1.01 Arrival  25.04.1958Arrival25.04.1958
    1.02 The Bounty Man  02.05.1958The Bounty Man02.05.1958
    1.03 Law And Order  09.05.1958Law And Order09.05.1958
    1.04 A Bad Day For A Tinhorn  16.05.1958A Bad Day For A Tinhorn16.05.1958
    1.05 The Cheater  23.05.1958The Cheater23.05.1958
    1.06 A Very Deadly Game  30.05.1958A Very Deadly Game30.05.1958
    1.07 Madame Faro  06.06.1958Madame Faro06.06.1958
    1.08 Bandidos  13.06.1958Bandidos13.06.1958
    1.09 The Outlaw  20.06.1958The Outlaw20.06.1958
    1.10 Wheel Of Fortune  27.06.1958Wheel Of Fortune27.06.1958
    1.11 The Post  04.07.1958The Post04.07.1958
    1.12 A Matter Of Murder  11.07.1958A Matter Of Murder11.07.1958
    1.13 The Lawless  18.07.1958The Lawless18.07.1958
    1.14 The Hanging Of Joe Lavett  01.08.1958The Hanging Of Joe Lavett01.08.1958

    2.01 Showdown  26.09.1958Showdown26.09.1958
    2.02 The Keeney Gang  03.10.1958The Keeney Gang03.10.1958
    2.03 Stagecoach Episode  10.10.1958Stagecoach Episode10.10.1958
    2.04 Obituary  16.10.1958Obituary16.10.1958
    2.05 Band Of Iron  23.10.1958Band Of Iron23.10.1958
    2.06 Return  30.10.1958Return30.10.1958
    2.07 The Captive  06.11.1958The Captive06.11.1958
    2.08 $50 For A Dead Man  13.11.1958$50 For A Dead Man13.11.1958
    2.09 Pete Henke  20.11.1958Pete Henke20.11.1958
    2.10 Thicker Than Water  27.11.1958Thicker Than Water27.11.1958
    2.11 Prison Hill  04.12.1958Prison Hill04.12.1958
    2.12 Simon Pitt  11.12.1958Simon Pitt11.12.1958

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