Staffel 1: Cardfight!! Vanguard

    11.01(Vanguard of Destiny!!) (08.01.2011)Vanguard of Destiny!!08.01.2011
    21.02(Ride to Victory) (15.01.2011)Ride to Victory15.01.2011
    31.03(Welcome to Card Capital) (22.01.2011)Welcome to Card Capital22.01.2011
    41.04(Assault! Twin Drive) (29.01.2011)Assault! Twin Drive29.01.2011
    51.05(Whirlwind! Kamui, the Grade-School Fighter) (05.02.2011)Whirlwind! Kamui, the Grade-School Fighter05.02.2011
    61.06(The Mysterious Card Shop) (12.02.2011)The Mysterious Card Shop12.02.2011
    71.07(The Fearsone Soulblast) (19.02.2011)The Fearsone Soulblast19.02.2011
    81.08(The King of Knights Enters the Fray!) (26.02.2011)The King of Knights Enters the Fray!26.02.2011
    91.09(The Shop Tournament Begins) (05.03.2011)The Shop Tournament Begins05.03.2011
    101.10(Enter the Ninja Fighter) (19.03.2011)Enter the Ninja Fighter19.03.2011
    111.11(Ninja Fighter Withdraws) (26.03.2011)Ninja Fighter Withdraws26.03.2011
    121.12(Aichi vs. Kamui) (02.04.2011)Aichi vs. Kamui02.04.2011
    131.13(The End of the Shop Tournament) (09.04.2011)The End of the Shop Tournament09.04.2011
    141.14(The Fearsome Undead! A Granblue Deck!) (16.04.2011)The Fearsome Undead! A Granblue Deck!16.04.2011
    151.15(Thrilling?! Emi’s First Fight!) (23.04.2011)Thrilling?! Emi’s First Fight!23.04.2011
    161.16(Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!) (30.04.2011)Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!30.04.2011
    171.17(New Allies!) (07.05.2011)New Allies!07.05.2011
    181.18(White Hot Tournament!) (14.05.2011)White Hot Tournament!14.05.2011
    191.19(Showdown! Nova Grappler) (21.05.2011)Showdown! Nova Grappler21.05.2011
    201.20(The Hidden Message) (28.05.2011)The Hidden Message28.05.2011
    211.21(Rematch in the Final Match!) (04.06.2011)Rematch in the Final Match!04.06.2011
    221.22(The Holy Dragon Descends) (11.06.2011)The Holy Dragon Descends11.06.2011
    231.23(Fateful Encounter!) (18.06.2011)Fateful Encounter!18.06.2011
    241.24(The Indelible Memory) (25.06.2011)The Indelible Memory25.06.2011
    251.25(Beyond Memories) (02.07.2011)Beyond Memories02.07.2011
    261.26(A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship!) (09.07.2011)A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship!09.07.2011
    271.27(Jurassic Army) (16.07.2011)Jurassic Army16.07.2011
    281.28(Agressive Advancement! Tachikaze Deck!) (23.07.2011)Agressive Advancement! Tachikaze Deck!23.07.2011
    291.29(When the Moon Is Full) (30.07.2011)When the Moon Is Full30.07.2011
    301.30(The Strongest Team, AL4) (05.08.2011)The Strongest Team, AL405.08.2011
