1.01 (Chili Champ Revamp)  (22.05.2015)Chili Champ Revamp22.05.2015
    1.02 (From Bland to Glam)  (29.05.2015)From Bland to Glam29.05.2015
    1.03 (Farm Fresh Fiasco)  (05.06.2015)Farm Fresh Fiasco05.06.2015
    1.04 (Family-Style Revival)  (12.06.2015)Family-Style Revival12.06.2015
    1.05 (Retro Remix)  (19.06.2015)Retro Remix19.06.2015
    1.06 (Fraternity Fix-Up)  (26.06.2015)Fraternity Fix-Up26.06.2015

    2.01 (Rock ’N Roll Railcar)  (27.11.2015)Rock ’N Roll Railcar27.11.2015
    2.02 (Degreasing the Greeks)  (04.12.2015)Degreasing the Greeks04.12.2015
    2.03 (From Cluttered Kitchen to Southern Family Picnic)  (11.12.2015)From Cluttered Kitchen to Southern Family Picnic11.12.2015
    2.04 (From Dingy and Divey to Funky and Functional)  (18.12.2015)From Dingy and Divey to Funky and Functional18.12.2015
    2.05 (Last Luncheonette Standing)  (01.01.2016)Last Luncheonette Standing01.01.2016
    2.06 (Beat-Up Bohemian Chic)  (15.01.2016)Beat-Up Bohemian Chic15.01.2016
    2.07 (Who Dat’ Nation Fixin’ Anita’s Grill!)  (22.01.2016)Who Dat’ Nation Fixin’ Anita’s Grill!22.01.2016
    2.08 (Cuban Diner Crisis)  (29.01.2016)Cuban Diner Crisis29.01.2016
    2.09 (Drenched in Drama)  (05.02.2016)Drenched in Drama05.02.2016
    2.10 (Say I Do to a Re-Do)  (12.02.2016)Say I Do to a Re-Do12.02.2016
    2.11 (Bakery Shake-Up)  (19.02.2016)Bakery Shake-Up19.02.2016
    2.12 (From Drive-By Diner to Diner Destination)  (26.02.2016)From Drive-By Diner to Diner Destination26.02.2016
    2.13 (One-Stop Truck Stop)  (04.03.2016)One-Stop Truck Stop04.03.2016
    2.14 (From a Blank Box to 70s Spectacular)  (11.03.2016)From a Blank Box to 70s Spectacular11.03.2016

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