Staffel 1

    11.01 (Gas)  (06.09.1986)Gas06.09.1986
    21.02 (Hide And Seek)  (13.09.1986)Hide And Seek13.09.1986
    31.03 (Night Runners)  (20.09.1986)Night Runners20.09.1986
    41.04 (Jump Start)  (27.09.1986)Jump Start27.09.1986
    51.05 (Blood Brothers)  (04.10.1986)Blood Brothers04.10.1986
    61.06 (High Noon)  (11.10.1986)High Noon11.10.1986
    71.07 (Professionals)  (18.10.1986)Professionals18.10.1986
    81.08 (Crazies)  (25.10.1986)Crazies25.10.1986
    91.09 (Moonlight Becomes You)  (08.11.1986)Moonlight Becomes You08.11.1986
    101.10 (Teeny Poppers)  (15.11.1986)Teeny Poppers15.11.1986
    111.11 (Drunk)  (22.11.1986)Drunk22.11.1986
    121.12 (Quiet)  (06.12.1986)Quiet06.12.1986
    131.13 (No Future)  (13.12.1986)No Future13.12.1986
    141.14 (Survival)  (20.12.1986)Survival20.12.1986
    151.15 (Closure)  (27.12.1986)Closure27.12.1986

    Staffel 2

    162.01 (A Little Lobbying)  (12.09.1987)A Little Lobbying12.09.1987
    172.02 (A Drop Of The Hard Stuff)  (19.09.1987)A Drop Of The Hard Stuff19.09.1987
    182.03 (Shades Of Love)  (26.09.1987)Shades Of Love26.09.1987
    192.04 (Cry For Help)  (03.10.1987)Cry For Help03.10.1987
    202.05 (Anaconda)  (10.10.1987)Anaconda10.10.1987
    212.06 (Lifelines)  (17.10.1987)Lifelines17.10.1987
    222.07 (The Raid)  (24.10.1987)The Raid24.10.1987
    232.08 (Cross Fingers)  (31.10.1987)Cross Fingers31.10.1987
    242.09 (Seeking Heat)  (07.11.1987)Seeking Heat07.11.1987
    252.10 (Rock-A-Bye Baby)  (14.11.1987)Rock-A-Bye Baby14.11.1987
    262.11 (Hooked)  (21.11.1987)Hooked21.11.1987
    272.12 (Fun Night)  (28.11.1987)Fun Night28.11.1987
    282.13 (Peace, Brother)  (05.12.1987)Peace, Brother05.12.1987
    292.14 (Burning Cases)  (12.12.1987)Burning Cases12.12.1987
    302.15 (These Things Happen)  (19.12.1987)These Things Happen19.12.1987

    Staffel 3

    313.01 (Welcome To Casualty)  (09.09.1988)Welcome To Casualty09.09.1988
    323.02 (Desperate Odds)  (16.09.1988)Desperate Odds16.09.1988
    333.03 (Drake’s Drum)  (23.09.1988)Drake’s Drum23.09.1988
    343.04 (Absolution)  (30.09.1988)Absolution30.09.1988
    353.05 (Burn Out)  (07.10.1988)Burn Out07.10.1988
    363.06 (A Quiet Night)  (14.10.1988)A Quiet Night14.10.1988
    373.07 (Living Memories)  (21.10.1988)Living Memories21.10.1988
    383.08 (Inferno)  (28.10.1988)Inferno28.10.1988
    393.09 (Caring)  (04.11.1988)Caring04.11.1988
    403.10 (A Wing And A Prayer)  (11.11.1988)A Wing And A Prayer11.11.1988

    Staffel 4

    414.01 (Chain Reaction)  (08.09.1989)Chain Reaction08.09.1989
    424.02 (Accidents Happen)  (15.09.1989)Accidents Happen15.09.1989
    434.03 (A Grand In The Hand)  (22.09.1989)A Grand In The Hand22.09.1989
    444.04 (Day Off)  (29.09.1989)Day Off29.09.1989
    454.05 (Vital Spark)  (06.10.1989)Vital Spark06.10.1989
    464.06 (Charity)  (13.10.1989)Charity13.10.1989
    474.07 (Victim Of Circumstances)  (20.10.1989)Victim Of Circumstances20.10.1989
    484.08 (Deluge)  (27.10.1989)Deluge27.10.1989
    494.09 (Union)  (03.11.1989)Union03.11.1989
    504.10 (Taking Stock)  (10.11.1989)Taking Stock10.11.1989
    514.11 (Banking For Beginners)  (24.11.1989)Banking For Beginners24.11.1989
    524.12 (Hanging On)  (01.12.1989)Hanging On01.12.1989

    Staffel 5

    535.01 (Penalty)  (07.09.1990)Penalty07.09.1990
    545.02 (Results)  (14.09.1990)Results14.09.1990
    555.03 (Close To Home)  (21.09.1990)Close To Home21.09.1990
    565.04 (Street Life)  (28.09.1990)Street Life28.09.1990
    575.05 (Hiding Place)  (05.10.1990)Hiding Place05.10.1990
    585.06 (Salvation)  (12.10.1990)Salvation12.10.1990
    595.07 (Say It With Flowers)  (19.10.1990)Say It With Flowers19.10.1990
    605.08 (Love’s A Pain)  (26.10.1990)Love’s A Pain26.10.1990
    615.09 (A Will To Die)  (02.11.1990)A Will To Die02.11.1990
    625.10 (Big Boys Don’t Cry)  (09.11.1990)Big Boys Don’t Cry09.11.1990
    635.11 (Remembrance)  (16.11.1990)Remembrance16.11.1990
    645.12 (All’s Fair)  (30.11.1990)All’s Fair30.11.1990
    655.13 (A Reasonable Man)  (07.12.1990)A Reasonable Man07.12.1990

    Staffel 6

    666.01 (Humpty Dumpty)  (06.09.1991)Humpty Dumpty06.09.1991
    676.02 (Judgement Day)  (13.09.1991)Judgement Day13.09.1991
    686.03 (Dangerous Games)  (20.09.1991)Dangerous Games20.09.1991
    696.04 (Hide And Seek)  (27.09.1991)Hide And Seek27.09.1991
    706.05 (Joy Ride)  (04.10.1991)Joy Ride04.10.1991
    716.06 (Something To Hide)  (11.10.1991)Something To Hide11.10.1991
    726.07 (Beggars Can’t Be Choosers)  (18.10.1991)Beggars Can’t Be Choosers18.10.1991
    736.08 (Living In Hope)  (25.10.1991)Living In Hope25.10.1991
    746.09 (Making The Break)  (01.11.1991)Making The Break01.11.1991
    756.10 (Sins Of Omission)  (08.11.1991)Sins Of Omission08.11.1991
    766.11 (The Last Word)  (15.11.1991)The Last Word15.11.1991
    776.12 (Pressure! What Pressure?)  (29.11.1991)Pressure! What Pressure?29.11.1991
    786.13 (Facing Up)  (06.12.1991)Facing Up06.12.1991
    796.14 (Allegiance)  (13.12.1991)Allegiance13.12.1991
    806.15 (Cascade)  (27.02.1992)Cascade27.02.1992

    Staffel 7

    817.01 (Rates Of Exchange)  (12.09.1992)Rates Of Exchange12.09.1992
    827.02 (Cry Wolf)  (19.09.1992)Cry Wolf19.09.1992
    837.03 (Body Politic)  (26.09.1992)Body Politic26.09.1992
    847.04 (Will You Still Love Me?)  (03.10.1992)Will You Still Love Me?03.10.1992
    857.05 (Cherish)  (10.10.1992)Cherish10.10.1992
    867.06 (Profit And Loss)  (17.10.1992)Profit And Loss17.10.1992
    877.07 (One Step Forward)  (24.10.1992)One Step Forward24.10.1992
    887.08 (Body And Soul)  (31.10.1992)Body And Soul31.10.1992
    897.09 (Tender Loving Care)  (07.11.1992)Tender Loving Care07.11.1992
    907.10 (Money Talks)  (14.11.1992)Money Talks14.11.1992
    917.11 (Making Waves)  (21.11.1992)Making Waves21.11.1992
    927.12 (If It Isn’t Hurting)  (28.11.1992)If It Isn’t Hurting28.11.1992
    937.13 (Act Of Faith)  (05.12.1992)Act Of Faith05.12.1992
    947.14 (Point Of Principle)  (19.12.1992)Point Of Principle19.12.1992
    957.15 (Silent Night)  (24.12.1992)Silent Night24.12.1992
    967.16 (The Ties That Bind)  (02.01.1993)The Ties That Bind02.01.1993
    977.17 (Live In The Fast Lane)  (09.01.1993)Live In The Fast Lane09.01.1993
    987.18 (Everybody Needs Somebody)  (16.01.1993)Everybody Needs Somebody16.01.1993
    997.19 (Getting Involved)  (23.01.1993)Getting Involved23.01.1993
    1007.20 (Dividing Loyalites)  (30.01.1993)Dividing Loyalites30.01.1993
    1017.21 (Family Matters)  (06.02.1993)Family Matters06.02.1993
    1027.22 (Child’s Play)  (13.02.1993)Child’s Play13.02.1993
    1037.23 (No Cause For Concern)  (20.02.1993)No Cause For Concern20.02.1993
    1047.24 (Boiling Point)  (27.02.1993)Boiling Point27.02.1993