    311.31(Beautiful Assasin) (12.08.2011)Beautiful Assasin12.08.2011
    321.32(Demon World General) (20.08.2011)Demon World General20.08.2011
    331.33(Blaster of Darkness) (27.08.2011)Blaster of Darkness27.08.2011
    341.34(It’s Summer! It’s Camp! It’s Vanguard) (03.09.2011)It’s Summer! It’s Camp! It’s Vanguard03.09.2011
    351.35(Results of the Training Camp!) (10.09.2011)Results of the Training Camp!10.09.2011
    361.36(The King of Underground Fights) (17.09.2011)The King of Underground Fights17.09.2011
    371.37(The Return of the Ninja Master) (24.09.2011)The Return of the Ninja Master24.09.2011
    381.38(Miwa’s Ability) (01.10.2011)Miwa’s Ability01.10.2011
    391.39(Return to Regionals!) (08.10.2011)Return to Regionals!08.10.2011
    401.40(Dangerous Scent) (15.10.2011)Dangerous Scent15.10.2011
    411.41(Kyou’s Revenge) (22.10.2011)Kyou’s Revenge22.10.2011
    421.42(Psyqualia) (29.10.2011)Psyqualia29.10.2011
    431.43(The Black Bellwether) (05.11.2011)The Black Bellwether05.11.2011
    441.44(Unexpected Visitor) (12.11.2011)Unexpected Visitor12.11.2011
    451.45(Shadow Paladin) (19.11.2011)Shadow Paladin19.11.2011
    461.46(The Coiling Thread) (26.11.2011)The Coiling Thread26.11.2011
    471.47(Another Foo Fighter) (03.12.2011)Another Foo Fighter03.12.2011
    481.48(Solitary Fight) (10.12.2011)Solitary Fight10.12.2011
    491.49(Kai’s Battle) (17.12.2011)Kai’s Battle17.12.2011
    501.50(At the End of the Battle) (24.12.2011)At the End of the Battle24.12.2011
    511.51(Golden Glow) (31.12.2011)Golden Glow31.12.2011
    521.52(Songstress of the Sea) (31.12.2011)Songstress of the Sea31.12.2011
    531.53(The Battle Begins! Tournament Finals) (07.01.2012)The Battle Begins! Tournament Finals07.01.2012
    541.54(Gladiator) (14.01.2012)Gladiator14.01.2012
    551.55(Caesar’s Empress) (21.01.2012)Caesar’s Empress21.01.2012
    561.56(The Man They Call “The Emperor”) (28.01.2012)The Man They Call “The Emperor”28.01.2012
    571.57(Fateful Showdown) (04.02.2012)Fateful Showdown04.02.2012
    581.58(Clash! Overlord) (11.02.2012)Clash! Overlord11.02.2012
    591.59(Fighting for the Top Spot) (18.02.2012)Fighting for the Top Spot18.02.2012
    601.60(Wall of the General) (25.02.2012)Wall of the General25.02.2012
    611.61(Feelings Toward Foo Fighter) (03.03.2012)Feelings Toward Foo Fighter03.03.2012
    621.62(Lord of the Fight) (10.03.2012)Lord of the Fight10.03.2012
    631.63(Two Powers, Side by Side) (17.03.2012)Two Powers, Side by Side17.03.2012
    641.64(The Truth of PSY Qualia) (24.03.2012)The Truth of PSY Qualia24.03.2012
    651.65(Awakening of Twin Blades) (31.03.2012)Awakening of Twin Blades31.03.2012

