a1.01aDer große Pussini (The Great Pussini)  The Great Pussini
    b1.01bDas Katzenpensionat (Kitty Kat Kennels)  Kitty Kat Kennels
    a1.02aSchnauzis große Flucht (Chauncey’s Great Escape)  Chauncey’s Great Escape
    b1.02bAbenteuer auf dem Rummelplatz (Carnival Capers)  Carnival Capers
    a1.03aDer verrückte Hundefänger (Mad Dog Catcher)  Mad Dog Catcher
    b1.03bZirkusabenteuer (Circus Beserkus)  Circus Beserkus
    a1.04aDer kleine Freund (Rebel Without a Claws)  Rebel Without a Claws
    b1.04bDas Landleben ist nichts für mich (The Farming Life Ain’t For Me)  The Farming Life Ain’t For Me
    b1.05bDer Flaschengeist (Wishful Thinking)  Wishful Thinking
    a1.05aDer zweite Vorname (Heathcliff’s Middle Name)  Heathcliff’s Middle Name
    a1.06aKönig der Tiere (King of the Beasts)  King of the Beasts
    b1.06bDie Katze kann’s (Cat Can Do)  Cat Can Do
    a1.07aFalscher Alarm (Smoke Gets in my Eyes)  Smoke Gets in my Eyes
    b1.07bDie Sache mit dem Bett (Much Ado about Bedding)  Much Ado about Bedding
    a1.08aDer feine Cousin (City Slicker Cat)  City Slicker Cat
    b1.08bDas Haus der Zukunft (House of the Future)  House of the Future
    a1.09aSpike’s Cousin (Spike’s Cousin)  Spike’s Cousin
    b1.09bDas Vogelparadies (For the Birds)  For the Birds
    a1.10aHeatcliff’s Haustier (Heathcliff’s Pet)  Heathcliff’s Pet
    b1.10bAbenteuer im Sumpf (Swamp Fever)  Swamp Fever
    a1.11aAuf dem Golfplatz (Teed Off)  Teed Off
    b1.11bDr. Monstro und das Monster (Monstro vs. the Wolfhound)  Monstro vs. the Wolfhound
    a1.12aDas Familienphoto (Say Cheese)  Say Cheese
    b1.12bFeuerstühle (Cat’s Angels)  Cat’s Angels
    a1.13aDie Miau-Miau Insel (Meow Meow Island)  Meow Meow Island
    b1.13bDer Stafettenlauf (Iron Cats)  Iron Cats
    a1.14aFamilienstammbaum (Family Tree)  Family Tree
    b1.14bWo ist die Schokolade (Who’s Got the Chocolate?)  Who’s Got the Chocolate?
    a1.15aAllzeit bereit (Be Prepared)  Be Prepared
    b1.15bDie Liebeskreuzfahrt (Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’)  Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
    a1.16aDie Katzenfutterdosenfabrik (Heathcliff Gets Canned)  Heathcliff Gets Canned
    b1.16bDer Kicher-Geier (Whackoed Out)  Whackoed Out
    a1.17aDas Genie (Brain Sprain)  Brain Sprain
    b1.17bDer Katzenballon (Cat Balloon)  Cat Balloon
    a1.18aKatzenausstellung (May the Best Cat Win)  May the Best Cat Win
    b1.18bMango, der Komiker (Comedy Cats)  Comedy Cats
    a1.19aTrubel auf der Baustelle (Revenge of the Kitty)  Revenge of the Kitty
    b1.19bFerien im Dschungel (Jungle Vacation)  Jungle Vacation
    a1.20aHeathcliff im Krankenhaus (Hospital Heathcliff)  Hospital Heathcliff
    b1.20bHector als Bandenboss (Hector’s Takeover)  Hector’s Takeover
    a1.21aTrubel im Kaufhaus (Going Shopping)  Going Shopping
    b1.21b (Cat in the Fat)  Cat in the Fat
    a1.22aHeathcliff auf Urlaub (Wild Cat Heathcliff)  Wild Cat Heathcliff
    b1.22bDie Verlobung (Kitten Around)  Kitten Around
    a1.23aHeathcliff als Einbrecher (Cat Burglar Heathcliff)  Cat Burglar Heathcliff
    b1.23bLucky’s Unglückstag (Lucky’s Unlucky Day)  Lucky’s Unlucky Day
    a1.24aTrubel im Schnee (The Blizzard Bandit)  The Blizzard Bandit
    b1.24bDie Haremskatze (Harem Cat)  Harem Cat
    a1.25aDas einsame Kätzchen (Kitten Smitten)  Kitten Smitten
    b1.25bDie Fischtrompete (Young Cat with a Horn)  Young Cat with a Horn
    a1.26aDas Versprechen (The Gang’s All Here)  The Gang’s All Here
    b1.26bKatzen Miau-Sik (The Meowsic Goes Round & Round)  The Meowsic Goes Round & Round
    a1.27aDer Skiausflug (Snow Job)  Snow Job
