1.01 (Alive and Buried)  (04.01.1990)Alive and Buried04.01.1990
    1.02 (The Big Sleep)  (11.01.1990)The Big Sleep11.01.1990
    1.03 (The Valley of Fear)  (18.01.1990)The Valley of Fear18.01.1990
    1.04 (I’ll Retire to Bedlam)  (25.01.1990)I’ll Retire to Bedlam25.01.1990
    1.05 (The Eternal Quadrangle)  (01.02.1990)The Eternal Quadrangle01.02.1990
    1.06 (The Return of the Speckled Band)  (08.02.1990)The Return of the Speckled Band08.02.1990

    2.01 (In Luton Airport, No-one Can Hear You Scream)  (04.10.1990)In Luton Airport, No-one Can Hear You Scream04.10.1990
    2.02 (We Have Put Her Living in the Tomb)  (11.10.1990)We Have Put Her Living in the Tomb11.10.1990
    2.03 (Dramatic Fever)  (18.10.1990)Dramatic Fever18.10.1990
    2.04 (Who Will Buy?)  (25.10.1990)Who Will Buy?25.10.1990
    2.05 (Love and Death)  (08.11.1990)Love and Death08.11.1990
    2.06 (Timeless Time)  (15.11.1990)Timeless Time15.11.1990

    3.01 (Monday Morning Will Be Fine)  (02.02.1992)Monday Morning Will Be Fine02.02.1992
    3.02 (Dreamland)  (09.02.1992)Dreamland09.02.1992
    3.03 (The Broken Reflection)  (16.02.1992)The Broken Reflection16.02.1992
    3.04 (The Beast in the Cage)  (23.02.1992)The Beast in the Cage23.02.1992
    3.05 (Beware the Trickster on the Roof)  (01.03.1992)Beware the Trickster on the Roof01.03.1992
    3.06 (The Worst Horror of All)  (08.03.1992)The Worst Horror of All08.03.1992

    4.01 (The Pit and the Pendulum)  (31.01.1993)The Pit and the Pendulum31.01.1993
    4.02 (Descent into the Maelstorm)  (31.01.1993)Descent into the Maelstorm31.01.1993
    4.03 (Hearts of Darkness)  (14.02.1993)Hearts of Darkness14.02.1993
    4.04 (Warm Champagne)  (21.02.1993)Warm Champagne21.02.1993
    4.05 (The Trial)  (28.02.1993)The Trial28.02.1993
    4.06 (Secret of the Seven Sorcerers)  (07.03.1993)Secret of the Seven Sorcerers07.03.1993

    5.01 (The Man Who Blew Away)  (25.12.1994)The Man Who Blew Away25.12.1994
    5.02 (Only a Story)  (01.01.1995)Only a Story01.01.1995
    5.03 (The Affair of the Hollow Lady)  (08.01.1995)The Affair of the Hollow Lady08.01.1995
    5.04 (Rearranging the Dust)  (15.01.1995)Rearranging the Dust15.01.1995
    5.05 (Hole in the Sky)  (22.01.1995)Hole in the Sky22.01.1995
    5.06 (The Exterminating Angel)  (29.01.1995)The Exterminating Angel29.01.1995

    6.01 (The Executioner’s Song)  (16.10.2000)The Executioner’s Song16.10.2000
    6.02 (Tales of Terror)  (23.10.2000)Tales of Terror23.10.2000
    6.03 (The Futility of the Fly)  (30.10.2000)The Futility of the Fly30.10.2000
    6.04 (Threatening Weather)  (06.11.2000)Threatening Weather06.11.2000
    6.05 (The Dawn of Man)  (13.11.2000)The Dawn of Man13.11.2000
    6.06 (Things Aren’t Simple Anymore)  (20.11.2000)Things Aren’t Simple Anymore20.11.2000

    (Who’s Listening)  (27.12.1990)Who’s Listening27.12.1990
    (The Man in the Long Black Coat)  (30.12.1991)The Man in the Long Black Coat30.12.1991
    (Comic Relief Special 1993)  (12.03.1993)Comic Relief Special 199312.03.1993
    (One Foot in the Algarve)  (25.12.1993)One Foot in the Algarve25.12.1993
    (The Wisdom of the Witch)  (25.12.1995)The Wisdom of the Witch25.12.1995
    (Starbound)  (26.12.1996)Starbound26.12.1996
    (Endgame)  (25.12.1997)Endgame25.12.1997
    (Comic Relief Special 2001)  (06.03.2001)Comic Relief Special 200106.03.2001

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