    Staffel 2: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit

    662.01(Gold Paladin) (08.04.2012)Gold Paladin08.04.2012
    672.02(Activate! Limit Break!) (15.04.2012)Activate! Limit Break!15.04.2012
    682.03(Team Q4 Returns) (22.04.2012)Team Q4 Returns22.04.2012
    692.04(The Challenge from PSY) (29.04.2012)The Challenge from PSY29.04.2012
    702.05(VF Circuit Begins!) (06.05.2012)VF Circuit Begins!06.05.2012
    712.06(Team Shinobi Is Here!) (13.05.2012)Team Shinobi Is Here!13.05.2012
    722.07(The Lion That Surpasses The Limit) (20.05.2012)The Lion That Surpasses The Limit20.05.2012
    732.08(Fortune-Telling Fight) (27.05.2012)Fortune-Telling Fight27.05.2012
    742.09(Bet on the Goddess!) (03.06.2012)Bet on the Goddess!03.06.2012
    752.10(Pride of the Elites) (10.06.2012)Pride of the Elites10.06.2012
    762.11(A Genius Descends) (17.06.2012)A Genius Descends17.06.2012
    772.12(Challenger on the Snowfield) (24.06.2012)Challenger on the Snowfield24.06.2012
    782.13(Tetsu Appears) (01.07.2012)Tetsu Appears01.07.2012
    792.14(Feverish Seoul Stage) (08.07.2012)Feverish Seoul Stage08.07.2012
    802.15(Shocking New Member) (15.07.2012)Shocking New Member15.07.2012
    812.16(Rematch of the Knights!) (22.07.2012)Rematch of the Knights!22.07.2012
    822.17(Hero’s Challenge) (29.07.2012)Hero’s Challenge29.07.2012
    832.18(Legendary Fighter) (05.08.2012)Legendary Fighter05.08.2012
    842.19(Invitation to Everlasting Summer) (12.08.2012)Invitation to Everlasting Summer12.08.2012
    852.20(Eace One’s Summer) (19.08.2012)Eace One’s Summer19.08.2012
    862.21(Handsome Fight! Mitsusada vs. Gouki) (26.08.2012)Handsome Fight! Mitsusada vs. Gouki26.08.2012
    872.22(Burn! Hong Kong Stage) (02.09.2012)Burn! Hong Kong Stage02.09.2012
    882.23(Strongest Tag Fight!) (09.09.2012)Strongest Tag Fight!09.09.2012
    892.24(The Weed Soul!!) (16.09.2012)The Weed Soul!!16.09.2012
    902.25(Raid!! Legendary Armada) (23.09.2012)Raid!! Legendary Armada23.09.2012
    912.26(Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom!) (30.09.2012)Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom!30.09.2012
    922.27(Q4 vs. Ultra-rare) (07.10.2012)Q4 vs. Ultra-rare07.10.2012
    932.28(Angels’ Dance) (14.10.2012)Angels’ Dance14.10.2012
    942.29(Gathering of Winners) (21.10.2012)Gathering of Winners21.10.2012
    952.30(Assemble! Japan Stage!) (28.10.2012)Assemble! Japan Stage!28.10.2012
    962.31(Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight!) (04.11.2012)Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight!04.11.2012
    972.32(Challenge from the King) (11.11.2012)Challenge from the King11.11.2012
    982.33(A New Brilliance!) (18.11.2012)A New Brilliance!18.11.2012
    992.34(The Truth of the Wind) (25.11.2012)The Truth of the Wind25.11.2012
    1002.35(Luminous Lion) (02.12.2012)Luminous Lion02.12.2012
    1012.36(Leon Souryu) (09.12.2012)Leon Souryu09.12.2012
    1022.37(Judgment of the Wind) (16.12.2012)Judgment of the Wind16.12.2012
    1032.38(Light and Nothingness) (23.12.2012)Light and Nothingness23.12.2012
    1042.39(Whereabouts of the Wind) (13.01.2013)Whereabouts of the Wind13.01.2013

