1.01 (Just Act Normal)  (05.03.2000)Just Act Normal05.03.2000
    1.02 (The Line)  (12.03.2000)The Line12.03.2000
    1.03 (Domestic Terrorism)  (19.03.2000)Domestic Terrorism19.03.2000
    1.04 (Where Have You Gone, Sandy Koufax)  (02.04.2000)Where Have You Gone, Sandy Koufax02.04.2000
    1.05 (Perfect Frank)  (09.04.2000)Perfect Frank09.04.2000
    1.06 (Beauty Marks)  (16.04.2000)Beauty Marks16.04.2000
    1.07 (Our Mister Brooks)  (23.04.2000)Our Mister Brooks23.04.2000
    1.08 (The Fever Flip)  (26.07.2000)The Fever Flip26.07.2000
    1.09 (Turtle Soup)  (02.08.2000)Turtle Soup02.08.2000
    1.10 (F.B.I.V.)  (09.08.2000)F.B.I.V.09.08.2000
    1.11 (Bazooka Joe)  (16.08.2000)Bazooka Joe16.08.2000
    1.12 (The Book of Danny)  (23.08.2000)The Book of Danny23.08.2000
    1.13 (In Plain Sight)  (13.09.2000)In Plain Sight13.09.2000
    1.14 (Killing Me Softly)  (20.09.2000)Killing Me Softly20.09.2000
    1.15 (The Hit Parade)  (27.09.2000)The Hit Parade27.09.2000
    1.16 (Absolution)  (07.01.2001)Absolution07.01.2001
    1.17 (Vegas Mother’s Day (1))  (14.01.2001)Vegas Mother’s Day (1)14.01.2001
    1.18 (Vegas Mother’s Day (2))  (21.01.2001)Vegas Mother’s Day (2)21.01.2001
    1.19 (Borderline Normal)  (04.02.2001)Borderline Normal04.02.2001
    1.20 (Stings Like a Bee)  (11.02.2001)Stings Like a Bee11.02.2001
    1.21 (Home for the Holidays)  (18.02.2001)Home for the Holidays18.02.2001
    1.22 (The River)  (25.02.2001)The River25.02.2001
    1.23 (Rasho Mom)  (04.03.2001)Rasho Mom04.03.2001
    1.24 (Sub Zero)  (17.03.2001)Sub Zero17.03.2001
    1.25 (Viva Zapatos)  (24.03.2001)Viva Zapatos24.03.2001

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