1.01 (Stake out)  Stake out
    1.02Billardstube (The Harry Connors story)  The Harry Connors story
    1.03Herzschwäche (Change of heart)  Change of heart
    1.04 (The failure)  The failure
    1.05Geldheirat (End of the world)  End of the world
    1.06Holzhandlung (Shadow of a giant)  Shadow of a giant
    1.07 (Presumption of guilt)  Presumption of guilt
    1.08 (The angry men)  The angry men
    1.09 (Writ of terror)  Writ of terror
    1.10Tonbandgerät (Music to murder by)  Music to murder by
    1.11Stahlarbeiter (With malice for one)  With malice for one
    1.12 (Framed ex-con)  Framed ex-con
    1.13Autoschlüsselbande (Death in the streets)  Death in the streets
    1.14Stoßstange (The drop)  The drop
    1.15 (The manly art of murder)  The manly art of murder
    1.16 (A reputation)  A reputation
    1.17Jugendliche Einbrecher (His father’s footsteps)  His father’s footsteps
    1.18 (Price of charity)  Price of charity
    1.19Box-Manager (Never bet the odds)  Never bet the odds
    1.20 (Morality and the shield)  Morality and the shield
    1.21 (Dead man’s shoes)  Dead man’s shoes
    1.22Safe-Reparatur (Strange summons)  Strange summons
    1.23Jazz-Band (Murder plays it cool)  Murder plays it cool
    1.24Stadtrat (Election nite)  Election nite
    1.25Tennismeister (Poker club)  Poker club
    1.26Fahrstuhlschacht (The trigger)  The trigger
    1.27 (Murder is a gamble)  Murder is a gamble
    1.28 (Death and taxes)  Death and taxes
    1.29 (The locket)  The locket
    1.30 (The trouble cop)  The trouble cop
    1.31 (First prize for murder)  First prize for murder
    1.32 (The frame)  The frame
    1.33 (Society matron)  Society matron
    1.34 (Last chance)  Last chance
    1.35Injektion (Mind over murder)  Mind over murder
    1.36 (So shall ye reap)  So shall ye reap
    1.37Blumenhändler (Sentenced to die)  Sentenced to die
    1.38 (Voice of doom)  Voice of doom
    1.39Juwelenraub (The blood red ruby)  The blood red ruby

    2.01 (Against the law)  Against the law
    2.02Golfball (The tee off)  The tee off
    2.03 (Skid row story)  Skid row story
    2.04Stewardeß (Flying high)  Flying high
    2.05Bogenschütze (Beau and arrow case)  Beau and arrow case
    2.06 (The frame up)  The frame up
    2.07Dynamit-Paket (Seventh hour)  Seventh hour
    2.08Verdächtige Witwe (The sisters)  The sisters
    2.09 (Diamond dupe)  Diamond dupe
    2.10 (Society doctor)  Society doctor
    2.11 (Top secret)  Top secret
    2.12 (Number please)  Number please
    2.13 (Coins of antiquity)  Coins of antiquity
    2.14 (Concrete coffin)  Concrete coffin
    2.15 (Compulsive killer)  Compulsive killer
    2.16 (Girls wanted)  Girls wanted
    2.17Polizeianwärter (His brother’s keeper)  His brother’s keeper
    2.18 (A case of arson)  A case of arson
    2.19 (Jennifer)  Jennifer
    2.20 (Abandoned mine)  Abandoned mine
    2.21 (A French affair)  A French affair
    2.22Architekt (End of titan)  End of titan
    2.23 (Fugitive from fear)  Fugitive from fear
    2.24Modeschöpfer (Design for murder)  Design for murder
    2.25 (Like father, like son)  Like father, like son
    2.26 (Red confetti)  Red confetti
    2.27 (Planter’s death)  Planter’s death
    2.28 (Two wrongs)  Two wrongs
    2.29 (Jungle compound)  Jungle compound
    2.30 (Mr. Sobel’s birthday party)  Mr. Sobel’s birthday party
    2.31 (The wildcatter)  The wildcatter
    2.32 (The accused)  The accused
    2.33 (Leading young citizen)  Leading young citizen
    2.34 (Hurricane)  Hurricane
    2.35 (Court martial)  Court martial
    2.36 (Sacrifice play)  Sacrifice play
    2.37 (Face of innocence)  Face of innocence
    2.38 (The intruder)  The intruder
    2.39 (Photo finish)  Photo finish

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