1.01 (The Black Death)  (01.10.1998)The Black Death01.10.1998
    1.02 (Caligula Is Croaked)  (08.10.1998)Caligula Is Croaked08.10.1998
    1.03 (Dead Philosopher Walking)  (15.10.1998)Dead Philosopher Walking15.10.1998
    1.04 (Great Fire Of London)  (22.10.1998)Great Fire Of London22.10.1998
    1.05 (Charlemagne)  (29.10.1998)Charlemagne29.10.1998
    1.06 (The Declaration Of Independence)  (05.11.1998)The Declaration Of Independence05.11.1998
    1.07 (Magna Carta)  (12.11.1998)Magna Carta12.11.1998
    1.08 (Pure Vandalism)  (19.11.1998)Pure Vandalism19.11.1998
    1.09 (The French Revolution)  (26.11.1998)The French Revolution26.11.1998
    1.10 (The Spanish Inquisition)  (03.12.1998)The Spanish Inquisition03.12.1998
    1.11 (Bjarney & Friends)  (10.12.1998)Bjarney & Friends10.12.1998
    1.12 (The Battle Of Waterloo)  (17.12.1998)The Battle Of Waterloo17.12.1998
    1.13 (The Bloody Aztecs)  (24.12.1998)The Bloody Aztecs24.12.1998

    2.01 (Gutenberg’s Laptop)  Gutenberg’s Laptop
    2.02 (Cartier Does Canada)  Cartier Does Canada
    2.03 (Ransomed By Vikings)  Ransomed By Vikings
    2.04 (Operation Desert Crusade)  Operation Desert Crusade
    2.05 (The Celibate Celebrity Of 1429)  The Celibate Celebrity Of 1429
    2.06 (The Big Sex Scandal)  The Big Sex Scandal
    2.07 (The Sistine Ceiling)  The Sistine Ceiling
    2.08 (Saying No To Terrorism)  Saying No To Terrorism
    2.09 (Galileo Cops A Plea)  Galileo Cops A Plea
    2.10 (Worse Than Genghis Khan)  Worse Than Genghis Khan
    2.11 (The Commander In Chief Is A Eunuch)  The Commander In Chief Is A Eunuch
    2.12 (A Woman For All Seasons)  A Woman For All Seasons
    2.13 (Bulbs, Boom & Bust!)  Bulbs, Boom & Bust!
    2.14 (Cleo Can Kiss My Asp)  Cleo Can Kiss My Asp
    2.15 (My Canada Includes Quebec)  My Canada Includes Quebec
    2.16 (The Not-So-Great Wall Of China)  The Not-So-Great Wall Of China
    2.17 (Invasion U.S.A.!)  Invasion U.S.A.!
    2.18 (Spartans, Get Ready To Rumble!)  Spartans, Get Ready To Rumble!
    2.19 (Welcome To Oz)  Welcome To Oz
    2.20 (The Tiananmen Square Of 532 A.D.)  The Tiananmen Square Of 532 A.D.
    2.21 (The Pregnant Pirates)  The Pregnant Pirates
    2.22 (The King Has Left The Building)  The King Has Left The Building
    2.23 (Shakespeare In Love – Drake In Battle)  Shakespeare In Love – Drake In Battle
    2.24 (Everything You Need To Know About God)  Everything You Need To Know About God
    2.25 (The Gods Must Be Angry)  The Gods Must Be Angry
    2.26 (Special: The End Of The World)  Special: The End Of The World

    3.01 (Vikings à la Mode)  Vikings à la Mode
    3.02 (The Captain Who Couldn’t Sail Straight)  The Captain Who Couldn’t Sail Straight
    3.03 (Battle Of The Anti-Popes)  Battle Of The Anti-Popes
    3.04 (Nero Business Like Show Business)  Nero Business Like Show Business
    3.05 (Truth Or Prayer, The Crusade Tour)  Truth Or Prayer, The Crusade Tour
    3.06 (Goodbye Tudor Rose)  Goodbye Tudor Rose
    3.07 (The Duelling Transvestite)  The Duelling Transvestite
    3.08 (Rebel With A Cause)  Rebel With A Cause
    3.09 (Dracula’s Evil Twin)  Dracula’s Evil Twin
    3.10 (Neolithic Park)  Neolithic Park
    3.11 (My Pharaoh Lady)  My Pharaoh Lady
    3.12 (Between Me & My Calvin)  Between Me & My Calvin
    3.13 (Alexander’s Wartime Band)  Alexander’s Wartime Band
    3.14 (Monk On A Hot Tin Roof)  Monk On A Hot Tin Roof
    3.15 (Glengarry Glen Baa)  Glengarry Glen Baa
    3.16 (Saladin’s Last Stand)  Saladin’s Last Stand
    3.17 (The Mountie’s Comical Ride)  The Mountie’s Comical Ride
    3.18 (The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King)  The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King
    3.19 (A New Angle On The Gods)  A New Angle On The Gods
    3.20 (When Irish Eyes Are Starvin’)  When Irish Eyes Are Starvin’
    3.21 (Gladiators: Too Hot For TV)  Gladiators: Too Hot For TV
    3.22 (The First Emperor)  The First Emperor
    3.23 (There’s Gold In Them Thar Beavers)  There’s Gold In Them Thar Beavers
    3.24 (The Shootout At Fly’s Photographic Studio)  The Shootout At Fly’s Photographic Studio

