1.01 (Troika)  (17.09.1969)Troika17.09.1969
    1.02 (Smokescreen)  (24.09.1969)Smokescreen24.09.1969
    1.03 (The Promised Land)  (01.10.1969)The Promised Land01.10.1969
    1.04 (A Date with Leonidas)  (08.10.1969)A Date with Leonidas08.10.1969
    1.05 (The Kazmirov Affair)  (15.10.1969)The Kazmirov Affair15.10.1969
    1.06 (A New Face)  (22.10.1969)A New Face22.10.1969
    1.07 (You Don’t Exist)  (29.10.1969)You Don’t Exist29.10.1969
    1.08 (The Children of Delight)  (05.11.1969)The Children of Delight05.11.1969
    1.09 (Reliable Sources)  (12.11.1969)Reliable Sources12.11.1969
    1.10 (Short Change)  (19.11.1969)Short Change19.11.1969
    1.11 (Exit a Diplomat)  (26.11.1969)Exit a Diplomat26.11.1969
    1.12 (Care of Her Majesty)  (03.12.1969)Care of Her Majesty03.12.1969
    1.13 (Visitor from Moscow)  (10.12.1969)Visitor from Moscow10.12.1969
    1.14 (Time Bomb)  (17.12.1969)Time Bomb17.12.1969

    2.01 (Inside)  (11.08.1970)Inside11.08.1970
    2.02 (Dinner Date)  (18.08.1970)Dinner Date18.08.1970
    2.03 (Depart in Peace)  (25.08.1970)Depart in Peace25.08.1970
    2.04 (Miss International)  (01.09.1970)Miss International01.09.1970
    2.05 (Warrant for a Phoenix)  (08.09.1970)Warrant for a Phoenix08.09.1970
    2.06 (The Pleasure of Your Company)  (16.09.1970)The Pleasure of Your Company16.09.1970
    2.07 (Not to Be Trusted)  (23.09.1970)Not to Be Trusted23.09.1970
    2.08 (Borderline Case)  (30.09.1970)Borderline Case30.09.1970
    2.09 (Love from Doris)  (07.10.1970)Love from Doris07.10.1970
    2.10 (Sorry Is Just a Word)  (14.10.1970)Sorry Is Just a Word14.10.1970
    2.11 (Error of Judgement)  (21.10.1970)Error of Judgement21.10.1970
    2.12 (Reported Missing)  (28.10.1970)Reported Missing28.10.1970
    2.13 (Fool’s Mate)  (04.11.1970)Fool’s Mate04.11.1970

    3.01Falle für Craven (A copper called Craven)29.01.1980 (04.04.1973)A copper called Craven04.04.1973
    3.02 (Round the Clock)  (11.04.1973)Round the Clock11.04.1973
    3.03 (Inquisition)  (18.04.1973)Inquisition18.04.1973
    3.04Überfall im Dunkeln (Assault)15.01.1980 (25.04.1973)Assault25.04.1973
    3.05 (Polonaise)  (02.05.1973)Polonaise02.05.1973
    3.06 (Red Herring)  (09.05.1973)Red Herring09.05.1973
    3.07Tod durch Ertrinken (Death by drowning)18.03.1980 (16.05.1973)Death by drowning16.05.1973
    3.08 (All the King’s Men)  (23.05.1973)All the King’s Men23.05.1973
    3.09 (Threat)  (06.06.1973)Threat06.06.1973
    3.10 (The Other Man)  (13.06.1973)The Other Man13.06.1973
    3.11Ein Riß in der Fassade (You won’t remember me)04.03.1980 (20.06.1973)You won’t remember me20.06.1973
    3.12 (Hostage)  (27.06.1973)Hostage27.06.1973
    3.13 (Blueprint for Murder)  (04.07.1973)Blueprint for Murder04.07.1973

    4.01Lücken im System (Double exposure)18.12.1979 (14.02.1974)Double exposure14.02.1974
    4.02 (Catherine the Great)  (21.02.1974)Catherine the Great21.02.1974
    4.03Ausbruch in Raten (Jailbait)01.04.1980 (28.02.1974)Jailbait28.02.1974
    4.04 (Stand and Deliver)  (07.03.1974)Stand and Deliver07.03.1974
    4.05 (Something about a Soldier)  (14.03.1974)Something about a Soldier14.03.1974
    4.06 (Rendezvous)  (21.03.1974)Rendezvous21.03.1974
    4.07Der Piratensender (Sounds sinister)04.12.1979 (28.03.1974)Sounds sinister28.03.1974
    4.08Grüße aus der Vergangenheit (Entente Cordiale)12.02.1980 (04.04.1974)Entente Cordiale04.04.1974
    4.09 (Date of Birth)  (11.04.1974)Date of Birth11.04.1974
    4.10 (Intercept)  (18.04.1974)Intercept18.04.1974
    4.11 (Alien)  (25.04.1974)Alien25.04.1974
    4.12 (Diversion)  (02.05.1974)Diversion02.05.1974
    4.13 (Downwind of Angels)  (09.05.1974)Downwind of Angels09.05.1974

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