Solo für O.N.C.E.L.

    Staffel 1

    11.01(The Vulcan Affair) (22.09.1964)The Vulcan Affair22.09.1964
    21.02(The Iowa Scuba Affair) (29.09.1964)The Iowa Scuba Affair29.09.1964
    31.03(The Quadripartite Affair) (06.10.1964)The Quadripartite Affair06.10.1964
    41.04(The Shark Affair) (13.10.1964)The Shark Affair13.10.1964
    51.05(The Deadly Games Affair) (20.10.1964)The Deadly Games Affair20.10.1964
    61.06(The Green Opal Affair) (27.10.1964)The Green Opal Affair27.10.1964
    71.07(The Giuoco Piano Affair) (10.11.1964)The Giuoco Piano Affair10.11.1964
    81.08(The Double Affair) (17.11.1964)The Double Affair17.11.1964
    91.09(The Project Strigas Affair) (24.11.1964)The Project Strigas Affair24.11.1964
    101.10(The Finny Foot Affair) (24.11.1964)The Finny Foot Affair24.11.1964
    111.11(The Neptune Affair) (08.12.1964)The Neptune Affair08.12.1964
    121.12(The Dove Affair) (15.12.1964)The Dove Affair15.12.1964
    131.13(The King Of Knaves Affair) (22.12.1964)The King Of Knaves Affair22.12.1964
    141.14(The Terbuf Affair) (29.12.1964)The Terbuf Affair29.12.1964
    151.15(The Deadly Decoy Affair) (11.01.1965)The Deadly Decoy Affair11.01.1965
    161.16(The Fiddlesticks Affair) (18.01.1965)The Fiddlesticks Affair18.01.1965
    171.17(The Yellow Scarf Affair) (25.01.1965)The Yellow Scarf Affair25.01.1965
    181.18(The Mad, Mad, Tea Party Affair) (01.02.1965)The Mad, Mad, Tea Party Affair01.02.1965
    191.19(The Secret Sceptre Affair) (08.02.1965)The Secret Sceptre Affair08.02.1965
    201.20(The Bow-wow Affair) (15.02.1965)The Bow-wow Affair15.02.1965
    211.21(The Four-steps Affair) (22.02.1965)The Four-steps Affair22.02.1965
    221.22(The See-paris-and-die Affair) (01.03.1965)The See-paris-and-die Affair01.03.1965
    231.23(The Brain-killer Affair) (08.03.1965)The Brain-killer Affair08.03.1965
    241.24(The Hong Kong Shilling Affair) (15.03.1965)The Hong Kong Shilling Affair15.03.1965
    251.25(The Never-never Affair) (22.03.1965)The Never-never Affair22.03.1965
    261.26(The Love Affair) (28.03.1965)The Love Affair28.03.1965
    271.27(The Gazebo In The Maze Affair) (05.04.1965)The Gazebo In The Maze Affair05.04.1965
    281.28(The Girls Of Nazarone Affair) (12.04.1965)The Girls Of Nazarone Affair12.04.1965
    291.29(The Odd Man Affair) (19.04.1965)The Odd Man Affair19.04.1965

