1.01 (The Best Laid Plans)  (07.03.1989)The Best Laid Plans07.03.1989
    1.02 (Shaping Up)  (14.03.1989)Shaping Up14.03.1989
    1.03 (Fade Out)  (17.03.1989)Fade Out17.03.1989
    1.04 (A Female Complaint)  (28.03.1989)A Female Complaint28.03.1989
    1.05 (Magic Bullets)  (04.04.1989)Magic Bullets04.04.1989
    1.06 (A Fair Advantage)  (11.04.1989)A Fair Advantage11.04.1989
    1.07 (Second Chance)  (18.04.1989)Second Chance18.04.1989
    1.08 (For Better Or Worse)  (25.04.1989)For Better Or Worse25.04.1989
    1.09 (A Family Way)  (02.05.1989)A Family Way02.05.1989
    1.10 (They Just Wear You Down)  (09.05.1989)They Just Wear You Down09.05.1989
    1.11 (A Man’s Place)  (16.05.1989)A Man’s Place16.05.1989
    1.12 (Heroes)  (23.05.1989)Heroes23.05.1989
    1.13 (Lest We Remember)  (30.05.1989)Lest We Remember30.05.1989
    1.14 (Limbo)  (06.06.1989)Limbo06.06.1989
    1.15 (Secrets)  (13.06.1989)Secrets13.06.1989
    1.16 (The Best Policy)  (20.06.1989)The Best Policy20.06.1989
    1.17 (Into The Valley)  (27.06.1989)Into The Valley27.06.1989
    1.18 (Emile)  (04.07.1989)Emile04.07.1989
    1.19 (Growing Up)  (18.07.1989)Growing Up18.07.1989
    1.20 (Fat Cats)  (25.07.1989)Fat Cats25.07.1989
    1.21 (Solar Strychnine)  (01.08.1989)Solar Strychnine01.08.1989
    1.22 (Toss A Coin)  (08.08.1989)Toss A Coin08.08.1989
    1.23 (Daddy’s Little Princess)  (15.08.1989)Daddy’s Little Princess15.08.1989
    1.24 (Dominant Male)  (22.08.1989)Dominant Male22.08.1989
    1.25 (The Power Of Love)  (29.08.1989)The Power Of Love29.08.1989
    1.26 (Chances)  (05.09.1989)Chances05.09.1989
    1.27 (Guilt Edges)  (12.09.1989)Guilt Edges12.09.1989
    1.28 (Chef’s Special)  (19.09.1989)Chef’s Special19.09.1989
    1.29 (Heal Thyself)  (26.09.1989)Heal Thyself26.09.1989
    1.30 (Lies We Tell Ourselves)  (03.10.1989)Lies We Tell Ourselves03.10.1989
    1.31 (Addicted To Love)  (10.10.1989)Addicted To Love10.10.1989
    1.32 (Addicted To Love)  (17.10.1989)Addicted To Love17.10.1989
    1.33 (Mother Of The Year)  (24.10.1989)Mother Of The Year24.10.1989
    1.34 (Simon Says)  (31.10.1989)Simon Says31.10.1989
    1.35 (The Poetry Man)  (07.11.1989)The Poetry Man07.11.1989
    1.36 (Blind Eye)  (14.11.1989)Blind Eye14.11.1989
    1.37 (Nobody’s Perfect)  (21.11.1989)Nobody’s Perfect21.11.1989
    1.38 (Living With A Stranger)  (28.11.1989)Living With A Stranger28.11.1989

    2.01 (The Old Ball & Chain)  (13.02.1990)The Old Ball & Chain13.02.1990
    2.02 (Everything Old Is New Again)  (20.02.1990)Everything Old Is New Again20.02.1990
    2.03 (Border Of The Heart)  (27.02.1990)Border Of The Heart27.02.1990
    2.04 (Ghosts)  (06.03.1990)Ghosts06.03.1990
    2.05 (The Evidence)  (13.03.1990)The Evidence13.03.1990
    2.06 (Confidences)  (20.03.1990)Confidences20.03.1990
    2.07 (Rebel Rebel)  (27.03.1990)Rebel Rebel27.03.1990
    2.08 (Mates)  (03.04.1990)Mates03.04.1990
    2.09 (A Spoonful Of Sugar)  (10.04.1990)A Spoonful Of Sugar10.04.1990
    2.10 (Payback)  (17.04.1990)Payback17.04.1990
    2.11 (A Spoonful Of Sugar)  (24.04.1990)A Spoonful Of Sugar24.04.1990
