1.01 (A message from the deep sea)  A message from the deep sea
    1.02Das falsche Alibi (The missing witness sensation)  The missing witness sensation
    1.03Räder, Reifen, rauhe Seitten (The affair of the Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre Co. Ltd)  The affair of the Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre Co. Ltd
    1.04Scotland Yard liegt falsch (The Duchess of Wiltshire’s diamonds)  The Duchess of Wiltshire’s diamonds
    1.05 (The horse of the invisable)  The horse of the invisable
    1.06Der Spiegel von Portugal (The case of the Portugal mirror)  The case of the Portugal mirror
    1.07Madame Sara (Madame Sara)  Madame Sara
    1.08Der geheimnisvolle Mister Hunter (The case of the Dixon Torpedo)  The case of the Dixon Torpedo
    1.09Frauen sind doch bessere Detektive (The woman in the big hat)  The woman in the big hat
    1.10 (The affair of the Tortoise)  The affair of the Tortoise
    1.11China-Erde und Wunderbalsam (The Assyrian rejuvenator)  The Assyrian rejuvenator
    1.12Kein Ball ohne Juwelendieb (The ripening rubies)  The ripening rubies
    1.13Bankbote entflohen (The case of Laker, absconded)  The case of Laker, absconded

    2.01 (The mysterious death on the underground railway)  The mysterious death on the underground railway
    2.02 (Five hundred carats)  Five hundred carats
    2.03 (In cell 13)  In cell 13
    2.04 (The secrets of the Magnifique)  The secrets of the Magnifique
    2.05 (The absent-minded Coterie)  The absent-minded Coterie
    2.06 (The sensible action of Lieutenant Holst)  The sensible action of Lieutenant Holst
    2.07 (The superfluous finger)  The superfluous finger
    2.08 (Anonymous letters)  Anonymous letters
    2.09 (The Moabite cypher)  The Moabite cypher
    2.10 (The secret of the foxhunter)  The secret of the foxhunter
    2.11 (The missing QCs)  The missing QCs
    2.12 (The looting of the specie room)  The looting of the specie room
    2.13 (The mystery of the Amber Beads)  The mystery of the Amber Beads

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