Bob Ross – The Joy of Painting

    1.01A Walk in the Woods (A Walk in the Woods)  (11.01.1983)A Walk in the Woods11.01.1983
    1.02Mt McKinley (Mt McKinley )  (11.01.1983)Mt McKinley 11.01.1983
    1.03Ebony Sunset (Ebony Sunset )  (18.01.1983)Ebony Sunset 18.01.1983
    1.04Winter Mist (Winter Mist )  (25.01.1983)Winter Mist 25.01.1983
    1.05Quiet Stream (Quiet Stream )  (01.02.1983)Quiet Stream 01.02.1983
    1.06Winter Moon (Winter Moon )  (08.02.1983)Winter Moon 08.02.1983
    1.07Autumn Mountain (Autumn Mountain )  (15.02.1983)Autumn Mountain 15.02.1983
    1.08Peaceful Valley (Peaceful Valley )  (22.02.1983)Peaceful Valley 22.02.1983
    1.09Seascape (Seascape )  (01.03.1983)Seascape 01.03.1983
    1.10Mountain Lake (Mountain Lake )  (08.03.1983)Mountain Lake 08.03.1983
    1.11Winter Glow (Winter Glow )  (15.03.1983)Winter Glow 15.03.1983
    1.12Snow Fall (Snow Fall )  (22.03.1983)Snow Fall 22.03.1983
    1.13Final Reflections (Final Reflections)  (29.03.1983)Final Reflections29.03.1983

    2.01Meadow Lake (Meadow Lake)  (31.08.1983)Meadow Lake31.08.1983
    2.02Winter Sun (Winter Sun)  (07.09.1983)Winter Sun07.09.1983
    2.03Ebony Sea (Ebony Sea)  (14.09.1983)Ebony Sea14.09.1983
    2.04Shades of Grey (Shades of Grey)  (21.09.1983)Shades of Grey21.09.1983
    2.05Autumn Splendor (Autumn Splendor)  (28.09.1983)Autumn Splendor28.09.1983
    2.06Black River (Black River)  (05.10.1983)Black River05.10.1983
    2.07Brown Mountain (Brown Mountain)  (12.10.1983)Brown Mountain12.10.1983
    2.08Reflections (Reflections)  (19.10.1983)Reflections19.10.1983
    2.09Black & White Seascape (Black & White Seascape)  (26.10.1983)Black & White Seascape26.10.1983
    2.10Lazy River (Lazy River)  (02.11.1983)Lazy River02.11.1983
    2.11Black Waterfall (Black Waterfall)  (09.11.1983)Black Waterfall09.11.1983
    2.12Mountain Waterfall (Mountain Waterfall)  (16.11.1983)Mountain Waterfall16.11.1983
    2.13Final Grace (Final Grace)  (23.11.1983)Final Grace23.11.1983

    3.01Mountain Retreat (Mountain Retreat)  (04.01.1984)Mountain Retreat04.01.1984
    3.02Blue Moon (Blue Moon)  (11.01.1984)Blue Moon11.01.1984
    3.03Bubbling Stream (Bubbling Stream)  (18.01.1984)Bubbling Stream18.01.1984
    3.04Winter Night (Winter Night)  (25.01.1984)Winter Night25.01.1984
    3.05Distant Hills (Distant Hills)  (01.02.1984)Distant Hills01.02.1984
    3.06Covered Bridge (Covered Bridge)  (08.02.1984)Covered Bridge08.02.1984
    3.07Quiet Inlet (Quiet Inlet)  (15.02.1984)Quiet Inlet15.02.1984
    3.08Night Light (Night Light)  (22.02.1984)Night Light22.02.1984
    3.09The Old Mill (The Old Mill)  (29.02.1984)The Old Mill29.02.1984
    3.10Campfire (Campfire)  (07.03.1984)Campfire07.03.1984
    3.11Rustic Barn (Rustic Barn)  (14.03.1984)Rustic Barn14.03.1984
    3.12Hidden Lake (Hidden Lake)  (21.03.1984)Hidden Lake21.03.1984
    3.13Peaceful Waters (Peaceful Waters)  (28.03.1984)Peaceful Waters28.03.1984

    4.01Purple Splendor (Purple Splendor)  (05.09.1984)Purple Splendor05.09.1984
    4.02Tranquil Valley (Tranquil Valley)  (12.09.1984)Tranquil Valley12.09.1984
    4.03Majestic Mountains (Majestic Mountains)  (19.09.1984)Majestic Mountains19.09.1984
    4.04Winter Sawscape (Winter Sawscape)  (26.09.1984)Winter Sawscape26.09.1984
    4.05Evening Seascape (Evening Seascape)  (03.10.1984)Evening Seascape03.10.1984
    4.06Warm Summer Day (Warm Summer Day)  (10.10.1984)Warm Summer Day10.10.1984
    4.07Cabin In The Woods (Cabin In The Woods)  (17.10.1984)Cabin In The Woods17.10.1984
    4.08Wetlands (Wetlands)  (24.10.1984)Wetlands24.10.1984
    4.09Cool Waters (Cool Waters)  (31.10.1984)Cool Waters31.10.1984
    4.10Quiet Woods (Quiet Woods)  (07.11.1984)Quiet Woods07.11.1984
    4.11Northwest Majesty (Northwest Majesty)  (14.11.1984)Northwest Majesty14.11.1984
    4.12Autumn Days (Autumn Days)  (21.11.1984)Autumn Days21.11.1984
    4.13Mountain Challenge (Mountain Challenge)  (28.11.1984)Mountain Challenge28.11.1984