    Staffel 3: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker

    1053.01(Stand Up, It’s High School!) (31.10.2013)Stand Up, It’s High School!31.10.2013
    1063.02(Catching a Break) (31.10.2013)Catching a Break31.10.2013
    1073.03(Targeted Idol) (22.11.2013)Targeted Idol22.11.2013
    1083.04(The Football Team’s Assassin) (22.11.2013)The Football Team’s Assassin22.11.2013
    1093.05(Birth of the Cardfight Club!) (19.12.2013)Birth of the Cardfight Club!19.12.2013
    1103.06(First Match! Miyaji Academy vs. Hitsue High School) (19.12.2013)First Match! Miyaji Academy vs. Hitsue High School19.12.2013
    1113.07(Reinforcements from the Junior High School!) (27.12.2013)Reinforcements from the Junior High School!27.12.2013
    1123.08(Kai’s Shadow) (27.12.2013)Kai’s Shadow27.12.2013
    1133.09(Who’s the Vice-Captain?!) (06.01.2014)Who’s the Vice-Captain?!06.01.2014
    1143.10(Miyaji Academy, Middle School Division) (06.01.2014)Miyaji Academy, Middle School Division06.01.2014
    1153.11(Idol Fight) (17.01.2014)Idol Fight17.01.2014
    1163.12(Reunion with the Wind) (17.01.2014)Reunion with the Wind17.01.2014
    1173.13(The Powerful Fukuhara High) (23.01.2014)The Powerful Fukuhara High23.01.2014
    1183.14(Drama at the School Festival) (23.01.2014)Drama at the School Festival23.01.2014
    1193.15(Legendary School Festival) (30.01.2014)Legendary School Festival30.01.2014
    1203.16(Hidden Fighting Spirit) (30.01.2014)Hidden Fighting Spirit30.01.2014
    1213.17(A Man’s Willpower) (06.02.2014)A Man’s Willpower06.02.2014
    1223.18(Naoki, the Challenger!) (06.02.2014)Naoki, the Challenger!06.02.2014
    1233.19(Feelings About Victory) (13.02.2014)Feelings About Victory13.02.2014
    1243.20(Showdown at the Summit) (13.02.2014)Showdown at the Summit13.02.2014
    1253.21(A Windy Day) (27.03.2014)A Windy Day27.03.2014
    1263.22(Mystery Dragon) (27.03.2014)Mystery Dragon27.03.2014
    1273.23(Facing the “Lock”) (06.04.2014)Facing the “Lock”06.04.2014
    1283.24(Into the Reverse) (06.04.2014)Into the Reverse06.04.2014
    1293.25(The Power of the Black Rings) (06.05.2014)The Power of the Black Rings06.05.2014
    1303.26(Dark Clouds Over Fukuhara High!) (06.05.2014)Dark Clouds Over Fukuhara High!06.05.2014
    1313.27(Eternal Marionette) (08.05.2014)Eternal Marionette08.05.2014
    1323.28(The Last Dance) (08.05.2014)The Last Dance08.05.2014
    1333.29(The Traitor General) (19.05.2014)The Traitor General19.05.2014
    1343.30(Kingmaker in the Moonlight) (19.05.2014)Kingmaker in the Moonlight19.05.2014
    1353.31(The Fall of Daiyusha) (29.05.2014)The Fall of Daiyusha29.05.2014
    1363.32(Yuri’s Pendant) (29.05.2014)Yuri’s Pendant29.05.2014
    1373.33(Dark Dimensional Combination! “Reverse” Daiyusha) (05.06.2014)Dark Dimensional Combination! “Reverse” Daiyusha05.06.2014
    1383.34(The Depth of Our Bond) (05.06.2014)The Depth of Our Bond05.06.2014
    1393.35(School Camping Trip) (12.06.2014)School Camping Trip12.06.2014
    1403.36(Under the Starry Sky) (12.06.2014)Under the Starry Sky12.06.2014
    1413.37(Pirate Flag Over Miyaji) (24.07.2014)Pirate Flag Over Miyaji24.07.2014
    1423.38(Kamui’s Fists) (24.07.2014)Kamui’s Fists24.07.2014
    1433.39(The Ninja Master Returns) (31.07.2014)The Ninja Master Returns31.07.2014
    1443.40(Rampaging Angel, Rekka!) (31.07.2014)Rampaging Angel, Rekka!31.07.2014
    1453.41(Friends) (07.08.2014)Friends07.08.2014
    1463.42(Countdown to Despair) (07.08.2014)Countdown to Despair07.08.2014
    1473.43(Chaotic Destroyer) (14.08.2014)Chaotic Destroyer14.08.2014
    1483.44(The Power Within) (14.08.2014)The Power Within14.08.2014
    1493.45(Recapturing Miyaji Academy!) (21.08.2014)Recapturing Miyaji Academy!21.08.2014
    1503.46(Smash Through Everything!!) (21.08.2014)Smash Through Everything!!21.08.2014
    1513.47(Aichi and Kamui) (28.08.2014)Aichi and Kamui28.08.2014
    1523.48(The Form of Friendship) (28.08.2014)The Form of Friendship28.08.2014
    1533.49(The Two Leaders) (04.09.2014)The Two Leaders04.09.2014
    1543.50(Beyond the Bond) (04.09.2014)Beyond the Bond04.09.2014
    1553.51(The Two Leons) (11.09.2014)The Two Leons11.09.2014
    1563.52(The One Who Cuts Through Chains) (11.09.2014)The One Who Cuts Through Chains11.09.2014
    1573.53(Kourin) (18.09.2014)Kourin18.09.2014
    1583.54(Ren’s Wish) (18.09.2014)Ren’s Wish18.09.2014
    1593.55(Resurrection of the Dragon) (25.09.2014)Resurrection of the Dragon25.09.2014
    1603.56(Perfect Black Ring) (25.09.2014)Perfect Black Ring25.09.2014
    1613.57(World End) (02.10.2014)World End02.10.2014
    1623.58(The Intersecting Path) (02.10.2014)The Intersecting Path02.10.2014
    1633.59(The Connected) (09.10.2014)The Connected09.10.2014

