01.04.1970)His Brother’s Keeper01.04.1970
    1.25 (The Rebel in White)  (08.04.1970)The Rebel in White08.04.1970
    1.26 (Between Dark and Daylight)  (15.04.1970)Between Dark and Daylight15.04.1970

    2.01 (Brink of Doom)  (16.09.1970)Brink of Doom16.09.1970
    2.02 (Undercurrent)  (23.09.1970)Undercurrent23.09.1970
    2.03 (Junkie)  (30.09.1970)Junkie30.09.1970
    2.04 (Assailant)  (07.10.1970)Assailant07.10.1970
    2.05 (The Clash)  (14.10.1970)The Clash14.10.1970
    2.06 (Ghetto Clinic)  (21.10.1970)Ghetto Clinic21.10.1970
    2.07 (Scream of Silence)  (28.10.1970)Scream of Silence28.10.1970
    2.08 (Death Grip)  (04.11.1970)Death Grip04.11.1970
    2.09 (Witch Hunt)  (11.11.1970)Witch Hunt11.11.1970
    2.10 (Deadly Encounter)  (18.11.1970)Deadly Encounter18.11.1970
    2.11 (Trial by Terror)  (25.11.1970)Trial by Terror25.11.1970
    2.12 (Accused)  (02.12.1970)Accused02.12.1970
    2.13 (Crisis)  (09.12.1970)Crisis09.12.1970
    2.14 (Man at Bay)  (16.12.1970)Man at Bay16.12.1970
    2.15 (The Savage Image)  (30.12.1970)The Savage Image30.12.1970
    2.16 (Woman in Question)  (06.01.1971)Woman in Question06.01.1971
    2.17 (Web of Darkness)  (13.01.1971)Web of Darkness13.01.1971
    2.18 (Danger Point)  (27.01.1971)Danger Point27.01.1971
    2.19 (Secret Heritage)  (03.02.1971)Secret Heritage03.02.1971
    2.20 (Edge of Violence)  (10.02.1971)Edge of Violence10.02.1971
    2.21 (Countdown)  (17.02.1971)Countdown17.02.1971
    2.22 (Perfection of Vices)  (24.02.1971)Perfection of Vices24.02.1971
    2.23 (The Man in Hiding)  (03.03.1971)The Man in Hiding03.03.1971
    2.24 (Crossroads)  (10.03.1971)Crossroads10.03.1971

    3.01 (Blood Line)  (15.09.1971)Blood Line15.09.1971
    3.02 (The Corrupted)  (22.09.1971)The Corrupted22.09.1971
    3.03 (The Imposter)  (29.09.1971)The Imposter29.09.1971
    3.04 (Double Jeopardy)  (06.10.1971)Double Jeopardy06.10.1971
    3.05 (Idolmaker)  (13.10.1971)Idolmaker13.10.1971
    3.06 (Circle of Power)  (20.10.1971)Circle of Power20.10.1971
    3.07 (The Shattered Man)  (27.10.1971)The Shattered Man27.10.1971
    3.08 (The Albatross)  (03.11.1971)The Albatross03.11.1971
    3.09 (Martyr)  (10.11.1971)Martyr10.11.1971
    3.10 (Suspected)  (17.11.1971)Suspected17.11.1971
    3.11 (The Loser)  (24.11.1971)The Loser24.11.1971
    3.12 (The Pawn)  (01.12.1971)The Pawn01.12.1971
    3.13 (Conspiracy)  (08.12.1971)Conspiracy08.12.1971
    3.14 (The Nowhere Child)  (15.12.1971)The Nowhere Child15.12.1971
    3.15 (Shock! (Part 1))  (29.12.1971)Shock! (Part 1)29.12.1971
    3.16 (Shock! (Part 2))  (05.01.1972)Shock! (Part 2)05.01.1972
    3.17 (Fatal Decision)  (19.01.1972)Fatal Decision19.01.1972
    3.18 (Terror)  (26.01.1972)Terror26.01.1972
    3.19 (Secret)  (02.02.1972)Secret02.02.1972
    3.20 (The Choice)  (09.02.1972)The Choice09.02.1972
    3.21 (Deadlock)  (16.02.1972)Deadlock16.02.1972
    3.22 (Awakening)  (23.02.1972)Awakening23.02.1972
    3.23 (Confession)  (01.03.1972)Confession01.03.1972
    3.24 (Conflict)  (08.03.1972)Conflict08.03.1972

