8 Folgen (noch nicht einsortiert), Folge 1–8

  • Folge 1
    Spring is in the air, and the thoughts of the animals of Crocadoo turn to love. The thoughts of Hardacre turn to a plan to remove the crocs … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 2
    Some of Billy’s friends and relatives are coming to visit. Hardacre is expecting a delegation of German investors, which he is hoping will get his resort project up and running … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 3
    Brian and Jazz escape into the hotel by putting on suits and pretending to be important friends of the Big Boss. Hardacre is sure there are disguised crocodiles in his hotel, but the crocs are always two steps ahead … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 4
    Hardacre captures nearly all the crocs in the carboots of some Japanese tourists going home to Japan. It’s quite a task for Billy, Kelly and Jazz to rescue them … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 5
    When Jazz advertises for a new brother, Kelly helps Brian get into shape. Unfortunately, Hardacre is able to hatch a plan to frame Brian for a croc attack … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 6
    The city is a complete exaggeration, with lunatic drivers and continual noise. The crocs put on some simple disguises and visit a restaurant, and look through a shopping centre … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 7
    A film crew comes to Crocadoo to make a movie. Jazz is curious about the film and when the star actor throws a tantrum and walks out, Jazz sees the chance to be a star … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)
  • Folge 8
    Hardacre buys a horde of feral animals and lets them loose in Crocadoo. The crocs are under siege and can hardly find anywhere to lie down, let alone anything to eat … (Text: Your Family Entertainment)


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