1.01 (Pilot)  (12.06.2016)Pilot12.06.2016
    1.02 (Preach On)  (12.06.2016)Preach On12.06.2016
    1.03 (Take Your Daughter to Work Day)  (19.06.2016)Take Your Daughter to Work Day19.06.2016
    1.04 (Puddin’ Hood)  (19.06.2016)Puddin’ Hood19.06.2016
    1.05 (Guess Who’s Comin’ to Dinner)  (26.06.2016)Guess Who’s Comin’ to Dinner26.06.2016
    1.06 (A Family, A Fair)  (03.07.2016)A Family, A Fair03.07.2016
    1.07 (The King Has Left the Building)  (10.07.2016)The King Has Left the Building10.07.2016
    1.08 (Mother Trucker)  (17.07.2016)Mother Trucker17.07.2016
    1.09 (Hands on a Hard Vessel)  (24.07.2016)Hands on a Hard Vessel24.07.2016
    1.10 (Back on Top)  (31.07.2016)Back on Top31.07.2016
    1.11 (Seshfest)  (07.08.2016)Seshfest07.08.2016
    1.12 (Only the Lonely)  (14.08.2016)Only the Lonely14.08.2016
    1.13 (The Beginning of the End of the Beginning)  (14.08.2016)The Beginning of the End of the Beginning14.08.2016

    2.01 (Still Still the King)  (11.07.2017)Still Still the King11.07.2017
    2.02 (Battle of the Basement)  (11.07.2017)Battle of the Basement11.07.2017
    2.03 (Men and Work)  (18.07.2017)Men and Work18.07.2017
    2.04 (Flatbushes)  (25.07.2017)Flatbushes25.07.2017
    2.05 (Showcase Showdown)  (25.07.2017)Showcase Showdown25.07.2017
    2.06 (P.A.L.S. Weekend)  (01.08.2017)P.A.L.S. Weekend01.08.2017
    2.07 (The Hungover Games)  (01.08.2017)The Hungover Games01.08.2017
    2.08 (Trayning Day)  (08.08.2017)Trayning Day08.08.2017
    2.09 (Reign of Tears)  (08.08.2017)Reign of Tears08.08.2017
    2.10 (Hockey Tonk)  (15.08.2017)Hockey Tonk15.08.2017
    2.11 (Ronnie Brasco)  (15.08.2017)Ronnie Brasco15.08.2017
    2.12 (Vernon’s Single)  (22.08.2017)Vernon’s Single22.08.2017
    2.13 (Who’s Your Daddy?)  (22.08.2017)Who’s Your Daddy?22.08.2017

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