    4.01 (Vision of Doom)  (13.09.1972)Vision of Doom13.09.1972
    4.02 (Cycle of Peril)  (20.09.1972)Cycle of Peril20.09.1972
    4.03 (Condemned)  (27.09.1972)Condemned27.09.1972
    4.04 (Wall of Silence)  (04.10.1972)Wall of Silence04.10.1972
    4.05 (The Torn Man)  (11.10.1972)The Torn Man11.10.1972
    4.06 (Betrayed)  (18.10.1972)Betrayed18.10.1972
    4.07 (Doctor and Mr. Harper)  (01.11.1972)Doctor and Mr. Harper01.11.1972
    4.08 (The Fallen)  (01.11.1972)The Fallen01.11.1972
    4.09 (Tico Taco, M.D.)  (08.11.1972)Tico Taco, M.D.08.11.1972
    4.10 (The Outcast)  (15.11.1972)The Outcast15.11.1972
    4.11 (No Sanctuary)  (22.11.1972)No Sanctuary22.11.1972
    4.12 (Gladiator)  (29.11.1972)Gladiator29.11.1972
    4.13 (No Way Out)  (06.12.1972)No Way Out06.12.1972
    4.14 (A Game for One Player)  (13.12.1972)A Game for One Player13.12.1972
    4.15 (Pressure Point)  (20.12.1972)Pressure Point20.12.1972
    4.16 (Question of Guilt)  (03.01.1973)Question of Guilt03.01.1973
    4.17 (Judgement)  (10.01.1973)Judgement10.01.1973
    4.18 (End of the Line)  (17.01.1973)End of the Line17.01.1973
    4.19 (Between Two Fires)  (24.01.1973)Between Two Fires24.01.1973
    4.20 (Night Cry)  (31.01.1973)Night Cry31.01.1973
    4.21 (No Margin for Error)  (07.02.1973)No Margin for Error07.02.1973
    4.22 (Impact)  (14.02.1973)Impact14.02.1973
    4.23 (Fatal Memory)  (21.02.1973)Fatal Memory21.02.1973
    4.24 (Vortex)  (28.02.1973)Vortex28.02.1973

    5.01 (The Guilty)  (10.09.1973)The Guilty10.09.1973
    5.02 (Time of Darkness)  (17.09.1973)Time of Darkness17.09.1973
    5.03 (Broken Image)  (24.09.1973)Broken Image24.09.1973
    5.04 (Impasse)  (01.10.1973)Impasse01.10.1973
    5.05 (Clash of Shadows)  (08.10.1973)Clash of Shadows08.10.1973
    5.06 (The Casualty)  (22.10.1973)The Casualty22.10.1973
    5.07 (Stranger in Two Worlds)  (29.10.1973)Stranger in Two Worlds29.10.1973
    5.08 (Child of Violence)  (12.11.1973)Child of Violence12.11.1973
    5.09 (Woman for Hire)  (19.11.1973)Woman for Hire19.11.1973
    5.10 (A Life at Stake)  (26.11.1973)A Life at Stake26.11.1973
    5.11 (Nightmare)  (03.12.1973)Nightmare03.12.1973
    5.12 (Deadly Game)  (10.12.1973)Deadly Game10.12.1973
    5.13 (Web of Intrigue)  (07.01.1974)Web of Intrigue07.01.1974
    5.14 (Trial by Knife)  (14.01.1974)Trial by Knife14.01.1974
    5.15 (Choice of Evils)  (21.01.1974)Choice of Evils21.01.1974
    5.16 (No Escape)  (28.01.1974)No Escape28.01.1974
    5.17 (Dark Warning)  (11.02.1974)Dark Warning11.02.1974
    5.18 (Girl from Bedlam)  (18.02.1974)Girl from Bedlam18.02.1974
    5.19 (Spectre)  (25.02.1974)Spectre25.02.1974
    5.20 (The Enemies)  (04.03.1974)The Enemies04.03.1974
    5.21 (The Conspirators)  (11.03.1974)The Conspirators11.03.1974
    5.22 (The World’s Balloon)  (25.03.1974)The World’s Balloon25.03.1974
    5.23 (Hexed)  (01.04.1974)Hexed01.04.1974
    5.24 (Appointment with Danger)  (15.04.1974)Appointment with Danger15.04.1974

