1.01 (One for the Birds)  (03.10.1960)One for the Birds03.10.1960
    1.02 (Opening Night)  (10.10.1960)Opening Night10.10.1960
    1.03 (The Feline Traveler)  (17.10.1960)The Feline Traveler17.10.1960
    1.04 (Dante’s Dilemma)  (31.10.1960)Dante’s Dilemma31.10.1960
    1.05 (The Misfortune Cookie)  (07.11.1960)The Misfortune Cookie07.11.1960
    1.06 (San Quentin Quill)  (14.11.1960)San Quentin Quill14.11.1960
    1.07 (The Unclean Green)  (21.11.1960)The Unclean Green21.11.1960
    1.08 (The Bavarian Barbarians)  (28.11.1960)The Bavarian Barbarians28.11.1960
    1.09 (My Pal, The Bullseye)  (05.12.1960)My Pal, The Bullseye05.12.1960
    1.10 (The Jolly Roger Cocktail)  (19.12.1960)The Jolly Roger Cocktail19.12.1960
    1.11 (A Punch from Judy)  (26.12.1960)A Punch from Judy26.12.1960
    1.12 (Don’t Come On-A My House)  (02.01.1961)Don’t Come On-A My House02.01.1961
    1.13 (Wine, Women and Willie)  (09.01.1961)Wine, Women and Willie09.01.1961
    1.14 (Dial ‚D‘ for Dante)  (16.01.1961)Dial ‚D‘ for Dante16.01.1961
    1.15 (The Devil to Pay)  (23.01.1961)The Devil to Pay23.01.1961
    1.16 (Dante Rides Again)  (30.01.1961)Dante Rides Again30.01.1961
    1.17 (Dante’s Fickle Fate)  (06.02.1961)Dante’s Fickle Fate06.02.1961
    1.18 (Aces and Eights)  (13.02.1961)Aces and Eights13.02.1961
    1.19 (Light Lady, Dark Room)  (20.02.1961)Light Lady, Dark Room20.02.1961
    1.20 (Not as a Canary)  (27.02.1961)Not as a Canary27.02.1961
    1.21 (Pick a Peck of Diamonds)  (06.03.1961)Pick a Peck of Diamonds06.03.1961
    1.22 (Dante in the Dark)  (13.03.1961)Dante in the Dark13.03.1961
    1.23 (Hunter with a Badge)  (20.03.1961)Hunter with a Badge20.03.1961
    1.24 (Friendly Assassin)  (27.03.1961)Friendly Assassin27.03.1961
    1.25 (The Sesame Key)  (03.04.1961)The Sesame Key03.04.1961
    1.26 (Around a Dark Corner)  (10.04.1961)Around a Dark Corner10.04.1961

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