    b1.27bDas Hochhaus (Condo Fever)  Condo Fever
    a1.28aHeatcliff im Fitnessstudio (Heathcliff Pumps Iron)  Heathcliff Pumps Iron
    b1.28bMungo braucht Erholung (Mungo’s Dilemma)  Mungo’s Dilemma
    a1.29aHeathcliff’s Doppelgänger (Heathcliff’s Double)  Heathcliff’s Double
    b1.29bDas Monster im Wald (Big Foot)  Big Foot
    a1.30aDer schreckliche Emmi (Terrible Tammy)  Terrible Tammy
    b1.30bDer Wettkampf um Dixie (The Games of Love)  The Games of Love
    a1.31a (Big Top Bungling)  Big Top Bungling
    b1.31b (Space Cats)  Space Cats
    a1.32aHeathcliff will abnehmen (Lard Times)  Lard Times
    b1.32bLolo’s Assistent (The Merry Pranksters)  The Merry Pranksters
    a1.33aSpike’s Sklave (Spike’s Slave)  Spike’s Slave
    b1.33bDer Angsthase (Scaredy Cats)  Scaredy Cats
    a1.34aÄrger von unten (Gopher Broke)  Gopher Broke
    b1.34b (A Camping We Will Go)  A Camping We Will Go
    a1.35aHeathcliff will verwöhnt werden (Where There’s an Ill, There’s a Way)  Where There’s an Ill, There’s a Way
    b1.35bDie Fahrt im Kanal (Yes Sewer That’s my Baby)  Yes Sewer That’s my Baby
    a1.36aDas Seifenkistenrennen (Soap Box Derby)  Soap Box Derby
    b1.36bDie Supermausefalle (A Better Mousetrap)  A Better Mousetrap
    a1.37aDie Bamboo Insel (Bamboo Island)  Bamboo Island
    b1.37bMango als Supercat (Superhero Mungo)  Superhero Mungo
    a1.38aNiki’s Erfindung (Butter Up!)  Butter Up!
    b1.38bMungo macht alles falsch (Mungo Gets No Respect)  Mungo Gets No Respect
    a1.39aSonja’s Neffe (Sonya’s Nephew)  Sonya’s Nephew
    b1.39bDr. Mausetus (Dr. Mousetus)  Dr. Mousetus
    a1.40aDer Werbestar (Cat Food for Thought)  Cat Food for Thought
    b1.40bDie Reise in den Süden (Going South)  Going South
    a1.41aDas Phantom der Mülltonnen (Phantom of the Garbage)  Phantom of the Garbage
    b1.41bDie Austernzucht (Junkyard Flood)  Junkyard Flood
    a1.42aPosauner Terror (Trombone Terror)  Trombone Terror
    b1.42bCleo’s Cousine (The Other Woman)  The Other Woman
    a1.43aHeathcliffs Paps (Pop on Parole)  Pop on Parole
    b1.43bDie Babysitter (The Babysitters)  The Babysitters
    a1.44a (The Siamese Twins)  The Siamese Twins
    b1.44b (The Mungo Mash)  The Mungo Mash
    a1.45a (Copa-ca-Heathcliff)  Copa-ca-Heathcliff
    b1.45b (Leroy’s in Love)  Leroy’s in Love
    a1.46a (Used Pets)  Used Pets
    b1.46b (Search for a Star)  Search for a Star
    a1.47a (An Officer and an Alley-Cat)  An Officer and an Alley-Cat
    b1.47bReimbeins Aberglaube (Hector Spector)  Hector Spector
    a1.48aTrubel auf dem Tennisplatz (Service with a Smile)  Service with a Smile
    b1.48bDas Schrottplatzrestaurant (Junk Food)  Junk Food
    a1.49aBum Bum Pussini (Boom Boom Pussini)  Boom Boom Pussini
    b1.49b (Beach Blanket Mungo)  Beach Blanket Mungo
    a1.50aHeathcliff im Aquariumland (Sealand Mania)  Sealand Mania
    b1.50bDas Feinschmecker-Menü (Riff Raff the Gourmet)  Riff Raff the Gourmet
    a1.51aDer Tierfangroboter (The Super M.A.C. Menace)  The Super M.A.C. Menace
    b1.51b (Catacombs)  Catacombs
    a1.52a (Heathcliff Reforms)  Heathcliff Reforms
    b1.52b (Prehysteric Riff Raff)  Prehysteric Riff Raff
    a1.53aPaps Befreiung (A Piece of the Rock)  A Piece of the Rock
    b1.53b (Divide and Clobber)  Divide and Clobber
    a1.54aHöhenflüge (Flying High)  Flying High
    b1.54bDie turbulente Party (Debutante Ball)  Debutante Ball
    a1.55aDie Überraschungsparty (Heathcliff’s Surprise)  Heathcliff’s Surprise
    b1.55b (The Big Break In)  The Big Break In
    a1.56aDer Katzenvater (The Catfather)  The Catfather
    b1.56bDie Wohltätigkeitsshow (The Big Swipe)  The Big Swipe