    Staffel 2

    302.01(The Alexander The Greater Affair (1)) (17.09.1965)The Alexander The Greater Affair (1)17.09.1965
    312.02(The Alexander The Greater Affair (2)) (24.09.1965)The Alexander The Greater Affair (2)24.09.1965
    322.03Das Superhirn(The Ultimate Computer Affair) (01.10.1965)The Ultimate Computer Affair01.10.1965
    332.04Der Beste gewinnt(The Foxes And Hounds Affair) (08.10.1965)The Foxes And Hounds Affair08.10.1965
    342.05Sicher ist sicher(The Discotheque Affair) (15.10.1965)The Discotheque Affair15.10.1965
    352.06Die Kunstfreunde(The Re-Collector’s Affair) (22.10.1965)The Re-Collector’s Affair22.10.1965
    362.07Spurlos verschwunden(The Arabian Affair) (29.10.1965)The Arabian Affair29.10.1965
    372.08Die Tigerjagd(The Tigers Are Coming Affair) (05.11.1965)The Tigers Are Coming Affair05.11.1965
    382.09In den Fängen von Trush(The Deadly Toys Affair) (12.11.1965)The Deadly Toys Affair12.11.1965
    392.10Tanz auf dem Vulkan(The Cherry Blossom Affair) (19.11.1965)The Cherry Blossom Affair19.11.1965
    402.11Zwischen Raketen und der Guillotine(The Virtue Affair) (03.12.1965)The Virtue Affair03.12.1965
    412.12Die Gangsterschmiede(The Children’s Day Affair) (10.12.1965)The Children’s Day Affair10.12.1965
    422.13Schön gefährlich(The Adriatic Express Affair) (17.12.1965)The Adriatic Express Affair17.12.1965
    432.14Auf Eis gelegt(The Yukon Affair) (24.12.1965)The Yukon Affair24.12.1965
    442.15Voodoozauber(The Very Important Zombie Affair) (31.12.1965)The Very Important Zombie Affair31.12.1965
    452.16Mann lebt nur zweimal(The Dippy Blonde Affair) (07.01.1966)The Dippy Blonde Affair07.01.1966
    462.17Der Schatz, der vom Himmel fiel(The Deadly Goddess Affair) (14.01.1966)The Deadly Goddess Affair14.01.1966
    472.18Die Killerbienen(The Birds And The Bees Affair) (21.01.1966)The Birds And The Bees Affair21.01.1966
    482.19Der Doppelagent(The Waverly Ring Affair) (28.01.1966)The Waverly Ring Affair28.01.1966
    492.20(The Bridge Of Lions Affair (1)) (04.02.1966)The Bridge Of Lions Affair (1)04.02.1966
    502.21(The Bridge Of Lions Affair (2)) (11.02.1966)The Bridge Of Lions Affair (2)11.02.1966
    512.22Gefangene der Wüste(The Foreign Legion Affair) (18.02.1966)The Foreign Legion Affair18.02.1966
    522.23Eine strahlende Erfindung(The Moonglow Affair) (25.02.1966)The Moonglow Affair25.02.1966
    532.24Die Gedächtnispille(The Nowhere Affair) (04.03.1966)The Nowhere Affair04.03.1966
    542.25Der Diamantenpudding(The King Of Diamonds Affair) (11.03.1966)The King Of Diamonds Affair11.03.1966
    552.26Das Täuschungsmanöver(The Project Deephole Affair) (18.03.1966)The Project Deephole Affair18.03.1966
    562.27Das Gangsternest(The Round Table Affair) (25.03.1966)The Round Table Affair25.03.1966
    572.28Operation Nachtflug(The Batcave Affair) (01.04.1966)The Batcave Affair01.04.1966
    582.29Die Geheimformel(The Minus-X Affair) (08.04.1966)The Minus-X Affair08.04.1966
    592.30Unter den Indianern(The Indian Affairs Affair) (15.04.1966)The Indian Affairs Affair15.04.1966

    Staffel 3

    603.01Auf Mord programmiert(The Her Master’s Voice Affair) (16.09.1966)The Her Master’s Voice Affair16.09.1966
    613.02Die Robo-Mädchen(The Sort Of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair) (23.09.1966)The Sort Of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair23.09.1966
    623.03Gemischtes Doppel(The Galatea Affair) (30.09.1966)The Galatea Affair30.09.1966
    633.04Ein Bombenerfolg(The Super-Colossal Affair) (07.10.1966)The Super-Colossal Affair07.10.1966
    643.05Der falsche Abt(The Monks Of St. Thomas Affair) (14.10.1966)The Monks Of St. Thomas Affair14.10.1966
    653.06Der Hippie Job(The Pop Art Affair) (21.10.1966)The Pop Art Affair21.10.1966
    663.07Der Friedensstifter(The Thor Affair) (28.10.1966)The Thor Affair28.10.1966
    673.08Die Frau an seiner Seite(The Candidate’s Wife Affair) (04.11.1966)The Candidate’s Wife Affair04.11.1966
    683.09Der arabische Handel(The Come With Me To The Casbah Affair) (11.11.1966)The Come With Me To The Casbah Affair11.11.1966
    693.10Alles Theater(The Off Broadway Affair) (18.11.1966)The Off Broadway Affair18.11.1966
    703.11(The Concrete Overcoat Affair (1)) (25.11.1966)The Concrete Overcoat Affair (1)25.11.1966
    713.12(The Concrete Overcoat Affair (2)) (02.12.1966)The Concrete Overcoat Affair (2)02.12.1966
    723.13Der Thronerbe(The Abominable Snowman Affair) (09.12.1966)The Abominable Snowman Affair09.12.1966
    733.14Die schöne Wilde(The My Friend, The Gorilla Affair) (16.12.1966)The My Friend, The Gorilla Affair16.12.1966
    743.15Der Bär des Balkans(The Jingle Bells Affair) (23.12.1966)The Jingle Bells Affair23.12.1966
    753.16Der Ufo-Schwindel(The Take Me To Your Leader Affair) (30.12.1966)The Take Me To Your Leader Affair30.12.1966
    763.17Die netten Nachbarn(The Suburbia Affair) (06.01.1967)The Suburbia Affair06.01.1967
    773.18Erstarrt(The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair) (13.01.1967)The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair13.01.1967
    783.19Die Meuterei(The Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Affair) (20.01.1967)The Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Affair20.01.1967
    793.20Der Staatsbesuch(The Napoleon’s Tomb Affair) (27.01.1967)The Napoleon’s Tomb Affair27.01.1967
    803.21Unter Räubern(The It’s All Greek To Me Affair) (03.02.1967)The It’s All Greek To Me Affair03.02.1967
    813.22Die explosive Puppe(The Hula Doll Affair) (17.02.1967)The Hula Doll Affair17.02.1967
    823.23Der Spionageroman(The Pieces Of Fate Affair) (24.02.1967)The Pieces Of Fate Affair24.02.1967
    833.24Ahnungslos(The Matterhorn Affair) (03.03.1967)The Matterhorn Affair03.03.1967
    843.25Die Thrushmode(The Hot Number Affair) (10.03.1967)The Hot Number Affair10.03.1967
    853.26Das Duftgeheimnis(The When In Roma Affair) (17.03.1967)The When In Roma Affair17.03.1967
    863.27Die Sprengäpfel(The Apple A Day Affair) (24.03.1967)The Apple A Day Affair24.03.1967
    873.28(The Five Daughters Affair (1)) (31.03.1967)The Five Daughters Affair (1)31.03.1967
    883.29(The Five Daughters Affair (2)) (07.04.1967)The Five Daughters Affair (2)07.04.1967
    893.30Ehrensache(The Cap And Gown Affair) (14.04.1967)The Cap And Gown Affair14.04.1967

