Staffel 1

    11.01(The Ship of Feather Star) (01.07.1983)The Ship of Feather Star01.07.1983
    21.02(A Star is Born) (08.07.1983)A Star is Born08.07.1983
    31.03(Debut! Debut!!) (15.07.1983)Debut! Debut!!15.07.1983
    41.04(Scramble top ten) (22.07.1983)Scramble top ten22.07.1983
    51.05(In danger!? Mami’s secret) (29.07.1983)In danger!? Mami’s secret29.07.1983
    61.06(The legendary stag) (05.08.1983)The legendary stag05.08.1983
    71.07(A bouquet for the big boss!) (12.08.1983)A bouquet for the big boss!12.08.1983
    81.08(Nagisa no Miracle Duet) (19.08.1983)Nagisa no Miracle Duet19.08.1983
    91.09(The midsummer fairy) (26.08.1983)The midsummer fairy26.08.1983
    101.10(Hello, Catherine) (02.09.1983)Hello, Catherine02.09.1983
    111.11(Papa’s a middle-aged rider) (09.09.1983)Papa’s a middle-aged rider09.09.1983
    121.12(The studio has total power failure!) (16.09.1983)The studio has total power failure!16.09.1983
    131.13(The Mami within the mirror) (23.09.1983)The Mami within the mirror23.09.1983
    141.14(My Mr. Dream) (30.09.1983)My Mr. Dream30.09.1983
    151.15(The rainbow-coloured angel) (07.10.1983)The rainbow-coloured angel07.10.1983
    161.16(The memory that vanished into the sea) (14.10.1983)The memory that vanished into the sea14.10.1983
    171.17(The forest where time sleeps) (21.10.1983)The forest where time sleeps21.10.1983
    181.18(The adventure of Zashikiwarashi) (28.10.1983)The adventure of Zashikiwarashi28.10.1983
    191.19(Mami’s longest day) (04.11.1983)Mami’s longest day04.11.1983
    201.20(The dangerous gift!) (11.11.1983)The dangerous gift!11.11.1983
    211.21(The party of the cute romance) (18.11.1983)The party of the cute romance18.11.1983
    221.22(Midori-kun & Pukkupukuu) (25.11.1983)Midori-kun & Pukkupukuu25.11.1983
    231.23(The starry parasol) (02.12.1983)The starry parasol02.12.1983
    241.24(Bear bear audition) (09.12.1983)Bear bear audition09.12.1983
    251.25(Disturbance! The night of the popular song festival) (16.12.1983)Disturbance! The night of the popular song festival16.12.1983
    261.26(Bye-bye, miracle) (23.12.1983)Bye-bye, miracle23.12.1983
    271.27(To Feather Star!) (06.01.1984)To Feather Star!06.01.1984
    281.28(Mysterious transfer student) (13.01.1984)Mysterious transfer student13.01.1984
    291.29(Ropeway panic) (20.01.1984)Ropeway panic20.01.1984
    301.30(Dear Grandma) (27.01.1984)Dear Grandma27.01.1984
    311.31(Yuu’s flashdance) (03.02.1984)Yuu’s flashdance03.02.1984
    321.32(The Valentine of just the two of us) (10.02.1984)The Valentine of just the two of us10.02.1984
    331.33(The ‘atchoo!’ of horrors) (17.02.1984)The ‘atchoo!’ of horrors17.02.1984
    341.34(Snake Joe’s counterattack) (24.02.1984)Snake Joe’s counterattack24.02.1984
    351.35(Tachibana-san becomes a woman!?) (02.03.1984)Tachibana-san becomes a woman!?02.03.1984
    361.36(Galaxy circus 1984) (09.03.1984)Galaxy circus 198409.03.1984
    371.37(Marian’s eyes) (16.03.1984)Marian’s eyes16.03.1984
    381.38(Heart-fluttering fan club) (23.03.1984)Heart-fluttering fan club23.03.1984
    391.39(Jurassic monster Ojira!) (30.03.1984)Jurassic monster Ojira!30.03.1984
    401.40(Kurimigaoka flour war) (06.04.1984)Kurimigaoka flour war06.04.1984
    411.41(Beware, lest you overstudy) (13.04.1984)Beware, lest you overstudy13.04.1984
    421.42(Mama’s memory of the stage) (20.04.1984)Mama’s memory of the stage20.04.1984
    431.43(Run, yuu! Faster than a turtle!) (27.04.1984)Run, yuu! Faster than a turtle!27.04.1984
    441.44(SOS! Escape from the dream storm) (04.05.1984)SOS! Escape from the dream storm04.05.1984
    451.45(The psychic boy of sorrow) (11.05.1984)The psychic boy of sorrow11.05.1984
    461.46(My wonderful pianist) (18.05.1984)My wonderful pianist18.05.1984
    471.47(Mami’s first kiss) (25.05.1984)Mami’s first kiss25.05.1984
    481.48(Yuu & Midori’s first date!) (01.06.1984)Yuu & Midori’s first date!01.06.1984
    491.49(Infiltrate! The treasure of Tachibana-san’s premises) (08.06.1984)Infiltrate! The treasure of Tachibana-san’s premises08.06.1984
    501.50(Mami disappears …) (15.06.1984)Mami disappears …15.06.1984
    511.51(Toshio! Don’t remember it) (22.06.1984)Toshio! Don’t remember it22.06.1984
    521.52(Final stage) (29.06.1984)Final stage29.06.1984


    1(Adesugata Mahou no Sannin Musume) (28.03.1986)Adesugata Mahou no Sannin Musume28.03.1986
    2(Majokko Club Yoningumi – A Kuukan Kara no Alien X) (28.07.1987)Majokko Club Yoningumi – A Kuukan Kara no Alien X28.07.1987
    3(Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Eien no Once More) (28.10.1984)Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Eien no Once More28.10.1984
    4(Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Long Goodbye) (15.06.1985)Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Long Goodbye15.06.1985

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