    2.12 (Lovers)  (01.05.1990)Lovers01.05.1990
    2.13 (A Neighbourly Gesture)  (08.05.1990)A Neighbourly Gesture08.05.1990
    2.14 (Freak Show)  (15.05.1990)Freak Show15.05.1990
    2.15 (Occupational Hazards)  (22.05.1990)Occupational Hazards22.05.1990
    2.16 (A Difficult Stage)  (29.05.1990)A Difficult Stage29.05.1990
    2.17 (Thicker Than Water)  (05.06.1990)Thicker Than Water05.06.1990
    2.18 (Only Human)  (12.06.1990)Only Human12.06.1990
    2.19 (And Baby Makes Three)  (19.06.1990)And Baby Makes Three19.06.1990
    2.20 (Another Day At The Office)  (26.06.1990)Another Day At The Office26.06.1990
    2.21 (Practice Imperfect)  (03.07.1990)Practice Imperfect03.07.1990
    2.22 (Smash)  (10.07.1990)Smash10.07.1990
    2.23 (Set Them Free)  (17.07.1990)Set Them Free17.07.1990
    2.24 (A Very Long Goodbye)  (24.07.1990)A Very Long Goodbye24.07.1990
    2.25 (Playing It By The Book)  (31.07.1990)Playing It By The Book31.07.1990
    2.26 (The Moving Finger Writes)  (07.08.1990)The Moving Finger Writes07.08.1990
    2.27 (George)  (14.08.1990)George14.08.1990
    2.28 (Illusions)  (21.08.1990)Illusions21.08.1990
    2.29 (The Art Of Compromise)  (28.08.1990)The Art Of Compromise28.08.1990
    2.30 (Why?)  (04.09.1990)Why?04.09.1990
    2.31 (A General Malaise)  (11.09.1990)A General Malaise11.09.1990
    2.32 (Jobs For The Boys)  (18.09.1990)Jobs For The Boys18.09.1990
    2.33 (The Sleep Of Reason)  (25.09.1990)The Sleep Of Reason25.09.1990
    2.34 (Loose Ends)  (02.10.1990)Loose Ends02.10.1990
    2.35 (Inside Out)  (09.10.1990)Inside Out09.10.1990
    2.36 (Crossover)  (16.10.1990)Crossover16.10.1990
    2.37 (Longing)  (23.10.1990)Longing23.10.1990
    2.38 (Silent Majority)  (30.10.1990)Silent Majority30.10.1990
    2.39 (For Richer, For Poorer)  (06.11.1990)For Richer, For Poorer06.11.1990
    2.40 (Shadows)  (13.11.1990)Shadows13.11.1990

    3.01 (Just A Game)  (12.02.1991)Just A Game12.02.1991
    3.02 (So Makes The Man)  (19.02.1991)So Makes The Man19.02.1991
    3.03 (Hippocrates)  (26.02.1991)Hippocrates26.02.1991
    3.04 (Visitors)  (05.03.1991)Visitors05.03.1991
    3.05 (Out Of Pasture)  (12.03.1991)Out Of Pasture12.03.1991
    3.06 (Memories)  (19.03.1991)Memories19.03.1991
    3.07 (Testament / Say A Little Prayer)  (26.03.1991)Testament / Say A Little Prayer26.03.1991
    3.08 (Solomon’s Choice)  (02.04.1991)Solomon’s Choice02.04.1991
    3.09 (Black & White / Sloan Street)  (09.04.1991)Black & White / Sloan Street09.04.1991
    3.10 (Love Hurts)  (16.04.1991)Love Hurts16.04.1991
    3.11 (Binary)  (23.04.1991)Binary23.04.1991
    3.12 (The Heart Of The Matter)  (30.04.1991)The Heart Of The Matter30.04.1991
    3.13 (Three’s A Crowd)  (07.05.1991)Three’s A Crowd07.05.1991
    3.14 (A Flock Of Nightingales)  (14.05.1991)A Flock Of Nightingales14.05.1991
    3.15 (A Right To Write)  (21.05.1991)A Right To Write21.05.1991
    3.16 (Unconvential Weapons)  (28.05.1991)Unconvential Weapons28.05.1991
    3.17 (Cutting Edge)  (04.06.1991)Cutting Edge04.06.1991
