1.01 (Benjamin to the Rescue)  (06.04.1981)Benjamin to the Rescue06.04.1981
    1.02 (Jungle Swamp Survival)  (13.04.1981)Jungle Swamp Survival13.04.1981
    1.03 (The Party)  (20.04.1981)The Party20.04.1981
    1.04 (Captain’s Helper)  (27.04.1981)Captain’s Helper27.04.1981

    2.01 (Judy’s in the Driver’s Seat)  (12.10.1981)Judy’s in the Driver’s Seat12.10.1981
    2.02 (Judy Got Her Gun)  (19.10.1981)Judy Got Her Gun19.10.1981
    2.03 (So Long, Sergeant Ross)  (26.10.1981)So Long, Sergeant Ross26.10.1981
    2.04 (Give Me Liberty (1))  (02.11.1981)Give Me Liberty (1)02.11.1981
    2.05 (Give Me Liberty (2))  (09.11.1981)Give Me Liberty (2)09.11.1981
    2.06 (For the Love of Judy)  (16.11.1981)For the Love of Judy16.11.1981
    2.07 (Bye, Bye Benjamin)  (30.11.1981)Bye, Bye Benjamin30.11.1981
    2.08 (Undercover Judy)  (07.12.1981)Undercover Judy07.12.1981
    2.09 (Gone with the Jeep)  (21.12.1981)Gone with the Jeep21.12.1981
    2.10 (A Bath for Benjamin)  (28.12.1981)A Bath for Benjamin28.12.1981
    2.11 (Man on the Floor)  (04.01.1982)Man on the Floor04.01.1982
    2.12 (Not For Men Only)  (18.01.1982)Not For Men Only18.01.1982
    2.13 (Moments to Remember)  (25.01.1982)Moments to Remember25.01.1982
    2.14 (I Wonder Who’s Blackballing Her Now?)  (01.02.1982)I Wonder Who’s Blackballing Her Now?01.02.1982
    2.15 (Are You Sure Mike Wallace Started Out Like This?)  (08.02.1982)Are You Sure Mike Wallace Started Out Like This?08.02.1982
    2.16 (Beauty and the Brass)  (15.02.1982)Beauty and the Brass15.02.1982
    2.17 (When It’s Hot, It’s Hot)  (01.03.1982)When It’s Hot, It’s Hot01.03.1982
    2.18 (Reds and Blues)  (15.03.1982)Reds and Blues15.03.1982
    2.19 (Profiles in Courage)  (05.04.1982)Profiles in Courage05.04.1982
    2.20 (S*M*A*S*H)  (12.04.1982)S*M*A*S*H12.04.1982
    2.21 (Me, Me, Me)  (19.04.1982)Me, Me, Me19.04.1982
    2.22 (The Real World)  (26.04.1982)The Real World26.04.1982

    3.01 (Astro Chimp)  (27.09.1982)Astro Chimp27.09.1982
    3.02 (Judy’s Army)  (04.10.1982)Judy’s Army04.10.1982
    3.03 (You Ought to be in Pictures)  (11.10.1982)You Ought to be in Pictures11.10.1982
    3.04 (Ross vs. the Robot)  (18.10.1982)Ross vs. the Robot18.10.1982
    3.05 (Chariots of Ire)  (01.11.1982)Chariots of Ire01.11.1982
    3.06 (The Triangle)  (08.11.1982)The Triangle08.11.1982
    3.07 (Fielding’s Crisis)  (15.11.1982)Fielding’s Crisis15.11.1982
    3.08 (Be All That You Can Be)  (22.11.1982)Be All That You Can Be22.11.1982
    3.09 (The Talent Show)  (29.11.1982)The Talent Show29.11.1982
    3.10 (Tank’s Solider)  (13.12.1982)Tank’s Solider13.12.1982
    3.11 (Sacred Land)  (27.12.1982)Sacred Land27.12.1982
    3.12 (Take My Mother, Please)  (03.01.1983)Take My Mother, Please03.01.1983
    3.13 (Judy’s Cousin)  (10.01.1983)Judy’s Cousin10.01.1983

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