    Staffel 8

    1058.01 (Cat In Hell)  (18.09.1993)Cat In Hell18.09.1993
    1068.02 (Riders On The Storm)  (25.09.1993)Riders On The Storm25.09.1993
    1078.03 (The Final Word)  (02.10.1993)The Final Word02.10.1993
    1088.04 (No Place To Hide)  (09.10.1993)No Place To Hide09.10.1993
    1098.05 (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)  (16.10.1993)Sunday, Bloody Sunday16.10.1993
    1108.06 (Good Friends)  (23.10.1993)Good Friends23.10.1993
    1118.07 (Kill Or Cure)  (30.10.1993)Kill Or Cure30.10.1993
    1128.08 (Born Loser)  (06.11.1993)Born Loser06.11.1993
    1138.09 (High Roller)  (13.11.1993)High Roller13.11.1993
    1148.10 (Deceptions)  (20.11.1993)Deceptions20.11.1993
    1158.11 (Give Us This Day)  (27.11.1993)Give Us This Day27.11.1993
    1168.12 (Wild Card)  (04.12.1993)Wild Card04.12.1993
    1178.13 (The Good Life)  (11.12.1993)The Good Life11.12.1993
    1188.14 (Out To Lunch)  (18.12.1993)Out To Lunch18.12.1993
    1198.15 (Comfort And Joy)  (26.12.1993)Comfort And Joy26.12.1993
    1208.16 (Family Ties)  (01.01.1994)Family Ties01.01.1994
    1218.17 (United We Fall)  (08.01.1994)United We Fall08.01.1994
    1228.18 (Tippers)  (15.01.1994)Tippers15.01.1994
    1238.19 (Value For Money)  (22.01.1994)Value For Money22.01.1994
    1248.20 (Care In The Community)  (29.01.1994)Care In The Community29.01.1994
    1258.21 (Signed, Sealed, Delivered)  (05.02.1994)Signed, Sealed, Delivered05.02.1994
    1268.22 (Relations)  (12.02.1994)Relations12.02.1994
    1278.23 (Grand Rational)  (19.02.1994)Grand Rational19.02.1994
    1288.24 (Hidden Agendas)  (26.02.1994)Hidden Agendas26.02.1994

    Staffel 9

    1299.01 (Blood’s Thicker)  (17.09.1994)Blood’s Thicker17.09.1994
    1309.02 (First Impressions)  (24.09.1994)First Impressions24.09.1994
    1319.03 (Keeping It In The Family)  (01.10.1994)Keeping It In The Family01.10.1994
    1329.04 (Chasing The Dragon)  (08.10.1994)Chasing The Dragon08.10.1994
    1339.05 (Love and Affection)  (15.10.1994)Love and Affection15.10.1994
    1349.06 (Negative Equity)  (22.10.1994)Negative Equity22.10.1994
    1359.07 (A Breed Apart)  (29.10.1994)A Breed Apart29.10.1994
    1369.08 (In The Black)  (05.11.1994)In The Black05.11.1994
    1379.09 (Crossing The Line)  (12.11.1994)Crossing The Line12.11.1994
    1389.10 (Only The Lonely)  (19.11.1994)Only The Lonely19.11.1994
    1399.11 (The Facts Of Life)  (10.12.1994)The Facts Of Life10.12.1994
    1409.12 (Under the Weather)  (17.12.1994)Under the Weather17.12.1994
    1419.13 (Talking Turkey)  (24.12.1994)Talking Turkey24.12.1994
    1429.14 (End Of The Road)  (14.01.1995)End Of The Road14.01.1995
    1439.15 (Learning Curve)  (21.01.1995)Learning Curve21.01.1995
    1449.16 (Stiching The Surface)  (28.01.1995)Stiching The Surface28.01.1995
    1459.17 (Heartbreak Hotel)  (04.02.1995)Heartbreak Hotel04.02.1995
    1469.18 (Trials And Tribulations)  (11.02.1995)Trials And Tribulations11.02.1995
    1479.19 (Out Of Time)  (18.02.1995)Out Of Time18.02.1995
    1489.20 (Branded)  (25.02.1995)Branded25.02.1995
    1499.21 (Exiles)  (04.03.1995)Exiles04.03.1995
    1509.22 (Nobody’s Perfect)  (11.03.1995)Nobody’s Perfect11.03.1995
    1519.23 (Not Waving But Drowning)  (18.03.1995)Not Waving But Drowning18.03.1995
    1529.24 (Duty Of Care)  (25.03.1995)Duty Of Care25.03.1995

    Staffel 10

    15310.01 (Family Values)  (16.09.1995)Family Values16.09.1995
    15410.02 (Money For Nothing)  (23.09.1995)Money For Nothing23.09.1995
    15510.03 (Sacrifice)  (30.09.1995)Sacrifice30.09.1995
    15610.04 (Outside Bulawayo)  (07.10.1995)Outside Bulawayo07.10.1995
    15710.05 (Halfway House)  (14.10.1995)Halfway House14.10.1995
    15810.06 (Compensation)  (21.10.1995)Compensation21.10.1995
    15910.07 (Turning Point)  (28.10.1995)Turning Point28.10.1995
    16010.08 (Battling On)  (04.11.1995)Battling On04.11.1995
    16110.09 (Hit And Run)  (11.11.1995)Hit And Run11.11.1995
    16210.10 (When All Else Fails)  (18.11.1995)When All Else Fails18.11.1995
    16310.11 (Release)  (25.11.1995)Release25.11.1995
    16410.12 (Bringing It All Back Home)  (02.12.1995)Bringing It All Back Home02.12.1995
    16510.13 (All Is Fair)  (09.12.1995)All Is Fair09.12.1995
    16610.14 (Shame The Devil)  (16.12.1995)Shame The Devil16.12.1995
    16710.15 (Lost Boys)  (23.12.1995)Lost Boys23.12.1995
    16810.16 (Castles In The Air)  (30.12.1995)Castles In The Air30.12.1995
    16910.17 (We Shall Overcome)  (06.01.1996)We Shall Overcome06.01.1996
    17010.18 (Land Of Hope)  (13.01.1996)Land Of Hope13.01.1996
    17110.19 (For Your Own Good)  (20.01.1996)For Your Own Good20.01.1996
    17210.20 (Asking For Miracles)  (27.01.1996)Asking For Miracles27.01.1996
    17310.21 (Subject To Contract)  (03.02.1996)Subject To Contract03.02.1996
    17410.22 (Cheatin’ Hearts)  (10.02.1996)Cheatin’ Hearts10.02.1996
    17510.23 (The Way Lies Ruin)  (17.02.1996)The Way Lies Ruin17.02.1996
    17610.24 (Night Moves)  (24.02.1996)Night Moves24.02.1996

    Staffel 11

    17711.01 (Chain Reactions)  (14.09.1996)Chain Reactions14.09.1996
    17811.02 (Relative Values)  (21.09.1996)Relative Values21.09.1996
    17911.03 (It Ain’t Me Babe)  (28.09.1996)It Ain’t Me Babe28.09.1996
    18011.04 (Thicker Than Water)  (05.10.1996)Thicker Than Water05.10.1996
    18111.05 (Waterwings)  (12.10.1996)Waterwings12.10.1996
    18211.06 (Still Waters)  (19.10.1996)Still Waters19.10.1996
    18311.07 (Nightfall)  (26.10.1996)Nightfall26.10.1996
    18411.08 (Vital Signs)  (02.11.1996)Vital Signs02.11.1996
    18511.09 (Another Day In Paradise)  (09.11.1996)Another Day In Paradise09.11.1996
    18611.10 (Flesh And Blood)  (16.11.1996)Flesh And Blood16.11.1996
    18711.11 (Made In Britain)  (23.11.1996)Made In Britain23.11.1996
    18811.12 (Mother’s Little Helper)  (30.11.1996)Mother’s Little Helper30.11.1996
    18911.13 (Trapped)  (07.12.1996)Trapped07.12.1996
    19011.14 (Do You Believe In Fairies?)  (14.12.1996)Do You Believe In Fairies?14.12.1996
    19111.15 (The Dying Of The Light)  (21.12.1996)The Dying Of The Light21.12.1996
    19211.16 (The Homecoming)  (28.12.1996)The Homecoming28.12.1996
    19311.17 (Hidden Depths)  (04.01.1997)Hidden Depths04.01.1997
    19411.18 (Tall Tales)  (11.01.1997)Tall Tales11.01.1997
    19511.19 (Deja Vu)  (18.01.1997)Deja Vu18.01.1997
    19611.20 (Treasure)  (25.01.1997)Treasure25.01.1997
    19711.21 (United … by Blood)  (01.02.1997)United … by Blood01.02.1997
    19811.22 (Make Believe)  (08.02.1997)Make Believe08.02.1997
    19911.23 (Monday, Bloody Monday)  (15.02.1997)Monday, Bloody Monday15.02.1997
    20011.24 (Perfect Blue)  (22.02.1997)Perfect Blue22.02.1997