    5.01Mountain Waterfall (Mountain Waterfall)  (02.01.1985)Mountain Waterfall02.01.1985
    5.02Twilight Meadow (Twilight Meadow)  (09.01.1985)Twilight Meadow09.01.1985
    5.03Mountain Blossoms (Mountain Blossoms)  (16.01.1985)Mountain Blossoms16.01.1985
    5.04Winter Stillness (Winter Stillness)  (23.01.1985)Winter Stillness23.01.1985
    5.05Quiet Pond (Quiet Pond)  (30.01.1985)Quiet Pond30.01.1985
    5.06Ocean Sunrise (Ocean Sunrise)  (06.02.1985)Ocean Sunrise06.02.1985
    5.07Bubbling Brook (Bubbling Brook)  (13.02.1985)Bubbling Brook13.02.1985
    5.08Arizona Splendor (Arizona Splendor)  (20.02.1985)Arizona Splendor20.02.1985
    5.09Anatomy Of A Wave (Anatomy Of A Wave)  (27.02.1985)Anatomy Of A Wave27.02.1985
    5.10The Windmill (The Windmill)  (06.03.1985)The Windmill06.03.1985
    5.11Autumn Glory (Autumn Glory)  (13.03.1985)Autumn Glory13.03.1985
    5.12Indian Girl (Indian Girl)  (20.03.1985)Indian Girl20.03.1985
    5.13Meadow Stream (Meadow Stream)  (27.03.1985)Meadow Stream27.03.1985

    6.01Blue River (Blue River)  (01.05.1985)Blue River01.05.1985
    6.02Nature’s Edge (Nature’s Edge)  (08.05.1985)Nature’s Edge08.05.1985
    6.03Morning Mist (Morning Mist)  (15.05.1985)Morning Mist15.05.1985
    6.04Whispering Stream (Whispering Stream)  (22.05.1985)Whispering Stream22.05.1985
    6.05Secluded Forest (Secluded Forest)  (29.05.1985)Secluded Forest29.05.1985
    6.06Snow Trail (Snow Trail)  (05.06.1985)Snow Trail05.06.1985
    6.07Arctic Beauty (Arctic Beauty)  (12.06.1985)Arctic Beauty12.06.1985
    6.08Horizons West (Horizons West)  (19.06.1985)Horizons West19.06.1985
    6.09High Chateau (High Chateau)  (26.06.1985)High Chateau26.06.1985
    6.10Country Life (Country Life)  (02.07.1985)Country Life02.07.1985
    6.11Western Expanse (Western Expanse)  (09.07.1985)Western Expanse09.07.1985
    6.12Marshlands (Marshlands)  (16.07.1985)Marshlands16.07.1985
    6.13Blaze Of Color (Blaze Of Color)  (23.07.1985)Blaze Of Color23.07.1985

    7.01Winter Cabin (Winter Cabin)  (02.10.1985)Winter Cabin02.10.1985
    7.02Secluded Lake (Secluded Lake)  (09.10.1985)Secluded Lake09.10.1985
    7.03Evergreens At Sunset (Evergreens At Sunset)  (16.10.1985)Evergreens At Sunset16.10.1985
    7.04Mountain Cabin (Mountain Cabin)  (23.10.1985)Mountain Cabin23.10.1985
    7.05Portrait Of Sally (Portrait Of Sally)  (30.10.1985)Portrait Of Sally30.10.1985
    7.06Misty Waterfall (Misty Waterfall)  (06.11.1985)Misty Waterfall06.11.1985
    7.07Barn At Sunset (Barn At Sunset)  (13.11.1985)Barn At Sunset13.11.1985
    7.08Mountain Splendor (Mountain Splendor)  (20.11.1985)Mountain Splendor20.11.1985
    7.09Lake By Mountain (Lake By Mountain)  (27.11.1985)Lake By Mountain27.11.1985
    7.10Mountain Glory (Mountain Glory)  (04.12.1985)Mountain Glory04.12.1985
    7.11Grey Winter (Grey Winter)  (11.12.1985)Grey Winter11.12.1985
    7.12Dock Scene (Dock Scene)  (18.12.1985)Dock Scene18.12.1985
    7.13Dark Waterfall (Dark Waterfall)  (25.12.1985)Dark Waterfall25.12.1985

    8.01Misty Rolling Hills (Misty Rolling Hills)  (02.01.1986)Misty Rolling Hills02.01.1986
    8.02Lakeside Cabin (Lakeside Cabin)  (09.01.1986)Lakeside Cabin09.01.1986
    8.03Warm Winter Day (Warm Winter Day)  (16.01.1986)Warm Winter Day16.01.1986
    8.04Waterside Way (Waterside Way)  (23.01.1986)Waterside Way23.01.1986
    8.05Hunter’s Haven (Hunter’s Haven)  (30.01.1986)Hunter’s Haven30.01.1986
    8.06Bubbling Mountain Brook (Bubbling Mountain Brook)  (06.02.1986)Bubbling Mountain Brook06.02.1986
    8.07Winter Hideaway (Winter Hideaway)  (13.02.1986)Winter Hideaway13.02.1986
    8.08Foot Of The Mountain (Foot Of The Mountain)  (20.02.1986)Foot Of The Mountain20.02.1986
    8.09Majestic Pine (Majestic Pine)  (27.02.1986)Majestic Pine27.02.1986
    8.10Cactus At Sunset (Cactus At Sunset)  (06.03.1986)Cactus At Sunset06.03.1986
    8.11Mountain Range (Mountain Range)  (13.03.1986)Mountain Range13.03.1986
    8.12Lonely Retreat (Lonely Retreat)  (20.03.1986)Lonely Retreat20.03.1986
    8.13Northern Lights (Northern Lights)  (27.03.1986)Northern Lights27.03.1986