    3.18 (Darby & Joan)  (11.06.1991)Darby & Joan11.06.1991
    3.19 (Telling Tales)  (18.06.1991)Telling Tales18.06.1991
    3.20 (Who Lives, Who Dies)  (25.06.1991)Who Lives, Who Dies25.06.1991
    3.21 (Rites Of Passage)  (02.07.1991)Rites Of Passage02.07.1991
    3.22 (Just A GP)  (09.07.1991)Just A GP09.07.1991
    3.23 (Nowhere To Run)  (16.07.1991)Nowhere To Run16.07.1991
    3.24 (Once Bitten)  (23.07.1991)Once Bitten23.07.1991
    3.25 (More Than Friends)  (30.07.1991)More Than Friends30.07.1991
    3.26 (Family First)  (06.08.1991)Family First06.08.1991
    3.27 (The Price You Pay)  (13.08.1991)The Price You Pay13.08.1991
    3.28 (The View From Up Here)  (20.08.1991)The View From Up Here20.08.1991
    3.29 (My Brother’s Keeper)  (27.08.1991)My Brother’s Keeper27.08.1991
    3.30 (Unlived Lives)  (03.09.1991)Unlived Lives03.09.1991
    3.31 (Games People Pay)  (10.09.1991)Games People Pay10.09.1991
    3.32 (Baggage)  (17.09.1991)Baggage17.09.1991
    3.33 (A Weekend In The Country)  (24.09.1991)A Weekend In The Country24.09.1991
    3.34 (All In A Day’s Work)  (01.10.1991)All In A Day’s Work01.10.1991
    3.35 (Collateral Damage)  (08.10.1991)Collateral Damage08.10.1991
    3.36 (On The Brink)  (15.10.1991)On The Brink15.10.1991
    3.37 (Quicksand)  (22.10.1991)Quicksand22.10.1991
    3.38 (Judgement Day)  (29.10.1991)Judgement Day29.10.1991
    3.39 (Dark Lottery 1)  (05.11.1991)Dark Lottery 105.11.1991
    3.40 (Dark Lottery 2)  (12.11.1991)Dark Lottery 212.11.1991

    4.01 (Test Of Conscience)  (11.02.1992)Test Of Conscience11.02.1992
    4.02 (We Regret Of Advise There Will Be A Delay)  (18.02.1992)We Regret Of Advise There Will Be A Delay18.02.1992
    4.03 (The Last Waltz)  (25.02.1992)The Last Waltz25.02.1992
    4.04 (Brave New World)  (03.03.1992)Brave New World03.03.1992
    4.05 (Time’s Winged Chariot)  (10.03.1992)Time’s Winged Chariot10.03.1992
    4.06 (The Longest Day)  (17.03.1992)The Longest Day17.03.1992
    4.07 (Under Control)  (24.03.1992)Under Control24.03.1992
    4.08 (Hanging Out)  (31.03.1992)Hanging Out31.03.1992
    4.09 (Modern Times)  (07.04.1992)Modern Times07.04.1992
    4.10 (A Very Suburban Coup)  (14.04.1992)A Very Suburban Coup14.04.1992
    4.11 (Legacy)  (21.04.1992)Legacy21.04.1992
    4.12 (Beating Around the Bush)  (28.04.1992)Beating Around the Bush28.04.1992
    4.13 (Beat It)  (05.05.1992)Beat It05.05.1992
    4.14 (Rigor Mortis)  (12.05.1992)Rigor Mortis12.05.1992
    4.15 (A Corner Of Hell 1)  (19.05.1992)A Corner Of Hell 119.05.1992
    4.16 (A Corner Of Hell 2)  (26.05.1992)A Corner Of Hell 226.05.1992
    4.17 (I’m All Right Jack)  (02.06.1992)I’m All Right Jack02.06.1992
    4.18 (The Killer Instinct)  (09.06.1992)The Killer Instinct09.06.1992
    4.19 (Breaking Out)  (16.06.1992)Breaking Out16.06.1992
    4.20 (The Olive Branch)  (23.06.1992)The Olive Branch23.06.1992
    4.21 (Shades Of Grey)  (30.06.1992)Shades Of Grey30.06.1992
    4.22 (Funny Business)  (07.07.1992)Funny Business07.07.1992
    4.23 (All Care Taken)  (14.07.1992)All Care Taken14.07.1992
