Staffel 1

    11.01(Journey x And x Friends) (02.10.2011)Journey x And x Friends02.10.2011
    21.02(Test x Of x Tests) (09.10.2011)Test x Of x Tests09.10.2011
    31.03(Rivals x for x Survival) (16.10.2011)Rivals x for x Survival16.10.2011
    41.04(Hope x And x Ambition) (23.10.2011)Hope x And x Ambition23.10.2011
    51.05(Hisoka x Is x Sneaky) (30.10.2011)Hisoka x Is x Sneaky30.10.2011
    61.06(A x Surprising x Challenge) (06.11.2011)A x Surprising x Challenge06.11.2011
    71.07(Showdown x On The x Airship) (13.11.2011)Showdown x On The x Airship13.11.2011
    81.08(Decision x By x Majority?) (20.11.2011)Decision x By x Majority?20.11.2011
    91.09(Beware x Of x Prisoners) (27.11.2011)Beware x Of x Prisoners27.11.2011
    101.10(Trick x To The x Trick) (04.12.2011)Trick x To The x Trick04.12.2011
    111.11(Trouble x With The x Gamble) (11.12.2011)Trouble x With The x Gamble11.12.2011
    121.12(Last x Test Of x Resolve) (18.12.2011)Last x Test Of x Resolve18.12.2011
    131.13(Letter x From x Gon) (25.12.2011)Letter x From x Gon25.12.2011
    141.14(Hit x The x Target) (08.01.2012)Hit x The x Target08.01.2012
    151.15(Explosion x Of x Deception) (15.01.2012)Explosion x Of x Deception15.01.2012
    161.16(Defeat x And x Disgrace) (22.01.2012)Defeat x And x Disgrace22.01.2012
    171.17(Trap x In The x Hole) (29.01.2012)Trap x In The x Hole29.01.2012
    181.18(Big x Time x Interview) (05.02.2012)Big x Time x Interview05.02.2012
    191.19(Can’t Win x And x Can’t Lose) (12.02.2012)Can’t Win x And x Can’t Lose12.02.2012
    201.20(Baffling x Turn Of x Events!) (19.02.2012)Baffling x Turn Of x Events!19.02.2012
    211.21(Some x Brother x Trouble) (04.03.2012)Some x Brother x Trouble04.03.2012
    221.22(A x Dangerous x Watchdog!) (11.03.2012)A x Dangerous x Watchdog!11.03.2012
    231.23(The x Guard’s x Duty!) (18.03.2012)The x Guard’s x Duty!18.03.2012
    241.24(The x Zoldyck x Family!) (25.03.2012)The x Zoldyck x Family!25.03.2012
    251.25(Can’t See x If x You’re a Blind!) (01.04.2012)Can’t See x If x You’re a Blind!01.04.2012
    261.26(Letter x From x Gon 2) (08.04.2012)Letter x From x Gon 208.04.2012
    271.27(Arrival x At The x Arena) (15.04.2012)Arrival x At The x Arena15.04.2012
    281.28(Nen x And x Ren) (22.04.2012)Nen x And x Ren22.04.2012
    291.29(Awakening X And X Potential) (29.04.2012)Awakening X And X Potential29.04.2012
    301.30(Fierce x And x Ferocious) (06.05.2012)Fierce x And x Ferocious06.05.2012
    311.31(Destiny x And x Tenacity) (13.05.2012)Destiny x And x Tenacity13.05.2012
    321.32(A x Surprising x Win) (20.05.2012)A x Surprising x Win20.05.2012
    331.33(An x Empty x Threat) (27.05.2012)An x Empty x Threat27.05.2012
    341.34(Power x To x Avenge) (03.06.2012)Power x To x Avenge03.06.2012
    351.35(The x True x Pass) (17.06.2012)The x True x Pass17.06.2012
    361.36(A Big Debt x And x A Small Kick) (24.06.2012)A Big Debt x And x A Small Kick24.06.2012
    371.37(Ging x And x Gon) (01.07.2012)Ging x And x Gon01.07.2012
    381.38(Reply x From x Dad) (08.07.2012)Reply x From x Dad08.07.2012
    391.39(Wish x And x Promise) (15.07.2012)Wish x And x Promise15.07.2012
    401.40(Nen x Users x Unite?) (22.07.2012)Nen x Users x Unite?22.07.2012
    411.41(Gathering x Of x Heroes) (29.07.2012)Gathering x Of x Heroes29.07.2012
    421.42(Defend x And x Attack) (05.08.2012)Defend x And x Attack05.08.2012
    431.43(A x Shocking x Tragedy) (12.08.2012)A x Shocking x Tragedy12.08.2012
    441.44(Buildup x to a x Fierce Battle!) (19.08.2012)Buildup x to a x Fierce Battle!19.08.2012
    451.45(Restraint x And x Vow) (02.09.2012)Restraint x And x Vow02.09.2012
    461.46(Chasing x And x Waiting) (09.09.2012)Chasing x And x Waiting09.09.2012
    471.47(Condition x And x Condition) (16.09.2012)Condition x And x Condition16.09.2012
    481.48(Very x Sharp x Eye) (23.09.2012)Very x Sharp x Eye23.09.2012
    491.49(Pursuit x And x Analysis) (30.09.2012)Pursuit x And x Analysis30.09.2012