    9.01Winter Evergreens (Winter Evergreens)  (30.04.1986)Winter Evergreens30.04.1986
    9.02Surf’s Up (Surf’s Up)  (07.05.1986)Surf’s Up07.05.1986
    9.03Red Sunset (Red Sunset)  (14.05.1986)Red Sunset14.05.1986
    9.04Meadow Road (Meadow Road)  (21.05.1986)Meadow Road21.05.1986
    9.05Winter Oval (Winter Oval)  (28.05.1986)Winter Oval28.05.1986
    9.06Secluded Beach (Secluded Beach)  (04.06.1986)Secluded Beach04.06.1986
    9.07Forest Hills (Forest Hills)  (11.06.1986)Forest Hills11.06.1986
    9.08Little House By-The-Road (Little House By-The-Road)  (18.06.1986)Little House By-The-Road18.06.1986
    9.09Mountain Path (Mountain Path)  (25.06.1986)Mountain Path25.06.1986
    9.10Country Charm (Country Charm)  (02.07.1986)Country Charm02.07.1986
    9.11Nature’s Paradise (Nature’s Paradise)  (09.07.1986)Nature’s Paradise09.07.1986
    9.12Mountain-By-The-Sea (Mountain-By-The-Sea)  (16.07.1986)Mountain-By-The-Sea16.07.1986
    9.13Mountain Hide-Away (Mountain Hide-Away)  (23.07.1986)Mountain Hide-Away23.07.1986

    10.01Towering Peaks (Towering Peaks)  (03.09.1986)Towering Peaks03.09.1986
    10.02Cabin At Sunset (Cabin At Sunset)  (10.09.1986)Cabin At Sunset10.09.1986
    10.03Twin Falls (Twin Falls)  (17.09.1986)Twin Falls17.09.1986
    10.04Secluded Bridge (Secluded Bridge)  (24.09.1986)Secluded Bridge24.09.1986
    10.05Ocean Breeze (Ocean Breeze)  (01.10.1986)Ocean Breeze01.10.1986
    10.06Autumn Woods (Autumn Woods)  (08.10.1986)Autumn Woods08.10.1986
    10.07Winter Solitude (Winter Solitude)  (15.10.1986)Winter Solitude15.10.1986
    10.08Golden Sunset (Golden Sunset)  (22.10.1986)Golden Sunset22.10.1986
    10.09Mountain Oval (Mountain Oval)  (29.10.1986)Mountain Oval29.10.1986
    10.10Ocean Sunset (Ocean Sunset)  (05.11.1986)Ocean Sunset05.11.1986
    10.11Triple View (Triple View)  (12.11.1986)Triple View12.11.1986
    10.12Winter Frost (Winter Frost)  (19.11.1986)Winter Frost19.11.1986
    10.13Lakeside Cabin (Lakeside Cabin)  (26.11.1986)Lakeside Cabin26.11.1986

    11.01Mountain Stream (Mountain Stream)  (30.12.1986)Mountain Stream30.12.1986
    11.02Country Cabin (Country Cabin)  (07.01.1986)Country Cabin07.01.1986
    11.03Daisy Delight (Daisy Delight)  (14.01.1986)Daisy Delight14.01.1986
    11.04Hidden Stream (Hidden Stream)  (21.01.1986)Hidden Stream21.01.1986
    11.05Towering Glacier (Towering Glacier)  (28.01.1986)Towering Glacier28.01.1986
    11.06Oval Barn (Oval Barn)  (04.02.1986)Oval Barn04.02.1986
    11.07Lakeside Path (Lakeside Path)  (11.02.1986)Lakeside Path11.02.1986
    11.08Sunset Oval (Sunset Oval)  (18.02.1986)Sunset Oval18.02.1986
    11.09Winter Barn (Winter Barn)  (25.02.1986)Winter Barn25.02.1986
    11.10Sunset Over The Waves (Sunset Over The Waves)  (04.03.1986)Sunset Over The Waves04.03.1986
    11.11Golden Glow (Golden Glow)  (11.03.1986)Golden Glow11.03.1986
    11.12Roadside Barn (Roadside Barn)  (18.03.1986)Roadside Barn18.03.1986
    11.13Happy Accident (Happy Accident)  (25.03.1986)Happy Accident25.03.1986

    12.01Golden Knoll (Golden Knoll)  (29.04.1987)Golden Knoll29.04.1987
    12.02Mountain Reflections (Mountain Reflections)  (06.05.1987)Mountain Reflections06.05.1987
    12.03Secluded Mountain (Secluded Mountain)  (13.05.1987)Secluded Mountain13.05.1987
    12.04Bright Autumn Trees (Bright Autumn Trees)  (20.05.1987)Bright Autumn Trees20.05.1987
    12.05Black Seascape (Black Seascape)  (27.05.1987)Black Seascape27.05.1987
    12.06Steep Mountains (Steep Mountains)  (03.06.1987)Steep Mountains03.06.1987
    12.07Quiet Mountain River (Quiet Mountain River)  (10.06.1987)Quiet Mountain River10.06.1987
    12.08Evening Waterfall (Evening Waterfall)  (17.06.1987)Evening Waterfall17.06.1987
    12.09Tropical Seascape (Tropical Seascape)  (24.06.1987)Tropical Seascape24.06.1987
    12.10Mountain At Sunset (Mountain At Sunset)  (01.07.1987)Mountain At Sunset01.07.1987
    12.11Soft Mountain Glow (Soft Mountain Glow)  (08.07.1987)Soft Mountain Glow08.07.1987
    12.12Mountain In An Oval (Mountain In An Oval)  (15.07.1987)Mountain In An Oval15.07.1987
    12.13Winter Mountain (Winter Mountain)  (22.07.1987)Winter Mountain22.07.1987