    4.24 (Crossroads)  (21.07.1992)Crossroads21.07.1992
    4.25 (Dial The Universe)  (28.07.1992)Dial The Universe28.07.1992
    4.26 (The Road Not Taken)  (04.08.1992)The Road Not Taken04.08.1992
    4.27 (The Limits Of Friendship)  (11.08.1992)The Limits Of Friendship11.08.1992
    4.28 (Private Lives)  (18.08.1992)Private Lives18.08.1992
    4.29 (Pas De Trois)  (25.08.1992)Pas De Trois25.08.1992
    4.30 (A Question Of Survival)  (01.09.1992)A Question Of Survival01.09.1992
    4.31 (The Good & Faithful Servant)  (08.09.1992)The Good & Faithful Servant08.09.1992
    4.32 (Shaking Hands With Time)  (15.09.1992)Shaking Hands With Time15.09.1992
    4.33 (Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics)  (22.09.1992)Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics22.09.1992
    4.34 (Three’s Company)  (29.09.1992)Three’s Company29.09.1992
    4.35 (Where Angels Fear To Tread)  (06.10.1992)Where Angels Fear To Tread06.10.1992
    4.36 (Pogrom)  (13.10.1992)Pogrom13.10.1992
    4.37 (Chrysalis)  (20.10.1992)Chrysalis20.10.1992
    4.38 (Strictly Confidential)  (27.10.1992)Strictly Confidential27.10.1992
    4.39 (A Special Kind Of Person 1)  (03.11.1992)A Special Kind Of Person 103.11.1992
    4.40 (A Special Kind Of Person 2)  (10.11.1992)A Special Kind Of Person 210.11.1992

    5.01 (Light A Special Candle)  (23.02.1993)Light A Special Candle23.02.1993
    5.02 (Pioneers)  (02.03.1993)Pioneers02.03.1993
    5.03 (One Perfect Day)  (09.03.1993)One Perfect Day09.03.1993
    5.04 (All Under Control)  (16.03.1993)All Under Control16.03.1993
    5.05 (Dancing With Death)  (23.03.1993)Dancing With Death23.03.1993
    5.06 (A Thousand Flowers)  (30.03.1993)A Thousand Flowers30.03.1993
    5.07 (A Thousand Flowers 2)  (30.03.1993)A Thousand Flowers 230.03.1993
    5.08 (Blood Lines)  (06.04.1993)Blood Lines06.04.1993
    5.09 (Venus Within)  (13.04.1993)Venus Within13.04.1993
    5.10 (Get A Life)  (20.04.1993)Get A Life20.04.1993
    5.11 (Balancing Act)  (27.04.1993)Balancing Act27.04.1993
    5.12 (A Stroll In The Park)  (04.05.1993)A Stroll In The Park04.05.1993
    5.13 (A Minor Complaint)  (11.05.1993)A Minor Complaint11.05.1993
    5.14 (Targets)  (18.05.1993)Targets18.05.1993
    5.15 (An Uplifting Experience)  (25.05.1993)An Uplifting Experience25.05.1993
    5.16 (Knights Of The Netherworld)  (01.06.1993)Knights Of The Netherworld01.06.1993
    5.17 (Death Has A Way With Her)  (08.06.1993)Death Has A Way With Her08.06.1993
    5.18 (Alone 1)  (15.06.1993)Alone 115.06.1993
    5.19 (Alone 2)  (22.06.1993)Alone 222.06.1993
    5.20 (Exposed)  (29.06.1993)Exposed29.06.1993
    5.21 (Drowning Not Waving)  (06.07.1993)Drowning Not Waving06.07.1993
    5.22 (The Sentimental Bloke)  (13.07.1993)The Sentimental Bloke13.07.1993
    5.23 (Snakes & Ladders)  (20.07.1993)Snakes & Ladders20.07.1993
    5.24 (Close To Her Chest)  (27.07.1993)Close To Her Chest27.07.1993
    5.25 (Family Life)  (03.08.1993)Family Life03.08.1993
    5.26 (Close Encounters)  (10.08.1993)Close Encounters10.08.1993
    5.27 (Infected)  (17.08.1993)Infected17.08.1993
