1.01 (Agony Uncles: The Single Man)  (21.03.2012)Agony Uncles: The Single Man21.03.2012
    1.02 (Agony Uncles: Dating)  (28.03.2012)Agony Uncles: Dating28.03.2012
    1.03 (Agony Uncles: The Relationship)  (04.04.2012)Agony Uncles: The Relationship04.04.2012
    1.04 (Agony Uncles: Moving in)  (11.04.2012)Agony Uncles: Moving in11.04.2012
    1.05 (Agony Uncles: Breaking up)  (18.04.2012)Agony Uncles: Breaking up18.04.2012
    1.06 (Agony Uncles: Single Again)  (25.04.2012)Agony Uncles: Single Again25.04.2012

    2.01 (Agony Aunts: The Single Woman)  (02.05.2012)Agony Aunts: The Single Woman02.05.2012
    2.02 (Agony Aunts: Dating)  (09.05.2012)Agony Aunts: Dating09.05.2012
    2.03 (Agony Aunts: The Relationship)  (16.05.2012)Agony Aunts: The Relationship16.05.2012
    2.04 (Agony Aunts: Moving in)  (23.05.2012)Agony Aunts: Moving in23.05.2012
    2.05 (Agony Aunts: Breaking up)  (30.05.2012)Agony Aunts: Breaking up30.05.2012
    2.06 (Agony Aunts: Single Again)  (06.06.2012)Agony Aunts: Single Again06.06.2012

    3.01 (The Agony of Life: Childhood)  (06.02.2013)The Agony of Life: Childhood06.02.2013
    3.02 (The Agony of Life: The Teenage Years)  (13.02.2013)The Agony of Life: The Teenage Years13.02.2013
    3.03 (The Agony of Life: The Immortal Years: 18 to 22)  (20.02.2013)The Agony of Life: The Immortal Years: 18 to 2220.02.2013
    3.04 (The Agony of Life: The Pathfinders – ’20s and ’30s)  (27.02.2013)The Agony of Life: The Pathfinders – ’20s and ’30s27.02.2013
    3.05 (The Agony of Life: Family)  (06.03.2013)The Agony of Life: Family06.03.2013
    3.06 (The Agony of Life: Career)  (13.03.2013)The Agony of Life: Career13.03.2013
    3.07 (The Agony of Life: Retirement)  (20.03.2013)The Agony of Life: Retirement20.03.2013
    3.08 (The Agony of Life: The Final Frontier)  (27.03.2013)The Agony of Life: The Final Frontier27.03.2013
    3.09 (The Agony of Christmas)  (18.12.2013)The Agony of Christmas18.12.2013

    4.01 (The Agony of Modern Manners: Work)  (02.04.2014)The Agony of Modern Manners: Work02.04.2014
    4.02 (The Agony of Modern Manners: Home)  (09.04.2014)The Agony of Modern Manners: Home09.04.2014
    4.03 (The Agony of Modern Manners: Online)  (16.04.2014)The Agony of Modern Manners: Online16.04.2014
    4.04 (The Agony of Modern Manners: Travel)  (23.04.2014)The Agony of Modern Manners: Travel23.04.2014
    4.05 (The Agony of Modern Manners: Dining)  (03.04.2014)The Agony of Modern Manners: Dining03.04.2014
    4.06 (The Agony of Modern Manners: Weddings & Funerals)  (07.05.2014)The Agony of Modern Manners: Weddings & Funerals07.05.2014

    5.01 (The Agony of the Mind)  (09.10.2014)The Agony of the Mind09.10.2014
    5.02 (The Agony of New Year’s Eve)  (31.12.2014)The Agony of New Year’s Eve31.12.2014
    5.03 (The Agony of the Body)  (15.04.2015)The Agony of the Body15.04.2015
    5.04 (The Agony of God)  (22.04.2015)The Agony of God22.04.2015
    5.05 (The Agony of Secrets)  (29.04.2015)The Agony of Secrets29.04.2015
    5.06 (The Agony of Flirting)  (05.05.2015)The Agony of Flirting05.05.2015
    5.07 (The Agony of School)  (12.05.2015)The Agony of School12.05.2015
    5.08 (The Agony of Ageing)  (19.05.2015)The Agony of Ageing19.05.2015

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