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    • A poor man (geb. 2000) am 24.03.2018 10:39

      There was once a man who suffered a lot because of his poverty. In reality he was the son of a famous and rich father. Unfortunately, since the father had died in a distant place, the son did not know that he had left him a huge treasure. Consequently he was spending his life in abject poverty and misery.

      One day a learned astrologer visited the poor man and seeing his distressed condition questioned him. 'Why are you unhappy? Your father was very wealthy, but he did not disclose his wealth to you because he died elsewhere.' The astrologer then informed him of the means to acquire the wealth. He said, 'the treasure is in this place, but you have to approach it very carefully. If you dig from the southern side the wasps and drones will rise and sting you. On the western there is a ghost that will create much disturbance for you. On the northern side there is big black snake that will devour you. However if you approach from the eastern side, then by removing only a little amount of dirt, the treasure will be revealed to you.'

      Following the instructions of the astrologer, the poor man was then able to locate and retrieve the treasure. After having access to the fabulous treasure of his father, he then lived a life full of happiness.
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