1.01 All In with Kaden and Soleil  03.06.2016All In with Kaden and Soleil03.06.2016
    1.02 All In With Jackson and Ajnai  10.06.2016All In With Jackson and Ajnai10.06.2016
    1.03 All In With Alaysia and Jack  17.06.2016All In With Alaysia and Jack17.06.2016
    1.04 All In With Kayla and Caden  24.06.2016All In With Kayla and Caden24.06.2016
    1.05 All In With Grant and Tori  08.07.2016All In With Grant and Tori08.07.2016
    1.06 All In With Joshua  15.07.2016All In With Joshua15.07.2016
    1.07 All In With Tarra  22.07.2016All In With Tarra22.07.2016
    1.08 All In With Rosie  29.07.2016All In With Rosie29.07.2016
    1.09 All In With Isabella and Xander  05.08.2016All In With Isabella and Xander05.08.2016
    1.10 All In With Caleb and Piper  12.08.2016All In With Caleb and Piper12.08.2016
    1.11 All In With Kamarie  09.09.2016All In With Kamarie09.09.2016
    1.12 All In With Hannah And Phoenix  16.09.2016All In With Hannah And Phoenix16.09.2016
    1.13 All In With O’malley And Elise  23.09.2016All In With O’malley And Elise23.09.2016
    1.14 All In With Emerson And Zach  30.09.2016All In With Emerson And Zach30.09.2016
    1.15 All In With Jake  07.10.2016All In With Jake07.10.2016
    1.16 All In With Goldie And Jahan  19.10.2016All In With Goldie And Jahan19.10.2016
    1.17 All In With Sofie And Jiyah  26.10.2016All In With Sofie And Jiyah26.10.2016
    1.18 All In With Claire And Chase  02.11.2016All In With Claire And Chase02.11.2016
    1.19 All In With G.g. And Brooke  09.11.2016All In With G.g. And Brooke09.11.2016
    1.20 All In With Ryan And Elisabeth  16.11.2016All In With Ryan And Elisabeth16.11.2016

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