1.01 (Stalled)  (30.09.2015)Stalled30.09.2015
    1.02 (Cash Poor)  (30.09.2015)Cash Poor30.09.2015
    1.03 (Behind the Lines)  (30.09.2015)Behind the Lines30.09.2015
    1.04 (Retarding It All Up)  (30.09.2015)Retarding It All Up30.09.2015
    1.05 (Baby Boom)  (07.10.2015)Baby Boom07.10.2015
    1.06 (A Fluid Thing)  (07.10.2015)A Fluid Thing07.10.2015
    1.07 (Doll Faced)  (07.10.2015)Doll Faced07.10.2015
    1.08 (Voiced Over)  (14.10.2015)Voiced Over14.10.2015
    1.09 (Sinking Feelings)  (14.10.2015)Sinking Feelings14.10.2015
    1.10 (Thank You for Your Service)  (14.10.2015)Thank You for Your Service14.10.2015
    1.11 (Full Release)  (21.10.2015)Full Release21.10.2015
    1.12 (Found and Lost)  (21.10.2015)Found and Lost21.10.2015
    1.13 (Too Much Closure for Comfort)  (21.10.2015)Too Much Closure for Comfort21.10.2015

    2.01 (What Goes Up)  (08.12.2016)What Goes Up08.12.2016
    2.02 (New Deal, No Deal)  (08.12.2016)New Deal, No Deal08.12.2016
    2.03 (Them’s the Breaks)  (15.12.2016)Them’s the Breaks15.12.2016
    2.04 (A Small Step for Manly)  (15.12.2016)A Small Step for Manly15.12.2016
    2.05 (Dick Lansing)  (22.12.2016)Dick Lansing22.12.2016
    2.06 (Gum Drop)  (22.12.2016)Gum Drop22.12.2016
    2.07 (Pin Cushion)  (12.01.2017)Pin Cushion12.01.2017
    2.08 (I’m with Stupid)  (12.01.2017)I’m with Stupid12.01.2017
    2.09 (Back to the Past)  (19.01.2017)Back to the Past19.01.2017
    2.10 (Dawn of Girth)  (19.01.2017)Dawn of Girth19.01.2017
    2.11 (A Shot with Finley)  (26.01.2017)A Shot with Finley26.01.2017
    2.12 (Shock to the System)  (26.01.2017)Shock to the System26.01.2017

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