Staffel 1

    11.01(Hazel And The Playground)  Hazel And The Playground
    21.02(Hazel Makes A Will)  Hazel Makes A Will
    31.03(Hazel Plays Nurse)  Hazel Plays Nurse
    41.04(A Matter Of Principle)  A Matter Of Principle
    51.05(Dorothy’s New Client)  Dorothy’s New Client
    61.06(What’ll We Watch Tonight?)  What’ll We Watch Tonight?
    71.07(A Dog For Harold)  A Dog For Harold
    81.08(George’s Niece)  George’s Niece
    91.09(Everybody’s Thankful But Us Turkeys)  Everybody’s Thankful But Us Turkeys
    101.10(Winter Wonderland)  Winter Wonderland
    111.11(Hazel’s Winning Personality)  Hazel’s Winning Personality
    121.12(Hazel’s Christmas Shopping)  Hazel’s Christmas Shopping
    131.13(Dorothy’s Obsession)  Dorothy’s Obsession
    141.14(Hazel’s Dog Days)  Hazel’s Dog Days
    151.15(Replacement For Phoebe)  Replacement For Phoebe
    161.16(Hazel’s Famous Recipes)  Hazel’s Famous Recipes
    171.17(Hazel’s Tough Customer)  Hazel’s Tough Customer
    181.18(Hazel’s Secret Wish)  Hazel’s Secret Wish
    191.19(Hazel, The Tryst-Buster)  Hazel, The Tryst-Buster
    201.20((The Investment Club)  (The Investment Club
    211.21(Hazel’s Mona Lisa Grin)  Hazel’s Mona Lisa Grin
    221.22(Hazel And The Gardener)  Hazel And The Gardener
    231.23(Dorothy’s Birthday)  Dorothy’s Birthday
    241.24(Number, Please?)  Number, Please?
    251.25(Them New Neighbors Is Nice)  Them New Neighbors Is Nice
    261.26(Hazel’s Pajama Party)  Hazel’s Pajama Party
    271.27(Three Little Cubs)  Three Little Cubs
    281.28(Bringing Out The Johnsons)  Bringing Out The Johnsons
    291.29(Hazel Quits)  Hazel Quits
    301.30(Hazel The Matchmaker)  Hazel The Matchmaker
    311.31(Rock-a-Bye Baby)  Rock-a-Bye Baby
    321.32(The Burglar In Mr. B’s PJ’s)  The Burglar In Mr. B’s PJ’s
    331.33(Heat Wave)  Heat Wave
    341.34(George’s Assistant)  George’s Assistant
    351.35(Hazel’s Day)  Hazel’s Day

