Staffel 1

    11.01 (The Delicate Art of Saying No)  (05.01.2004)The Delicate Art of Saying No05.01.2004
    21.02 (Consider Yourself One of the Family)  (05.01.2004)Consider Yourself One of the Family05.01.2004
    31.03 (Kids … Who’d Have Them?)  (12.01.2004)Kids … Who’d Have Them?12.01.2004
    41.04 (Beyond Our Control)  (12.01.2004)Beyond Our Control12.01.2004
    51.05 (Times Change)  (19.01.2004)Times Change19.01.2004
    61.06 (Winners and Losers)  (19.01.2004)Winners and Losers19.01.2004
    71.07 (Terminal Beauty)  (26.01.2004)Terminal Beauty26.01.2004
    81.08 (High Spirits)  (02.02.2004)High Spirits02.02.2004
    91.09 (Team Effort)  (09.02.2004)Team Effort09.02.2004
    101.10 (You Must Be Kidding?)  (16.02.2004)You Must Be Kidding?16.02.2004
    111.11 (Luv Is in the Air)  (16.02.2004)Luv Is in the Air16.02.2004
    121.12 (Relative Values)  (23.02.2004)Relative Values23.02.2004
    131.13 (For Better for Worse)  (01.03.2004)For Better for Worse01.03.2004
    141.14 (It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over)  (08.03.2004)It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over08.03.2004
    151.15 (Don’t Take No for an Answer)  (15.03.2004)Don’t Take No for an Answer15.03.2004
    161.16 (All Creatures Great & Small)  (22.03.2004)All Creatures Great & Small22.03.2004
    171.17 (There’s Real Time … Then There’s Airline Time)  (29.03.2004)There’s Real Time … Then There’s Airline Time29.03.2004
    181.18 (Oh What a Performance!)  (05.04.2004)Oh What a Performance!05.04.2004

    Staffel 2

    192.01 (Judgment Day)  (05.07.2004)Judgment Day05.07.2004
    202.02 (The Big Squeeze)  (05.07.2004)The Big Squeeze05.07.2004
    212.03 (Family Business)  (12.07.2004)Family Business12.07.2004
    222.04 (Unfit for Travel)  (19.07.2004)Unfit for Travel19.07.2004
    232.05 (That’s Entertainment!)  (26.07.2004)That’s Entertainment!26.07.2004
    242.06 (High & Mighty)  (02.08.2004)High & Mighty02.08.2004
    252.07 (Down to the Wire)  (09.08.2004)Down to the Wire09.08.2004
    262.08 (Fly Babies)  (16.08.2004)Fly Babies16.08.2004
    272.09 (Expect the Unexpected)  (23.08.2004)Expect the Unexpected23.08.2004
    282.10 (All Shapes and Sizes)  (30.08.2004)All Shapes and Sizes30.08.2004
    292.11 (Lost in Translation)  (13.09.2004)Lost in Translation13.09.2004
    302.12 (No Laughing Matter)  (20.09.2004)No Laughing Matter20.09.2004
    312.13 (Emotional Baggage)  (27.09.2004)Emotional Baggage27.09.2004
    322.14 (The Stress Test)  (04.10.2004)The Stress Test04.10.2004
    332.15 (In Sickness and In Health)  (11.10.2004)In Sickness and In Health11.10.2004
    342.16 (Rules Are Rules)  (18.10.2004)Rules Are Rules18.10.2004
    352.17 (Battle of Wills)  (01.11.2004)Battle of Wills01.11.2004
    362.18 (Let There Be Love)  (08.11.2004)Let There Be Love08.11.2004
    372.19 (Precious Cargo)  (29.11.2004)Precious Cargo29.11.2004
    382.20 (Dazed and Confused)  (06.12.2004)Dazed and Confused06.12.2004
    392.21 (You Can’t Win Them All)  (20.12.2004)You Can’t Win Them All20.12.2004
    402.22 (Fun & Games)  (20.12.2004)Fun & Games20.12.2004
    412.23 (Home For The Holidays)  (13.12.2004)Home For The Holidays13.12.2004
    422.24 (Live and Let Fly)  (10.01.2005)Live and Let Fly10.01.2005
    432.25 (So Near Yet So Far)  (17.01.2005)So Near Yet So Far17.01.2005
    442.26 (Shaken & Stirred)  (31.01.2005)Shaken & Stirred31.01.2005
    452.27 (No Going Back)  (14.02.2005)No Going Back14.02.2005

    Staffel 3

    463.01 (Takes Two to Tango)  (02.05.2005)Takes Two to Tango02.05.2005
    473.02 (The Sky’s the Limit)  (02.05.2005)The Sky’s the Limit02.05.2005
    483.03 (Things That Go Bump at the Airport)  (09.05.2005)Things That Go Bump at the Airport09.05.2005
    493.04 (Mardi Gras)  (09.05.2005)Mardi Gras09.05.2005
    503.05 (A Hard Day’s Flight)  (16.05.2005)A Hard Day’s Flight16.05.2005
    513.06 (April Fool)  (23.05.2005)April Fool23.05.2005
    523.07 (Life Swap)  (06.06.2005)Life Swap06.06.2005
    533.08 (Risky Business)  (20.06.2005)Risky Business20.06.2005
    543.09 (Mind Over Matter)  (27.06.2005)Mind Over Matter27.06.2005
    553.10 (Cabin Fever)  (11.07.2005)Cabin Fever11.07.2005
    563.11 (Stormy Weather)  (18.07.2005)Stormy Weather18.07.2005
    573.12 (When the Going Gets Tough)  (25.07.2005)When the Going Gets Tough25.07.2005
    583.13 (South of the Border)  (01.08.2005)South of the Border01.08.2005
    593.14 (You Can’t Take It With You)  (15.08.2005)You Can’t Take It With You15.08.2005
    603.15 (Timing Is Everything)  (29.08.2005)Timing Is Everything29.08.2005
    613.16 (It Takes All Sorts)  (05.09.2005)It Takes All Sorts05.09.2005
    623.17 (Let’s Face the Music and Dance)  (12.09.2005)Let’s Face the Music and Dance12.09.2005
    633.18 (Love at First Flight)  (19.09.2005)Love at First Flight19.09.2005
    643.19 (Taking Care of Business)  (26.09.2005)Taking Care of Business26.09.2005
    653.20 (Cruise Control)  (10.10.2005)Cruise Control10.10.2005
    663.21 (Going Places)  (17.10.2005)Going Places17.10.2005
    673.22 (Turbulence Everywhere)  (24.10.2005)Turbulence Everywhere24.10.2005
    683.23 (Decision Time)  (28.11.2005)Decision Time28.11.2005
    693.24 (The Waiting Game)  (12.12.2005)The Waiting Game12.12.2005
    703.25 (Crying for Help)  (12.12.2005)Crying for Help12.12.2005
    713.26 (Pushing the Limits)  (19.12.2005)Pushing the Limits19.12.2005

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