    6.01 (Adults Only)  (09.09.1974)Adults Only09.09.1974
    6.02 (Demi-God)  (16.09.1974)Demi-God16.09.1974
    6.03 (The Faces of Peril)  (23.09.1974)The Faces of Peril23.09.1974
    6.04 (Three-Cornered Cage)  (30.09.1974)Three-Cornered Cage30.09.1974
    6.05 (The Shattered Mask)  (07.10.1974)The Shattered Mask07.10.1974
    6.06 (May God Have Mercy)  (21.10.1974)May God Have Mercy21.10.1974
    6.07 (The Prisoners)  (28.10.1974)The Prisoners28.10.1974
    6.08 (The Bribe)  (04.11.1974)The Bribe04.11.1974
    6.09 (Tainted Lady)  (11.11.1974)Tainted Lady11.11.1974
    6.10 (Heel of the Tyrant)  (18.11.1974)Heel of the Tyrant18.11.1974
    6.11 (Three on a Tightrope)  (25.11.1974)Three on a Tightrope25.11.1974
    6.12 (Midwife)  (02.12.1974)Midwife02.12.1974
    6.13 (Kiss and Kill)  (09.12.1974)Kiss and Kill09.12.1974
    6.14 (Saturday’s Child)  (16.12.1974)Saturday’s Child16.12.1974
    6.15 (The Hostile Heart)  (30.12.1974)The Hostile Heart30.12.1974
    6.16 (No Way Home)  (06.01.1975)No Way Home06.01.1975
    6.17 (The Captives)  (13.01.1975)The Captives13.01.1975
    6.18 (Crown of Thorns)  (03.02.1975)Crown of Thorns03.02.1975
    6.19 (The Invisible Wife)  (10.02.1975)The Invisible Wife10.02.1975
    6.20 (If Mine Eye Offends Me)  (24.02.1975)If Mine Eye Offends Me24.02.1975
    6.21 (Survivors)  (03.03.1975)Survivors03.03.1975
    6.22 (Aftershock)  (10.03.1975)Aftershock10.03.1975
    6.23 (Half a Life)  (17.03.1975)Half a Life17.03.1975
    6.24 (The Rip-Off)  (24.03.1975)The Rip-Off24.03.1975

    7.01 (The Fourth Sex: Part 1)  (08.09.1975)The Fourth Sex: Part 108.09.1975
    7.02 (The Fourth Sex: Part 2)  (15.09.1975)The Fourth Sex: Part 215.09.1975
    7.03 (Torment)  (22.09.1975)Torment22.09.1975
    7.04 (No Hiding Place)  (29.09.1975)No Hiding Place29.09.1975
    7.05 (The Velvet Knife)  (06.10.1975)The Velvet Knife06.10.1975
    7.06 (Street Girl)  (20.10.1975)Street Girl20.10.1975
    7.07 (The Price of a Child)  (29.10.1975)The Price of a Child29.10.1975
    7.08 (Too Late for Tomorrow)  (03.11.1975)Too Late for Tomorrow03.11.1975
    7.09 (The Last Performance)  (10.11.1975)The Last Performance10.11.1975
    7.10 (Two Against Death)  (17.11.1975)Two Against Death17.11.1975
    7.11 (One Last Rebellion)  (24.11.1975)One Last Rebellion24.11.1975
    7.12 (The Eighth Deadly Sin)  (01.12.1975)The Eighth Deadly Sin01.12.1975
    7.13 (Gift from a Killer)  (08.12.1975)Gift from a Killer08.12.1975
    7.14 (The High Cost of Winning)  (15.12.1975)The High Cost of Winning15.12.1975
    7.15 (The Silent Witness)  (29.12.1975)The Silent Witness29.12.1975
    7.16 (A Very Private War)  (12.01.1976)A Very Private War12.01.1976
    7.17 (You Can’t Annul My Baby)  (19.01.1976)You Can’t Annul My Baby19.01.1976
    7.18 (Child of Conflict)  (02.02.1976)Child of Conflict02.02.1976
    7.19 (The Stranger)  (09.02.1976)The Stranger09.02.1976
    7.20 (A Touch of Sight)  (16.02.1976)A Touch of Sight16.02.1976
    7.21 (Life, Death and Mrs. Armbruster)  (23.02.1976)Life, Death and Mrs. Armbruster23.02.1976
    7.22 (Major Annie, M.D.)  (01.03.1976)Major Annie, M.D.01.03.1976
    7.23 (The Happy State of Depression)  (08.03.1976)The Happy State of Depression08.03.1976
    7.24 (If Wishes Were Horses)  (15.03.1976)If Wishes Were Horses15.03.1976

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