    Staffel 2

    362.01(Hazel’s Cousin)  Hazel’s Cousin
    372.02(Rosie’s Contract)  Rosie’s Contract
    382.03(We’ve Been So Happy Till Now)  We’ve Been So Happy Till Now
    392.04(How To Lure And Epicure)  How To Lure And Epicure
    402.05(Barney Hatfield, Where Are You?)  Barney Hatfield, Where Are You?
    412.06(A Four-Bit Word To Chew On)  A Four-Bit Word To Chew On
    422.07(Hazel’s Tax Deduction)  Hazel’s Tax Deduction
    432.08(Mr. B On The Bench)  Mr. B On The Bench
    442.09(License To Wed)  License To Wed
    452.10(Genie With The Light Brown Lamp)  Genie With The Light Brown Lamp
    462.11(The Natural Athlete)  The Natural Athlete
    472.12(New Man In Town)  New Man In Town
    482.13(Herbert For Hire)  Herbert For Hire
    492.14(Hazel And The Lovebirds)  Hazel And The Lovebirds
    502.15(Top Secret)  Top Secret
    512.16(The Sunshine Girls Quartet)  The Sunshine Girls Quartet
    522.17(A Good Example For Harold)  A Good Example For Harold
    532.18(Hazel’s Highland Fling)  Hazel’s Highland Fling
    542.19(Ain’t Walter Nice?)  Ain’t Walter Nice?
    552.20(Mr. Griffin Throws A Wedding)  Mr. Griffin Throws A Wedding
    562.21(Hazel And The Stockholder’s Meeting)  Hazel And The Stockholder’s Meeting
    572.22(Hazel’s Day Off)  Hazel’s Day Off
    582.23(I’ve Been Singing All My Life)  I’ve Been Singing All My Life
    592.24(The Fire’s Never Dead While The Ashes Are Red)  The Fire’s Never Dead While The Ashes Are Red
    602.25(Hazel’s Navy Blue Tug-Boats)  Hazel’s Navy Blue Tug-Boats
    612.26(The Hazel Walk)  The Hazel Walk
    622.27(Hazel Digs A Hole For Herself)  Hazel Digs A Hole For Herself
    632.28(Hazel Sounds Her ‘A’)  Hazel Sounds Her ‘A’
    642.29(Hazel’s Luck)  Hazel’s Luck
    652.30(Oh, My Aching Back)  Oh, My Aching Back
    662.31(Maid Of The Month)  Maid Of The Month
    672.32(So Long, Brown Eyes)  So Long, Brown Eyes

    Staffel 3

    683.01(Pot Luck A La Mode)  Pot Luck A La Mode
    693.02(An Example For Hazel)  An Example For Hazel
    703.03(Dorothy Takes A Trip)  Dorothy Takes A Trip
    713.04(You Ain’t Fully Dressed Without A Smile)  You Ain’t Fully Dressed Without A Smile
    723.05(Cheerin’ Up Mr. B)  Cheerin’ Up Mr. B
    733.06(Piccolo Mondo)  Piccolo Mondo
    743.07(Hazel Scores A Touchdown)  Hazel Scores A Touchdown
    753.08(George’s 32nd Cousin)  George’s 32nd Cousin
    763.09(The Baby Came C.O.D.)  The Baby Came C.O.D.
    773.10(All Hazel Is Divided Into Three Parts)  All Hazel Is Divided Into Three Parts
    783.11(Hazel And The Vanishing Hero)  Hazel And The Vanishing Hero
    793.12(Call Me Harve)  Call Me Harve
    803.13(The Retiring Milkman)  The Retiring Milkman
    813.14(Hazel’s Nest Egg)  Hazel’s Nest Egg
    823.15(Hazel And The Halfback)  Hazel And The Halfback
    833.16(Hazel And The Model T)  Hazel And The Model T
    843.17(Hot Potato A La Hazel)  Hot Potato A La Hazel
    853.18(Scheherezade And Her Frying Pan (Part 1))  Scheherezade And Her Frying Pan (Part 1)
    863.19(Scheherezade And Her Frying Pan (Part 2))  Scheherezade And Her Frying Pan (Part 2)
    873.20(The Fashion Show)  The Fashion Show
    883.21(George’s Ordeal)  George’s Ordeal
    893.22(The Reluctant Witness)  The Reluctant Witness
    903.23(Democracy At Work)  Democracy At Work
    913.24(The Countess)  The Countess
    923.25(Hazel’s Midas Touch)  Hazel’s Midas Touch
    933.26(Everybody’s A Comedian)  Everybody’s A Comedian
    943.27(All Mixed Up)  All Mixed Up
    953.28(Arrivederci, Mr. B.)  Arrivederci, Mr. B.
    963.29(Such A Nice Little Man)  Such A Nice Little Man
    973.30(Campaign Manager)  Campaign Manager
    983.31(Let’s Get Away From It All)  Let’s Get Away From It All
    993.32(Maid For A Day)  Maid For A Day

