Jeanne, die Kamikaze-Diebin

    Staffel 1

    11.01Möge das Spiel beginnen!The Angel with a Notice Card27.08.200113.02.1999The Angel with a Notice Card13.02.1999
    21.02Hiromi braucht HilfeThe Target Is Family Bond!28.08.200120.02.1999The Target Is Family Bond!20.02.1999
    31.03Der Dämon in der VaseAn Encircling Net! The Whole Student Body Is the Enemy29.08.200127.02.1999An Encircling Net! The Whole Student Body Is the Enemy27.02.1999
    41.041:0 für SindbadA Thief’s Job Saves a Company, Too?30.08.200106.03.1999A Thief’s Job Saves a Company, Too?06.03.1999
    51.05Die Träne der ÄgäisEmergency at the Airport!31.08.200113.03.1999Emergency at the Airport!13.03.1999
    61.06Das Geheimnis der KameeThe Partner in Crime Is a Mysterious Old Woman?30.09.200120.03.1999The Partner in Crime Is a Mysterious Old Woman?20.03.1999
    71.07Letzte ChanceFather-Daughter Detective Team! The Final Gamble04.09.200127.03.1999Father-Daughter Detective Team! The Final Gamble27.03.1999
    81.08Die verschwundene MelodieSteal the Melody of Love!05.09.200103.04.1999Steal the Melody of Love!03.04.1999
    91.09VaterliebeThe Heartless Checkmate06.09.200110.04.1999The Heartless Checkmate10.04.1999
    101.10Es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänztThe Masked Man! What Is His True Identity?07.09.200117.04.1999The Masked Man! What Is His True Identity?17.04.1999
    111.11Der HandtaschendiebAh, the Beautiful Heart of an Officer10.09.200124.04.1999Ah, the Beautiful Heart of an Officer24.04.1999
    121.12Romeo und JuliaThe Pin Is Mightier Than the Sword!11.09.200101.05.1999The Pin Is Mightier Than the Sword!01.05.1999
    131.13VergissmeinnichtThe Angel of Hearts, with a Memory Loss Plant12.09.200108.05.1999The Angel of Hearts, with a Memory Loss Plant08.05.1999
    141.14Das BrautkleidA Wedding Dress Is the Target13.09.200115.05.1999A Wedding Dress Is the Target15.05.1999
    151.15Der Dämon im VergnügungsparkShocking Confession of Love in the Amusement Park!14.09.200122.05.1999Shocking Confession of Love in the Amusement Park!22.05.1999
    161.16Ein erster Kuss im MondscheinA First Kiss Illuminated by Moonlight!17.09.200129.05.1999A First Kiss Illuminated by Moonlight!29.05.1999
    171.17Die Liebe schlägt ein wie der BlitzSudden Intimacy! Love’s Tempestuous Arrival18.09.200105.06.1999Sudden Intimacy! Love’s Tempestuous Arrival05.06.1999
    181.18Freundschaft in GefahrThe Angel Attacks Friendship’s Medal19.09.200112.06.1999The Angel Attacks Friendship’s Medal12.06.1999
    191.19Erinnerungen an PapaSeal! Evidence of Fatherly Love20.09.200119.06.1999Seal! Evidence of Fatherly Love19.06.1999
    201.20Wo ist Maron?The Day Courage and Hope Were Broken21.09.200126.06.1999The Day Courage and Hope Were Broken26.06.1999
    211.21Ausflug in die VergangenheitMiyako, Attacking Love and Friendship!24.09.200103.07.1999Miyako, Attacking Love and Friendship!03.07.1999
    221.22Der blaue Morpho – Teil 1Dive! Double Kaito Death25.09.200110.07.1999Dive! Double Kaito Death10.07.1999
    231.23Der blaue Morpho – Teil 2Checkmate! The Magical Blue Butterfly26.09.200117.07.1999Checkmate! The Magical Blue Butterfly17.07.1999
    241.24Auf KreuzfahrtLuxury Cruise Monkey Panic27.09.200107.08.1999Luxury Cruise Monkey Panic07.08.1999
    251.25Satomis PuppeGhost Story! Haunted Summer School28.09.200114.08.1999Ghost Story! Haunted Summer School14.08.1999
    261.26Angriff auf die Ninja-FestungInfiltrate! Karakuri Ninja Castle01.10.200121.08.1999Infiltrate! Karakuri Ninja Castle21.08.1999
    271.27Abschied von FinA Tearful Parting-Angel Fin02.10.200111.09.1999A Tearful Parting-Angel Fin11.09.1999

    Staffel 2

    282.01Verwandlung ohne FinAdvent of the Angel! New Transformation04.10.200118.09.1999Advent of the Angel! New Transformation18.09.1999
    292.02Der Engel der GlückseligkeitTotally Beautiful! The Mysterious Teacher Appears05.10.200125.09.1999Totally Beautiful! The Mysterious Teacher Appears25.09.1999
    302.03Der BlindenhundDefender, Burning with Renewed Spirit08.10.200102.10.1999Defender, Burning with Renewed Spirit02.10.1999
    312.04Werbestar YamatoKaito Is Doing a Commercial!?09.10.200109.10.1999Kaito Is Doing a Commercial!?09.10.1999
    322.05Jeanne in LebensgefahrKaito Jeanne Elimination Order!10.10.200105.10.1999Kaito Jeanne Elimination Order!05.10.1999
    332.06Sindbad, der LügnerSinbad the Liar!11.10.200130.10.1999Sinbad the Liar!30.10.1999
    342.07Der Schmerz der LiebeConfession of Separation! I’m Not Going to Trust Anyone!12.10.200106.11.1999Confession of Separation! I’m Not Going to Trust Anyone!06.11.1999
    352.08Der VertrauensbeweisJeanne: Revival of the Power of Love!15.10.200113.11.1999Jeanne: Revival of the Power of Love!13.11.1999
    362.09FamilienbandeIs a Thief an Ally of a Cop!?16.10.200120.11.1999Is a Thief an Ally of a Cop!?20.11.1999
    372.10Ein neues HerzA Boy with a Demon’s Heart17.10.200127.11.1999A Boy with a Demon’s Heart27.11.1999
    382.11Kampf um ZenDecision!? Checkmate of Sorrow18.10.200104.12.1999Decision!? Checkmate of Sorrow04.12.1999
    392.12Cherrys ElternOnly One Wish! To Father and Mother19.10.200111.12.1999Only One Wish! To Father and Mother11.12.1999
    402.13Vertraue niemandemEvil Transformation! Myst’s Assault22.10.200118.12.1999Evil Transformation! Myst’s Assault18.12.1999
    412.14Die Geschichte des Herrn ShikaidoReunion with Finn! Dramatic Nightmare23.10.200108.01.2000Reunion with Finn! Dramatic Nightmare08.01.2000
    422.15Fin kehrt zurückKaito, Surpass Space and Time!24.10.200115.01.2000Kaito, Surpass Space and Time!15.01.2000
    432.16Das Ende einer Freundschaft?Friendship Destroyed!? Final Battle at the Evil Castle of Ice25.10.200122.01.2000Friendship Destroyed!? Final Battle at the Evil Castle of Ice22.01.2000
    442.17Das letzte GefechtYou, Become God’s Wind!26.10.200129.01.2000You, Become God’s Wind!29.01.2000

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