1.01 (Grave of the Vampire)  (26.09.1981)Grave of the Vampire26.09.1981
    1.02 (Silent Night, Bloody Night)  (03.10.1981)Silent Night, Bloody Night03.10.1981
    1.03 (The House That Screamed)  (10.10.1981)The House That Screamed10.10.1981
    1.04 (The Fall of the House of Usher)  (17.10.1981)The Fall of the House of Usher17.10.1981
    1.05 (The Dunwich Horror)  (25.10.1981)The Dunwich Horror25.10.1981
    1.06 (Blacula)  (01.11.1981)Blacula01.11.1981
    1.07 (The Comedy of Terrors)  (07.11.1981)The Comedy of Terrors07.11.1981
    1.08 (The Thing With Two Heads)  (15.11.1981)The Thing With Two Heads15.11.1981
    1.09 (The Werewolf of Washington)  (21.11.1981)The Werewolf of Washington21.11.1981
    1.10 (Cry of the Banshee)  (29.11.1981)Cry of the Banshee29.11.1981
    1.11 (Count Yorga, Vampire)  (05.12.1981)Count Yorga, Vampire05.12.1981
    1.12 (Murders in the Rue Morgue)  (12.12.1981)Murders in the Rue Morgue12.12.1981
    1.13 (Baron Blood)  (27.12.1981)Baron Blood27.12.1981
    1.14 (Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde)  (03.01.1982)Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde03.01.1982
    1.15 (The Crimson Cult)  (10.01.1982)The Crimson Cult10.01.1982
    1.16 (The Murder Clinic)  (16.01.1982)The Murder Clinic16.01.1982
    1.17 (Horror Express)  (23.01.1982)Horror Express23.01.1982
    1.18 (The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant)  (30.01.1982)The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant30.01.1982
    1.19 (Horror Hospital)  (06.02.1982)Horror Hospital06.02.1982
    1.20 (Rattlers)  (13.02.1982)Rattlers13.02.1982
    1.21 (Disciple of Death)  (20.02.1982)Disciple of Death20.02.1982
    1.22 (Frankenstein)  (28.02.1982)Frankenstein28.02.1982
    1.23 (The Devil’s Rain)  (06.03.1982)The Devil’s Rain06.03.1982
    1.24 (Psychic Killer)  (13.03.1982)Psychic Killer13.03.1982
    1.25 (Necromancy)  (20.03.1982)Necromancy20.03.1982
    1.26 (The Spectre of Edgar Allen Poe)  (27.03.1982)The Spectre of Edgar Allen Poe27.03.1982
    1.27 (Peeping Tom)  (03.04.1982)Peeping Tom03.04.1982
    1.28 (Legacy of Blood)  (10.04.1982)Legacy of Blood10.04.1982
    1.29 (Deathdream)  (18.04.1982)Deathdream18.04.1982
    1.30 (The Deathmaster)  (25.04.1982)The Deathmaster25.04.1982
    1.31 (Beware! The Blob)  (01.05.1982)Beware! The Blob01.05.1982
    1.32 (Good Against Evil)  (08.05.1982)Good Against Evil08.05.1982
    1.33 (The Brotherhood of Satan)  (15.05.1982)The Brotherhood of Satan15.05.1982
    1.34 (The Mad Magician)  (22.05.1982)The Mad Magician22.05.1982
    1.35 (The Turn of the Screw)  (22.05.1982)The Turn of the Screw22.05.1982
    1.36 (Count Dracula’s Great Love)  (29.05.1982)Count Dracula’s Great Love29.05.1982
    1.37 (Jennifer The Snake Goddess)  (12.06.1982)Jennifer The Snake Goddess12.06.1982
    1.38 (Masque of the Red Death)  (19.06.1982)Masque of the Red Death19.06.1982
    1.39 (The Tomb of Ligeia)  (26.06.1982)The Tomb of Ligeia26.06.1982
    1.40 (The Incredible Melting Man)  (03.07.1982)The Incredible Melting Man03.07.1982
    1.41 (The Fearless Vampire Killers)  (10.07.1982)The Fearless Vampire Killers10.07.1982
    1.42 (Terror House)  (17.07.1982)Terror House17.07.1982
    1.43 (The Baby)  (24.07.1982)The Baby24.07.1982
    1.44 (The House of Seven Corpses)  (31.07.1982)The House of Seven Corpses31.07.1982
    1.45 (Psychomania)  (07.08.1982)Psychomania07.08.1982
    1.46 (Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?)  (14.08.1982)Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?14.08.1982