    Staffel 12

    20112.01 (Give My Love To Esme)  (11.09.1997)Give My Love To Esme11.09.1997
    20212.02 (Private Lives)  (13.09.1997)Private Lives13.09.1997
    20312.03 (Nearest And Dearest)  (20.09.1997)Nearest And Dearest20.09.1997
    20412.04 (What Friends Are For)  (27.09.1997)What Friends Are For27.09.1997
    20512.05 (The Things We Do For Love)  (04.10.1997)The Things We Do For Love04.10.1997
    20612.06 (Counting The Cost)  (11.10.1997)Counting The Cost11.10.1997
    20712.07 (Always On My Mind)  (18.10.1997)Always On My Mind18.10.1997
    20812.08 (Finders Keepers)  (25.10.1997)Finders Keepers25.10.1997
    20912.09 (Whatever It Takes)  (01.11.1997)Whatever It Takes01.11.1997
    21012.10 (A Taste Of Freedom)  (08.11.1997)A Taste Of Freedom08.11.1997
    21112.11 (Bad Company)  (15.11.1997)Bad Company15.11.1997
    21212.12 (Moving On)  (22.11.1997)Moving On22.11.1997
    21312.13 (Power Of Persuasion)  (29.11.1997)Power Of Persuasion29.11.1997
    21412.14 (Out Of Control)  (06.12.1997)Out Of Control06.12.1997
    21512.15 (Love’s Labour)  (13.12.1997)Love’s Labour13.12.1997
    21612.16 (Facing Up)  (20.12.1997)Facing Up20.12.1997
    21712.17 (The Golden Hour)  (27.12.1997)The Golden Hour27.12.1997
    21812.18 (An Eye For An Eye)  (03.01.1998)An Eye For An Eye03.01.1998
    21912.19 (Loco Parentis)  (10.01.1998)Loco Parentis10.01.1998
    22012.20 (Degrees Of Separation)  (17.01.1998)Degrees Of Separation17.01.1998
    22112.21 (Secrets)  (24.01.1998)Secrets24.01.1998
    22212.22 (Love Me Tender)  (31.01.1998)Love Me Tender31.01.1998
    22312.23 (Taking Sides)  (07.02.1998)Taking Sides07.02.1998
    22412.24 (We Can Be Heroes)  (14.02.1998)We Can Be Heroes14.02.1998
    22512.25 (Everlasting Love (1))  (21.02.1998)Everlasting Love (1)21.02.1998
    22612.26 (Everlasting Love (2))  (28.02.1998)Everlasting Love (2)28.02.1998

    Staffel 13

    22713.01 (Internal Inferno (1))  (05.09.1998)Internal Inferno (1)05.09.1998
    22813.02 (Internal Inferno (2))  (06.09.1998)Internal Inferno (2)06.09.1998
    22913.03 (Honey Bunny)  (12.09.1998)Honey Bunny12.09.1998
    23013.04 (The Ties That Bind)  (19.09.1998)The Ties That Bind19.09.1998
    23113.05 (Toys And Boys)  (26.09.1998)Toys And Boys26.09.1998
    23213.06 (Eye Spy)  (03.10.1998)Eye Spy03.10.1998
    23313.07 (A Place Of Safety)  (10.10.1998)A Place Of Safety10.10.1998
    23413.08 (She Loved The Rain)  (17.10.1998)She Loved The Rain17.10.1998
    23513.09 (Public Service)  (24.10.1998)Public Service24.10.1998
    23613.10 (It’s Good To Talk)  (31.10.1998)It’s Good To Talk31.10.1998
    23713.11 (Next Of Kin)  (07.11.1998)Next Of Kin07.11.1998
    23813.12 (Home Truths)  (14.11.1998)Home Truths14.11.1998
    23913.13 (One From The Heart)  (21.11.1998)One From The Heart21.11.1998
    24013.14 (Trust)  (28.11.1998)Trust28.11.1998
    24113.15 (No Place Like Home)  (05.12.1998)No Place Like Home05.12.1998
    24213.16 (Making A Difference)  (12.12.1998)Making A Difference12.12.1998
    24313.17 (Miracle On Casualty)  (19.12.1998)Miracle On Casualty19.12.1998
    24413.18 (New Year And All That)  (26.12.1998)New Year And All That26.12.1998
    24513.19 (Trapped)  (09.01.1999)Trapped09.01.1999
    24613.20 (White Lies, White Wedding)  (16.01.1999)White Lies, White Wedding16.01.1999
    24713.21 (Team Work)  (23.01.1999)Team Work23.01.1999
    24813.22 (Human Traffic)  (30.01.1999)Human Traffic30.01.1999
    24913.23 (Mother’s Day)  (06.02.1999)Mother’s Day06.02.1999
    25013.24 (Face Value)  (13.02.1999)Face Value13.02.1999
    25113.25 (Crazy Love)  (20.02.1999)Crazy Love20.02.1999
    25213.26 (The Hardest Word)  (27.02.1999)The Hardest Word27.02.1999
    25313.27 (Love Over Gold (1))  (06.03.1999)Love Over Gold (1)06.03.1999
    25413.28 (Love Over Gold (2))  (13.03.1999)Love Over Gold (2)13.03.1999

    Staffel 14

    25514.01 (Calm Before The Storm (1))  (18.09.1999)Calm Before The Storm (1)18.09.1999
    25614.02 (Calm Before The Storm (2))  (19.09.1999)Calm Before The Storm (2)19.09.1999
    25714.03 (Truth Or Dare)  (25.09.1999)Truth Or Dare25.09.1999
    25814.04 (Words And Deeds)  (02.10.1999)Words And Deeds02.10.1999
    25914.05 (Crossroads)  (09.10.1999)Crossroads09.10.1999
    26014.06 (Lost Souls)  (16.10.1999)Lost Souls16.10.1999
    26114.07 (Everybody Hurts)  (23.10.1999)Everybody Hurts23.10.1999
    26214.08 (Seeing The Light)  (30.10.1999)Seeing The Light30.10.1999
    26314.09 (Off The Wall)  (06.11.1999)Off The Wall06.11.1999
    26414.10 (Benny And The Vets (1))  (13.11.1999)Benny And The Vets (1)13.11.1999
    26514.11 (Benny And The Vets (2))  (14.11.1999)Benny And The Vets (2)14.11.1999
    26614.12 (Sins Of The Mother)  (20.11.1999)Sins Of The Mother20.11.1999
    26714.13 (Looking After Number One)  (27.11.1999)Looking After Number One27.11.1999
    26814.14 (To Have And To Hold)  (04.12.1999)To Have And To Hold04.12.1999
    26914.15 (Free Fall)  (11.12.1999)Free Fall11.12.1999
    27014.16 (Just A Kiss)  (18.12.1999)Just A Kiss18.12.1999
    27114.17 (Peace On Earth)  (26.12.1999)Peace On Earth26.12.1999
    27214.18 (The Morning After)  (01.01.2000)The Morning After01.01.2000
    27314.19 (Untouchable)  (09.01.2000)Untouchable09.01.2000
    27414.20 (Fall Out)  (15.01.2000)Fall Out15.01.2000
    27514.21 (Full On)  (22.01.2000)Full On22.01.2000
    27614.22 (Mirror Image)  (29.01.2000)Mirror Image29.01.2000
    27714.23 (Burned Out Hearts)  (05.02.2000)Burned Out Hearts05.02.2000
    27814.24 (Tough Love)  (12.02.2000)Tough Love12.02.2000
    27914.25 (Not Waving But Drowning)  (19.02.2000)Not Waving But Drowning19.02.2000
    28014.26 (Seize The Night)  (26.02.2000)Seize The Night26.02.2000
    28114.27 (Life Support)  (04.03.2000)Life Support04.03.2000
    28214.28 (Blood Brothers)  (11.03.2000)Blood Brothers11.03.2000
    28314.29 (Being There (1))  (18.03.2000)Being There (1)18.03.2000
    28414.30 (Being There (2))  (25.03.2000)Being There (2)25.03.2000

