1.01Darla Doily – Demon Doll / The Importance of Being Urnie / Clone or Be Cloned / The Boogeyman’ll Get You Melissa07.02.199807.02.1998
    1.02Blind Date of Frankenstein / Football and Other Body Parts / Helium and Hot Air Balloons / Stop Making Ugly Faces07.11.200114.02.199814.02.1998
    1.03Love Potion Number Nein / Attack of the Iguana People / The Big Bang / Teeth for Two21.02.199821.02.1998
    1.04Baby Human / Earth Vs. Everything / Blunder and Lightning / Little Screetchin Riding Hood28.02.199828.02.1998
    1.05Built for Speed / Captain Beaumarchais’ Fish Flakes / A Kiss Before Dying / Gravity / Go Stand in the Corner, Young Lady07.03.199807.03.1998
    1.06Spawn of Santa / Dead Hard / Peroidic Table of Elements / Don’t Swallow the Seeds, Silly14.03.199814.03.1998
    1.07Doom With a View / Dead Dog Day Afternoon / Evolution and the Attorney / Here There Be Monsters28.03.199828.03.1998
    1.08Love Hurts / One for Mall and Mall for One / The Brain / Plain as the Nose on Your Face04.04.199804.04.1998
    1.09Phil Feel Smart / Voodoo Vacation / The Universe / Melissa, Don’t Spoil Your Appetite25.04.199825.04.1998
    1.10WereGranny / The Lobster of Party Beach / Luck Is Not a Factor / The Screetchy Little Mermaid02.05.199802.05.1998
    1.11Family Plot / A Zombie is Born / Earthquake Boogie / Melissa and The Three Bears09.05.199809.05.1998
    1.12Phil’s Brain / Jurassic Putt / Bites and Stings / You Keep Bouncing Like That, You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself26.10.199826.10.1998
    1.13The Inferior Decorator / Bang! / Parasites / Melissa Screetch, Earth Ambassador09.11.199809.11.1998

    2.01Something Weenie This Way Comes / Ideadical Cousins / Melisserella16.11.199816.11.1998
    2.02Igor’s Replacement / The Deadman Bunch23.11.199823.11.1998
    2.03My Fair Monster / The Nosey Face / Shelf Of Brains30.11.199830.11.1998
    2.04The Doomed Odyssey / Attack of the Fifty Footed Woman / Becki with an I07.12.199807.12.1998
    2.05The Longest Day / Take Us to Your Liter / Escape from Wet Nurse Island14.12.199814.12.1998
    2.06For Your Info-Mation / In Or Out / Melissa Makes A Wish / Madame Olga’s Lament21.12.199821.12.1998
    2.07Some Weird In Time / Swamp Thingy / A Man Of No Importance
    2.08Cyranot / Running of the Bullies / Troop 664 / Igor III

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