    2.01 (War- Gods of the Deep)  (04.09.1982)War- Gods of the Deep04.09.1982
    2.02 (The Oblong Box)  (11.09.1982)The Oblong Box11.09.1982
    2.03 (The Raven)  (25.09.1982)The Raven25.09.1982
    2.04 (The Conqueror Worm)  (02.10.1982)The Conqueror Worm02.10.1982
    2.05 (And Now the Screaming Starts!)  (09.10.1982)And Now the Screaming Starts!09.10.1982
    2.06 (Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb)  (16.10.1982)Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb16.10.1982
    2.07 (Madhouse)  (23.10.1982)Madhouse23.10.1982
    2.08 (The House That Dripped Blood)  (30.10.1982)The House That Dripped Blood30.10.1982
    2.09 (Tales of Terror)  (30.10.1982)Tales of Terror30.10.1982
    2.10 (The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)  (07.11.1982)The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde07.11.1982
    2.11 (The Day It Came to Earth)  (13.11.1982)The Day It Came to Earth13.11.1982
    2.12 (Blood on Satan’s Claw)  (20.11.1982)Blood on Satan’s Claw20.11.1982
    2.13 (Crucible of Horror)  (27.11.1982)Crucible of Horror27.11.1982
    2.14 (Dr Black, Mr Hyde)  (04.12.1982)Dr Black, Mr Hyde04.12.1982
    2.15 (The Devil Within Her)  (12.12.1982)The Devil Within Her12.12.1982
    2.16 (The Bat People)  (19.12.1982)The Bat People19.12.1982
    2.17 (The Return of Count Yorga)  (01.01.1983)The Return of Count Yorga01.01.1983
    2.18 (Inn of the Frightened People)  (08.01.1983)Inn of the Frightened People08.01.1983
    2.19 (Craze)  (29.01.1983)Craze29.01.1983
    2.20 (The Monster Club)  (06.02.1983)The Monster Club06.02.1983
    2.21 (The Creature’s Revenge)  (12.02.1983)The Creature’s Revenge12.02.1983
    2.22 (Beast of the Dead)  (19.02.1983)Beast of the Dead19.02.1983
    2.23 (The Island of Living Horror)  (27.02.1983)The Island of Living Horror27.02.1983
    2.24 (The Devil’s Wedding Night)  (05.03.1983)The Devil’s Wedding Night05.03.1983
    2.25 (The Torture Chamber of Dr Sadism)  (12.03.1983)The Torture Chamber of Dr Sadism12.03.1983
    2.26 (Curse of the Vampires)  (20.03.1983)Curse of the Vampires20.03.1983
    2.27 (The Vampire People)  (26.03.1983)The Vampire People26.03.1983
    2.28 (Scream and Scream Again)  (02.04.1983)Scream and Scream Again02.04.1983
    2.29 (The Human Vapor)  (09.04.1983)The Human Vapor09.04.1983
    2.30 (Lemora A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural)  (16.04.1983)Lemora A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural16.04.1983
    2.31 (The Haunted Palace)  (18.06.1983)The Haunted Palace18.06.1983
    2.32 (The Doomsday Machine)  (27.08.1983)The Doomsday Machine27.08.1983

    3.01 (They Came From Beyond Space)  (17.09.1983)They Came From Beyond Space17.09.1983
    3.02 (Blue Sunshine)  (01.10.1983)Blue Sunshine01.10.1983
    3.03 (Screamers)  (29.10.1983)Screamers29.10.1983
    3.04 (Willard)  (05.11.1983)Willard05.11.1983
    3.05 (The Time Travelers)  (12.11.1983)The Time Travelers12.11.1983
    3.06 (Maneater of Hydra)  (20.11.1983)Maneater of Hydra20.11.1983
    3.07 (They Came From Within)  (11.12.1983)They Came From Within11.12.1983
    3.08 (Gamera Super Monster)  (24.12.1983)Gamera Super Monster24.12.1983
    3.09 (New Year’s Evil)  (31.12.1983)New Year’s Evil31.12.1983
    3.10 (Homebodies)  (28.01.1984)Homebodies28.01.1984
    3.11 (Dracula)  (04.02.1984)Dracula04.02.1984
    3.12 (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!)  (03.03.1984)Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!03.03.1984
    3.13 (Dr Heckyll and Mr Hype)  (17.03.1984)Dr Heckyll and Mr Hype17.03.1984
    3.14 (Alien Contamination)  (24.03.1984)Alien Contamination24.03.1984
    3.15 (Village of the Damned)  (14.04.1984)Village of the Damned14.04.1984
    3.16 (Monstroid)  (12.05.1984)Monstroid12.05.1984
    3.17 (The Beast in the Cellar)  (19.05.1984)The Beast in the Cellar19.05.1984
    3.18 (House of the Dead)  (26.05.1984)House of the Dead26.05.1984
    3.19 (Circus of Horrors)  (10.06.1984)Circus of Horrors10.06.1984
    3.20 (The Pigs)  (17.06.1984)The Pigs17.06.1984
    3.21 (Schizoid)  (24.06.1984)Schizoid24.06.1984
    3.22 (The Godsend)  (30.06.1984)The Godsend30.06.1984
    3.23 (Blood Bath)  (08.07.1984)Blood Bath08.07.1984
    3.24 (Kiss Daddy Goodbye)  (14.07.1984)Kiss Daddy Goodbye14.07.1984
    3.25 (The Love War)  (28.07.1984)The Love War28.07.1984
    3.26 (The Human Duplicators)  (05.08.1984)The Human Duplicators05.08.1984
    3.27 (Mark of the Devil)  (11.08.1984)Mark of the Devil11.08.1984
    3.28 (So Sad About Gloria)  (19.08.1984)So Sad About Gloria19.08.1984
    3.29 (Night of the Zombies)  (26.08.1984)Night of the Zombies26.08.1984