    Staffel 15

    28515.01 (Phoenix)  (16.09.2000)Phoenix16.09.2000
    28615.02 (Accidents Happen)  (23.09.2000)Accidents Happen23.09.2000
    28715.03 (Getting To Know You)  (30.09.2000)Getting To Know You30.09.2000
    28815.04 (Too Tight to Mention)  (07.10.2000)Too Tight to Mention07.10.2000
    28915.05 (Choked (1))  (14.10.2000)Choked (1)14.10.2000
    29015.06 (Choked (2))  (15.10.2000)Choked (2)15.10.2000
    29115.07 (Travelling Light)  (21.10.2000)Travelling Light21.10.2000
    29215.08 (Sympathy For The Devil)  (22.10.2000)Sympathy For The Devil22.10.2000
    29315.09 (No More Mr Nice Guy)  (28.10.2000)No More Mr Nice Guy28.10.2000
    29415.10 (States Of Shock)  (04.11.2000)States Of Shock04.11.2000
    29515.11 (Marking Time)  (11.11.2000)Marking Time11.11.2000
    29615.12 (Starting Over)  (18.11.2000)Starting Over18.11.2000
    29715.13 (If You Go Down To The Wards Today)  (25.11.2000)If You Go Down To The Wards Today25.11.2000
    29815.14 (Coming Clean)  (02.12.2000)Coming Clean02.12.2000
    29915.15 (Chinese Whispers)  (09.12.2000)Chinese Whispers09.12.2000
    30015.16 (A Turn Of The Scrooge)  (16.12.2000)A Turn Of The Scrooge16.12.2000
    30115.17 (Merry Christmas Dr Spiller)  (23.12.2000)Merry Christmas Dr Spiller23.12.2000
    30215.18 (Epiphany)  (30.12.2000)Epiphany30.12.2000
    30315.19 (On The Edge)  (06.01.2001)On The Edge06.01.2001
    30415.20 (Girl Power)  (13.01.2001)Girl Power13.01.2001
    30515.21 (Heart Of Gold)  (20.01.2001)Heart Of Gold20.01.2001
    30615.22 (Better Safe Than Sorry)  (27.01.2001)Better Safe Than Sorry27.01.2001
    30715.23 (Something From The Heart)  (02.02.2001)Something From The Heart02.02.2001
    30815.24 (Big Mistake)  (03.02.2001)Big Mistake03.02.2001
    30915.25 (Ambulance Chaser)  (10.02.2001)Ambulance Chaser10.02.2001
    31015.26 (Scent Of The Roses)  (17.02.2001)Scent Of The Roses17.02.2001
    31115.27 (Breaking Point)  (24.02.2001)Breaking Point24.02.2001
    31215.28 (Lost And Found)  (03.03.2001)Lost And Found03.03.2001
    31315.29 (Kindness Of Strangers)  (10.03.2001)Kindness Of Strangers10.03.2001
    31415.30 (Only You)  (17.03.2001)Only You17.03.2001
    31515.31 (Allied Forces)  (24.03.2001)Allied Forces24.03.2001
    31615.32 (Heroes And Villians)  (31.03.2001)Heroes And Villians31.03.2001
    31715.33 (The Long Road Home)  (07.04.2001)The Long Road Home07.04.2001
    31815.34 (Mix And Match)  (14.04.2001)Mix And Match14.04.2001
    31915.35 (Breaking The Spell (1))  (21.04.2001)Breaking The Spell (1)21.04.2001
    32015.36 (Breaking The Spell (2))  (28.04.2001)Breaking The Spell (2)28.04.2001

    Staffel 16

    32116.01 (Holding The Baby)  (15.09.2001)Holding The Baby15.09.2001
    32216.02 (Dirty Laundry)  (22.09.2001)Dirty Laundry22.09.2001
    32316.03 (All’s Fair)  (29.09.2001)All’s Fair29.09.2001
    32416.04 (Crash Course)  (06.10.2001)Crash Course06.10.2001
    32516.05 (Bringing Up Baby)  (13.10.2001)Bringing Up Baby13.10.2001
    32616.06 (White Lies)  (20.10.2001)White Lies20.10.2001
    32716.07 (Facing The Future)  (27.10.2001)Facing The Future27.10.2001
    32816.08 (For My Next Trick)  (03.11.2001)For My Next Trick03.11.2001
    32916.09 (Distant Elephants)  (10.11.2001)Distant Elephants10.11.2001
    33016.10 (It’s A Family Affair)  (17.11.2001)It’s A Family Affair17.11.2001
    33116.11 (The Morning After)  (24.11.2001)The Morning After24.11.2001
    33216.12 (Best Intentions)  (01.12.2001)Best Intentions01.12.2001
    33316.13 (Someone To Watch Over Me)  (08.12.2001)Someone To Watch Over Me08.12.2001
    33416.14 (Happily Ever After)  (15.12.2001)Happily Ever After15.12.2001
    33516.15 (Life And Soul)  (22.12.2001)Life And Soul22.12.2001
    33616.16 (Consequences)  (26.12.2001)Consequences26.12.2001
    33716.17 (Playing With Fire)  (29.12.2001)Playing With Fire29.12.2001
    33816.18 (Checking In, Checking Out)  (05.01.2002)Checking In, Checking Out05.01.2002
    33916.19 (Blowing The Whistle)  (12.01.2002)Blowing The Whistle12.01.2002
    34016.20 (You’re Going Home In The Back Of An Ambulance)  (19.01.2002)You’re Going Home In The Back Of An Ambulance19.01.2002
    34116.21 (Only The Lonely)  (26.01.2002)Only The Lonely26.01.2002
    34216.22 (In The Heat Of The Night)  (02.02.2002)In The Heat Of The Night02.02.2002
    34316.23 (Acceptance)  (09.02.2002)Acceptance09.02.2002
    34416.24 (Nobody’s Perfect)  (16.02.2002)Nobody’s Perfect16.02.2002
    34516.25 (What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted)  (23.02.2002)What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted23.02.2002
    34616.26 (Life Incognito)  (02.03.2002)Life Incognito02.03.2002
    34716.27 (You Can’t Take Them All Home With You)  (09.03.2002)You Can’t Take Them All Home With You09.03.2002
    34816.28 (Past, Present, Future)  (16.03.2002)Past, Present, Future16.03.2002
    34916.29 (Memories)  (23.03.2002)Memories23.03.2002
    35016.30 (Hearts And Minds)  (30.03.2002)Hearts And Minds30.03.2002
    35116.31 (Dominoes)  (06.04.2002)Dominoes06.04.2002
    35216.32 (Waving Not Drowning)  (13.04.2002)Waving Not Drowning13.04.2002
    35316.33 (Big Rocks And Very Hard Places)  (20.04.2002)Big Rocks And Very Hard Places20.04.2002
    35416.34 (Scapegoat)  (27.04.2002)Scapegoat27.04.2002
    35516.35 (Too Close For Comfort)  (04.05.2002)Too Close For Comfort04.05.2002
    35616.36 (The Sting)  (18.05.2002)The Sting18.05.2002
    35716.37 (Denial)  (08.06.2002)Denial08.06.2002
    35816.38 (Taking It All Back To The Streets)  (15.06.2002)Taking It All Back To The Streets15.06.2002
    35916.39 (Broken Hearts)  (22.06.2002)Broken Hearts22.06.2002
    36016.40 (Code Red)  (29.06.2002)Code Red29.06.2002

