Staffel 1

    11.01 (The Souffle Rises)  (09.05.1994)The Souffle Rises09.05.1994
    21.02 (The Desert Angel)  (16.05.1994)The Desert Angel16.05.1994
    31.03 (City of Fear)  (23.05.1994)City of Fear23.05.1994
    41.04 (She’s Got the Look)  (30.05.1994)She’s Got the Look30.05.1994
    51.05 (The Siege)  (06.06.1994)The Siege06.06.1994
    61.06 (Playing the Ego Card)  (13.06.1994)Playing the Ego Card13.06.1994
    71.07 (We Ain’t Got Dames)  (20.06.1994)We Ain’t Got Dames20.06.1994
    81.08 (The Art of Gentle Pursasion)  (27.06.1994)The Art of Gentle Pursasion27.06.1994
    91.09 (The Invisible Man)  (04.07.1994)The Invisible Man04.07.1994
    101.10 (Add Sex and Stir)  (11.07.1994)Add Sex and Stir11.07.1994
    111.11 (Smaller Fish to Fry)  (18.07.1994)Smaller Fish to Fry18.07.1994
    121.12 (Judge and Jury)  (25.07.1994)Judge and Jury25.07.1994
    131.13 (This Night of Nights)  (01.08.1994)This Night of Nights01.08.1994

    Staffel 2

    142.01 (One Big Family)  (24.07.1995)One Big Family24.07.1995
    152.02 (Workin’ Class Man)  (31.07.1995)Workin’ Class Man31.07.1995
    162.03 (Heroes and Villains)  (07.08.1995)Heroes and Villains07.08.1995
    172.04 (Office Mole)  (14.08.1995)Office Mole14.08.1995
    182.05 (Basic Instincts)  (21.08.1995)Basic Instincts21.08.1995
    192.06 (Let the Children Play)  (28.08.1995)Let the Children Play28.08.1995
    202.07 (Keeping Up Appearances)  (04.09.1995)Keeping Up Appearances04.09.1995
    212.08 (Divide the Community: Multiply The Ratings)  (11.09.1995)Divide the Community: Multiply The Ratings11.09.1995
    222.09 (All Work and No Fame)  (18.09.1995)All Work and No Fame18.09.1995
    232.10 (Changing the Face of Current Affairs)  (25.09.1995)Changing the Face of Current Affairs25.09.1995
    242.11 (A Man of His Convictions)  (02.10.1995)A Man of His Convictions02.10.1995
    252.12 (The Great Pretenders)  (09.10.1995)The Great Pretenders09.10.1995
    262.13 (Give ’em Enough Rope)  (16.10.1995)Give ’em Enough Rope16.10.1995

    Staffel 3

    273.01 (Dick on the Line)  (24.02.1997)Dick on the Line24.02.1997
    283.02 (My Generation)  (03.03.1997)My Generation03.03.1997
    293.03 (The Shadow We Cast)  (10.03.1997)The Shadow We Cast10.03.1997
    303.04 (One Rule for One)  (17.03.1997)One Rule for One17.03.1997
    313.05 (A Hole in the Heart (1))  (24.03.1997)A Hole in the Heart (1)24.03.1997
    323.06 (A Hole in the Heart (2))  (31.03.1997)A Hole in the Heart (2)31.03.1997
    333.07 (The Simple Life)  (07.04.1997)The Simple Life07.04.1997
    343.08 (I Get the Big Names)  (14.04.1997)I Get the Big Names14.04.1997
    353.09 (The Art of the Interview)  (21.04.1997)The Art of the Interview21.04.1997
    363.10 („I“ Disease)  (28.04.1997)„I“ Disease28.04.1997
    373.11 (Addicted to Fame)  (05.05.1997)Addicted to Fame05.05.1997
    383.12 (The Code)  (12.05.1997)The Code12.05.1997
    393.13 (Epitaph)  (19.05.1997)Epitaph19.05.1997

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