    13.01Rolling Hills (Rolling Hills)  (02.09.1987)Rolling Hills02.09.1987
    13.02Frozen Solitude (Frozen Solitude)  (09.09.1987)Frozen Solitude09.09.1987
    13.03Meadow Brook (Meadow Brook)  (16.09.1987)Meadow Brook16.09.1987
    13.04Evening At Sunset (Evening At Sunset)  (23.09.1987)Evening At Sunset23.09.1987
    13.05Mountain View (Mountain View)  (30.09.1987)Mountain View30.09.1987
    13.06Hidden Creek (Hidden Creek)  (07.10.1987)Hidden Creek07.10.1987
    13.07Peaceful Haven (Peaceful Haven)  (14.10.1987)Peaceful Haven14.10.1987
    13.08Mountain Exhibition (Mountain Exhibition)  (21.10.1987)Mountain Exhibition21.10.1987
    13.09Emerald Waters (Emerald Waters)  (28.10.1987)Emerald Waters28.10.1987
    13.10Mountain Summit (Mountain Summit)  (04.11.1987)Mountain Summit04.11.1987
    13.11Cabin Hideaway (Cabin Hideaway)  (11.11.1987)Cabin Hideaway11.11.1987
    13.12Oval Essence (Oval Essence)  (18.11.1987)Oval Essence18.11.1987
    13.13Lost Lake (Lost Lake)  (25.11.1987)Lost Lake25.11.1987

    14.01Distant Mountains (Distant Mountains)  (30.12.1987)Distant Mountains30.12.1987
    14.02Meadow Brook Surprise (Meadow Brook Surprise)  (06.01.1988)Meadow Brook Surprise06.01.1988
    14.03Mountain Moonlight Oval (Mountain Moonlight Oval)  (13.01.1988)Mountain Moonlight Oval13.01.1988
    14.04Snowy Solitude (Snowy Solitude)  (20.01.1988)Snowy Solitude20.01.1988
    14.05Mountain River (Mountain River)  (27.01.1988)Mountain River27.01.1988
    14.06Graceful Mountains (Graceful Mountains)  (03.02.1988)Graceful Mountains03.02.1988
    14.07Windy Waves (Windy Waves)  (10.02.1988)Windy Waves10.02.1988
    14.08On A Clear Day (On A Clear Day)  (17.02.1988)On A Clear Day17.02.1988
    14.09Riverside Escape Oval (Riverside Escape Oval)  (24.02.1988)Riverside Escape Oval24.02.1988
    14.10Surprising Falls (Surprising Falls)  (02.03.1988)Surprising Falls02.03.1988
    14.11Shadow Pond (Shadow Pond)  (09.03.1988)Shadow Pond09.03.1988
    14.12Misty Forest Oval (Misty Forest Oval)  (16.03.1988)Misty Forest Oval16.03.1988
    14.13Natural Wonder (Natural Wonder)  (23.03.1988)Natural Wonder23.03.1988

    15.01Splendor Of Winter (Splendor Of Winter)  (27.04.1988)Splendor Of Winter27.04.1988
    15.02Colors Of Nature (Colors Of Nature)  (04.05.1988)Colors Of Nature04.05.1988
    15.03Grandpa’s Barn (Grandpa’s Barn)  (11.05.1988)Grandpa’s Barn11.05.1988
    15.04Peaceful Reflections (Peaceful Reflections)  (18.05.1988)Peaceful Reflections18.05.1988
    15.05Hidden Winter Moon Oval (Hidden Winter Moon Oval)  (25.05.1988)Hidden Winter Moon Oval25.05.1988
    15.06Waves Of Wonder (Waves Of Wonder)  (01.06.1988)Waves Of Wonder01.06.1988
    15.07Cabin-By-The-Pond (Cabin-By-The-Pond)  (08.06.1988)Cabin-By-The-Pond08.06.1988
    15.08Fall Stream (Fall Stream)  (15.06.1988)Fall Stream15.06.1988
    15.09Christmas Eve Snow (Christmas Eve Snow)  (22.06.1988)Christmas Eve Snow22.06.1988
    15.10Forest Down Oval (Forest Down Oval)  (29.06.1988)Forest Down Oval29.06.1988
    15.11Pathway To Autumn (Pathway To Autumn)  (06.07.1988)Pathway To Autumn06.07.1988
    15.12Deep Forest Lake (Deep Forest Lake)  (13.07.1988)Deep Forest Lake13.07.1988
    15.13Peaks Of Majesty (Peaks Of Majesty)  (20.07.1988)Peaks Of Majesty20.07.1988

    16.01Two Seasons (Two Seasons)  (17.07.1988)Two Seasons17.07.1988
    16.02Nestled Cabin (Nestled Cabin)  (24.07.1988)Nestled Cabin24.07.1988
    16.03Wintertime Discovery (Wintertime Discovery)  (31.07.1988)Wintertime Discovery31.07.1988
    16.04Mountain Mirage (Mountain Mirage)  (07.08.1988)Mountain Mirage07.08.1988
    16.05Double Oval Fantasy (Double Oval Fantasy)  (14.08.1988)Double Oval Fantasy14.08.1988
    16.06Contemplative Lady (Contemplative Lady)  (21.08.1988)Contemplative Lady21.08.1988
    16.07Deep Woods (Deep Woods)  (28.08.1988)Deep Woods28.08.1988
    16.08High Tide (High Tide)  (04.09.1988)High Tide04.09.1988
    16.09Barn In Snow Oval (Barn In Snow Oval)  (11.09.1988)Barn In Snow Oval11.09.1988
    16.10That Time Of Year (That Time Of Year)  (18.09.1988)That Time Of Year18.09.1988
    16.11Waterfall Wonder (Waterfall Wonder)  (25.09.1988)Waterfall Wonder25.09.1988
    16.12Mighty Mountain Lake (Mighty Mountain Lake)  (02.10.1988)Mighty Mountain Lake02.10.1988
    16.13Wooded Stream Oval (Wooded Stream Oval)  (09.10.1988)Wooded Stream Oval09.10.1988

