1.01 (What She Least Expected)  (25.07.2001)What She Least Expected25.07.2001
    1.02 (Her Secret Passion)  (01.08.2001)Her Secret Passion01.08.2001
    1.03 (Some Kind Of Madness)  (08.08.2001)Some Kind Of Madness08.08.2001
    1.04 (For The Greater Good)  (15.08.2001)For The Greater Good15.08.2001
    1.05 (Paternal Feeling)  (22.08.2001)Paternal Feeling22.08.2001
    1.06 (More Things In Heaven And Earth)  (29.08.2001)More Things In Heaven And Earth29.08.2001
    1.07 (Crime, Punishment And Everything In Between)  (05.09.2001)Crime, Punishment And Everything In Between05.09.2001
    1.08 (Bassett Confidential)  (19.09.2001)Bassett Confidential19.09.2001
    1.09 (All’s Fair)  (26.09.2001)All’s Fair26.09.2001
    1.10 (Lazy Sunday Afternoon)  (03.10.2001)Lazy Sunday Afternoon03.10.2001
    1.11 (The Most Deserving)  (06.03.2002)The Most Deserving06.03.2002
    1.12 (Lost and Found)  (13.03.2002)Lost and Found13.03.2002
    1.13 (Undue Influence)  (20.03.2002)Undue Influence20.03.2002
    1.14 (Patience)  (27.03.2002)Patience27.03.2002
    1.15 (Do the Right Thing)  (03.04.2002)Do the Right Thing03.04.2002
    1.16 (The Best Laid Plans)  (10.04.2002)The Best Laid Plans10.04.2002
    1.17 (Revelations)  (17.04.2002)Revelations17.04.2002
    1.18 (Chickens, Roosting)  (24.04.2002)Chickens, Roosting24.04.2002
    1.19 (Live and Let Live)  (01.05.2002)Live and Let Live01.05.2002
    1.20 (Blame)  (08.05.2002)Blame08.05.2002

    2.01 (Faint Heart Ne’er Won Fair Maiden)  (25.09.2002)Faint Heart Ne’er Won Fair Maiden25.09.2002
    2.02 (Stand by Your Man)  (02.10.2002)Stand by Your Man02.10.2002
    2.03 (The Making of Him)  (09.10.2002)The Making of Him09.10.2002
    2.04 (Put Away Childish Things)  (16.10.2002)Put Away Childish Things16.10.2002
    2.05 (Death and Taxes)  (23.10.2002)Death and Taxes23.10.2002
    2.06 (Fear and Loathing)  (30.10.2002)Fear and Loathing30.10.2002
    2.07 (Festival of Romance)  (06.11.2002)Festival of Romance06.11.2002
    2.08 (Desire and its Undoing)  (13.11.2002)Desire and its Undoing13.11.2002
    2.09 (Cruel to be Kind)  (20.11.2002)Cruel to be Kind20.11.2002
    2.10 (To Kill a Minah Bird)  (20.11.2002)To Kill a Minah Bird20.11.2002
    2.11 (The Day That The Rain Came Down)  (14.02.2003)The Day That The Rain Came Down14.02.2003
    2.12 (Reality Bites)  (21.02.2003)Reality Bites21.02.2003
    2.13 (Pride and Prejudice)  (28.02.2003)Pride and Prejudice28.02.2003
    2.14 (Light my Fire)  (07.03.2003)Light my Fire07.03.2003
    2.15 (One Wedding and a Funeral)  (14.03.2003)One Wedding and a Funeral14.03.2003
    2.16 (An Angel at My Wash House)  (21.03.2003)An Angel at My Wash House21.03.2003
    2.17 (Fork in the Road)  (28.03.2003)Fork in the Road28.03.2003
    2.18 (Saturday Night Fever)  (04.04.2003)Saturday Night Fever04.04.2003
    2.19 (Great Escape)  (11.04.2003)Great Escape11.04.2003
    2.20 (Do It For Love)  (18.04.2003)Do It For Love18.04.2003

    3.01 (Oversexed, Overpaid and Over Here)  (01.08.2003)Oversexed, Overpaid and Over Here01.08.2003
    3.02 (Survival of the Fittest)  (08.08.2003)Survival of the Fittest08.08.2003
    3.03 (For Better, For Worse)  (15.08.2003)For Better, For Worse15.08.2003
    3.04 (Rules of the Game)  (22.08.2003)Rules of the Game22.08.2003
    3.05 (Destiny in Motion)  (29.08.2003)Destiny in Motion29.08.2003
    3.06 (Something in the Water)  (05.09.2003)Something in the Water05.09.2003
    3.07 (When Ken Met Wendy)  (12.09.2003)When Ken Met Wendy12.09.2003
    3.08 (Good, Bad, Ugly)  (19.09.2003)Good, Bad, Ugly19.09.2003
    3.09 (The Uses of Pork)  (26.09.2003)The Uses of Pork26.09.2003
    3.10 (Suspicious Minds)  (03.10.2003)Suspicious Minds03.10.2003
    3.11 (Instinct)  (16.01.2004)Instinct16.01.2004
    3.12 (The Woodpile)  (23.01.2004)The Woodpile23.01.2004
    3.13 (Like the Nuns Love Jesus)  (30.01.2004)Like the Nuns Love Jesus30.01.2004
    3.14 (The Company of Pigs)  (13.02.2004)The Company of Pigs13.02.2004
    3.15 (The Book I Read)  (20.02.2004)The Book I Read20.02.2004
    3.16 (History Lessons)  (27.02.2004)History Lessons27.02.2004
    3.17 (The Fruit of Good Works)  (05.03.2004)The Fruit of Good Works05.03.2004
    3.18 (Honour Thy Father)  (12.03.2004)Honour Thy Father12.03.2004
    3.19 (May The Force Be With You)  (19.03.2004)May The Force Be With You19.03.2004
    3.20 (Love From Bassett)  (19.03.2004)Love From Bassett19.03.2004

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