1.01 (Fly the Unfriendly Skies)  (16.09.1972)Fly the Unfriendly Skies16.09.1972
    1.02 (Tracy Grammar School, I’ll Lick You Yet)  (23.09.1972)Tracy Grammar School, I’ll Lick You Yet23.09.1972
    1.03 (Tennis, Emily?)  (30.09.1972)Tennis, Emily?30.09.1972
    1.04 (Mom, I L-L-Love You)  (07.10.1972)Mom, I L-L-Love You07.10.1972
    1.05 (Goodnight Nancy)  (21.10.1972)Goodnight Nancy21.10.1972
    1.06 (Come Live with Me)  (28.10.1972)Come Live with Me28.10.1972
    1.07 (Father Knows Worst)  (04.11.1972)Father Knows Worst04.11.1972
    1.08 (Don’t Go to Bed Mad)  (11.11.1972)Don’t Go to Bed Mad11.11.1972
    1.09 (P-I-L-O-T)  (18.11.1972)P-I-L-O-T18.11.1972
    1.10 (Anything Happen While I Was Gone?)  (25.11.1972)Anything Happen While I Was Gone?25.11.1972
    1.11 (I Want to Be Alone)  (02.12.1972)I Want to Be Alone02.12.1972
    1.12 (Bob and Emily and Howard and Carol and Jerry)  (09.12.1972)Bob and Emily and Howard and Carol and Jerry09.12.1972
    1.13 (I Owe It All to You … But Not That Much)  (16.12.1972)I Owe It All to You … But Not That Much16.12.1972
    1.14 (His Busiest Season)  (23.12.1972)His Busiest Season23.12.1972
    1.15 (Let’s Get Away from It Almost)  (06.01.1973)Let’s Get Away from It Almost06.01.1973
    1.16 (The Crash of 29 Years Old)  (13.01.1973)The Crash of 29 Years Old13.01.1973
    1.17 (The Man with the Golden Wrist)  (20.01.1973)The Man with the Golden Wrist20.01.1973
    1.18 (The Two Loves of Dr. Hartley)  (27.01.1973)The Two Loves of Dr. Hartley27.01.1973
    1.19 (Not with My Sister You Don’t)  (03.02.1973)Not with My Sister You Don’t03.02.1973
    1.20 (A Home Is Not Necessarily a House)  (10.02.1973)A Home Is Not Necessarily a House10.02.1973
    1.21 (Emily, I’m Home … Emily?)  (17.02.1973)Emily, I’m Home … Emily?17.02.1973
    1.22 (You Can Win ’Em All)  (24.02.1973)You Can Win ’Em All24.02.1973
    1.23 (Bum Voyage)  (03.03.1973)Bum Voyage03.03.1973
    1.24 (Who’s Been Sleeping on My Couch?)  (10.03.1973)Who’s Been Sleeping on My Couch?10.03.1973