    17.01Golden Mist Oval (Golden Mist Oval)  (04.01.1989)Golden Mist Oval04.01.1989
    17.02The Old Home Place (The Old Home Place)  (11.01.1989)The Old Home Place11.01.1989
    17.03Soothing Vista (Soothing Vista)  (18.01.1989)Soothing Vista18.01.1989
    17.04Stormy Seas (Stormy Seas)  (25.01.1989)Stormy Seas25.01.1989
    17.05Country Time (Country Time)  (01.02.1989)Country Time01.02.1989
    17.06A Mild Winter’s Day (A Mild Winter’s Day)  (08.02.1989)A Mild Winter’s Day08.02.1989
    17.07Spectacular Waterfall (Spectacular Waterfall)  (15.02.1989)Spectacular Waterfall15.02.1989
    17.08View From The Park (View From The Park)  (22.02.1989)View From The Park22.02.1989
    17.09Lake View (Lake View)  (01.03.1989)Lake View01.03.1989
    17.10Old Country Mill (Old Country Mill)  (08.03.1989)Old Country Mill08.03.1989
    17.11Morning Walk (Morning Walk)  (15.03.1989)Morning Walk15.03.1989
    17.12Nature’s Splendor (Nature’s Splendor)  (22.03.1989)Nature’s Splendor22.03.1989
    17.13Mountain Beauty (Mountain Beauty)  (29.03.1989)Mountain Beauty29.03.1989

    18.01Half-Oval Vignette (Half-Oval Vignette)  (05.07.1989)Half-Oval Vignette05.07.1989
    18.02Absolutely Autumn (Absolutely Autumn)  (12.07.1989)Absolutely Autumn12.07.1989
    18.03Mountain Seclusion (Mountain Seclusion)  (19.07.1989)Mountain Seclusion19.07.1989
    18.04Crimson Oval (Crimson Oval)  (26.07.1989)Crimson Oval26.07.1989
    18.05Autumn Exhibition (Autumn Exhibition)  (02.08.1989)Autumn Exhibition02.08.1989
    18.06Majestic Peaks (Majestic Peaks)  (09.08.1989)Majestic Peaks09.08.1989
    18.07Golden Morning Mist (Golden Morning Mist)  (16.08.1989)Golden Morning Mist16.08.1989
    18.08Winter Lace (Winter Lace)  (23.08.1989)Winter Lace23.08.1989
    18.09Seascape Fantasy (Seascape Fantasy)  (30.08.1989)Seascape Fantasy30.08.1989
    18.10Double-Oval Stream (Double-Oval Stream)  (06.09.1989)Double-Oval Stream06.09.1989
    18.11Enchanted Forest (Enchanted Forest)  (13.09.1989)Enchanted Forest13.09.1989
    18.12Southwest Serenity (Southwest Serenity)  (20.09.1989)Southwest Serenity20.09.1989
    18.13Rippling Waters (Rippling Waters)  (27.09.1989)Rippling Waters27.09.1989

    19.01Snowfall Magic (Snowfall Magic)  (03.01.1990)Snowfall Magic03.01.1990
    19.02Quiet Mountain Lake (Quiet Mountain Lake)  (10.01.1990)Quiet Mountain Lake10.01.1990
    19.03Final Embers Of Sunlight (Final Embers Of Sunlight)  (17.01.1990)Final Embers Of Sunlight17.01.1990
    19.04Snowy Morn (Snowy Morn)  (24.01.1990)Snowy Morn24.01.1990
    19.05Camper’s Haven (Camper’s Haven)  (31.01.1990)Camper’s Haven31.01.1990
    19.06Waterfall In The Woods (Waterfall In The Woods)  (07.02.1990)Waterfall In The Woods07.02.1990
    19.07Covered Bridge Oval (Covered Bridge Oval)  (14.02.1990)Covered Bridge Oval14.02.1990
    19.08Scenic Seclusion (Scenic Seclusion)  (21.02.1990)Scenic Seclusion21.02.1990
    19.09Ebb Tide (Ebb Tide)  (28.02.1990)Ebb Tide28.02.1990
    19.10After The Rain (After The Rain)  (07.03.1990)After The Rain07.03.1990
    19.11Winter Elegance (Winter Elegance)  (14.03.1990)Winter Elegance14.03.1990
    19.12Evening’s Peace (Evening’s Peace)  (21.03.1990)Evening’s Peace21.03.1990
    19.13Valley Of Tranquility (Valley Of Tranquility)  (28.03.1990)Valley Of Tranquility28.03.1990

    20.01Mystic Mountain (Mystic Mountain)  (04.04.1990)Mystic Mountain04.04.1990
    20.02New Day’s Dawn (New Day’s Dawn)  (11.04.1990)New Day’s Dawn11.04.1990
    20.03Winter in Pastel (Winter in Pastel)  (18.04.1990)Winter in Pastel18.04.1990
    20.04Hazy Day (Hazy Day)  (25.04.1990)Hazy Day25.04.1990
    20.05Divine Elegance (Divine Elegance)  (02.05.1990)Divine Elegance02.05.1990
    20.06Cliffside (Cliffside)  (09.05.1990)Cliffside09.05.1990
    20.07Autumn Fantasy (Autumn Fantasy)  (16.05.1990)Autumn Fantasy16.05.1990
    20.08The Old Oak Tree (The Old Oak Tree)  (23.05.1990)The Old Oak Tree23.05.1990
    20.09Winter Paradise (Winter Paradise)  (30.05.1990)Winter Paradise30.05.1990
    20.10Day’s Gone by (Day’s Gone by)  (06.06.1990)Day’s Gone by06.06.1990
    20.11Change Of Seasons (Change Of Seasons)  (13.06.1990)Change Of Seasons13.06.1990
    20.12Hidden Delight (Hidden Delight)  (20.06.1990)Hidden Delight20.06.1990
    20.13Double Take (Double Take)  (27.06.1990)Double Take27.06.1990