    Staffel 17

    36117.01 (Déjà Vu)  (14.09.2002)Déjà Vu14.09.2002
    36217.02 (Protection)  (21.09.2002)Protection21.09.2002
    36317.03 (Judgement Day)  (28.09.2002)Judgement Day28.09.2002
    36417.04 (Thicker Than Water)  (05.10.2002)Thicker Than Water05.10.2002
    36517.05 (What Little Girls Are Made Of)  (12.10.2002)What Little Girls Are Made Of12.10.2002
    36617.06 (What’s Love Got To Do With It?)  (19.10.2002)What’s Love Got To Do With It?19.10.2002
    36717.07 (Ties That Bind)  (26.10.2002)Ties That Bind26.10.2002
    36817.08 (It’s A Boy Thing)  (02.11.2002)It’s A Boy Thing02.11.2002
    36917.09 (Innocence)  (09.11.2002)Innocence09.11.2002
    37017.10 (Return Of The Native)  (16.11.2002)Return Of The Native16.11.2002
    37117.11 (Up To Your Neck In It)  (23.11.2002)Up To Your Neck In It23.11.2002
    37217.12 (Gimme Shelter)  (30.11.2002)Gimme Shelter30.11.2002
    37317.13 (Blame)  (07.12.2002)Blame07.12.2002
    37417.14 (Feuds And Fury)  (14.12.2002)Feuds And Fury14.12.2002
    37517.15 (Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love)  (21.12.2002)Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love21.12.2002
    37617.16 (Living For The Moment)  (28.12.2002)Living For The Moment28.12.2002
    37717.17 (Friend Or Foe)  (04.01.2003)Friend Or Foe04.01.2003
    37817.18 (Collision Course)  (11.01.2003)Collision Course11.01.2003
    37917.19 (Sins Of The Father)  (18.01.2003)Sins Of The Father18.01.2003
    38017.20 (Spiteful God)  (25.01.2003)Spiteful God25.01.2003
    38117.21 (Flight)  (01.02.2003)Flight01.02.2003
    38217.22 (Love Hurts)  (08.02.2003)Love Hurts08.02.2003
    38317.23 (Hitting Home (1))  (15.02.2003)Hitting Home (1)15.02.2003
    38417.24 (Hitting Home (2))  (22.02.2003)Hitting Home (2)22.02.2003
    38517.25 (Dire Straits)  (15.03.2003)Dire Straits15.03.2003
    38617.26 (Fool For Love)  (08.03.2003)Fool For Love08.03.2003
    38717.27 (Keep It In The Family)  (15.03.2003)Keep It In The Family15.03.2003
    38817.28 (A Hard Day’s Night)  (22.03.2003)A Hard Day’s Night22.03.2003
    38917.29 (Side Effects)  (29.03.2003)Side Effects29.03.2003
    39017.30 (An Act Of God)  (05.04.2003)An Act Of God05.04.2003
    39117.31 (The Point Of No Return)  (12.04.2003)The Point Of No Return12.04.2003
    39217.32 (Stuck In The Middle With You)  (19.04.2003)Stuck In The Middle With You19.04.2003
    39317.33 (Getting Through)  (26.04.2003)Getting Through26.04.2003
    39417.34 (Hurt The One You Love)  (03.05.2003)Hurt The One You Love03.05.2003
    39517.35 (An Accident Waiting To Happen)  (10.05.2003)An Accident Waiting To Happen10.05.2003
    39617.36 (Out On A Limb)  (17.05.2003)Out On A Limb17.05.2003
    39717.37 (Baby Blues)  (31.05.2003)Baby Blues31.05.2003
    39817.38 (Last Man Standing)  (07.06.2003)Last Man Standing07.06.2003
    39917.39 (Three In A Bed)  (14.06.2003)Three In A Bed14.06.2003
    40017.40 (A Special Day)  (21.06.2003)A Special Day21.06.2003

    Staffel 18

    40118.01 (End Of The Line (1))  (13.09.2003)End Of The Line (1)13.09.2003
    40218.02 (End Of The Line (2))  (14.09.2003)End Of The Line (2)14.09.2003
    40318.03 (Breathe Deeply)  (20.09.2003)Breathe Deeply20.09.2003
    40418.04 (Perks Of The Job)  (27.09.2003)Perks Of The Job27.09.2003
    40518.05 (Flash In The Pan)  (04.10.2003)Flash In The Pan04.10.2003
    40618.06 (Against Protocol)  (11.10.2003)Against Protocol11.10.2003
    40718.07 (Can’t Let Go)  (18.10.2003)Can’t Let Go18.10.2003
    40818.08 (Truth Or Dare)  (25.10.2003)Truth Or Dare25.10.2003
    40918.09 (In The Frame)  (01.11.2003)In The Frame01.11.2003
    41018.10 (Black Dog Day)  (08.11.2003)Black Dog Day08.11.2003
    41118.11 (Falling For A Friend)  (15.11.2003)Falling For A Friend15.11.2003
    41218.12 (Second Best)  (22.11.2003)Second Best22.11.2003
    41318.13 (First Impressions)  (29.11.2003)First Impressions29.11.2003
    41418.14 (Christmas Spirit)  (06.12.2003)Christmas Spirit06.12.2003
    41518.15 (Never Judge A Book)  (13.12.2003)Never Judge A Book13.12.2003
    41618.16 (Eat, Drink And Be Merry)  (20.12.2003)Eat, Drink And Be Merry20.12.2003
    41718.17 (It Got Bad And Ain’t That Good)  (27.12.2003)It Got Bad And Ain’t That Good27.12.2003
    41818.18 (Ahead Of The Game)  (03.01.2004)Ahead Of The Game03.01.2004
    41918.19 (Where There’s Life)  (10.01.2004)Where There’s Life10.01.2004
    42018.20 (No Weddings And A Funeral)  (17.01.2004)No Weddings And A Funeral17.01.2004
    42118.21 (Emotional Rescue (1))  (24.01.2004)Emotional Rescue (1)24.01.2004
    42218.22 (Emotional Rescue (2))  (31.01.2004)Emotional Rescue (2)31.01.2004
    42318.23 (Passions And Convictions)  (07.02.2004)Passions And Convictions07.02.2004
    42418.24 (Fallen Hero)  (14.02.2004)Fallen Hero14.02.2004
    42518.25 (Taking Care)  (21.02.2004)Taking Care21.02.2004
    42618.26 (What Parents Do)  (28.02.2004)What Parents Do28.02.2004
    42718.27 (Love And Loathing)  (06.03.2004)Love And Loathing06.03.2004
    42818.28 (Finding Faith)  (13.03.2004)Finding Faith13.03.2004
    42918.29 (Parenthood)  (27.03.2004)Parenthood27.03.2004
    43018.30 (Another Perfect Day)  (03.04.2004)Another Perfect Day03.04.2004
    43118.31 (I Love You, I Hate You)  (10.04.2004)I Love You, I Hate You10.04.2004
    43218.32 (Forget Me Not)  (17.04.2004)Forget Me Not17.04.2004
    43318.33 (Lock Down)  (24.04.2004)Lock Down24.04.2004
    43418.34 (Much Wants More)  (01.05.2004)Much Wants More01.05.2004
    43518.35 (Breaking Point)  (08.05.2004)Breaking Point08.05.2004
    43618.36 (Don’t Go There)  (23.05.2004)Don’t Go There23.05.2004
    43718.37 (World Gone Wrong (1))  (29.05.2004)World Gone Wrong (1)29.05.2004
    43818.38 (World Gone Wrong (2))  (30.05.2004)World Gone Wrong (2)30.05.2004
    43918.39 (The Good Father)  (05.06.2004)The Good Father05.06.2004
    44018.40 (Dreams And Disappointments)  (17.07.2004)Dreams And Disappointments17.07.2004
    44118.41 (And The Bride Wore Red)  (24.07.2004)And The Bride Wore Red24.07.2004
    44218.42 (A Dangerous Initiative)  (31.07.2004)A Dangerous Initiative31.07.2004
    44318.43 (Inside Out)  (07.08.2004)Inside Out07.08.2004
    44418.44 (Who Cares?)  (14.08.2004)Who Cares?14.08.2004
    44518.45 (Love, Honour And Betray)  (21.08.2004)Love, Honour And Betray21.08.2004
    44618.46 (Ring Of Truth)  (28.08.2004)Ring Of Truth28.08.2004