    5.28 (Square Pegs)  (24.08.1993)Square Pegs24.08.1993
    5.29 (Living With The Past)  (31.08.1993)Living With The Past31.08.1993
    5.30 (Fugue In A Minor Key)  (07.09.1993)Fugue In A Minor Key07.09.1993
    5.31 (Uncharted Waters)  (14.09.1993)Uncharted Waters14.09.1993
    5.32 (The Method)  (21.09.1993)The Method21.09.1993
    5.33 (No Time For Games)  (28.09.1993)No Time For Games28.09.1993
    5.34 (Releasing The Spirit)  (05.10.1993)Releasing The Spirit05.10.1993
    5.35 (All In The Eyes)  (12.10.1993)All In The Eyes12.10.1993
    5.36 (Borderline)  (19.10.1993)Borderline19.10.1993
    5.37 (The Long Weekend)  (26.10.1993)The Long Weekend26.10.1993
    5.38 (A Family Affair)  (02.11.1993)A Family Affair02.11.1993
    5.39 (A Long Day’s Journey)  (09.11.1993)A Long Day’s Journey09.11.1993
    5.40 (Loose Ends)  (16.11.1993)Loose Ends16.11.1993

    6.01 (Special Places 1)  (15.02.1994)Special Places 115.02.1994
    6.02 (Special Places 2)  (15.02.1994)Special Places 215.02.1994
    6.03 (More Out Of Life)  (22.02.1994)More Out Of Life22.02.1994
    6.04 (Scared To Death)  (01.03.1994)Scared To Death01.03.1994
    6.05 (Brotherly Love)  (08.03.1994)Brotherly Love08.03.1994
    6.06 (Out)  (15.03.1994)Out15.03.1994
    6.07 (Coitus Interruptus)  (22.03.1994)Coitus Interruptus22.03.1994
    6.08 (Innocent Bystander)  (29.03.1994)Innocent Bystander29.03.1994
    6.09 (Something Old, Something New)  (05.04.1994)Something Old, Something New05.04.1994
    6.10 (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)  (12.04.1994)The Sorcerer’s Apprentice12.04.1994
    6.11 (The Team Player)  (19.04.1994)The Team Player19.04.1994
    6.12 (Sugar & Spice)  (26.04.1994)Sugar & Spice26.04.1994
    6.13 (Double Bind)  (03.05.1994)Double Bind03.05.1994
    6.14 (A Temporary Mess)  (10.05.1994)A Temporary Mess10.05.1994
    6.15 (Breaking Out)  (17.05.1994)Breaking Out17.05.1994
    6.16 (The Drover’s Wife)  (24.05.1994)The Drover’s Wife24.05.1994
    6.17 (Home & Contents)  (31.05.1994)Home & Contents31.05.1994
    6.18 (E)  (07.06.1994)E07.06.1994
    6.19 (Making Mischief)  (14.06.1994)Making Mischief14.06.1994
    6.20 (Alex & Rose)  (21.06.1994)Alex & Rose21.06.1994
    6.21 (Solo)  (28.06.1994)Solo28.06.1994
    6.22 (The Chicken Run)  (05.07.1994)The Chicken Run05.07.1994
    6.23 (Ties Of The Blood)  (12.07.1994)Ties Of The Blood12.07.1994
    6.24 (In Good Hands)  (19.07.1994)In Good Hands19.07.1994
    6.25 (Fatherly Duties)  (26.07.1994)Fatherly Duties26.07.1994
    6.26 (That Old Black Magic)  (02.08.1994)That Old Black Magic02.08.1994
    6.27 (Natural Selection)  (09.08.1994)Natural Selection09.08.1994
    6.28 (A Hard Act To Follow)  (16.08.1994)A Hard Act To Follow16.08.1994
    6.29 (Captive Heart)  (23.08.1994)Captive Heart23.08.1994
    6.30 (Grin & Bare It)  (30.08.1994)Grin & Bare It30.08.1994
    6.31 (Footprints)  (06.09.1994)Footprints06.09.1994
    6.32 (Breakfast With Gazza)  (13.09.1994)Breakfast With Gazza13.09.1994
    6.33 (All Of Me)  (20.09.1994)All Of Me20.09.1994