    21.01Valley View (Valley View)  (05.09.1990)Valley View05.09.1990
    21.02Tranquil Dawn (Tranquil Dawn)  (12.09.1990)Tranquil Dawn12.09.1990
    21.03Royal Majesty (Royal Majesty)  (19.09.1990)Royal Majesty19.09.1990
    21.04Serenity (Serenity)  (26.09.1990)Serenity26.09.1990
    21.05Cabin At Trail’s End (Cabin At Trail’s End)  (03.10.1990)Cabin At Trail’s End03.10.1990
    21.06Mountain Rhapsody (Mountain Rhapsody)  (10.10.1990)Mountain Rhapsody10.10.1990
    21.07Wilderness Cabin (Wilderness Cabin)  (17.10.1990)Wilderness Cabin17.10.1990
    21.08By-The-Sea (By-The-Sea)  (24.10.1990)By-The-Sea24.10.1990
    21.09Indian Summer (Indian Summer)  (31.10.1990)Indian Summer31.10.1990
    21.10Blue Winter (Blue Winter)  (07.11.1990)Blue Winter07.11.1990
    21.11Desert Glow (Desert Glow)  (14.11.1990)Desert Glow14.11.1990
    21.12Lone Mountain (Lone Mountain)  (21.11.1990)Lone Mountain21.11.1990
    21.13Florida’s Glory (Florida’s Glory)  (28.11.1990)Florida’s Glory28.11.1990

    22.01Autumn Images (Autumn Images)  (01.01.1991)Autumn Images01.01.1991
    22.02Hint Of Springtime (Hint Of Springtime)  (08.01.1991)Hint Of Springtime08.01.1991
    22.03Around The Bend (Around The Bend)  (15.01.1991)Around The Bend15.01.1991
    22.04Countryside Oval (Countryside Oval)  (22.01.1991)Countryside Oval22.01.1991
    22.05Russet Winter (Russet Winter)  (29.01.1991)Russet Winter29.01.1991
    22.06Purple Haze (Purple Haze)  (05.02.1991)Purple Haze05.02.1991
    22.07Dimensions (Dimensions)  (12.02.1991)Dimensions12.02.1991
    22.08Deep Wilderness Home (Deep Wilderness Home)  (19.02.1991)Deep Wilderness Home19.02.1991
    22.09Haven In The Valley (Haven In The Valley)  (26.02.1991)Haven In The Valley26.02.1991
    22.10Wintertime Blues (Wintertime Blues)  (05.03.1991)Wintertime Blues05.03.1991
    22.11Pastel Seascape (Pastel Seascape)  (12.03.1991)Pastel Seascape12.03.1991
    22.12Country Creek (Country Creek)  (19.03.1991)Country Creek19.03.1991
    22.13Silent Forest (Silent Forest)  (26.03.1991)Silent Forest26.03.1991

    23.01Frosty Winter Morn (Frosty Winter Morn)  (03.09.1991)Frosty Winter Morn03.09.1991
    23.02Forest Edge (Forest Edge)  (10.09.1991)Forest Edge10.09.1991
    23.03Mountain Ridge Lake (Mountain Ridge Lake)  (17.09.1991)Mountain Ridge Lake17.09.1991
    23.04Reflections Of Gold (Reflections Of Gold)  (24.09.1991)Reflections Of Gold24.09.1991
    23.05Quiet Cove (Quiet Cove)  (01.10.1991)Quiet Cove01.10.1991
    23.06River’s Peace (River’s Peace)  (08.10.1991)River’s Peace08.10.1991
    23.07At Dawn’s Light (At Dawn’s Light)  (15.10.1991)At Dawn’s Light15.10.1991
    23.08Valley Waterfall (Valley Waterfall)  (22.10.1991)Valley Waterfall22.10.1991
    23.09Toward Day’s End (Toward Day’s End)  (29.10.1991)Toward Day’s End29.10.1991
    23.10Falls In The Glen (Falls In The Glen)  (05.11.1991)Falls In The Glen05.11.1991
    23.11Frozen Beauty In Vignette (Frozen Beauty In Vignette)  (12.11.1991)Frozen Beauty In Vignette12.11.1991
    23.12Crimson Tide (Crimson Tide)  (19.11.1991)Crimson Tide19.11.1991
    23.13Winter Bliss (Winter Bliss)  (26.11.1991)Winter Bliss26.11.1991