    Staffel 4

    1004.01(Never Trouble Trouble)  Never Trouble Trouble
    1014.02(Luncheon With The Governor)  Luncheon With The Governor
    1024.03(Ain’t That A Knee Slapper)  Ain’t That A Knee Slapper
    1034.04(Marriage Trap)  Marriage Trap
    1044.05(The Flagpole)  The Flagpole
    1054.06(Welcome Back, Kevin)  Welcome Back, Kevin
    1064.07(Mind Your Own Business)  Mind Your Own Business
    1074.08(High Finance Hits A New Low)  High Finance Hits A New Low
    1084.09(Just Me, Harold And The Universe)  Just Me, Harold And The Universe
    1094.10(Mix-Up On Marshall Road)  Mix-Up On Marshall Road
    1104.11(A Lesson In Diplomacy)  A Lesson In Diplomacy
    1114.12(To Build Or Not To Build)  To Build Or Not To Build
    1124.13(Better To Have Loved And Lost)  Better To Have Loved And Lost
    1134.14(Hazel Squares The Triangle)  Hazel Squares The Triangle
    1144.15(Just 86 Shopping Minutes To Christmas)  Just 86 Shopping Minutes To Christmas
    1154.16(Champagne Tony)  Champagne Tony
    1164.17(It’s A Dog’s Life)  It’s A Dog’s Life
    1174.18(Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em)  Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em
    1184.19(Temper, Temper)  Temper, Temper
    1194.20(Bonnie Boy)  Bonnie Boy
    1204.21(Stop Rockin’ Our Reception)  Stop Rockin’ Our Reception
    1214.22(What’s Bugging Hazel?)  What’s Bugging Hazel?
    1224.23(Hazel’s Day In Court)  Hazel’s Day In Court
    1234.24(Hazel’s Inquisitive Mind)  Hazel’s Inquisitive Mind
    1244.25(George’s Man Friday)  George’s Man Friday
    1254.26(The Investor)  The Investor

    Staffel 5

    1265.01(Who’s In Charge Here?)  Who’s In Charge Here?
    1275.02(Hazel’s Second Week)  Hazel’s Second Week
    1285.03(How To Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Minutes)  How To Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Minutes
    1295.04(Do Not Disturb Occupants)  Do Not Disturb Occupants
    1305.05(The Holdout)  The Holdout
    1315.06(A-Haunting We Will Go)  A-Haunting We Will Go
    1325.07(Hazel Needs A Car)  Hazel Needs A Car
    1335.08(Hazel Sits It Out)  Hazel Sits It Out
    1345.09(A Lot To Remember)  A Lot To Remember
    1355.10(A Bull’s Eye For Cupid)  A Bull’s Eye For Cupid
    1365.11(The Crush)  The Crush
    1375.12(Kindly Advise)  Kindly Advise
    1385.13(Noblesse Oblige)  Noblesse Oblige
    1395.14(Hazel’s Endearing Young Charms)  Hazel’s Endearing Young Charms
    1405.15(A Car Named Chrysanthemum)  A Car Named Chrysanthemum
    1415.16(Once An Actor)  Once An Actor
    1425.17($285 By Saturday)  $285 By Saturday
    1435.18(Boom Or Bust)  Boom Or Bust
    1445.19(Harold’s Gift Horses)  Harold’s Gift Horses
    1455.20(How To Find Work Without Really Trying)  How To Find Work Without Really Trying
    1465.21(My Son, The Sheepdog)  My Son, The Sheepdog
    1475.22(Please Don’t Shout)  Please Don’t Shout
    1485.23(But Is It Art?)  But Is It Art?
    1495.24(Who Can Afford A Bargain?)  Who Can Afford A Bargain?
    1505.25(Hazel’s Free Enterprise)  Hazel’s Free Enterprise
    1515.26(Bee In Her Bonnet)  Bee In Her Bonnet
    1525.27(The Perfect Boss)  The Perfect Boss
    1535.28(A Little Bit Of Genius)  A Little Bit Of Genius
    1545.29(A Question Of Ethics)  A Question Of Ethics

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