    Staffel 4: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate

    1644.01(Missing Leader) (09.03.2014)Missing Leader09.03.2014
    1654.02(Legion) (16.04.2014)Legion16.04.2014
    1664.03(Aichi’s Shadow) (23.03.2014)Aichi’s Shadow23.03.2014
    1674.04(Seek the Mate) (30.03.2014)Seek the Mate30.03.2014
    1684.05(Naoki’s Fist) (06.04.2014)Naoki’s Fist06.04.2014
    1694.06(Blue Flames Gaillard) (13.04.2014)Blue Flames Gaillard13.04.2014
    1704.07(Steel Neve) (20.04.2014)Steel Neve20.04.2014
    1714.08(The Leader, Kai) (27.04.2014)The Leader, Kai27.04.2014
    1724.09(Introducing Great Daikaiser!) (04.05.2014)Introducing Great Daikaiser!04.05.2014
    1734.10(Illusional Rati) (11.04.2014)Illusional Rati11.04.2014
    1744.11(Freezing Ice Serra) (18.05.2014)Freezing Ice Serra18.05.2014
    1754.12(Ren’s Promise) (25.05.2014)Ren’s Promise25.05.2014
    1764.13(The Place Where Aichi Will Return) (01.06.2014)The Place Where Aichi Will Return01.06.2014
    1774.14(The Announced Truth) (08.06.2014)The Announced Truth08.06.2014
    1784.15(Island Awaiting the Wind) (15.06.2014)Island Awaiting the Wind15.06.2014
    1794.16(Kai’s Will) (22.06.2014)Kai’s Will22.06.2014
    1804.17(Gateway to Sanctuary) (29.06.2014)Gateway to Sanctuary29.06.2014
    1814.18(Manly Big Bang) (06.07.2014)Manly Big Bang06.07.2014
    1824.19(Steel Will) (13.07.2014)Steel Will13.07.2014
    1834.20(What Doesn’t Change) (20.07.2014)What Doesn’t Change20.07.2014
    1844.21(Vow of the Blue Flames) (27.07.2014)Vow of the Blue Flames27.07.2014
    1854.22(Flames of Perdition) (03.08.2014)Flames of Perdition03.08.2014
    1864.23(Interrupted Sleep) (10.08.2014)Interrupted Sleep10.08.2014
    1874.24(Aichi Awakens) (17.08.2014)Aichi Awakens17.08.2014
    1884.25(Cold Ambition) (24.08.2014)Cold Ambition24.08.2014
    1894.26(Omega’s Resurrection) (31.08.2014)Omega’s Resurrection31.08.2014
    1904.27(Determination of the Bluish Flames) (07.09.2014)Determination of the Bluish Flames07.09.2014
    1914.28(Our Place) (14.09.2014)Our Place14.09.2014
    1924.29(Pride of the Flames) (21.09.2014)Pride of the Flames21.09.2014
    1934.30(Sword of Destruction) (28.09.2014)Sword of Destruction28.09.2014
    1944.31(Sword of Courage) (05.10.2014)Sword of Courage05.10.2014
    1954.32(A Season of Journeys) (12.10.2014)A Season of Journeys12.10.2014
    1964.33(The Vanguards) (19.10.2014)The Vanguards19.10.2014

    Staffel 5: Cardfight!! Vanguard G

    1975.01(Chrono Shindou) (26.10.2014)Chrono Shindou26.10.2014

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