    4.01 (The Day The Island Stood Still)  (15.04.2002)The Day The Island Stood Still15.04.2002
    4.02 (Love & Death)  (16.04.2002)Love & Death16.04.2002
    4.03 (Samurai Goodfellas)  (12.04.2002)Samurai Goodfellas12.04.2002
    4.04 (Who Killed J.F.C.?)  (17.04.2002)Who Killed J.F.C.?17.04.2002
    4.05 (The Uncivil War)  (18.04.2002)The Uncivil War18.04.2002
    4.06 (Temptation Monastery)  (19.04.2002)Temptation Monastery19.04.2002
    4.07 (Francis & Me)  (09.04.2002)Francis & Me09.04.2002
    4.08 (Terror For The Sake Of Terror)  (22.04.2002)Terror For The Sake Of Terror22.04.2002
    4.09 (Harpsichord Wizard)  (23.04.2002)Harpsichord Wizard23.04.2002
    4.10 (A Canterbury Murder Tale)  (08.04.2002)A Canterbury Murder Tale08.04.2002
    4.11 (Xena’s Evil Sister)  (24.04.2002)Xena’s Evil Sister24.04.2002
    4.12 (Kamikaze Save The Day)  (25.04.2002)Kamikaze Save The Day25.04.2002
    4.13 (Domestic Terrorism)  (26.04.2002)Domestic Terrorism26.04.2002
    4.14 (Rock & Roll Has Got To Go!)  (10.04.2002)Rock & Roll Has Got To Go!10.04.2002
    4.15 (Where No White Man Has Gone Before)  (29.04.2002)Where No White Man Has Gone Before29.04.2002
    4.16 (Leaving Norman)  (11.04.2002)Leaving Norman11.04.2002
    4.17 (Goodnight Good Knights)  (30.04.2002)Goodnight Good Knights30.04.2002
    4.18 (Stairway To Heaven)  (01.05.2002)Stairway To Heaven01.05.2002
    4.19 (Psychic Celebrity)  (02.05.2002)Psychic Celebrity02.05.2002
    4.20 (Bewitched)  (03.05.2002)Bewitched03.05.2002
    4.21 (Five Ring Circus)  (06.05.2002)Five Ring Circus06.05.2002
    4.22 (Gratuitous Sex & Violence)  (07.05.2002)Gratuitous Sex & Violence07.05.2002
    4.23 (Out Wit, Out Walk, Out Eat)  (08.05.2002)Out Wit, Out Walk, Out Eat08.05.2002
    4.24 (Ten Lost Days)  (09.05.2002)Ten Lost Days09.05.2002

    5.01 (The Osborgias)  (17.04.2004)The Osborgias17.04.2004
    5.02 (Talkin’ Turkey)  (24.04.2004)Talkin’ Turkey24.04.2004
    5.03 (Never Been Kissed)  (01.05.2004)Never Been Kissed01.05.2004
    5.04 (The Politics Of Puffy Pants)  (08.05.2004)The Politics Of Puffy Pants08.05.2004
    5.05 (I Pray The Fifth)  (15.05.2004)I Pray The Fifth15.05.2004
    5.06 (A.D.D. In 1510 AD)  (22.05.2004)A.D.D. In 1510 AD22.05.2004
    5.07 (The Truth Is Out There)  (29.05.2004)The Truth Is Out There29.05.2004
    5.08 (Marco & Nick’s Excellent Adventure)  (12.06.2004)Marco & Nick’s Excellent Adventure12.06.2004
    5.09 (Tax This!)  (19.06.2004)Tax This!19.06.2004
    5.10 (Queen Takes Queen, Checkmate)  (26.06.2004)Queen Takes Queen, Checkmate26.06.2004
    5.11 (Got You Dead To Rights)  (03.07.2004)Got You Dead To Rights03.07.2004
    5.12 (Girls! Girls! Girls!)  (10.07.2004)Girls! Girls! Girls!10.07.2004
    5.13 (To Boldly Go … )  (17.07.2004)To Boldly Go … 17.07.2004
    5.14 (A Win-Win War)  (24.07.2004)A Win-Win War24.07.2004
    5.15 (A Newtiful Mind)  (31.07.2004)A Newtiful Mind31.07.2004

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