    4.01 (Inn of the Damned)  (01.09.1984)Inn of the Damned01.09.1984
    4.02 (Tombs of the Blind Dead)  (08.09.1984)Tombs of the Blind Dead08.09.1984
    4.03 (Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks)  (15.09.1984)Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks15.09.1984
    4.04 (The Capture of Bigfoot)  (22.09.1984)The Capture of Bigfoot22.09.1984
    4.05 (Village of the Giants)  (03.11.1984)Village of the Giants03.11.1984
    4.06 (The Legend of Hell House)  (10.11.1984)The Legend of Hell House10.11.1984
    4.07 (The Other)  (25.11.1984)The Other25.11.1984
    4.08 (The Navy vs the Night Monsters)  (01.12.1984)The Navy vs the Night Monsters01.12.1984
    4.09 (The Last Bride of Salem)  (12.01.1985)The Last Bride of Salem12.01.1985
    4.10 (Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century)  (09.02.1985)Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century09.02.1985
    4.11 (Revenge of Frankenstein)  (10.03.1985)Revenge of Frankenstein10.03.1985
    4.12 (Curse of Bigfoot)  (24.03.1985)Curse of Bigfoot24.03.1985
    4.13 (The Great Alligator)  (04.05.1985)The Great Alligator04.05.1985

    5.01 (House of Dark Shadows)  (22.06.1986)House of Dark Shadows22.06.1986
    5.02 (The Horror of Death)  The Horror of Death
    5.03 (Kill and Go Hide)  Kill and Go Hide
    5.04 (The Legend of Lizzie Borden)  The Legend of Lizzie Borden
    5.05 (The Mad Butcher)  The Mad Butcher
    5.06 (The Meateater)  The Meateater
    5.07 (The Mighty Gorga)  The Mighty Gorga
    5.08 (Scream, Baby, Scream)  Scream, Baby, Scream
    5.09 (Straight Jacket)  Straight Jacket
    5.10 (They Saved Hitler’s Brain)  They Saved Hitler’s Brain
    5.11 (Tomb of the Living Dead)  Tomb of the Living Dead
    5.12 (The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll)  The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll
    5.13 (The Boy Who Cried Werewolf)  The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
    5.14 (Let’s Scare Jessica to Death)  Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
    5.15 (Horror of the Zombies)  Horror of the Zombies
    5.16 (House of the Long Shadows)  House of the Long Shadows
    5.17 (Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things)  Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
    5.18 (Empire of the Ants)  Empire of the Ants
    5.19 (Nightwing)  Nightwing
    5.20 (Nightmare City)  Nightmare City

    6.01 (Night of the Living Dead)  (20.09.2010)Night of the Living Dead20.09.2010
    6.02 (The Terror)  (27.09.2010)The Terror27.09.2010
    6.03 (The Giant Gila Monster)  (04.10.2010)The Giant Gila Monster04.10.2010
    6.04 (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die)  (11.10.2010)The Brain That Wouldn’t Die11.10.2010
    6.05 (The Satanic Rites of Dracula)  (18.10.2010)The Satanic Rites of Dracula18.10.2010
    6.06 (Scared to Death)  (25.10.2010)Scared to Death25.10.2010
    6.07 (The Werewolf of Washington)  (01.11.2010)The Werewolf of Washington01.11.2010
    6.08 (Eegah)  (08.11.2010)Eegah08.11.2010
    6.09 (Teenagers From Outer Space)  (15.11.2010)Teenagers From Outer Space15.11.2010
    6.10 (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)  (20.12.2010)Santa Claus Conquers the Martians20.12.2010
    6.11 (I Eat Your Skin)  (17.01.2011)I Eat Your Skin17.01.2011
    6.12 (Don’t Look in the Basement)  (24.01.2011)Don’t Look in the Basement24.01.2011
    6.13 (Untamed Women)  (31.01.2011)Untamed Women31.01.2011
    6.14 (Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter)  (07.02.2011)Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter07.02.2011
    6.15 (Lady Frankenstein)  (14.02.2011)Lady Frankenstein14.02.2011
    6.16 (The Manster)  (21.02.2011)The Manster21.02.2011
    6.17 (Tormented)  (25.04.2011)Tormented25.04.2011
    6.18 (Manos, the Hands of Fate)  (02.05.2011)Manos, the Hands of Fate02.05.2011
    6.19 (Hercules and the Captive Women)  (09.05.2011)Hercules and the Captive Women09.05.2011
    6.20 (A Bucket of Blood)  (16.05.2011)A Bucket of Blood16.05.2011

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