    Staffel 2

    502.01(Ally x And x Sword) (07.10.2012)Ally x And x Sword07.10.2012
    512.02(A x Brutal x Battlefield) (14.10.2012)A x Brutal x Battlefield14.10.2012
    522.03(Assault x And x Impact) (21.10.2012)Assault x And x Impact21.10.2012
    532.04(Fake x And x Psyche) (28.10.2012)Fake x And x Psyche28.10.2012
    542.05(Fortunes x Aren’t x Right?) (04.11.2012)Fortunes x Aren’t x Right?04.11.2012
    552.06(Allies x And x Lies) (11.11.2012)Allies x And x Lies11.11.2012
    562.07(Beloved x And x Beleaguered) (18.11.2012)Beloved x And x Beleaguered18.11.2012
    572.08(Initiative x And x Law) (02.12.2012)Initiative x And x Law02.12.2012
    582.09(Signal x To x Retreat) (09.12.2012)Signal x To x Retreat09.12.2012
    592.10(Bid x And x Haste) (16.12.2012)Bid x And x Haste16.12.2012
    602.11(End x And x Beginning) (23.12.2012)End x And x Beginning23.12.2012
    612.12(Invitation x And x Friend) (06.01.2013)Invitation x And x Friend06.01.2013
    622.13(Reality? x And x Raw) (13.01.2013)Reality? x And x Raw13.01.2013
    632.14(A x Hard x Master) (20.01.2013)A x Hard x Master20.01.2013
    642.15(Strengthen x And x Threaten) (27.01.2013)Strengthen x And x Threaten27.01.2013
    652.16(Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors) (03.02.2013)Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors03.02.2013
    662.17(Strategy x And x Scheme) (10.02.2013)Strategy x And x Scheme10.02.2013
    672.18(15 x 15) (17.02.2013)15 x 1517.02.2013
    682.19(Pirates x And x Guesses) (24.02.2013)Pirates x And x Guesses24.02.2013
    692.20(A x Heated x Showdown) (03.03.2013)A x Heated x Showdown03.03.2013
    702.21(Guts x And x Courage) (10.03.2013)Guts x And x Courage10.03.2013
    712.22(Bargain x And x Deal) (17.03.2013)Bargain x And x Deal17.03.2013
    722.23(Chase x And x Chance) (24.03.2013)Chase x And x Chance24.03.2013
    732.24(Insanity × And × Sanity) (31.03.2013)Insanity × And × Sanity31.03.2013
    742.25(Victor x And x Loser) (07.04.2013)Victor x And x Loser07.04.2013
    752.26(Ging’s Friends x And x True Friends) (14.04.2013)Ging’s Friends x And x True Friends14.04.2013
    762.27(Reunion X And X Sympathy) (21.04.2013)Reunion X And X Sympathy21.04.2013
    772.28(Concern X And X Arrival) (28.04.2013)Concern X And X Arrival28.04.2013
    782.29(Rapid X Breeding) (05.05.2013)Rapid X Breeding05.05.2013
    792.30(No x Good x NGL) (12.05.2013)No x Good x NGL12.05.2013
    802.31(Bad x and x Worst) (19.05.2013)Bad x and x Worst19.05.2013
    812.32(The x Battle x Begins) (26.05.2013)The x Battle x Begins26.05.2013
    822.33(Kite’s x Slot x Machine) (02.06.2013)Kite’s x Slot x Machine02.06.2013
    832.34(Inspiration x to x Progress) (09.06.2013)Inspiration x to x Progress09.06.2013
    842.35(A x Fated x Awakening) (16.06.2013)A x Fated x Awakening16.06.2013
    852.36(Light x and x Shadow) (23.06.2013)Light x and x Shadow23.06.2013
    862.37(Near x and x Reunion) (30.06.2013)Near x and x Reunion30.06.2013
    872.38(Duel x and x struggle) (07.07.2013)Duel x and x struggle07.07.2013
    882.39(Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness) (14.07.2013)Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness14.07.2013
    892.40(Kindness X And X Strength) (21.07.2013)Kindness X And X Strength21.07.2013
    902.41(Link X And X Spell) (28.07.2013)Link X And X Spell28.07.2013
    912.42(The Strong X And X The Weak) (04.08.2013)The Strong X And X The Weak04.08.2013
    922.43(One Wish x And x Two Promises) (11.08.2013)One Wish x And x Two Promises11.08.2013
    932.44(Date x With x Palm) (18.08.2013)Date x With x Palm18.08.2013
    942.45(Friendship x and x Departure) (01.09.2013)Friendship x and x Departure01.09.2013
    952.46(Grudge x and x Threat) (08.09.2013)Grudge x and x Threat08.09.2013
    962.47(The x Lawless x Home) (15.09.2013)The x Lawless x Home15.09.2013
    972.48(Destruction x In x Battle) (22.09.2013)Destruction x In x Battle22.09.2013
    982.49(Possession x And x Selection) (29.09.2013)Possession x And x Selection29.09.2013
    992.50(Combination x And x Evolution) (09.10.2013)Combination x And x Evolution09.10.2013