    2.01 (Last TV Show)  (15.09.1973)Last TV Show15.09.1973
    2.02 (Motel)  (22.09.1973)Motel22.09.1973
    2.03 (Backlash)  (29.09.1973)Backlash29.09.1973
    2.04 (Somebody Down Here Likes Me)  (06.10.1973)Somebody Down Here Likes Me06.10.1973
    2.05 (Emily in for Carol)  (13.10.1973)Emily in for Carol13.10.1973
    2.06 (Have You Met Miss Dietz?)  (20.10.1973)Have You Met Miss Dietz?20.10.1973
    2.07 (Old Man Rivers)  (27.10.1973)Old Man Rivers27.10.1973
    2.08 (Mister Emily Hartley)  (03.11.1973)Mister Emily Hartley03.11.1973
    2.09 (Mutiny on the Hartley)  (10.11.1973)Mutiny on the Hartley10.11.1973
    2.10 (I’m Okay, You’re Okay, So What’s Wrong?)  (17.11.1973)I’m Okay, You’re Okay, So What’s Wrong?17.11.1973
    2.11 (Fit, Fat, and Forty-One)  (24.11.1973)Fit, Fat, and Forty-One24.11.1973
    2.12 (Blues for Mr. Borden)  (01.12.1973)Blues for Mr. Borden01.12.1973
    2.13 (My Wife Belongs to Daddy)  (08.12.1973)My Wife Belongs to Daddy08.12.1973
    2.14 (T.S. Elliot)  (15.12.1973)T.S. Elliot15.12.1973
    2.15 (I’m Dreaming of a Slight Christmas)  (22.12.1973)I’m Dreaming of a Slight Christmas22.12.1973
    2.16 (Oh, Brother)  (05.01.1974)Oh, Brother05.01.1974
    2.17 (The Modernization of Emily)  (12.01.1974)The Modernization of Emily12.01.1974
    2.18 (The Jobless Corps)  (19.01.1974)The Jobless Corps19.01.1974
    2.19 (Clink Shrink)  (26.01.1974)Clink Shrink26.01.1974
    2.20 (Mind Your Own Business)  (02.02.1974)Mind Your Own Business02.02.1974
    2.21 (A Love Story)  (09.02.1974)A Love Story09.02.1974
    2.22 (By the Way … You’re Fired)  (16.02.1974)By the Way … You’re Fired16.02.1974
    2.23 (Confessions of an Orthodontist)  (23.02.1974)Confessions of an Orthodontist23.02.1974
    2.24 (A Matter of Principal)  (02.03.1974)A Matter of Principal02.03.1974

    3.01 (Big Brother Is Watching)  (14.09.1974)Big Brother Is Watching14.09.1974
    3.02 (The Battle of the Groups)  (21.09.1974)The Battle of the Groups21.09.1974
    3.03 (The Great Timpau Medical Arts Experiment)  (28.09.1974)The Great Timpau Medical Arts Experiment28.09.1974
    3.04 (The Separation Story)  (05.10.1974)The Separation Story05.10.1974
    3.05 (Sorry, Wrong Mother)  (12.10.1974)Sorry, Wrong Mother12.10.1974
    3.06 (The Gray Flannel Shrink)  (19.10.1974)The Gray Flannel Shrink19.10.1974
    3.07 (Dr. Ryan’s Express)  (26.10.1974)Dr. Ryan’s Express26.10.1974
    3.08 (Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley)  (02.11.1974)Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley02.11.1974
    3.09 (Ship of Shrinks)  (09.11.1974)Ship of Shrinks09.11.1974
    3.10 (Life Is a Hamburger)  (16.11.1974)Life Is a Hamburger16.11.1974
    3.11 (An American Family)  (23.11.1974)An American Family23.11.1974
    3.12 (We Love You … Good-Bye)  (30.11.1974)We Love You … Good-Bye30.11.1974
    3.13 (Jerry Robinson Crusoe)  (07.12.1974)Jerry Robinson Crusoe07.12.1974
    3.14 (Serve for Daylight)  (14.12.1974)Serve for Daylight14.12.1974
    3.15 (Home Is Where the Hurt Is)  (21.12.1974)Home Is Where the Hurt Is21.12.1974
    3.16 (Tobin’s Back in Town)  (04.01.1975)Tobin’s Back in Town04.01.1975
    3.17 (Think Smartly--Vote Hartley)  (11.01.1975)Think Smartly--Vote Hartley11.01.1975
    3.18 (The Way We Weren’t)  (18.01.1975)The Way We Weren’t18.01.1975
    3.19 (A Pound of Flesh)  (25.01.1975)A Pound of Flesh25.01.1975
    3.20 (My Business Is Shrinking)  (01.02.1975)My Business Is Shrinking01.02.1975
    3.21 (The New Look)  (08.02.1975)The New Look08.02.1975
    3.22 (Bob Hits the Ceiling)  (15.02.1975)Bob Hits the Ceiling15.02.1975
    3.23 (Emily Hits the Ceiling)  (22.02.1975)Emily Hits the Ceiling22.02.1975
    3.24 (The Ceiling Hits Bob)  (08.03.1975)The Ceiling Hits Bob08.03.1975

