1.01 (Adam Ruins Giving)  (29.09.2015)Adam Ruins Giving29.09.2015
    1.02 (Adam Ruins Security)  (06.10.2015)Adam Ruins Security06.10.2015
    1.03 (Adam Ruins Cars)  (13.10.2015)Adam Ruins Cars13.10.2015
    1.04 (Adam Ruins Forensic Science)  (20.10.2015)Adam Ruins Forensic Science20.10.2015
    1.05 (Adam Ruins Restaurants)  (27.10.2015)Adam Ruins Restaurants27.10.2015
    1.06 (Adam Ruins Hygiene)  (03.11.2015)Adam Ruins Hygiene03.11.2015
    1.07 (Adam Ruins Voting)  (10.11.2015)Adam Ruins Voting10.11.2015
    1.08 (Adam Ruins Work)  (17.11.2015)Adam Ruins Work17.11.2015
    1.09 (Adam Ruins Summer Fun)  (01.12.2015)Adam Ruins Summer Fun01.12.2015
    1.10 (Adam Ruins Sex)  (08.12.2015)Adam Ruins Sex08.12.2015
    1.11 (Adam Ruins Nutrition)  (15.12.2015)Adam Ruins Nutrition15.12.2015
    1.12 (Adam Ruins Death)  (22.12.2015)Adam Ruins Death22.12.2015
    1.13 (Adam Ruins Hollywood)  (23.08.2016)Adam Ruins Hollywood23.08.2016
    1.14 (Adam Ruins Football)  (30.08.2016)Adam Ruins Football30.08.2016
    1.15 (Adam Ruins Weddings)  (06.09.2016)Adam Ruins Weddings06.09.2016
    1.16 (Adam Ruins Shopping Malls)  (13.09.2016)Adam Ruins Shopping Malls13.09.2016
    1.17 (Adam Ruins Animals)  (20.09.2016)Adam Ruins Animals20.09.2016
    1.18 (Adam Ruins Immigration)  (27.09.2016)Adam Ruins Immigration27.09.2016
    1.19 (Adam Ruins Housing)  (04.10.2016)Adam Ruins Housing04.10.2016
    1.20 (Adam Ruins Drugs)  (15.11.2016)Adam Ruins Drugs15.11.2016
    1.21 (Adam Ruins Prison)  (22.11.2016)Adam Ruins Prison22.11.2016
    1.22 (Adam Ruins The Wild West)  (29.11.2016)Adam Ruins The Wild West29.11.2016
    1.23 (Adam Ruins the Internet)  (06.12.2016)Adam Ruins the Internet06.12.2016
    1.24 (Adam Ruins Justice)  (13.12.2016)Adam Ruins Justice13.12.2016
    1.25 (Adam Ruins Christmas)  (20.12.2016)Adam Ruins Christmas20.12.2016
    1.26 (Adam Ruins Going Green)  (27.12.2016)Adam Ruins Going Green27.12.2016

    2.01 (Adam Ruins Having a Baby)  (11.07.2017)Adam Ruins Having a Baby11.07.2017
    2.02 (Adam Ruins Weight Loss)  (18.07.2017)Adam Ruins Weight Loss18.07.2017
    2.03 (Adam Ruins the Hospital)  (25.07.2017)Adam Ruins the Hospital25.07.2017
    2.04 (Adam Ruins Dating)  (01.08.2017)Adam Ruins Dating01.08.2017
    2.05 (Adam Ruins Art)  (08.08.2017)Adam Ruins Art08.08.2017
    2.06 (Adam Ruins What We Learned in School)  (15.08.2017)Adam Ruins What We Learned in School15.08.2017
    2.07 (Adam Ruins College)  (22.08.2017)Adam Ruins College22.08.2017
    2.08 (Emily Ruins Adam)  (29.08.2017)Emily Ruins Adam29.08.2017
    2.09 (Adam Ruins His Vacation)  (19.09.2017)Adam Ruins His Vacation19.09.2017
    2.10 (Adam Ruins The Suburbs)  (26.09.2017)Adam Ruins The Suburbs26.09.2017
    2.11 (Adam Ruins The Economy)  (03.10.2017)Adam Ruins The Economy03.10.2017
    2.12 (Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories)  (10.10.2017)Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories10.10.2017
    2.13 (Adam Ruins Spa Day)  (17.10.2017)Adam Ruins Spa Day17.10.2017
    2.14 (Adam Ruins Halloween)  (24.10.2017)Adam Ruins Halloween24.10.2017
    2.15 (Adam Ruins Science)  (31.10.2017)Adam Ruins Science31.10.2017
    2.16 (Adam Ruins the Future)  (07.11.2017)Adam Ruins the Future07.11.2017
    2.17 (Reanimated History – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth)  (20.03.2018)Reanimated History – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth20.03.2018
    2.18 (Reanimated History – The First Factsgiving)  (27.03.2018)Reanimated History – The First Factsgiving27.03.2018
    2.19 (Reanimated History – Mutually Assured Ruination)  (03.04.2018)Reanimated History – Mutually Assured Ruination03.04.2018
    2.20 (Reanimated History – An Ancient History of Violence)  (10.04.2018)Reanimated History – An Ancient History of Violence10.04.2018
    2.21 (Reanimated History – The Copernican Ruin-aissance)  (17.04.2018)Reanimated History – The Copernican Ruin-aissance17.04.2018
    2.22 (Reanimated History – 100 Years Ago Today)  (24.04.2018)Reanimated History – 100 Years Ago Today24.04.2018
    2.23 (Adam Ruins Guns)  (27.11.2018)Adam Ruins Guns27.11.2018
    2.24 (Adam Ruins Sleep)  (04.12.2018)Adam Ruins Sleep04.12.2018
    2.25 (Adam Ruins Tech)  (11.12.2018)Adam Ruins Tech11.12.2018
    2.26 (Adam Ruins Flying)  (18.12.2018)Adam Ruins Flying18.12.2018
    2.27 (Adam Ruins a Plate of Nachos)  (08.01.2019)Adam Ruins a Plate of Nachos08.01.2019
    2.28 (Adam Ruins a Sitcom)  (15.01.2019)Adam Ruins a Sitcom15.01.2019
    2.29 (Adam Ruins Games)  (22.01.2019)Adam Ruins Games22.01.2019
    2.30 (Adam Ruins Nature)  (29.01.2019)Adam Ruins Nature29.01.2019
    2.31 (Adam Ruins America)  (13.08.2019)Adam Ruins America13.08.2019
    2.32 (Adam Ruins a Night Out)  (20.08.2019)Adam Ruins a Night Out20.08.2019
    2.33 (Adam Ruins Doing Good)  (27.08.2019)Adam Ruins Doing Good27.08.2019
    2.34 (Adam Ruins A Murder)  (03.09.2019)Adam Ruins A Murder03.09.2019
    2.35 (Adam Ruins Music)  (10.09.2019)Adam Ruins Music10.09.2019
    2.36 (Adam Ruins Little Bugs)  (17.09.2019)Adam Ruins Little Bugs17.09.2019
    2.37 (Adam Ruins Cops)  (24.09.2019)Adam Ruins Cops24.09.2019
    2.38 (Adam Ruins Himself)  (01.10.2019)Adam Ruins Himself01.10.2019

    (Election Special)  (25.10.2016)Election Special25.10.2016

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