    6.34 (Desperate Measures)  (27.09.1994)Desperate Measures27.09.1994
    6.35 (Revelations)  (04.10.1994)Revelations04.10.1994
    6.36 (State Of Grace)  (11.10.1994)State Of Grace11.10.1994
    6.37 (Back Streets)  (18.10.1994)Back Streets18.10.1994
    6.38 (Rarely Pure & Never Smile)  (25.10.1994)Rarely Pure & Never Smile25.10.1994
    6.39 (Odyssey 1)  (01.11.1994)Odyssey 101.11.1994
    6.40 (Odyssey 2)  (08.11.1994)Odyssey 208.11.1994

    7.01 (Bandaids)  (21.02.1995)Bandaids21.02.1995
    7.02 (Grown Ups)  (28.02.1995)Grown Ups28.02.1995
    7.03 (The Tiniest Fraction)  (07.03.1995)The Tiniest Fraction07.03.1995
    7.04 (Filial Contract)  (14.03.1995)Filial Contract14.03.1995
    7.05 (I Grow Old, I Grow Old)  (21.03.1995)I Grow Old, I Grow Old21.03.1995
    7.06 (In Control)  (28.03.1995)In Control28.03.1995
    7.07 (After Hours)  (04.04.1995)After Hours04.04.1995
    7.08 (What About Your Heart?)  (11.04.1995)What About Your Heart?11.04.1995
    7.09 (An Arm & A Leg)  (18.04.1995)An Arm & A Leg18.04.1995
    7.10 (The Carrot & The Stick)  (25.04.1995)The Carrot & The Stick25.04.1995
    7.11 (Still Life)  (02.05.1995)Still Life02.05.1995
    7.12 (Hide & Seek)  (09.05.1995)Hide & Seek09.05.1995
    7.13 (Relative Strangers)  (16.05.1995)Relative Strangers16.05.1995
    7.14 (Lady Be Good)  (23.05.1995)Lady Be Good23.05.1995
    7.15 (This Year, Next Year)  (30.05.1995)This Year, Next Year30.05.1995
    7.16 (Don’t Count Your Chickens)  (06.06.1995)Don’t Count Your Chickens06.06.1995
    7.17 (Falling Backwards)  (13.06.1995)Falling Backwards13.06.1995
    7.18 (A Great Bunch Of Blokes)  (20.06.1995)A Great Bunch Of Blokes20.06.1995
    7.19 (Not Fade Away)  (27.06.1995)Not Fade Away27.06.1995
    7.20 (A Parting Of Friends)  (04.07.1995)A Parting Of Friends04.07.1995
    7.21 (Keeping Up With Yesterday)  (11.07.1995)Keeping Up With Yesterday11.07.1995
    7.22 (Baby Sitter)  (18.07.1995)Baby Sitter18.07.1995
    7.23 (You Say Potato)  (25.07.1995)You Say Potato25.07.1995
    7.24 (Private Faces, Public Places)  (01.08.1995)Private Faces, Public Places01.08.1995
    7.25 (Like Father, Like Son)  (08.08.1995)Like Father, Like Son08.08.1995
    7.26 (The Promise Of Tomorrow)  (22.08.1995)The Promise Of Tomorrow22.08.1995
    7.27 (Stand By Your Man)  (29.08.1995)Stand By Your Man29.08.1995
    7.28 (Manoeuvres)  (05.09.1995)Manoeuvres05.09.1995
    7.29 (Trapped)  (12.09.1995)Trapped12.09.1995
    7.30 (Those Who Can’t)  (19.09.1995)Those Who Can’t19.09.1995
    7.31 (Oh My Papa)  (26.09.1995)Oh My Papa26.09.1995
    7.32 (Imperfect Science)  (03.10.1995)Imperfect Science03.10.1995
    7.33 (One For The Road)  (10.10.1995)One For The Road10.10.1995
    7.34 (Forgive & Forget)  (17.10.1995)Forgive & Forget17.10.1995
    7.35 (So Like A Woman)  (24.10.1995)So Like A Woman24.10.1995
    7.36 (Rhythm & Blues)  (31.10.1995)Rhythm & Blues31.10.1995
    7.37 (Hush Little Baby)  (07.11.1995)Hush Little Baby07.11.1995
    7.38 (Sunday Bloody Sunday)  (14.11.1995)Sunday Bloody Sunday14.11.1995
    7.39 (Comic Relief)  (21.11.1995)Comic Relief21.11.1995