    4.01 (The Longest Good-Bye)  (13.09.1975)The Longest Good-Bye13.09.1975
    4.02 (Here’s Looking at You, Kid)  (20.09.1975)Here’s Looking at You, Kid20.09.1975
    4.03 (Death of a Fruitman)  (27.09.1975)Death of a Fruitman27.09.1975
    4.04 (Change Is Gonna Do Me Good)  (04.10.1975)Change Is Gonna Do Me Good04.10.1975
    4.05 (The Heavyweights)  (11.10.1975)The Heavyweights11.10.1975
    4.06 (Carol’s Wedding)  (18.10.1975)Carol’s Wedding18.10.1975
    4.07 (Shrinks Across the Sea)  (25.10.1975)Shrinks Across the Sea25.10.1975
    4.08 (What’s It All About, Albert?)  (01.11.1975)What’s It All About, Albert?01.11.1975
    4.09 (Who Is Mr. X?)  (08.11.1975)Who Is Mr. X?08.11.1975
    4.10 (Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time)  (15.11.1975)Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time15.11.1975
    4.11 (Over the River and Through the Woods)  (22.11.1975)Over the River and Through the Woods22.11.1975
    4.12 (Fathers and Sons and Mothers)  (29.11.1975)Fathers and Sons and Mothers29.11.1975
    4.13 (The Article)  (06.12.1975)The Article06.12.1975
    4.14 (A Matter of Vice-Prinicipal)  (13.12.1975)A Matter of Vice-Prinicipal13.12.1975
    4.15 (Bob Has to Have His Tonsils Out, So He Spends Christmas Eve in the Hospital)  (20.12.1975)Bob Has to Have His Tonsils Out, So He Spends Christmas Eve in the Hospital20.12.1975
    4.16 (No Sale)  (03.01.1976)No Sale03.01.1976
    4.17 (Carol at 6:01)  (10.01.1976)Carol at 6:0110.01.1976
    4.18 (Warden Gordon Borden)  (17.01.1976)Warden Gordon Borden17.01.1976
    4.19 (My Boy Guillermo)  (24.01.1976)My Boy Guillermo24.01.1976
    4.20 (Duke of Dunk)  (31.01.1976)Duke of Dunk31.01.1976
    4.21 (Guaranteed Not to Shrink)  (07.02.1976)Guaranteed Not to Shrink07.02.1976
    4.22 (Birth of a Salesman)  (14.02.1976)Birth of a Salesman14.02.1976
    4.23 (The Boy Next Door)  (21.02.1976)The Boy Next Door21.02.1976
    4.24 (Peeper Two)  (28.02.1976)Peeper Two28.02.1976