    24.01Gray Mountain (Gray Mountain)  (07.01.1992)Gray Mountain07.01.1992
    24.02Wayside Pond (Wayside Pond)  (14.01.1992)Wayside Pond14.01.1992
    24.03Teton Winter (Teton Winter)  (21.01.1992)Teton Winter21.01.1992
    24.04Little Home In The Meadow (Little Home In The Meadow)  (28.01.1992)Little Home In The Meadow28.01.1992
    24.05A Pretty Autumn Day (A Pretty Autumn Day)  (04.02.1992)A Pretty Autumn Day04.02.1992
    24.06Mirrored Images (Mirrored Images)  (11.02.1992)Mirrored Images11.02.1992
    24.07Back-Country Path (Back-Country Path)  (18.02.1992)Back-Country Path18.02.1992
    24.08Graceful Waterfall (Graceful Waterfall)  (25.02.1992)Graceful Waterfall25.02.1992
    24.09Icy Lake (Icy Lake)  (03.03.1992)Icy Lake03.03.1992
    24.10Rowboat On The Beach (Rowboat On The Beach)  (10.03.1992)Rowboat On The Beach10.03.1992
    24.11Portrait Of Winter (Portrait Of Winter)  (17.03.1992)Portrait Of Winter17.03.1992
    24.12The Footbridge (The Footbridge)  (24.03.1992)The Footbridge24.03.1992
    24.13Snowbound Cabin (Snowbound Cabin)  (31.03.1992)Snowbound Cabin31.03.1992

    25.01Hide-A-Way Cove (Hide-A-Way Cove)  (25.08.1992)Hide-A-Way Cove25.08.1992
    25.02Enchanted Falls Oval (Enchanted Falls Oval)  (01.09.1992)Enchanted Falls Oval01.09.1992
    25.03Not Quite Spring (Not Quite Spring)  (08.09.1992)Not Quite Spring08.09.1992
    25.04Splashes of Autumn (Splashes of Autumn)  (15.09.1992)Splashes of Autumn15.09.1992
    25.05Summer in the Mountain (Summer in the Mountain)  (22.09.1992)Summer in the Mountain22.09.1992
    25.06Oriental Falls (Oriental Falls)  (29.09.1992)Oriental Falls29.09.1992
    25.07Autumn Palette (Autumn Palette)  (06.10.1992)Autumn Palette06.10.1992
    25.08Cypress Swamp (Cypress Swamp)  (13.10.1992)Cypress Swamp13.10.1992
    25.09Downstream View (Downstream View)  (20.10.1992)Downstream View20.10.1992
    25.10Just Before the Storm (Just Before the Storm)  (27.10.1992)Just Before the Storm27.10.1992
    25.11Fisherman’s Paradise (Fisherman’s Paradise)  (03.11.1992)Fisherman’s Paradise03.11.1992
    25.12Desert Hues (Desert Hues)  (10.11.1992)Desert Hues10.11.1992
    25.13The Property Line (The Property Line)  (17.11.1992)The Property Line17.11.1992

    26.01In the Stillness of Morning (In the Stillness of Morning)  (01.12.1992)In the Stillness of Morning01.12.1992
    26.02Delightful Meadow Home (Delightful Meadow Home)  (08.12.1992)Delightful Meadow Home08.12.1992
    26.03First Snow (First Snow)  (15.12.1992)First Snow15.12.1992
    26.04Lake in the Valley (Lake in the Valley)  (22.12.1992)Lake in the Valley22.12.1992
    26.05A Trace of Spring (A Trace of Spring)  (29.12.1992)A Trace of Spring29.12.1992
    26.06An Arctic Winter Day (An Arctic Winter Day)  (05.01.1993)An Arctic Winter Day05.01.1993
    26.07Snow Birch (Snow Birch)  (12.01.1993)Snow Birch12.01.1993
    26.08Early Autumn (Early Autumn)  (19.01.1993)Early Autumn19.01.1993
    26.09Tranquil Wooded Stream (Tranquil Wooded Stream)  (26.01.1993)Tranquil Wooded Stream26.01.1993
    26.10Purple Mountain Range (Purple Mountain Range)  (02.02.1993)Purple Mountain Range02.02.1993
    26.11Storm’s A Comin’ (Storm’s A Comin’)  (09.02.1993)Storm’s A Comin’09.02.1993
    26.12Sunset Aglow (Sunset Aglow)  (16.02.1993)Sunset Aglow16.02.1993
    26.13Evening at the Falls (Evening at the Falls)  (23.02.1993)Evening at the Falls23.02.1993

    27.01Twilight Beauty (Twilight Beauty)  (02.03.1993)Twilight Beauty02.03.1993
    27.02Angler’s Haven (Angler’s Haven)  (09.03.1993)Angler’s Haven09.03.1993
    27.03Rustic Winter Woods (Rustic Winter Woods)  (16.03.1993)Rustic Winter Woods16.03.1993
    27.04Wilderness Falls (Wilderness Falls)  (23.03.1993)Wilderness Falls23.03.1993
    27.05Winter at the Farm (Winter at the Farm)  (30.03.1993)Winter at the Farm30.03.1993
    27.06Daisies at Dawn (Daisies at Dawn)  (06.04.1993)Daisies at Dawn06.04.1993
    27.07A Spectacular View (A Spectacular View)  (13.04.1993)A Spectacular View13.04.1993
    27.08Daybreak (Daybreak)  (20.04.1993)Daybreak20.04.1993
    27.09Island Paradise (Island Paradise)  (27.04.1993)Island Paradise27.04.1993
    27.10Sunlight in the Shadows (Sunlight in the Shadows)  (04.05.1993)Sunlight in the Shadows04.05.1993
    27.11Splendor of a Snowy Winter (Splendor of a Snowy Winter)  (11.05.1993)Splendor of a Snowy Winter11.05.1993
    27.12Forest River (Forest River)  (18.05.1993)Forest River18.05.1993
    27.13Golden Glow of Morning (Golden Glow of Morning)  (20.05.1993)Golden Glow of Morning20.05.1993