    7.40 (With A Beard On His Shoulder)  (28.11.1995)With A Beard On His Shoulder28.11.1995

    8.01 (Where The Heart Is)  (05.03.1996)Where The Heart Is05.03.1996
    8.02 (Hardwired)  (12.03.1996)Hardwired12.03.1996
    8.03 (A Man Of Action)  (19.03.1996)A Man Of Action19.03.1996
    8.04 (Two To Tango)  (26.03.1996)Two To Tango26.03.1996
    8.05 (Brain Storm)  (02.04.1996)Brain Storm02.04.1996
    8.06 (Someone To Turn To)  (09.04.1996)Someone To Turn To09.04.1996
    8.07 (New Confusions)  (16.04.1996)New Confusions16.04.1996
    8.08 (The Ceremony Of Innocence)  (23.04.1996)The Ceremony Of Innocence23.04.1996
    8.09 (Ding Dong Bell)  (30.04.1996)Ding Dong Bell30.04.1996
    8.10 (In Sickness & In Health)  (07.05.1996)In Sickness & In Health07.05.1996
    8.11 (Fire & Water)  (14.05.1996)Fire & Water14.05.1996
    8.12 (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 1)  (21.05.1996)Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 121.05.1996
    8.13 (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 2)  (21.05.1996)Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 221.05.1996
    8.14 (Smoke)  (28.05.1996)Smoke28.05.1996
    8.15 (Never Judge A Book)  (04.06.1996)Never Judge A Book04.06.1996
    8.16 (A Stiff Upper Lip)  (11.06.1996)A Stiff Upper Lip11.06.1996
    8.17 (Sleeping Beauty)  (18.06.1996)Sleeping Beauty18.06.1996
    8.18 (Not Breathing, Choking)  (25.06.1996)Not Breathing, Choking25.06.1996
    8.19 (Juice)  (02.07.1996)Juice02.07.1996
    8.20 (Blind Friday)  (09.07.1996)Blind Friday09.07.1996
    8.21 (Long Time Coming)  (16.07.1996)Long Time Coming16.07.1996
    8.22 (Sing Me A Lullaby)  (23.07.1996)Sing Me A Lullaby23.07.1996
    8.23 (Drowning By Numbers)  (30.07.1996)Drowning By Numbers30.07.1996
    8.24 (The Presence Of Your Company)  (06.08.1996)The Presence Of Your Company06.08.1996
    8.25 (The Waiter)  (13.08.1996)The Waiter13.08.1996
    8.26 (Vision)  (27.08.1996)Vision27.08.1996
    8.27 (Go Directly To Jail)  (03.09.1996)Go Directly To Jail03.09.1996
    8.28 (Whatever Turns You On)  (10.09.1996)Whatever Turns You On10.09.1996
    8.29 (Handle With Care)  (17.09.1996)Handle With Care17.09.1996
    8.30 (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)  (24.09.1996)Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star24.09.1996
    8.31 (I Kiss Your Dirty Shoe)  (01.10.1996)I Kiss Your Dirty Shoe01.10.1996
    8.32 (Critical Distances)  (08.10.1996)Critical Distances08.10.1996
    8.33 (Pendulum)  (15.10.1996)Pendulum15.10.1996
    8.34 (If I Were A Carpenter)  (22.10.1996)If I Were A Carpenter22.10.1996
    8.35 (Show & Tell)  (05.11.1996)Show & Tell05.11.1996
    8.36 (Apron Strings)  (12.11.1996)Apron Strings12.11.1996
    8.37 (Superman)  (19.11.1996)Superman19.11.1996
    8.38 (Shoot The Messenger)  (26.11.1996)Shoot The Messenger26.11.1996
    8.39 (Ghosts In The Machine)  (03.12.1996)Ghosts In The Machine03.12.1996
    8.40 (The Terrible Business)  (10.12.1996)The Terrible Business10.12.1996

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