    Staffel 4

    904.01Der Verrat(The Summit-Five Affair) (11.09.1967)The Summit-Five Affair11.09.1967
    914.02Die Killer Elite(The Test Tube Killer Affair) (18.09.1967)The Test Tube Killer Affair18.09.1967
    924.03Die Firma(The ‘J’ For Judas Affair) (25.09.1967)The ‘J’ For Judas Affair25.09.1967
    934.04(The Prince Of Darkness Affair (1)) (02.10.1967)The Prince Of Darkness Affair (1)02.10.1967
    944.05(The Prince Of Darkness Affair (2)) (09.10.1967)The Prince Of Darkness Affair (2)09.10.1967
    954.06Der Gegenschlag(The Master’s Touch Affair) (16.10.1967)The Master’s Touch Affair16.10.1967
    964.07Das THRUSH-Roulette(The THRUSH Roulette Affair) (23.10.1967)The THRUSH Roulette Affair23.10.1967
    974.08Teuflische Jagd(The Deadly Quest Affair) (30.10.1967)The Deadly Quest Affair30.10.1967
    984.09Die rätselhaften Drei(The Fiery Angel Affair) (06.11.1967)The Fiery Angel Affair06.11.1967
    994.10Die U.N.C.L.E. Schule(The Survival School Affair) (20.11.1967)The Survival School Affair20.11.1967
    1004.11Die Strahlenpistole(The Gurnius Affair) (27.11.1967)The Gurnius Affair27.11.1967
    1014.12Die Sklaveninsel(The Man From THRUSH Affair) (04.12.1967)The Man From THRUSH Affair04.12.1967
    1024.13Der Bombentrick(The Maze Affair) (18.12.1967)The Maze Affair18.12.1967
    1034.14Das Geheime U-Boot(The Deep Six Affair) (25.12.1967)The Deep Six Affair25.12.1967
    1044.15(The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair (1)) (08.01.1968)The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair (1)08.01.1968
    1054.16(The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair (2)) (15.01.1968)The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair (2)15.01.1968


    1Agent auf Kanal D(To Trap A Spy)  To Trap A Spy
    2Spion mit meinem Gesicht(The Spy With My Face)  The Spy With My Face
    3Ein Spion zu viel(One Spy Too Many)  One Spy Too Many
    4Krieg der Spione(One Of Our Spies Is Missing)  One Of Our Spies Is Missing
    5Der Mann im grünen Hut(The Spy In The Green Hat)  The Spy In The Green Hat
    6Die Karate Killer(The Karate Killers)  The Karate Killers
    7Die unverbesserlichen Drei(The Helicopter Spies)  The Helicopter Spies
    8Wie stehle ich die Welt(How To Steal The World)  How To Steal The World
    9Thunderball(The Return Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair) (05.04.1983)The Return Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair05.04.1983

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