1.01 (Logan’s Policy)  (09.10.1959)Logan’s Policy09.10.1959
    1.02 (The Trouble with Tolliver)  (16.10.1959)The Trouble with Tolliver16.10.1959
    1.03 (The New Semaria Story)  (23.10.1959)The New Semaria Story23.10.1959
    1.04 (The Man Who Stole Happiness)  (30.10.1959)The Man Who Stole Happiness30.10.1959
    1.05 (The Gypsy Story)  (06.11.1959)The Gypsy Story06.11.1959
    1.06 (Station Six)  (13.11.1959)Station Six13.11.1959
    1.07 (Vendetta for the Lovelorn)  (20.11.1959)Vendetta for the Lovelorn20.11.1959
    1.08 (The WInthrop Woman)  (27.11.1959)The WInthrop Woman27.11.1959
    1.09 (Contraband Cargo)  (04.12.1959)Contraband Cargo04.12.1959
    1.10 (A Matter of Conscience)  (11.12.1959)A Matter of Conscience11.12.1959
    1.11 (Death is the Best Policy)  (18.12.1959)Death is the Best Policy18.12.1959
    1.12 (The Legacy)  (25.12.1959)The Legacy25.12.1959
    1.13 (The Biggest Legend)  (01.01.1960)The Biggest Legend01.01.1960
    1.14 (Death at Noon)  (08.01.1960)Death at Noon08.01.1960
    1.15 (The Savage)  (15.01.1960)The Savage15.01.1960
    1.16 (The Hundred Thousand Dollar Policy)  (22.01.1960)The Hundred Thousand Dollar Policy22.01.1960
    1.17 (Portrait of Cynthia)  (29.01.1960)Portrait of Cynthia29.01.1960
    1.18 (El Patron)  (05.02.1960)El Patron05.02.1960
    1.19 (Drawing Account)  (12.02.1960)Drawing Account12.02.1960
    1.20 (The Ghost of Lafitte)  (26.02.1960)The Ghost of Lafitte26.02.1960
    1.21 (Execution Day)  (04.03.1960)Execution Day04.03.1960
    1.22 (Destination Death)  (11.03.1960)Destination Death11.03.1960
    1.23 (Diamond Cut Diamond)  (18.03.1960)Diamond Cut Diamond18.03.1960
    1.24 (Death by Northwest)  (25.03.1960)Death by Northwest25.03.1960
    1.25 (The Last Days of Jessie Turnbull)  (01.04.1960)The Last Days of Jessie Turnbull01.04.1960
    1.26 (The Search for Cape Borden)  (15.04.1960)The Search for Cape Borden15.04.1960
    1.27 (The Sons of Don Antonio)  (22.04.1960)The Sons of Don Antonio22.04.1960
    1.28 (Incident at Tupelo)  (29.04.1960)Incident at Tupelo29.04.1960
    1.29 (The Harpoon Story)  (06.05.1960)The Harpoon Story06.05.1960
    1.30 (The Montreal Story)  (13.05.1960)The Montreal Story13.05.1960
    1.31 (In His Steps)  (20.05.1960)In His Steps20.05.1960
    1.32 (Trial by Combat)  (27.05.1960)Trial by Combat27.05.1960
    1.33 (The Man Who Wanted Everything)  (03.06.1960)The Man Who Wanted Everything03.06.1960
    1.34 (The Money Machine)  (10.06.1960)The Money Machine10.06.1960
    1.35 (The Lady in Yellow)  (17.06.1960)The Lady in Yellow17.06.1960
    1.36 (Gold is Where You Find It)  (24.06.1960)Gold is Where You Find It24.06.1960
    1.37 (Remember Me Not)  (09.09.1960)Remember Me Not09.09.1960

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