    28.01Fisherman’s Trail (Fisherman’s Trail)  (25.05.1993)Fisherman’s Trail25.05.1993
    28.02A Warm Winter (A Warm Winter)  (01.06.1993)A Warm Winter01.06.1993
    28.03Under Pastel Skies (Under Pastel Skies)  (08.06.1993)Under Pastel Skies08.06.1993
    28.04Golden Rays of Sunlight (Golden Rays of Sunlight)  (15.06.1993)Golden Rays of Sunlight15.06.1993
    28.05The Magic of Fall (The Magic of Fall)  (22.06.1993)The Magic of Fall22.06.1993
    28.06Glacier Lake (Glacier Lake)  (29.06.1993)Glacier Lake29.06.1993
    28.07The Old Weathered Barn (The Old Weathered Barn)  (06.07.1993)The Old Weathered Barn06.07.1993
    28.08Deep Forest Falls (Deep Forest Falls)  (13.07.1993)Deep Forest Falls13.07.1993
    28.09Winter’s Grace (Winter’s Grace)  (20.07.1993)Winter’s Grace20.07.1993
    28.10Splendor of Autumn (Splendor of Autumn)  (27.07.1993)Splendor of Autumn27.07.1993
    28.11Tranquil Seas (Tranquil Seas)  (03.08.1993)Tranquil Seas03.08.1993
    28.12Mountain Serenity (Mountain Serenity)  (10.08.1993)Mountain Serenity10.08.1993
    28.13Home Before Nightfall (Home Before Nightfall)  (17.08.1993)Home Before Nightfall17.08.1993

    29.01Island in Wilderness (Island in Wilderness)  (24.08.1993)Island in Wilderness24.08.1993
    29.02Autumn Oval (Autumn Oval)  (31.08.1993)Autumn Oval31.08.1993
    29.03Seasonal Progression (Seasonal Progression)  (07.09.1993)Seasonal Progression07.09.1993
    29.04Light at the Summit (Light at the Summit)  (14.09.1993)Light at the Summit14.09.1993
    29.05Countryside Barn (Countryside Barn)  (21.09.1993)Countryside Barn21.09.1993
    29.06Mountain Lake Falls (Mountain Lake Falls)  (28.09.1993)Mountain Lake Falls28.09.1993
    29.07Cypress Creek (Cypress Creek)  (05.10.1993)Cypress Creek05.10.1993
    29.08Trapper’s Cabin (Trapper’s Cabin)  (12.10.1993)Trapper’s Cabin12.10.1993
    29.09Storm on the Horizon (Storm on the Horizon)  (19.10.1993)Storm on the Horizon19.10.1993
    29.10Pot O’ Posies (Pot O’ Posies)  (26.10.1993)Pot O’ Posies26.10.1993
    29.11A Perfect Winter Day (A Perfect Winter Day)  (02.11.1993)A Perfect Winter Day02.11.1993
    29.12Aurora’s Dance (Aurora’s Dance)  (09.11.1993)Aurora’s Dance09.11.1993
    29.13Woodman’s Retreat (Woodman’s Retreat)  (16.11.1993)Woodman’s Retreat16.11.1993

    30.01Babbling Brook (Babbling Brook)  (23.11.1993)Babbling Brook23.11.1993
    30.02Woodgrain View (Woodgrain View)  (30.11.1993)Woodgrain View30.11.1993
    30.03Winter’s Peace (Winter’s Peace)  (07.12.1993)Winter’s Peace07.12.1993
    30.04Wilderness Trail (Wilderness Trail)  (14.12.1993)Wilderness Trail14.12.1993
    30.05A Copper Winter (A Copper Winter)  (21.12.1993)A Copper Winter21.12.1993
    30.06Misty Foothills (Misty Foothills)  (28.12.1993)Misty Foothills28.12.1993
    30.07Through the Window (Through the Window)  (04.01.1994)Through the Window04.01.1994
    30.08Home in the Valley (Home in the Valley)  (11.01.1994)Home in the Valley11.01.1994
    30.09Mountains of Grace (Mountains of Grace)  (18.01.1994)Mountains of Grace18.01.1994
    30.10Seaside Harmony (Seaside Harmony)  (25.01.1994)Seaside Harmony25.01.1994
    30.11A Cold Spring Day (A Cold Spring Day)  (01.02.1994)A Cold Spring Day01.02.1994
    30.12Evening’s Glow (Evening’s Glow)  (08.02.1994)Evening’s Glow08.02.1994
    30.13Blue Ridge Falls (Blue Ridge Falls)  (15.02.1994)Blue Ridge Falls15.02.1994

    31.01Reflections of Calm (Reflections of Calm)  (22.02.1994)Reflections of Calm22.02.1994
    31.02Before the Snowfall (Before the Snowfall)  (01.03.1994)Before the Snowfall01.03.1994
    31.03Winding Stream (Winding Stream)  (08.03.1994)Winding Stream08.03.1994
    31.04Tranquility Cove (Tranquility Cove)  (15.03.1994)Tranquility Cove15.03.1994
    31.05Cabin in the Hollow (Cabin in the Hollow)  (22.03.1994)Cabin in the Hollow22.03.1994
    31.06View from Clear Creek (View from Clear Creek)  (29.03.1994)View from Clear Creek29.03.1994
    31.07Bridge to Autumn (Bridge to Autumn)  (05.04.1994)Bridge to Autumn05.04.1994
    31.08Trail’s End (Trail’s End)  (12.04.1994)Trail’s End12.04.1994
    31.09Evergreen Valley (Evergreen Valley)  (19.04.1994)Evergreen Valley19.04.1994
    31.10Balmy Beach (Balmy Beach)  (26.04.1994)Balmy Beach26.04.1994
    31.11Lake at the Ridge (Lake at the Ridge)  (03.05.1994)Lake at the Ridge03.05.1994
    31.12In the Midst of Winter (In the Midst of Winter)  (10.05.1994)In the Midst of Winter10.05.1994
    31.13Wilderness Day (Wilderness Day)  (17.05.1994)Wilderness Day17.05.1994

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