    Staffel 19

    44719.01 (The Ties That Bind Us (1))  (11.09.2004)The Ties That Bind Us (1)11.09.2004
    44819.02 (The Ties That Bind Us (2))  (12.09.2004)The Ties That Bind Us (2)12.09.2004
    44919.03 (Out With A Bang)  (18.09.2004)Out With A Bang18.09.2004
    45019.04 (Love’s Labours … Lost)  (25.09.2004)Love’s Labours … Lost25.09.2004
    45119.05 (Facing Up)  (02.10.2004)Facing Up02.10.2004
    45219.06 (A Life Lost)  (09.10.2004)A Life Lost09.10.2004
    45319.07 (When The Devil Drives)  (16.10.2004)When The Devil Drives16.10.2004
    45419.08 (Three’s A Crowd)  (23.10.2004)Three’s A Crowd23.10.2004
    45519.09 (Little White Lies)  (30.10.2004)Little White Lies30.10.2004
    45619.10 (Dangerous Games)  (06.11.2004)Dangerous Games06.11.2004
    45719.11 (Horses For Courses)  (13.11.2004)Horses For Courses13.11.2004
    45819.12 (Past Imperfect)  (20.11.2004)Past Imperfect20.11.2004
    45919.13 (Responsibility)  (27.11.2004)Responsibility27.11.2004
    46019.14 (Love Bites)  (04.12.2004)Love Bites04.12.2004
    46119.15 (Who Knows Best)  (18.12.2004)Who Knows Best18.12.2004
    46219.16 (Forsaking All Others)  (19.12.2004)Forsaking All Others19.12.2004
    46319.17 (Casualty @ Holby City: Fire at Holby (1))  (26.12.2004)Casualty @ Holby City: Fire at Holby (1)26.12.2004
    46419.18 (Casualty @ Holby City: Fire at Holby (2))  (28.12.2004)Casualty @ Holby City: Fire at Holby (2)28.12.2004
    46519.19 (Secrets That We Keep)  (01.01.2005)Secrets That We Keep01.01.2005
    46619.20 (Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers)  (08.01.2005)Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers08.01.2005
    46719.21 (First Do No Harm)  (15.01.2005)First Do No Harm15.01.2005
    46819.22 (Thrown Out)  (22.01.2005)Thrown Out22.01.2005
    46919.23 (The Cost Of Honesty)  (29.01.2005)The Cost Of Honesty29.01.2005
    47019.24 (Truth Will Out)  (05.02.2005)Truth Will Out05.02.2005
    47119.25 (Hoping, Wishing, Longing)  (19.02.2005)Hoping, Wishing, Longing19.02.2005
    47219.26 (Naming Names)  (26.02.2005)Naming Names26.02.2005
    47319.27 (Boys Don’t Cry)  (05.03.2005)Boys Don’t Cry05.03.2005
    47419.28 (Family Day)  (13.03.2005)Family Day13.03.2005
    47519.29 (Animals)  (19.03.2005)Animals19.03.2005
    47619.30 (Forbidden Love)  (20.03.2005)Forbidden Love20.03.2005
    47719.31 (And On That Farm)  (26.03.2005)And On That Farm26.03.2005
    47819.32 (Running Out Of Kisses)  (02.04.2005)Running Out Of Kisses02.04.2005
    47919.33 (In the Dark)  (09.04.2005)In the Dark09.04.2005
    48019.34 (Cops and Robbers)  (16.04.2005)Cops and Robbers16.04.2005
    48119.35 (Sweet Revenge)  (23.04.2005)Sweet Revenge23.04.2005
    48219.36 (Desperate Measures)  (30.04.2005)Desperate Measures30.04.2005
    48319.37 (A Question of Loyalty)  (07.05.2005)A Question of Loyalty07.05.2005
    48419.38 (Fat Chance)  (14.05.2005)Fat Chance14.05.2005
    48519.39 (Truth and Consequences)  (04.06.2005)Truth and Consequences04.06.2005
    48619.40 (Baby Love)  (11.06.2005)Baby Love11.06.2005
    48719.41 (Swallowers)  (18.06.2005)Swallowers18.06.2005
    48819.42 (The Long Goodbye)  (25.06.2005)The Long Goodbye25.06.2005
    48919.43 (A Father’s Love)  (09.07.2005)A Father’s Love09.07.2005
    49019.44 (Worse Things I Could Do)  (16.07.2005)Worse Things I Could Do16.07.2005
    49119.45 (Brief Encounters)  (23.07.2005)Brief Encounters23.07.2005
    49219.46 (Aftermath)  (30.07.2005)Aftermath30.07.2005
    49319.47 (You Need Friends)  (06.08.2005)You Need Friends06.08.2005
    49419.48 (Smoke and Mirrors)  (13.08.2005)Smoke and Mirrors13.08.2005
    49519.49 (Truth, Lies and Videotape)  (20.08.2005)Truth, Lies and Videotape20.08.2005

    Staffel 20

    49620.01 (Holding On (1))  (10.09.2005)Holding On (1)10.09.2005
    49720.02 (Holding On (2))  (11.09.2005)Holding On (2)11.09.2005
    49820.03 (Deep Water)  (17.09.2005)Deep Water17.09.2005
    49920.04 (That’s Amore)  (24.09.2005)That’s Amore24.09.2005
    50020.05 (Paper Moon)  (01.10.2005)Paper Moon01.10.2005
    50120.06 (Sticks and Stones)  (08.10.2005)Sticks and Stones08.10.2005
    50220.07 (All’s Fair in Love and War)  (15.10.2005)All’s Fair in Love and War15.10.2005
    50320.08 (For Better or Worse)  (22.10.2005)For Better or Worse22.10.2005
    50420.09 (Casualty @ Holby City: Teacher’s Pet)  (24.10.2005)Casualty @ Holby City: Teacher’s Pet24.10.2005
    50520.10 (Casualty @ Holby City: Crash and Burn)  (25.10.2005)Casualty @ Holby City: Crash and Burn25.10.2005
    50620.11 (Casualty @ Holby City: Test Your Metal)  (27.10.2005)Casualty @ Holby City: Test Your Metal27.10.2005
    50720.12 (Casualty @ Holby City: Love and Duty)  (26.11.2005)Casualty @ Holby City: Love and Duty26.11.2005
    50820.13 (Big Bang Theory)  (05.11.2005)Big Bang Theory05.11.2005
    50920.14 (Love and Duty)  (12.11.2005)Love and Duty12.11.2005
    51020.15 (Antisocial Behaviour)  (19.11.2005)Antisocial Behaviour19.11.2005
    51120.16 (Getting Involved)  (26.11.2005)Getting Involved26.11.2005
    51220.17 (Skin Deep)  (03.12.2005)Skin Deep03.12.2005
    51320.18 (Enough’s Enough)  (10.12.2005)Enough’s Enough10.12.2005
    51420.19 (Do They Know It’s Christmas?)  (17.12.2005)Do They Know It’s Christmas?17.12.2005
    51520.20 (Casualty at Holby City: Deny Thy Father (1))  (24.12.2005)Casualty at Holby City: Deny Thy Father (1)24.12.2005
    51620.21 (Casualty at Holby City: Deny Thy Father (2))  (27.12.2005)Casualty at Holby City: Deny Thy Father (2)27.12.2005
    51720.22 (Out of Your Depth)  (31.12.2005)Out of Your Depth31.12.2005
    51820.23 (Poisoned Love)  (07.01.2006)Poisoned Love07.01.2006
    51920.24 (Crossing the Line)  (14.01.2006)Crossing the Line14.01.2006
    52020.25 (The Things We Do for Love)  (21.01.2006)The Things We Do for Love21.01.2006
    52120.26 (It’s a Man Thing)  (28.01.2006)It’s a Man Thing28.01.2006
    52220.27 (Trust in Me)  (04.02.2006)Trust in Me04.02.2006
    52320.28 (Out of the Past)  (11.02.2006)Out of the Past11.02.2006
    52420.29 (The Lost Boys)  (18.02.2006)The Lost Boys18.02.2006
    52520.30 (Worlds Apart)  (25.02.2006)Worlds Apart25.02.2006
    52620.31 (Nobody’s Perfect)  (04.03.2006)Nobody’s Perfect04.03.2006
    52720.32 (Heroes and Villains)  (11.03.2006)Heroes and Villains11.03.2006
    52820.33 (Family Matters)  (18.03.2006)Family Matters18.03.2006
    52920.34 (Walk Before You Run)  (25.03.2006)Walk Before You Run25.03.2006
    53020.35 (Going Under)  (01.04.2006)Going Under01.04.2006
    53120.36 (Blind Spots)  (08.04.2006)Blind Spots08.04.2006
    53220.37 (First Impressions)  (15.04.2006)First Impressions15.04.2006
    53320.38 (Lost and Found)  (22.04.2006)Lost and Found22.04.2006
    53420.39 (No Way Back)  (29.04.2006)No Way Back29.04.2006
    53520.40 (A Problem Halved)  (06.05.2006)A Problem Halved06.05.2006
    53620.41 (Secrets and Lies)  (13.05.2006)Secrets and Lies13.05.2006
    53720.42 (Target Man)  (27.05.2006)Target Man27.05.2006
    53820.43 (All At Sea)  (03.06.2006)All At Sea03.06.2006
    53920.44 (Abide with Me)  (10.06.2006)Abide with Me10.06.2006
    54020.45 (Silent Ties)  (17.06.2006)Silent Ties17.06.2006
    54120.46 (Needle)  (24.06.2006)Needle24.06.2006
    54220.47 (Perfect Day)  (01.07.2006)Perfect Day01.07.2006
    54320.48 (Happy Hour)  (05.08.2006)Happy Hour05.08.2006
    54420.49 (The Truth Game)  (12.08.2006)The Truth Game12.08.2006
    54520.50 (Last Orders)  (19.08.2006)Last Orders19.08.2006
    54620.51 (Get What You Deserve)  (26.08.2006)Get What You Deserve26.08.2006