    a1.57a (Tally-Ho Heathcliff)  Tally-Ho Heathcliff
    b1.57bCleo zieht ein (Cleo Moves In)  Cleo Moves In
    a1.58a (Granpda vs. Grandpa)  Granpda vs. Grandpa
    b1.58b (The Big Game Hunter)  The Big Game Hunter
    a1.59aDie Tunfischknappheit (The Great Tuna Caper)  The Great Tuna Caper
    b1.59bPekos Schatz (Peco’s Treasure)  Peco’s Treasure
    a1.60aDer Babybandit (The Baby Buggy Bad Guys)  The Baby Buggy Bad Guys
    b1.60bRiff Raffs Mami (Riff Raff’s Mom)  Riff Raff’s Mom
    a1.61a (Momma’s Back in Town)  Momma’s Back in Town
    b1.61bDie tollen Tänzer (Trash Dance)  Trash Dance
    a1.62aAuf hoher See (Claws)  Claws
    b1.62bHektor als Privatdetektiv (Hector the Detector)  Hector the Detector
    a1.63a (Raiders of the Lost Cat)  Raiders of the Lost Cat
    b1.63b (Mungo Lays an Egg)  Mungo Lays an Egg
    a1.64a (The Home Wrecker)  The Home Wrecker
    b1.64b (In Search of Catlantis)  In Search of Catlantis
    a1.65a (Star or Tomeow-meow)  Star or Tomeow-meow
    b1.65b (Soccer Anyone? )  Soccer Anyone?

    a2.01a (The Whitecliff of Dover)  The Whitecliff of Dover
    b2.01b (Life Saver)  Life Saver
    a2.02a (Nightmare in Beverly Hills)  Nightmare in Beverly Hills
    b2.02b (The Iron Mask Cat)  The Iron Mask Cat
    a2.03aDer verrückte Nervenarzt (The Shrink)  The Shrink
    b2.03bDas Bild (Brushing Up)  Brushing Up
    a2.04a (Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike)  Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike
    b2.04b (Time Warped)  Time Warped
    a2.05aSpikes neues Zuhause (Spike’s New Home)  Spike’s New Home
    b2.05bMungos große Liebe (Mungo’s Big Romance)  Mungo’s Big Romance
    a2.06a (The Cat and the Pauper)  The Cat and the Pauper
    b2.06b (Mungo of the Jungle)  Mungo of the Jungle
    a2.07a (In the Beginning)  In the Beginning
    b2.07b (Catlympic Cats)  Catlympic Cats
    a2.08a (Rear Cat Window)  Rear Cat Window
    b2.08b (Cat Days, Ninja Nights)  Cat Days, Ninja Nights
    a2.09a (Something Fishy)  Something Fishy
    b2.09b (Christmas Memories)  Christmas Memories
    a2.10a (Heathcliff’s Mom)  Heathcliff’s Mom
    b2.10b (Hockey Pucks)  Hockey Pucks
    a2.11a (Cat Day Afternoon)  Cat Day Afternoon
    b2.11b (Hector the Protector)  Hector the Protector
    a2.12a (Feline Good)  Feline Good
    b2.12b (Off-Road Racer)  Off-Road Racer
    a2.13a (Spike’s Coach)  Spike’s Coach
    b2.13b (The Trojan Catillac)  The Trojan Catillac
    a2.14a (Heathcliff Gets Framed)  Heathcliff Gets Framed
    b2.14b (Repo Cat)  Repo Cat
    a2.15a (Missing in Action)  Missing in Action
    b2.15b (Bag Cat Sings the Blues)  Bag Cat Sings the Blues
    a2.16a (It’s a Terrible Life)  It’s a Terrible Life
    b2.16b (Leroy Gets Canned)  Leroy Gets Canned
    a2.17aDas Haarwuchsmittel (Hair of the Cat)  Hair of the Cat
    b2.17bCamping (Tenting Tonight)  Tenting Tonight
    a2.18aDie Wahrsagerin (The Fortune Teller)  The Fortune Teller
    b2.18bDas Osterhuhn (Cottentails, Chickens, and Colored Eggs)  Cottentails, Chickens, and Colored Eggs
    a2.19aDas goldene Ei (Break an Egg)  Break an Egg
    b2.19bEin Brief an Omi (A Letter to Granny)  A Letter to Granny
    a2.20aIm Kanalsystem von New York (The New York City Sewer System)  The New York City Sewer System
    b2.20bSchlag 12 Uhr (High Goon)  High Goon
    a2.21aDie Nordpolkatze (North Pole Cat)  North Pole Cat
    b2.21bDer kleine Bruder (He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother)  He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

    Heathcliff – The Movie (Heathcliff – The Movie)  Heathcliff – The Movie

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