1.01 (To Go Like a Man)  (01.10.1996)To Go Like a Man01.10.1996
    1.02 (Leave the Blue Earth to Me)  (08.10.1996)Leave the Blue Earth to Me08.10.1996
    1.03 (A Goodbye That Came Too Soon)  (15.10.1996)A Goodbye That Came Too Soon15.10.1996
    1.04 (Charmed by Aqua Space)  (22.10.1996)Charmed by Aqua Space22.10.1996
    1.05 (Ruri’s Navigation Logs)  (29.10.1996)Ruri’s Navigation Logs29.10.1996
    1.06 (Sort of Like a Fateful Decision)  (05.11.1996)Sort of Like a Fateful Decision05.11.1996
    1.07 (The Song That You’ll One Day Sing)  (12.11.1996)The Song That You’ll One Day Sing12.11.1996
    1.08 (The Lukewarm „Cold Equation“)  (19.11.1996)The Lukewarm „Cold Equation“19.11.1996
    1.09 (The Miracle Operation of the Kiss)  (26.11.1996)The Miracle Operation of the Kiss26.11.1996
    1.10 (The Dangers of Femininity)  (03.12.1996)The Dangers of Femininity03.12.1996
    1.11 (Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot)  (10.12.1996)Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot10.12.1996
    1.12 (Those Unforgettable Days)  (17.12.1996)Those Unforgettable Days17.12.1996
    1.13 (There Is No Single Truth)  (24.12.1996)There Is No Single Truth24.12.1996
    1.14 (Let’s Go with Hot-Blooded Anime)  (31.12.1996)Let’s Go with Hot-Blooded Anime31.12.1996
    1.15 (The Significant Other From A Star Far Away)  (07.01.1997)The Significant Other From A Star Far Away07.01.1997
    1.16 (The Beginning of Nadesico’s War)  (14.01.1997)The Beginning of Nadesico’s War14.01.1997
    1.17 (A Reunion That Came Too Late)  (21.01.1997)A Reunion That Came Too Late21.01.1997
    1.18 (Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water)  (28.01.1997)Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water28.01.1997
    1.19 (You’re the Next Captain of the Nadesico)  (04.02.1997)You’re the Next Captain of the Nadesico04.02.1997
    1.20 (Run Silent, Run Deep)  (11.02.1997)Run Silent, Run Deep11.02.1997
    1.21 (The Meadows We Once Ran Across)  (18.02.1997)The Meadows We Once Ran Across18.02.1997
    1.22 (Protect the Visitor?)  (25.02.1997)Protect the Visitor?25.02.1997
    1.23 (A Place We Call Home)  (03.03.1997)A Place We Call Home03.03.1997
    1.24 (Ubiquitous Righteousness)  (10.03.1997)Ubiquitous Righteousness10.03.1997
    1.25 (Being Myself, Being Yourself)  (17.03.1997)Being Myself, Being Yourself17.03.1997
    1.26 (For the Lady We Will Meet Someday)  (24.03.1997)For the Lady We Will Meet Someday24.03.1997

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