    Staffel 3

    1003.01(Tracking × And × Pursuit) (16.10.2013)Tracking × And × Pursuit16.10.2013
    1013.02(Ikalgo x And x Lightning) (23.10.2013)Ikalgo x And x Lightning23.10.2013
    1023.03(Power x And x Games) (29.10.2013)Power x And x Games29.10.2013
    1033.04(Check x And x Mate) (05.11.2013)Check x And x Mate05.11.2013
    1043.05(Doubt x And x Hesitation) (22.11.2013)Doubt x And x Hesitation22.11.2013
    1053.06(Resolve x And x Awakening) (19.11.2013)Resolve x And x Awakening19.11.2013
    1063.07(Knov x And x Morel) (26.11.2013)Knov x And x Morel26.11.2013
    1073.08(Return x And x Retire) (03.12.2013)Return x And x Retire03.12.2013
    1113.12(Charge x And x Invade) (08.01.2014)Charge x And x Invade08.01.2014
    1123.13(Outsider x And x Monster) (15.01.2014)Outsider x And x Monster15.01.2014
    1133.14(An x Indebted x Insect) (22.01.2014)An x Indebted x Insect22.01.2014
    1143.15(Divide x And x Conquer) (29.01.2014)Divide x And x Conquer29.01.2014
    1153.16(Duty x And x Question) (05.02.2014)Duty x And x Question05.02.2014
    1163.17(Revenge x And x Recovery) (12.02.2014)Revenge x And x Recovery12.02.2014
    1173.18(Insult x And x Payback) (19.02.2014)Insult x And x Payback19.02.2014
    1183.19(A x False x Rage) (26.02.2014)A x False x Rage26.02.2014
    1193.20(Strong x Or x Weak) (05.03.2014)Strong x Or x Weak05.03.2014
    1203.21(Fake x And x Real) (12.03.2014)Fake x And x Real12.03.2014
    1213.22(Defeat × And × Dignity) (19.03.2014)Defeat × And × Dignity19.03.2014
    1223.23(Pose × And × Name) (26.03.2014)Pose × And × Name26.03.2014
    1233.24(Centipede × And × Memory) (02.04.2014)Centipede × And × Memory02.04.2014
    1243.25(Breakdown x And x Awakening) (09.04.2014)Breakdown x And x Awakening09.04.2014
    1253.26(Great Power x And x Ultimate Power) (16.04.2014)Great Power x And x Ultimate Power16.04.2014
    1263.27(Zero × And × Rose) (23.04.2014)Zero × And × Rose23.04.2014
    1273.28(Hostility × And × Determination) (30.04.2014)Hostility × And × Determination30.04.2014
    1283.29(Episode 128) (07.05.2014)Episode 12807.05.2014
    1293.30(Episode 129) (14.05.2014)Episode 12914.05.2014


    1Phantom Rouge(Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge)06.10.2017 Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge
    2The Last Mission(Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission)13.10.2017 Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission

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