    Staffel 21

    54721.01 (Different Worlds (1))  (23.09.2006)Different Worlds (1)23.09.2006
    54821.02 (Different Worlds (2))  (24.09.2006)Different Worlds (2)24.09.2006
    54921.03 (Waste of Space)  (30.09.2006)Waste of Space30.09.2006
    55021.04 (Heads Together)  (01.10.2006)Heads Together01.10.2006
    55121.05 (Sons and Lovers)  (14.10.2006)Sons and Lovers14.10.2006
    55221.06 (Angels and Demons)  (21.10.2006)Angels and Demons21.10.2006
    55321.07 (What You See Is What You Get)  (28.10.2006)What You See Is What You Get28.10.2006
    55421.08 (Born to Be Wild)  (04.11.2006)Born to Be Wild04.11.2006
    55521.09 (To Be a Parent)  (11.11.2006)To Be a Parent11.11.2006
    55621.10 (It’s Now or Never)  (18.11.2006)It’s Now or Never18.11.2006
    55721.11 (All Through The Night)  (25.11.2006)All Through The Night25.11.2006
    55821.12 (No Place Like …)  (02.12.2006)No Place Like …02.12.2006
    55921.13 (The Edge of Fear)  (09.12.2006)The Edge of Fear09.12.2006
    56021.14 (In Good Faith)  (16.12.2006)In Good Faith16.12.2006
    56121.15 (Killing Me Softly)  (23.12.2006)Killing Me Softly23.12.2006
    56221.16 (Silent Night)  (24.12.2006)Silent Night24.12.2006
    56321.17 (The Sunny Side of the Street (1))  (30.12.2006)The Sunny Side of the Street (1)30.12.2006
    56421.18 (The Sunny Side of the Street (2))  (31.12.2006)The Sunny Side of the Street (2)31.12.2006
    56521.19 (Fish Out of Water)  (06.01.2007)Fish Out of Water06.01.2007
    56621.20 (Stormy Weather)  (13.01.2007)Stormy Weather13.01.2007
    56721.21 (The Personal Touch)  (20.01.2007)The Personal Touch20.01.2007
    56821.22 (Countdown)  (27.01.2007)Countdown27.01.2007
    56921.23 (The Silence of Friends)  (03.02.2007)The Silence of Friends03.02.2007
    57021.24 (No Return)  (10.02.2007)No Return10.02.2007
    57121.25 (The Miracle on Harry’s Last Shift)  (17.02.2007)The Miracle on Harry’s Last Shift17.02.2007
    57221.26 (The Killing Floor)  (24.02.2007)The Killing Floor24.02.2007
    57321.27 (Combat Indicators (1))  (03.03.2007)Combat Indicators (1)03.03.2007
    57421.28 (Combat Indicators (2))  (07.03.2007)Combat Indicators (2)07.03.2007
    57521.29 (Sweet Charity)  (10.03.2007)Sweet Charity10.03.2007
    57621.30 (A World Elsewhere)  (17.03.2007)A World Elsewhere17.03.2007
    57721.31 (Stitch)  (18.03.2007)Stitch18.03.2007
    57821.32 (Life’s Too Short)  (24.03.2007)Life’s Too Short24.03.2007
    57921.33 (Day One)  (31.03.2007)Day One31.03.2007
    58021.34 (Lost in the Rough)  (07.04.2007)Lost in the Rough07.04.2007
    58121.35 (Lush)  (21.04.2007)Lush21.04.2007
    58221.36 (Aliens)  (28.04.2007)Aliens28.04.2007
    58321.37 (Close Encounters)  (05.05.2007)Close Encounters05.05.2007
    58421.38 (A Long Way From Home)  (19.05.2007)A Long Way From Home19.05.2007
    58521.39 (The Apostate)  (26.05.2007)The Apostate26.05.2007
    58621.40 (Communion)  (02.06.2007)Communion02.06.2007
    58721.41 (Brass In Pocket)  (09.06.2007)Brass In Pocket09.06.2007
    58821.42 (Entropy)  (16.06.2007)Entropy16.06.2007
    58921.43 (It Never Rains)  (23.06.2007)It Never Rains23.06.2007
    59021.44 (Lie To Me)  (30.06.2007)Lie To Me30.06.2007
    59121.45 (The Fires Within)  (14.07.2007)The Fires Within14.07.2007
    59221.46 (Walking The Line)  (21.07.2007)Walking The Line21.07.2007
    59321.47 (Seize The Day)  (28.07.2007)Seize The Day28.07.2007
    59421.48 (To Love You So)  (04.08.2007)To Love You So04.08.2007

    Staffel 22

    59522.01 (My First Day)  (08.09.2007)My First Day08.09.2007
    59622.02 (Charlie’s Anniversary)  (09.09.2007)Charlie’s Anniversary09.09.2007
    59722.03 (Meltdown)  (15.09.2007)Meltdown15.09.2007
    59822.04 (No End of Blame)  (22.09.2007)No End of Blame22.09.2007
    59922.05 (Sliding Doors)  (29.09.2007)Sliding Doors29.09.2007
    60022.06 (Core Values)  (06.10.2007)Core Values06.10.2007
    60122.07 (Inappropriate Adults)  (13.10.2007)Inappropriate Adults13.10.2007
    60222.08 (My Aim is True)  (20.10.2007)My Aim is True20.10.2007
    60322.09 (As One Door Closes)  (27.10.2007)As One Door Closes27.10.2007
    60422.10 (Finding the Words)  (03.11.2007)Finding the Words03.11.2007
    60522.11 (A House Divided)  (10.11.2007)A House Divided10.11.2007
    60622.12 (Strangers When We Meet)  (17.11.2007)Strangers When We Meet17.11.2007
    60722.13 (How Soon is Now)  (24.11.2007)How Soon is Now24.11.2007
    60822.14 (Inheritance)  (01.12.2007)Inheritance01.12.2007
    60922.15 (Behind Closed Doors)  (08.12.2007)Behind Closed Doors08.12.2007
    61022.16 (Snowball)  (15.12.2007)Snowball15.12.2007
    61122.17 (What’s so Funny ’Bout Peace, Love and Understanding)  (22.12.2007)What’s so Funny ’Bout Peace, Love and Understanding22.12.2007
    61222.18 (Take A Cup Of Kindness)  (29.12.2007)Take A Cup Of Kindness29.12.2007
    61322.19 (For Auld Lang Syne)  (30.12.2007)For Auld Lang Syne30.12.2007
    61422.20 (Broken Homes)  (05.01.2008)Broken Homes05.01.2008
    61522.21 (Adrenaline Rush)  (12.01.2008)Adrenaline Rush12.01.2008
    61622.22 (Take It Back)  (19.01.2008)Take It Back19.01.2008
    61722.23 (Where’s the Art in Heartache?)  (26.01.2008)Where’s the Art in Heartache?26.01.2008
    61822.24 (Before A Fall)  (02.02.2008)Before A Fall02.02.2008
    61922.25 (Sex And Death)  (09.02.2008)Sex And Death09.02.2008
    62022.26 (Say Say My Playmate)  (16.02.2008)Say Say My Playmate16.02.2008
    62122.27 (Silent All These Years)  (01.03.2008)Silent All These Years01.03.2008
    62222.28 (To Serve and Protect)  (08.03.2008)To Serve and Protect08.03.2008
    62322.29 (Diamond Dogs)  (15.03.2008)Diamond Dogs15.03.2008
    62422.30 (Face The World)  (22.03.2008)Face The World22.03.2008
    62522.31 (To Thine Own Self Be True)  (29.03.2008)To Thine Own Self Be True29.03.2008
    62622.32 (Bricks and Daughters)  (05.04.2008)Bricks and Daughters05.04.2008
    62722.33 (Someone’s Lucky Night)  (12.04.2008)Someone’s Lucky Night12.04.2008
    62822.34 (Walk the Line)  (19.04.2008)Walk the Line19.04.2008
    62922.35 (The Great Pretenders)  (26.04.2008)The Great Pretenders26.04.2008
    63022.36 (Love Is …)  (03.05.2008)Love Is …03.05.2008
    63122.37 (Saturday Night Fever)  (10.05.2008)Saturday Night Fever10.05.2008
    63222.38 (When Love Came To Town)  (17.05.2008)When Love Came To Town17.05.2008
    63322.39 (Opposing Forces)  (31.05.2008)Opposing Forces31.05.2008
    63422.40 (Have a Go, Hero)  (07.06.2008)Have a Go, Hero07.06.2008
    63522.41 (Is She Really Going Out With Him?)  (14.06.2008)Is She Really Going Out With Him?14.06.2008
    63622.42 (They May Not Mean To But They Do)  (28.06.2008)They May Not Mean To But They Do28.06.2008
    63722.43 (I Can Hear the Grass Grow)  (05.07.2008)I Can Hear the Grass Grow05.07.2008
    63822.44 (Salt and Sugar)  (12.07.2008)Salt and Sugar12.07.2008
    63922.45 (Paradise Lost)  (19.07.2008)Paradise Lost19.07.2008
    64022.46 (The Things We Do For)  (26.07.2008)The Things We Do For26.07.2008
    64122.47 (The Mess We’re In)  (02.08.2008)The Mess We’re In02.08.2008
    64222.48 (Hurt)  (09.08.2008)Hurt09.08.2008