    5.01 (Enter Mrs. Peeper)  (25.09.1976)Enter Mrs. Peeper25.09.1976
    5.02 (Caged Fury)  (02.10.1976)Caged Fury02.10.1976
    5.03 (Some of My Best Friends Are … )  (09.10.1976)Some of My Best Friends Are … 09.10.1976
    5.04 (Still Crazy After All These Years)  (16.10.1976)Still Crazy After All These Years16.10.1976
    5.05 (The Great Rent Strike)  (23.10.1976)The Great Rent Strike23.10.1976
    5.06 (Et Tu, Carol?)  (30.10.1976)Et Tu, Carol?30.10.1976
    5.07 (Send This Boy to Camp)  (06.11.1976)Send This Boy to Camp06.11.1976
    5.08 (A Crime Most Foul)  (13.11.1976)A Crime Most Foul13.11.1976
    5.09 (The Slammer)  (20.11.1976)The Slammer20.11.1976
    5.10 (Jerry’s Retirement)  (27.11.1976)Jerry’s Retirement27.11.1976
    5.11 (Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson)  (04.12.1976)Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson04.12.1976
    5.12 (Breaking Up Is Hard to Do)  (11.12.1976)Breaking Up Is Hard to Do11.12.1976
    5.13 (Making Up Is the Thing to Do)  (25.12.1976)Making Up Is the Thing to Do25.12.1976
    5.14 (Love Is the Blindest)  (08.01.1977)Love Is the Blindest08.01.1977
    5.15 (The Ironwood Experience)  (15.01.1977)The Ironwood Experience15.01.1977
    5.16 (Of Mice and Men)  (22.01.1977)Of Mice and Men22.01.1977
    5.17 (Halls of Hartley)  (29.01.1977)Halls of Hartley29.01.1977
    5.18 (The Heartbreak Kidd)  (05.02.1977)The Heartbreak Kidd05.02.1977
    5.19 (Death Be My Destiny)  (12.02.1977)Death Be My Destiny12.02.1977
    5.20 (Taxation Without Celebration)  (19.02.1977)Taxation Without Celebration19.02.1977
    5.21 (Desperate Sessions)  (26.02.1977)Desperate Sessions26.02.1977
    5.22 (The Mentor)  (05.03.1977)The Mentor05.03.1977
    5.23 (Shrinking Violence)  (12.03.1977)Shrinking Violence12.03.1977
    5.24 (You’re Having My Hartley)  (19.03.1977)You’re Having My Hartley19.03.1977

    6.01 (Bob’s Change of Life)  (24.09.1977)Bob’s Change of Life24.09.1977
    6.02 (Ex-Con Job)  (01.10.1977)Ex-Con Job01.10.1977
    6.03 (A Jackie Story)  (08.10.1977)A Jackie Story08.10.1977
    6.04 (Who Was That Masked Man?)  (15.10.1977)Who Was That Masked Man?15.10.1977
    6.05 (Carlin’s New Suit)  (22.10.1977)Carlin’s New Suit22.10.1977
    6.06 (A Day in the Life)  (29.10.1977)A Day in the Life29.10.1977
    6.07 (My Son the Comedian)  (12.11.1977)My Son the Comedian12.11.1977
    6.08 (You’re Fired, Mr. Chips)  (19.11.1977)You’re Fired, Mr. Chips19.11.1977
    6.09 (Shallow Throat)  (26.11.1977)Shallow Throat26.11.1977
    6.10 (A Girl in Her Twenties)  (03.12.1977)A Girl in Her Twenties03.12.1977
    6.11 (Grand Delusion)  (17.12.1977)Grand Delusion17.12.1977
    6.12 (’Twas the Pie Before Christmas)  (24.12.1977)’Twas the Pie Before Christmas24.12.1977
    6.13 (Freudian Ship)  (07.01.1978)Freudian Ship07.01.1978
    6.14 (Grizzly Emily)  (14.01.1978)Grizzly Emily14.01.1978
    6.15 (Son of an Ex-Con Job)  (21.01.1978)Son of an Ex-Con Job21.01.1978
    6.16 (Group on a Hot Tin Roof)  (28.01.1978)Group on a Hot Tin Roof28.01.1978
    6.17 (Emily Carlin, Emily Carlin)  (04.02.1978)Emily Carlin, Emily Carlin04.02.1978
    6.18 (Easy for You to Say)  (11.02.1978)Easy for You to Say11.02.1978
    6.19 (It Didn’t Happen One Night)  (18.02.1978)It Didn’t Happen One Night18.02.1978
    6.20 (Carol Ankles for Indie-Prod)  (04.03.1978)Carol Ankles for Indie-Prod04.03.1978
    6.21 (Crisis in Education)  (11.03.1978)Crisis in Education11.03.1978
    6.22 (Happy Trails to You)  (01.04.1978)Happy Trails to You01.04.1978

    (The Bob Newhart Show 19th Anniversary Special)  (23.11.1991)The Bob Newhart Show 19th Anniversary Special23.11.1991

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