1.01 (Method to the Mad-ness)  (22.04.2015)Method to the Mad-ness22.04.2015
    1.02 (Old School vs. New School)  (22.04.2015)Old School vs. New School22.04.2015
    1.03 (My Junk, My Empire)  (29.04.2015)My Junk, My Empire29.04.2015
    1.04 (Feeding the Giant)  (06.05.2015)Feeding the Giant06.05.2015
    1.05 (Humor Me)  (13.05.2015)Humor Me13.05.2015
    1.06 (Work Hard, Play Harder)  (20.05.2015)Work Hard, Play Harder20.05.2015
    1.07 (Junkyard Treasure)  (27.05.2015)Junkyard Treasure27.05.2015
    1.08 (Putting Out Fires)  (03.06.2015)Putting Out Fires03.06.2015

    2.01 (A New Day, a New Dollar)  (04.05.2016)A New Day, a New Dollar04.05.2016
    2.02 (You Say Trash, I Say Tank)  (11.05.2016)You Say Trash, I Say Tank11.05.2016
    2.03 (Build a Jeep, Crush a Car)  (18.05.2016)Build a Jeep, Crush a Car18.05.2016
    2.04 (Hot Wheelin’ and Dealin’)  (25.05.2016)Hot Wheelin’ and Dealin’25.05.2016
    2.05 (Upgrade and Upsell)  (01.06.2016)Upgrade and Upsell01.06.2016
    2.06 (Never Easy)  (08.06.2016)Never Easy08.06.2016
    2.07 (Trucked Out)  (15.06.2016)Trucked Out15.06.2016
    2.08 (Super Car Sell Off)  (22.06.2016)Super Car Sell Off22.06.2016

    3.01 (Junkyard and the Bandit)  (12.04.2017)Junkyard and the Bandit12.04.2017
    3.02 (Playing With Fire)  (19.04.2017)Playing With Fire19.04.2017
    3.03 (Buck Wild Bronco)  (26.04.2017)Buck Wild Bronco26.04.2017
    3.04 (Junkyard Genius)  (03.05.2017)Junkyard Genius03.05.2017
    3.05 (Ready, Set, Tow!)  (10.05.2017)Ready, Set, Tow!10.05.2017
    3.06 (Too Much Rough, Not Enough Diamond)  (17.05.2017)Too Much Rough, Not Enough Diamond17.05.2017
    3.07 (Turbos & Tailgates)  (24.05.2017)Turbos & Tailgates24.05.2017
    3.08 (Two for the Road)  (31.05.2017)Two for the Road31.05.2017
    3.09 (Cohen vs. Camaro)  (07.06.2017)Cohen vs. Camaro07.06.2017
    3.10 (Indy to Win It)  (14.06.2017)Indy to Win It14.06.2017
    3.11 (Crushing Cars & Taking Names)  (21.06.2017)Crushing Cars & Taking Names21.06.2017
    3.12 (A Pack Rat, a Rat Rod, and a Bug)  (28.06.2017)A Pack Rat, a Rat Rod, and a Bug28.06.2017

    4.01 (Junkyard Blitz)  (11.07.2018)Junkyard Blitz11.07.2018
    4.02 (Fast Times at Junkyard Empire)  (18.07.2018)Fast Times at Junkyard Empire18.07.2018
    4.03 (British Catastrophe)  (25.07.2018)British Catastrophe25.07.2018
    4.04 (The Big Red Build)  (01.08.2018)The Big Red Build01.08.2018
    4.05 (Old Mustang, New Muscle)  (08.08.2018)Old Mustang, New Muscle08.08.2018
    4.06 (Wired for Speed)  (15.08.2018)Wired for Speed15.08.2018
    4.07 (Mustang Time Machine)  (22.08.2018)Mustang Time Machine22.08.2018
    4.08 (One Bad Barracuda)  (29.08.2018)One Bad Barracuda29.08.2018
    4.09 (Hellcuda Unleashed)  (05.09.2018)Hellcuda Unleashed05.09.2018
    4.10 (Father-Son Run)  (12.09.2018)Father-Son Run12.09.2018
    4.11 (Wrecked Wrangler Rehab)  (19.09.2018)Wrecked Wrangler Rehab19.09.2018
    4.12 (Junkyard Driftin’)  (26.09.2018)Junkyard Driftin’26.09.2018

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