    Staffel 23

    64323.01 (Farmead Menace (1))  (13.09.2008)Farmead Menace (1)13.09.2008
    64423.02 (Farmead Menace (2))  (14.09.2008)Farmead Menace (2)14.09.2008
    64523.03 (Interventions)  (20.09.2008)Interventions20.09.2008
    64623.04 (Guilt Complex)  (27.09.2008)Guilt Complex27.09.2008
    64723.05 (Face Up)  (04.10.2008)Face Up04.10.2008
    64823.06 (Hurt)  (11.10.2008)Hurt11.10.2008
    64923.07 (There and Back Again)  (18.10.2008)There and Back Again18.10.2008
    65023.08 (The Evil That Men Do)  (25.10.2008)The Evil That Men Do25.10.2008
    65123.09 (The Line of Fire)  (01.11.2008)The Line of Fire01.11.2008
    65223.10 (Impact)  (08.11.2008)Impact08.11.2008
    65323.11 (Own Personal Jesus)  (15.11.2008)Own Personal Jesus15.11.2008
    65423.12 (Reality Bites)  (22.11.2008)Reality Bites22.11.2008
    65523.13 (A Slip in Time)  (29.11.2008)A Slip in Time29.11.2008
    65623.14 (Happiness)  (06.12.2008)Happiness06.12.2008
    65723.15 (Doing the Right Thing)  (13.12.2008)Doing the Right Thing13.12.2008
    65823.16 (This Will Be Our Year)  (20.12.2008)This Will Be Our Year20.12.2008
    65923.17 (Took a Long Time to Come)  (21.12.2008)Took a Long Time to Come21.12.2008
    66023.18 (My Last Day (1))  (27.12.2008)My Last Day (1)27.12.2008
    66123.19 (My Last Day (2))  (03.01.2009)My Last Day (2)03.01.2009
    66223.20 (Crush)  (10.01.2009)Crush10.01.2009
    66323.21 (No Going Back)  (17.01.2009)No Going Back17.01.2009
    66423.22 (Price of Life)  (24.01.2009)Price of Life24.01.2009
    66523.23 (Midday Sun)  (31.01.2009)Midday Sun31.01.2009
    66623.24 (Watershed)  (07.02.2009)Watershed07.02.2009
    66723.25 (Stand By Me)  (14.02.2009)Stand By Me14.02.2009
    66823.26 (Blood)  (21.02.2009)Blood21.02.2009
    66923.27 (Could We Be Heroes?)  (28.02.2009)Could We Be Heroes?28.02.2009
    67023.28 (Before a Fall)  (07.03.2009)Before a Fall07.03.2009
    67123.29 (Shields)  (14.03.2009)Shields14.03.2009
    67223.30 (Lie Low)  (21.03.2009)Lie Low21.03.2009
    67323.31 (All You Need Is Love)  (28.03.2009)All You Need Is Love28.03.2009
    67423.32 (True Lies)  (04.04.2009)True Lies04.04.2009
    67523.33 (Someone to Watch Over Me)  (11.04.2009)Someone to Watch Over Me11.04.2009
    67623.34 (The Trap)  (18.04.2009)The Trap18.04.2009
    67723.35 (Better Drowned)  (25.04.2009)Better Drowned25.04.2009
    67823.36 (The Price We Pay)  (02.05.2009)The Price We Pay02.05.2009
    67923.37 (Hostile Takeover)  (09.05.2009)Hostile Takeover09.05.2009
    68023.38 (With This Ring)  (23.05.2009)With This Ring23.05.2009
    68123.39 (Who Do You Think You Are?)  (30.05.2009)Who Do You Think You Are?30.05.2009
    68223.40 (Palimpsest)  (06.06.2009)Palimpsest06.06.2009
    68323.41 (Fight or Flight)  (13.06.2009)Fight or Flight13.06.2009
    68423.42 (Parent Trap)  (20.06.2009)Parent Trap20.06.2009
    68523.43 (Not Over til the Fat Lady Sings)  (27.06.2009)Not Over til the Fat Lady Sings27.06.2009
    68623.44 (Ask Me No Questions)  (04.07.2009)Ask Me No Questions04.07.2009
    68723.45 (Ashes)  (11.07.2009)Ashes11.07.2009
    68823.46 (Great Expectations)  (18.07.2009)Great Expectations18.07.2009
    68923.47 (No Fjords in Finland (1))  (25.07.2009)No Fjords in Finland (1)25.07.2009
    69023.48 (No Fjords in Finland (2))  (01.08.2009)No Fjords in Finland (2)01.08.2009

    Staffel 24

    69124.01 (Dawn of the ED (1))  (12.09.2009)Dawn of the ED (1)12.09.2009
    69224.02 (Dawn of the ED (2))  (13.09.2009)Dawn of the ED (2)13.09.2009
    69324.03 (And Then There Were Three)  (19.09.2009)And Then There Were Three19.09.2009
    69424.04 (Sunset Syndrome)  (26.09.2009)Sunset Syndrome26.09.2009
    69524.05 (Not Forgotten)  (03.10.2009)Not Forgotten03.10.2009
    69624.06 (Comfort Zone)  (10.10.2009)Comfort Zone10.10.2009
    69724.07 (Love is a Sacrifice)  (18.10.2009)Love is a Sacrifice18.10.2009
    69824.08 (Not Wisely But Too Well)  (24.10.2009)Not Wisely But Too Well24.10.2009
    69924.09 (Regrets)  (31.10.2009)Regrets31.10.2009
    70024.10 (Every Breath You Take)  (07.11.2009)Every Breath You Take07.11.2009
    70124.11 (Leave Me Standing)  (14.11.2009)Leave Me Standing14.11.2009
    70224.12 (Second Chance)  (21.11.2009)Second Chance21.11.2009
    70324.13 (The Devil You Know)  (28.11.2009)The Devil You Know28.11.2009
    70424.14 (As Others See Us)  (05.12.2009)As Others See Us05.12.2009
    70524.15 (No More Heroes)  (12.12.2009)No More Heroes12.12.2009
    70624.16 (All I Want For Christmas)  (19.12.2009)All I Want For Christmas19.12.2009
    70724.17 (Tidings Of Comfort And Joy)  (27.12.2009)Tidings Of Comfort And Joy27.12.2009
    70824.18 (A Day In The Life)  (02.01.2010)A Day In The Life02.01.2010
    70924.19 (Dark Places)  (09.01.2010)Dark Places09.01.2010
    71024.20 (Leave Me Alone)  (16.01.2010)Leave Me Alone16.01.2010
    71124.21 (Last Roll Of The Dice)  (23.01.2010)Last Roll Of The Dice23.01.2010
    71224.22 (The Cradle Will Fall)  (30.01.2010)The Cradle Will Fall30.01.2010
    71324.23 (An Ugly Truth)  (06.02.2010)An Ugly Truth06.02.2010
    71424.24 (Love Is A Battlefield)  (13.02.2010)Love Is A Battlefield13.02.2010
    71524.25 (Past Lives)  (20.02.2010)Past Lives20.02.2010
    71624.26 (Life Sentence)  (27.02.2010)Life Sentence27.02.2010
    71724.27 (Angel)  (06.03.2010)Angel06.03.2010
    71824.28 (English Beauty)  (13.03.2010)English Beauty13.03.2010
    71924.29 (Just Like a Woman)  (27.03.2010)Just Like a Woman27.03.2010
    72024.30 (Love Of A Good Man)  (03.04.2010)Love Of A Good Man03.04.2010
    72124.31 (Loves Me, Loves Me Not)  (10.04.2010)Loves Me, Loves Me Not10.04.2010
    72224.32 (Clean Slate)  (17.04.2010)Clean Slate17.04.2010
    72324.33 (Alone On A Wide, Wide Sea)  (24.04.2010)Alone On A Wide, Wide Sea24.04.2010
    72424.34 (New Beginnings)  (01.05.2010)New Beginnings01.05.2010
    72524.35 (A Better Past)  (08.05.2010)A Better Past08.05.2010
    72624.36 (Russian Endings)  (15.05.2010)Russian Endings15.05.2010
    72724.37 (Mum’s The Word)  (22.05.2010)Mum’s The Word22.05.2010
    72824.38 (In Your Debt)  (05.06.2010)In Your Debt05.06.2010
    72924.39 (Inconvenient Truths)  (12.06.2010)Inconvenient Truths12.06.2010
    73024.40 (The Lesser Good)  (19.06.2010)The Lesser Good19.06.2010
    73124.41 (Die And Let Live)  (26.06.2010)Die And Let Live26.06.2010
    73224.42 (Going Solo)  (10.07.2010)Going Solo10.07.2010
    73324.43 (I Am Mine)  (17.07.2010)I Am Mine17.07.2010
    73424.44 (Making Other Plans)  (24.07.2010)Making Other Plans24.07.2010
    73524.45 (The Enemy Within)  (31.07.2010)The Enemy Within31.07.2010
    73624.46 (Nice And Easy Does It)  (07.08.2010)Nice And Easy Does It07.08.2010
    73724.47 (What Tonight Means To Me (1))  (14.08.2010)What Tonight Means To Me (1)14.08.2010
    73824.48 (What Tonight Means To Me (2))  (21.08.2010)What Tonight Means To Me (2)21.08.2010

    Staffel 25

    73925.01 (Entry Wounds)  (04.09.2010)Entry Wounds04.09.2010
    74025.02 (The Blame Game)  (11.09.2010)The Blame Game11.09.2010